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The Monthly Newsletter of the Sand Dollar Motorcycle Club
                   January 2013

                                               Jan 19th
The Prez Sez:..........                                        Sand Dollar Board of Directors
 Just wanted to say hello. This month has been
very eventful. We went to see our oldest member          President: Sam Engler                      244-0376
(age and membership), Gaylen Woods and his wife,         Vice Pres.:Robert Woods                    797-3467
Carol in Panama City, had a great turnout. The
Christmas party at Edna’s was the best ever, Kilted
                                                         Secretary: John Wender                     243-2202
Santa is very bad, but awesome. Fun for everyone.        Treasurer: Jerry Gilbert                   862-4800
A very special Skills Sunday that, unfortunately I       Road Capt.: George Engler                  244-0376
                                                                 Associate Board of Directors
was unable to attend. Had a little oopsie, don’t you
know. Recovering well and hope to be back in the
saddle soon. We also had a dinner ride that turned
into a light ride, a Christmas Eve ride for those that   Web Master:                  Joe Rello   581-0429
could make it, Christmas and the last ride to the
Stagecoach Café for the LDR event. Last but least        Historian:                  Joe Rello    581-0429
the ride from 2012 into 2013. If you missed out on       Publications Editor:        Jim Morrison 423-0363
any of these, try not to miss out in January. Some       Media Relations             Sharon Woods
upcoming events not to miss, Anniversary Party
(33 years, longer than most marriages), gotta’ be
fun, chili ride, and a whole lot more. Come out and
                                                                          Contact the Club
have some fun, I do. Sam                                 Phone: (850) 244-0376
                                                         Web Address:
  Birthdays and Anniversaries


                                                             The Sand Dollar Motorcycle Club is a Chartered AMA
  If you see any of these Birthday Folks this month          organization. The Sand Dollar Motorcycle Club is
  wish them a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!                          open to all motorcyclists irregardless of riding experi-
                                                             ence or brand of motorcycle, as long as they share the
                                                             Club desire to ride safely and have a good time riding.
    Dave (Munchkin) Bernauer,
    Joel (Mad Dawg) Gutierrez,
           Teresa Jordan,
    Dave (MacRocket) McAuley,                                       We wish all these couples a very special
                                                                      wonderful and joyous anniversary
    Chris (Cool Hand) Mitchell ,
     Tommy (Gentleman) Nieft                                       Rick and Becky Winkler
                                                              Lee (Rocketman) and Lisa Matson

                                          Motorcycling Quiz

1. What does the motorcycle slang term ‘Doing the Ton’ mean?
2. When and where did the term originate?
3. Rollie Free was an important person in motorcycling history, what is he most famous for?
4. What speed did he attain?
5. What brand of motorcycle was he riding?
6. What brand of motorcycle did Marlon Brando ride in “The Wild One”?
7. What was the name of the M/C gang Brando belonged to in the movie?
8. Actor Lee Marvin was also in ‘The Wild One’, what was the reason he was almost not cast in the
9. In what country was the movie ‘The Wild One’ banned until 1968 (13 years)?
10. What is the current land speed record for an internal combustion powered two-wheeled vehicle?
11. What motorcycle did the character ‘Arthur (The Fonz) Fonzarelli’ ride in the ‘Happy Days’ televi-
sion series?
12. Why was ‘Fonzie’ so rarely shown on, or even near, a motorcycle?
13. In the early shows during the first season, the producers insisted ‘the Fonz’ forgo this piece of
traditional biker attire:_______________ Why?_________________ What did they have him wear
14. Who was the first American to become world premiere-class motorcycle racing (MotoGP) cham-
15. What was Mike Hailwood’s racing nickname?
16. Who won the 2008 world MotoGP championship?
17. Who is the only person to have won more world motorcycle racing championships than Valentino
18. For the first 24 years, where did the Daytona motorcycle race take place?
19. Which motorcycle road racing class features the top production-based machines?
20. What motorcycle company began as a producer of Pianos in 1887? _________ How is this heri-
tage shown in their products today?__________________________
21. What other motorcycle companies had a very different product line 65 to 70 years ago?
22. What motorcycle film pioneered in the use of helmet mounted cameras, almost 40 years before
the popularity of the GoPro Hero sports camera?
23. For what feat during the filming of ‘On Any Sunday’ was Steve McQueen (a star in the film) most
24. Like BMW and Kawasaki, another historic motorcycle manufacturing company was originally bet-
ter known as a builder of weapons before becoming globally famous for their bikes. Who?
25. What motorcycle was Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) riding when he was killed
in 1935? ______________And how did his death have a far-reaching effect still felt in motorcycling
around the world today?

