Advantages of LED Lights by kristielorette


									Advantages of LED Lights The way that LEDs are made and the way this type of lighting works means it has some advantages over other types of lighting. LEDs are mounted on a flat surface, which allows it to emit a fuller light than incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs. LEDs do not have glass enclosures similar to other light bulbs, so there is less of a risk for breakage. It won't burn you if you touch it like what happens to a more traditional light bulb when it has been on for awhile. In fact, as the temperature of the LED light increases, it works better--emitting a brighter light. About the Author Kristie Lorette is a freelance writer and marketing consultant that specializes in green living. She is also the editor of Green Living Diva, a blog devoted to green living tips, tricks, and advice for consumers. You can read Kristie’s blog at or learn more about her writing and marketing services at

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