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                           Motion Word Problems
The formulas you need to know are:
    Speed = distance ÷ time             Acceleration = ∆velocity ÷ time
    Time = distance ÷ speed             Time = ∆velocity ÷ acceleration
    Distance = speed X time             ∆velocity = time X acceleration

Solve all questions on looseleaf and attach to this sheet. In each question, write down
the formula, write down what information you will plug into your calculator, and write
down your answer with the correct units for full points.

1. A stunt cyclist goes 42 m in 3.2 s. How fast is the cyclist riding?
2. A skier goes 128 m west in 5.9 s. What is the skier’s velocity?
3. A jet plane travels a distance of 959 km from Ottawa, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia
   in 1 hour and a half. Determine the average speed of the jet.
4. A cheetah runs at a velocity of 32 m/s north. If it runs for 11.2 seconds, what is its
5. Imagine you are driving to Truro, which is 105 km away. If you drive at an average
   speed of 90 km/h, how long will it take you to get there?
6. Matt plays on a hockey team. The bus leaves Halifax West High school at 2:15 p.m.
   It arrives in Wolfville, 95 km away at 3:32 p.m. What was the average speed of the
7. If you walk to school at a speed of 75 m/minute and it takes you 18 minutes to get to
   school, what is the distance from your house to the school?
8. A race car reached a velocity of +145 m/s in 4.48 seconds after starting from rest.
   What was the race car’s average acceleration?
9. A car merges onto a highway travelling 14 m/s north. After 5.5 seconds, the car
   reaches a velocity of 28 m/s north. What was the car’s average acceleration?
10. A car is travelling at a velocity of 4.2 m/s west. If the car’s average acceleration is
   0.92 m/s2 west, how long will it take the car to reach a velocity of 9.9 m/s west?

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