Bonus: Name the most argumentative and dysfunctional family in motorcycling.

(Answers at the end of this newsletter)

                                                   What’s Happening
Breakfast before our Rides…… Joe & Eddie’s Restaurant (Across from Goofy Golf) 8:00
am. A note, Joe’s has a bunch of new Wait staff, when you walk in and sit down, put your order in right
away. Don’t wait for other Sandies to join you. We leave at 9 am period.

All Rides now Meet and Leave from Joe & Eddies Restaurant (Eglin Parkway, across
from Goofy Golf) Park in the parking lot north of Joe’s lot. (Liquor Store lot)

“Biker Burger”.......We will be getting together on our non- business meeting Tuesday’s at Biker Burger
on Beal Parkway , 6:00 PM.

 Business Meeting.......... Our Meeting will at The Fort Walton Beach Library Conference Room., 6:30 pm 1st
 Monday of the Month. I know after 31 years its hard to change, but the world today, the only consistent thing is change
 — and the rate of change is phenomenal., Well the Sandies have manged to hang on to the first Tuesday, until now. Due
 to the weak economy, the folks at the library have had to cut back the hours they are open. They offered Monday, same
 rate, so it’s time to change. Jim has included the new meeting schedule, some Monday’s that are holiday’s we will meet
 the following Monday.

 Another Awsome Reason To Be A Sandie
 Well Joel is offering a Dinner Gift Certificate to any Sandie having a Birthday. Ev-
 eryone knows about the Free Meal now Joel and Angie are hosting a Sandie Birthday
 Party on the last Tuesday of the Month at 6:00 PM.
 It come’s complete with a very cool cake. Thank you so much to the both of you

 33rd Sandie Anniverary Party.........This great event is scheduled for Saturday the 19th of
 January2013. Watch your email for more details.

 2013 Sandie Chili Ride.......Get your taste buds warmed up for this one!! The annual Sandie Chili Ride
 and contest will be happening on the 27th of January. If you plan on entering the contest let Edna know and
 take your entry over to her house on the 26th. The club will ride cold or not and then come back to Edna’s for
 the tasting contest. Watch your email for deatails.

 How About You Suggest The Ride
 Your Board of Officers actually came up with this rather different idea. Contrary to all the Urban Legends about The Board.
  It works like this, you suggest a ride, pick a place, new, used to don’t matter. Before when you picked a ride or asked “How about
 going…….. ? You ended up leading the Ride, which discouraged a lot of folks. Well not anymore, you suggest a ride, I or one of
 The Road Captains will lay-it out and lead, if you desire.
    Just need the place and we will do the rest, Now can it get any simpler ? So start suggesting, it can be a one dayer, 2 dayer, it

 doesn’t matter, so get busy. Another reason to join the Ridingst Club around.




