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									Should I Pursue an MD/PhD?

           Karlo Perica
  Johns Hopkins MD/PhD Program
A Physician-Scientist Is…

  A Doctor                                                 A Researcher
  Sees Patients                                           Manages a lab
  Diagnose and                                      Designs experiments
   treat disease                                           Writes grants
  Works in a clinic                                       Presents Data
  and/or a hospital                                   Mentors students

                            A Physician Scientist

                            More Than the Sum
                               of the Parts
        Clinical Research           Basic Science Research
•   What treatments are         •   How does life work?
    effective?                  •   Cell biology, biochemistry,
•   Statistics, epidemiology,       biophysics, developmental
    clinical medicine, etc.         biology, etc.

                   Translational Research
              How can we take what we know
             about disease and the human body
                and turn it into an effective
A Week in the Life…

        Sun           Mon     Tues    Wednes    Thurs    Fri        Sat

                             Teach              Teach            Attend on

                                       Clinic           Clinic

How to get there…

                           Combined MD/PhD Program
                           A bit faster than separate
                           Formal training in medicine
                           AND science
 Only Get an MD                                          Get Degrees Separately
 No formal research                                      Not the best option if you
 training                                                know RIGHT NOW you
 Steep learning curve                                    want to do both, BUT…
 But start your career
 MUCH earlier


An MD can run a laboratory, but a PhD can’t treat patients.
18         22                      30               34                36

 College         MD-PhD                 Residency        Fellowship

 4 years    2    4-6 years    2         3-5 years        2-3 years
           Med   Research    Med        Medicine         Med/Res

                                    AND/OR          AND/OR

                                        PostDoc           PostDoc

                                        2-3 years        2-3 years
                                        Research         Research

                                   What Does MSTP Mean?
From: Brass et al., Are MD-PhD Programs
Meeting Their Goals? Academic Medicine,
Vol. 85, No. 4, April 2010.
One Last Important Idea…
                           Academic Medicine
                           Emphasis on research and teaching
                           Lower pay
                           Less freedom

                           Private practice
                           Little to no research or teaching
                           Higher pay
                           More freedom
                           Small business owner
                           Uncertain future

                           “Salaried” Physician
                           Little to no research or teaching
                           Medium pay, but more financial
                           Less freedom than private practice
       Is MD-PhD Right For Me?
• I want to be a doctor.
• I want to be a researcher.
• I believe it’s possible to do BOTH well, at the
  same time, and that the whole is greater than
  the sum of the parts.
• I believe that a combined MD-PhD program is
  the best way to get there.

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