What do you do if you’ve found a great recipe you want to prepare for your family, but the recipe makes enough for 4, and there are 6 people in your house? You have to scale it! The directions will not change, but amount of ingredients will. Rule of Thumb: If one ingredient is increased, all ingredients must be equally increased.
*exception can be spices & herbs, these can vary depending on personal taste

DEFINE YIELD: 1. a) Look at the recipe for Stuffed Baked Potatoes in your recipe books. How many does this recipe serve? _________. b) Re-write the ingredients for this recipe below to serve FOUR people. What happens to each amount?

c) Two more people are coming to eat. Re-write the ingredients again to serve SIX. What must you do to each amount?

d) Your friend’s family heard your stuffed baked potatoes are so good, they invited themselves over too. Re-write the ingredients again to serve TWELVE people.

2. Substitutions There are several ingredients you can use to replace one that may not be in your cupboards. Use p 87 in FFL to write substitutions for the list below. You have no…… Buttermilk or sour milk Margarine Squares of bakers chocolate Clove of garlic Baking powder Cake Flour Sugar 3. Many people want to make recipes healthier, which means decreasing sugar, fat, and salt. Give three tips or warnings when decreasing: (p88-89) FAT SUGAR SALT 4. What happens to recipes when prepared at high elevations? List 3 things that need to be adjusted. So use this instead….

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