                               Minutes from Sandollar M/C Business Meeting
                                            December 3, 2012
SAM called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm
Ballets were passed out to elect member of the year results to be annouced at the Aniiversary Party

JOHN gave the minutes from November
STEVE motioned to accept the minutes and 2nd by BOB

JERRY read the Treasurers Report
BOB motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report 2nd by JOE B

GEORGE gave us the ROAD CAPTAIN’S REPORT of upcoming events.
•       1st Biker Burger Social (6pm ish)
•       6th Skills Crestview Range 9am (8:30am Leave from Joe & Eddie’s)
•       7th Business Meeting (6:30pm FWB Library)
•       13th Panning Meeting?
•       15th Biker Burger Social (6pm ish)
•       19th 33rd Anniversary Party (6pm Quality Inn on 98Hwy)
•       22nd Biker Burger Social (6pm ish)
•       26th Take Chili to Edna’s for chili cook off if your doing it.
•       27th Chili Ride (9am Leave from Joe & Eddie’s)
•       29th Sandie B-Day Party @ Biker Burger (6pm ish)

Old Business

SAM let everyone know the Christmas Party was this weekend and to email Edna what you were bringing.
SAM said the Party started around 6:00-6:30pm and Bring a $10-$15 gift for an adult and, if you are bringing children bring a gift
wrapped for them because they can’t participate in the dirty santa because there are usually adult themed gifts mixed in.
SAM let everyone know that JOE BELL was going to be playing the dirty santa part again since he did it so well last year.
SAM let everyone know the Anniversary Party was the 19th of January at the Quality In on 98HWY and to dress up a little nicer than
normal as attendance was better when everyone dressed up a bit as apposed to wearing the same clothes we did when we ride.
GEORGE told everyone about Inviting the Shops to the Anniversary Party so, it would be nice if everyone dressed up nice.
Robert said his dad was very very happy about the ride we did to his home and, that it made his year.
SAM let everyone know that Wednesday 28th at 2pm we will deliver the Christmas Presents to Elder Services and wanted everyone
that could wear their club T-Shirts.
DAVID asked about what the Elder Services support was about.
SAM explained how we got a list from a case worker of low income patients many with no families or support and we bought their
Christmas Presents and wrote a check for meals on wheels with what was left over. Many of the patients had requested Meals on
wheels vouchers this year and, we wouldn’t be writing an additional check this year.

New Business

SAM informed everyone that December Wednesday 2pm, we would deliver the presents to elder services and asked any that could
show up please do and wear you club T-Shirt if you can for the photo.
SAM let everyone know we have been asked to be road marshall’s in the 23rd Blue Water Bay Triathalon.
GEORGE- informed everyone that the Last Sunday of this year was going to be the Last ride of the year.
DORTHY (aka DJ) joined as a new member and introduced herself and, informed everyone she was new to riding and, had a red &
white 750 Shadow.

JOE BELL made the motion to close the meeting since there was no further business and was 2nd by STEVE.

                             Pretty Good Chili

This is a chili recipe which Elise discovered online and it is the easiest “from scratch” chili
we’ve ever made. It takes about forty minutes from start of preparations to sitting down
to eat, so it’s quick as well as easy. The basic recipe below without the optional ingredients
is a nice moderate chili with good spice but no burn.


2   cans (16 oz) Bush’s Best Chili beans (with sauce)
1   lb lean ground beef
1   cup chopped onion (Vadalia/sweet onion is best)
1   cup chopped red bell pepper (yeah, green ones are cheaper, but reds taste better!)
1   can (14.5 oz) diced tomatoes
1   can (6 oz) tomato paste
½   cup water
½   teaspoon Creole seasoning (or ground black pepper)
1   teaspoon salt
1   tablespoon chili powder
1   teaspoon sugar

Afterburner Options:

Level 1, two or three dashes Tabasco sauce
Level 2, all above plus 2 chopped whole fresh jalapeno peppers
Level 3, habanero peppers to ‘taste’ (As if you can actually ‘taste’ anything with habaneros
in it)

Put beef, onion and pepper(s) in large skillet, sprinkle lightly with Worcestershire sauce,
then cook until beef is brown, and drain.

