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Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre - Horse Events by lanyuehua


									                             Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre

                               Easter Fun Show
                                    Friday 13th April 2012
9.30 Dressage

Class 1:       D Level 2

Class 2        Prelim

10.45 Approx. Showing may be ridden on in hand, lead reins permitted

Class 3        Best turned out Horse or Pony

Class 4        Pony Club Horse / Pony

Class 5        Pairs Showing – You will be asked to perform a short display to music. Costumes

Class 6        Fancy Dress

1.00pm Approx. Gymkhana

          8 years and under              12 years and under              Open (Any age)
              Monte Carlo                 Crossing the Bridge              Musical Sacks
             Musical Sacks                     Bending                   Walk Trot & Run
              Potato Race                     Ride & Run                Crossing the Bridge
              Ride & Run                     Monte Carlo                  Drum Jumping

11– 2pm Clear Round Jumping – to take place in the outdoor school

               Height will go up throughout the morning.

2.30pm Approx. Show Jumping

Class 6        1 ‘ 6 – Riders may be assisted or lead

Class 7        2’ – Riders may be assisted or lead

Class 8        2’3

Class 9        2 ‘ 3 Pairs

Class 10       2’6
Class 11            Accumulator - Each jump has a certain number of points , gain as many points as possible
                    within the allocated time.

All start times are approximate.

Entry Fees
Own Horse / Pony Special Package - £25 for up to 5 classes.

School Horse / Pony Special Package – £40 for up to 5 classes

Additional classes £7 each.

Fancy Dress £3

Clear Round - £2.50, rosettes to all clear rounds, £2 without rosette.

Gymkhana Games £1 each

Clear Round Jumping & Gymkhana Games payable ringside

All entry must be paid for in advance of the class commending (no exceptions), entries are
available on the day.


Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre reserve the right to alter or cancel any event and to disqualify anyone
from competing if they are guilty of unseemly conduct or dangerous riding. All competitors take part
entirely at their own risk and the organisers do not hold themselves responsible for any incident or damage
that may occur to horse, rider, property, vehicle or spectator.

Tumpy Green organisers have taken all safety measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone
present. In order for these measures to be successful everyone must take all reasonable precautions to
avoid and prevent accidents.


Name ................................................. . ............   Telephone No ....................................................

CLASS           NAME OF RIDER                                NAME OF HORSE                              AGE OF RIDER             ENTRY
                                                                                                                                 FEE £


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