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Stop Random Gunfire Poster Contest


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(602) 547-0976 fax 480-783-0253 January 3, 2005

Stop Random Gunfire Poster Contest
Purpose: To educate elementary school students about the dangers of random gunfire. Students will be encouraged to work at home to design posters consisting of artwork with a slogan promoting the prevention message. The goal is to have family involvement in the project, and by so doing, educate the community of the dangers of random gunfire activity. Targeted School Districts: All schools within the City of Phoenix, with students in grades kindergarten through eight invited to participate. ONLY ENTRIES FROM STUDENTS IN GRADES KINDERGARTEN THROUGH EIGHT WILL BE ACCEPTED. Overview: The Phoenix Police Department will introduce the contest to school districts within the City of Phoenix. In early September, students will receive the rules and will be instructed on how the contest works and what the prizes will be for winning entries. All entries must be submitted to the school’s front office by October 2, 2009. The entries will be forwarded to the District offices where a representative from the Phoenix Police Department will pick them up the week of October 5th, 2009. Entries will be screened for relevance by the Contest Committee. A panel of judges will choose one (1) honorable mention per school district and one (1) Grand Prize winner. The winner will receive a trip to Disneyland for a family of four (4), including transportation, lodging and "Park Hopper" passes to Disneyland for three (3) days. The artwork will then be developed into a billboard campaign that will run in December. Potential Judges U.S. Attorney’s Office Representative St. Joseph’s Hospital Representative English Media Representative Mayor’s Office Spanish Media Representative Sports Celebrity

Stop Random Gunfire Poster Contest Rules
1) No purchase necessary to enter. Contest open to students Grades K through 8 in schools within the City of Phoenix. 2) All entries must have the signature of the student's parent or guardian. 3) Entries must be on the appropriate form. 4) Posters will contain a slogan or phrase in English or Spanish. 5) Entries will be judged on accuracy, creativity and effective communication of the Stop Random Gunfire prevention message. 6) Entries will be the student's own artwork. 7) Students may submit as many entries as desired. 8) Deadline for entries is October 2nd, 2009 at 5 P.M. All entries must be submitted to the front office of each student’s school or designated Phoenix Police Department representative. 9) Entries will not be returned. 10) One (1) finalist will be chosen from each School District. 11) One (1) Grand Prize winner will be selected from the finalists. 12) Each finalist not selected as the Grand Prize winner will receive an honorable mention prize. 13) The decision of the judges will be final. 14) Entrants and their parents or guardians give their permission for their artwork and slogan to be used for the purpose of promoting the Stop Random Gunfire campaign without any compensation. They also give permission for their likenesses to appear in print and television coverage promoting the contest. 15) Arizonans for Gun Safety, the Phoenix Police Department, participating schools’ employees, or their vendors may not enter and are not responsible for lost, damaged or mislabeled entries. 16) In the event that insufficient numbers of eligible entries are received by a district, no prize will be awarded to a student of that district.

Prizes: 1) One (1) Grand Prize- Disneyland prize package including airfare, lodging and "Park Hopper" passes for three (3) days for four (4) people. 2) One (1) gift card for each participant receiving an honorable mention.

Stop Random Gunfire Poster Contest Official Entry Form
Win a trip for 4 to Disneyland!!! Design a poster with a slogan teaching others about the dangers of Random Gunfire
Grand Prize: Trip for 4 to Disneyland, including travel and lodging Honorable Mentions: Gift Cards
Complete form and draw poster on reverse side or attach labeled artwork to this form. What is Random Gunfire?
Random Gunfire is shooting a gun in the air to celebrate holidays like New Years Eve and July 4th. When the bullets come down they can cause innocent people to be injured or killed. That is what happened to 14 year old Shannon Smith, who was killed by celebration gunfire while talking on the phone in her own backyard. Shooting in the air not only hurts innocent people, but frightens families living nearby and prevents children from playing safely outdoors. It is also against the law. There are many safe ways to celebrate, so help us stop random gunfire.

_______________________________________________ Student Name Nombre de Estudiante ________________________________________________ School Escuela _____________ Grade Grado ____________________________________ Teacher Profesor

I give my permission for _________________ (Child’s Name) to participate in the STOP Random Gunfire poster Yo doy permiso para (Nombre del Nino) que participe en el curso de STOP Random contest. Gunfire. ______________________________________ Parent or Guardian signature Firma del Padre o Guardian

Participating Partners:

City of Phoenix Police Department

City of Phoenix Office of the Mayor

Reverse Side:

Artist’s Name________________________________
Nombre del Artista

School _________________Grade _______________
Escuela Grado

Teachers’ Name
Nombre del Profesor

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