Stir in all remaining ingredients. Bring to boil. Cover, reduce heat and simmer for 20 min-


Or Non-shopping view of Black Friday

Yes a simply Gorgeous day and Great roads with Great company....
We Begin; Santa takes off with ALL his ELVES behind him for another earthly adventure. JoeJoe hungry even
before we get started and kept up with the camera, snapping great pictures( which I have some hanging in my
house)Thank You for that. The Rumor is - there is NO rumor just facts - I can help with this - What was seen
was George ( AKA SANTA ) making the curve before any of us, as he passes the cows, calf’s and others begin to
move - trying to get to their feet (some crawling) QUICKLY * FAST PACE * however you want to say it, they were
in motion.....So no names mentioned. Mark says !!! A STAMPEDE !!!!!! maybe the word is to much or to big -
who knows ... We know what we saw from ALL angles. And things that happen without planning are always so
freaking hilarious .We laughed as Santa tried to explain but it had already happen the way we saw it and was
now set in stone, tried to move on, had a couple of U - TURNS to get to. Wonderful GRANDPARENTS Sharon
and hubby, their faces have a grin that goes from ear to ear CONTINUOUSLY !!!!! wish they were hooked up to
hear and talk with. Such beautiful bikes, and the CAN AM is to die for ! NOT SORRY for picking Sandy and Kevin’s
brain about that cool bike - you had it coming buying such a fun ride, Thank You. The fun LITTLE cafe we ate at
was most gracious, made us feel like we were family in such a small place and had us a seat for all. WANT TO
RETURN THERE. The pie we thought was pumpkin and did not taste right was really sweet potato YUMMMY...
NO Tommy did not eat pie (as he told us in ARKANSAS) but did eat it all the way from FL to ARKANSAS to FL. HA.
So what we saw from the back was HAPPY FUN PEOPLE who enjoy each others company ,food , bikes and not
afraid to get out in the cold - rain - or snow . And TRULY it does not matter how many U-TURNS we make they
always look different (to me) on the way around again. Sam you were not forgotten and several of us ask your
hubby where you were, he said with a sad tone W O R he tried to keep his composer and went on with
the day. Believe me he does some dam funny stuff and funnier when your there to help point them out with us.
Thank You All for having us again and ready for another....MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Sandy and Tommy

A Belated Thank You

This thank you to Revolutionary Cycles was inadvertently left out of the last Newsletter. I do apologize for the
error; I can assure you it was not intentional in any way.
We would like to take this time, at the end of the Pumpkin Run to thank our sponsor, Revolutionary Cycles. We
couldn’t have done it without their support and bending over backwards to help make this Run the success it
was. It is with the support of motorcycle business like Revolutionary Cycles that The Sandies can do the good
things we do for Sharing and Caring and Elder Services. The Sandies would like to thank Revolutionary Cycles,
Amadeus and the Staff. We couldn’t have done it without you Thank You very much


                                  Chumuckla Redneck Christmas Parade
                                                Sandies Pasteurized

6 Sandies on 4 Bikes did 100 miles to check out the Redneck Christmas Parade for a possible Sandie Ride. We
started out in good fashion with a little bit of rain that cleared up by the time we got to Gulf Breeze.
Well, this is a definite must see adventure however, it would be a hard one to do with a full Sand Dollar M/C
parade of cycles since, the place is packed. We arrived 3 hours prior to the Parade and it took over an hour to
make our way in and, find a place we thought we could make a quick get away (ha ha).
Let me first say that some of the spectators are well, as interesting as the parade itself. We got to see some-
thing that George never gets to see and that, is a Speechless JOE BELL. First a woman and her husband passed
by with, her in a false pregnancy stomach, large glasses, larger than life makeup and, him in his overalls and a
long hair wig. The woman told us she was pregnant with twins and, their names were going to be “Get Off” and
“Stay Off”. We all laughed and, knew this was going to be one interesting event.
To hit on some of the things we saw while we walked around waiting for the parade, we saw the world’s small-
est outhouse tent. Where SHARON learned that, the reason it was there was, the last couple of years the lady
that brought the tent said “She had to wait forever to use the port-a-john so, she brought her own”. SHARON
was informed that for a dollar she could use it and, SHARON politely turned the lady down on her offer.
ALEX was wide eyed the entire time and, laughed a lot. ROBERT and I saw one of the largest trailer grills we
have ever seen one of which was so large the fire box took at least 15 - 20 bags of charcoal briquettes. SEAN
was amazed that so many people had practically packed up their living rooms put them on flat bed trailers and
dragged them to this parade. One trailer with a complete living room suit including children’s playpen to hold
the babies and, a second room on a platform built over the cab of the truck with more household furniture.
After passing enough portable grills to fill a football stadium and, smelling all the wonderful food grilling we
headed for one of the vendors and, we each got something different to eat. I choose the Fried Chicken on a
Stick and, man oh man it was juicy and tender.
Finally, the parade got started and, we laughed so hard at each float as it passed by. These people are very
creative as, most of the floats are all handmade and, let’s just say not the typical things you would see at a
normal Christmas Parade. Redneck was the theme and boy howdy did these folks hit it out of the park. Some
of the items thrown from the floats included some of the usual items such as beads, candy, and, toys but, also
included some unusual things such as beer holders, Slim Jim’s, and Ramen Noodles.

ROBERT’s favorite float was a truck with a hugh lift kit, big tires, tail gate down with a freshly killed deer with, a
cigarette hanging out of it’s mouth and, a roll of toilet paper hanging off of one of it’s antlers.
Get out of the place proved a little bit challenging as, these people were in no hurry to get anywhere. There
were trucks trying to do tire burn outs in front of us and, we sat in one spot for over an hour and, SEAN ex-
claimed when we made our third U-Turn “We are in Chumuckla Hell and, we are never going to get out”…lol.

Well, we tried to avoid it but, we finally decided our only course to get out was a clay packed road that, a cop
had told us was our best option. We had asked if we could drive on the opposite side of the road and, got a
laugh when the officer told us he didn’t care what people did and, he was only there to keep anyone from killing
anyone. So, we carefully made our way along 7 - 8 miles of semi-packed clay road and, made it back in time to
get ready for the club annual Christmas party.

Sandie John.

                     It was one Fun, Food Filled, Festive Sandie Christmas Party

24 Sandies made Saturday night a night filled with laughter, thanks to The Worlds Dirtiest Rotten Santa a.k.a.
Goose. The food, there was an incredible variety with things like Sandy F’s, homemade sausage, Miz Edna’s
world class deserts and Sharon W pork wrapped in bacon, let’s not forget Helen B’s world class Lumpia. Now
that should make any Sandies swoon, the Food spread was so large, that Edna ran out of room to put it all. Ste-
ven G brought enough popcorn and cotton candy to start a Carnival Mid-Way. The Dirty Klaus really threw in a
bonus, you had to draw a chip before you could pick out your gift. Well there were 4 chips three Dirty Klaus and
a extra special one, a George U-Turn chip, sorta of a Bonus chip, well I thought so . Now if you drew the U-Turn
chip or “Uie” you had to sit back down and wait until your number was drawn again. I thought of it as having
another chance, other Sandies that drew the “Uies” weren’t quite as appreciative, beats me why. Well Helen B,
The Captain, and Chris B they all got multiple “Uies” lucky Dawgs.
Now the skullduggery was rampant, poor Chris B couldn’t keep a gift every cool gift she got was taken by some-
one. Now Kevin F sorta put his gift behind his chair leg but to no avail someone helped themselves. Steven G
got his Christmas gift giving all wrapped up, get it wrap, Christmas, I still got it.
M2 was a bit under the weather; he and Elise brought really cool gifts in the neatest box’s. Speaking of Elise,
she and Robert W had way too much fun, when I received my bag of coal, yes I received a bag of coal. Elise
thought that was the funniest thing ever, Elise is not a nice person. Sandie John managed to snag a great gift,
how he held on to it beats me.
Sitting in the corner was Ricky D he also lost his first gift but he made up for it on his second go with Dirty
Klaus. Bob McP he got a super gift that stayed firmly in his clutch’s. Carolann D picked a tool kit, not bad you
say, Carolann is married to Ricky who fixes cars for a living, Ricky is very good at it I might add. For Carolann it’s
kinda like taking coal to Newcastle, tools don’t ’cha know.
Pam K whose life-line, her Crackberry, went to Crackberry heaven taking Pam’s entire life with it when it left this
mortal coil. Pam goes to the phone store and gets a .35 cent IPhone, thirty five cents! Not a year ago they were
$200.00. That folks is a mega deprecation but Pam gets a really good phone out of it.
Alex B got a real nice T-Shirt, which he got to keep by the way. Joel G showed up late, but he and Goose made
up for it trust me on that one.
I can’t thank Edna enough for all her hard work, Sharon W for all her hard work and especially to Joe B, Joe
you did one great job as Dirty Klaus, thank you to all of you. Sandies if you missed this one, you missed The
Christmas Party of 2012, it was a ball. When you can laugh with friends, eat great food and enjoy the Christmas
season with friends. It don’t get any better then that

Even though I was feeling completely crappie (it’s a kind of fish, look it up) The Sandie Crimmas doin’s was
fun! The Christmas Goose was an excellent MC and made a lot of fun for everyone. And made fun OF some,
too, in the process but if you can’t take a little loving abuse from your friends, you weren’t cut out to be a
Sand Dollar. Speaking of loving abuse, Elise is still going ‘tee-hee’ over people being ‘georged’. I, for one,
think it’s a rare honor in life when your name becomes a verb. Being synonymous with getting excited about
it being your turn then finding a small pic of
George doing a u-turn and having to turn around and go sit down... um, Well, arright, that’s not really an
honor but I blame that on the Christmas Goose. He’s the nicest person in the club all year long, but when he
puts on his Christmas hat, his heart shrinks down until it’s two sizes too small...
The Wizerd of OD
and part-time Motorsicle Sensei to the Rich & Famous poor and infamous...

Just for your info:
Either of two deep-bodied freshwater North American fish species (family Centrarchidae) that are popular as
food and prized by sport fishermen. Native to the eastern U.S. but introduced elsewhere, crappies may reach a
length of about 12 in. (30 cm) and a weight of about 4 lb. (2 kg). The white crappie (Pomoxis annularis) gener-
ally inhabits warm, silty lakes and rivers. Silvery with irregular dark markings, it is usually lighter in color than
the similar black crappie, or calico bass (P. nigromaculatus), which typically lives in clear lakes and streams.

Oh yeah, they are tasty too. And it’s pronounced KRAHPEE. Not that other word describing some used undies.

                                   Sandie Dinner and Light Ride
Sorry John for the shameless tag-on, but Sandie John was absolutely right you missed the last Aunt Bea Ride
of 2012, we had 25 Sandies, that is a bushel, a bucket full, The Mitchel his own self joined us, it has been too
long. Sir Robert led us to PROPS, it was good, service was excellent, food was good in short it will be on the
Sandie short list. Sir Robert also got to make Sandie history, see M2’s comment. This is the way you celebrate
Christmas Sandie style, eating and riding and listening to Sandy S howl at Sandie John’s and Tommy N’s com-
ments, usually concerning the “Reflective Santa” etc. and yes John pay back is going to be really painful.
Thanking Sharon W for taking Sam in the car .
At Dunkin Doughnuts I never heard so many jokes, between Kevin F and Goose we laughed and just enjoyed
the Sandie Fun, it was truly a great Sandie Christmas Ride
Don’t forget Sandie Christmas Story Christmas, on Christmas day 12:30 pm Panda’s Chinese Restaurant, some
trivia fun and a pretty cool first prize, celebrate Christmas Day with the Sandies doing it like The Parkers

A very special Thank you to Robert & Sharon Woods, Sean Reynolds and John Wender, you have made some-
one really understand the word friend. I’ll let Sam explain


Had a good time last night. Like I said, I always wanted to know where Clark Griswold lived.
I’m not sure which is more important, in terms of Sandie history: The shortest organized official ride in club
history, or the fact that MacRocket rode about 4 times the length of the official ride, just to attend and get
home from, the ride. (He went home immediately after the meal). that’s a nice historical footnote, doncha
The Wizerd of OD

The Light Ride Sandie John Style

Yes, folks if you missed this one you missed a good one. I have been to many a dinner rides but, this one was
the best so far. The short ride landed us at Props over in the Plaza by Brooks Bridge. I had only been there
one time before and, was interested to see how they would handle a large crowd. They seem to do pretty
good for such a limited staffing. The menu isn’t large but, what is on it seem to agree with everyone as far as I
After a nice dinner we all bundled up and George lead our merry team of iron deer around to see the various
lights in different neighborhoods in and around town. It is amazing some of the lengths people go to show
their Christmas Cheer. The weather was a little cool but, wasn’t too cold well, at least to me as, I was cup
caked out in my heated gear (lol). No, the weather actually wasn’t too bad for this time of year in the evening
After our twists, turns, u-turns, and circles we headed for Dunkin Donuts to break bread so to speak and have
a warm cup of coffee or cocoa. We told jokes and made merry this special holiday dinner ride. I commented
on the ride that not every club had a reflective Santa to lead their slay and, Joe Bell commented later that,
usually the deer were in front of the sled and, only George would put the deer behind the sled. Well, you
know how it is, it takes a lot of Sandie deer to push Sandie Santa down the road (boy I know I’m going to pay
for that later…lol). Actually, my hat goes off to George as, I know as leading a few rides my self that, it took
George a lot of work to put this ride together. It was a pretty smooth transition around town and, the displays
transitioned from a few good ones to the more spectacularly lit neighborhoods.

Again folks if you missed this one you missed a lot of fun.

John Wender

                                  The Sandies visit a Sandie Legend

21 Sandies on 17 Rides did 195 awesome miles today. Since this is a kind of The Readers Digest version.
I need to thank the Big Six, Bingo Bob, with help from Mr. Kick’m while They’re Down, Joel G. It seems
my mic had a hiccup today and wouldn’t transmit. Well what do I hear from Mr. Dawg ? “Hey lets talk about
George he can’t answer back “, nice huh ? Need to thank Robert W and JoeJoe our Group leads and my Six,
Kevin and Sandy F, thank you all.
It was wonderful to see Gaylen at 94 he still can carry on a conversation, which is better then some Sandies.
What made it better was that Nichole and Dave took the great grandkids Alivia and the newest Canon to meet
Gaylen. The roads were fun, Blue Springs Road has been repaved, Sweeeet ! It was a great day the pictures will
tell the tale of what a special day it was

                                 Sandie Skills and Blue Knights Rodeo

34 of you Sandies showed up today, Thank You, the majority of you rode some part of the course, that accord-
ing to the powers that be, more Sandies at one time or another rode the course then any other Club. You Sandies
rock! Okay please look closely at the picture of those two scurvy Dawgs, Joel and Goose, they are not trustwor-
thy. My hats off to Sandy Foy, she helped Kevin, cook with the Blue Knights wearing all of her Sandie regalia,
now that’s a true Sandie. I understand that a lot of you tried and did well. A business meeting or two ago I sug-
gested we buy 12 inch cones, got a lot of push back. After today a whole lot of you think it’s a great idea. It will
make us better Ride handlers. Normal Cones to start, move to the larger Cones.
My hats off to The Winkler clan Dad, Rick and son Craig, you guys were the bomb, Craig never quits, he
don’t know give-up. Goose and Joel, what can I say they flat kicked butt, everyone commented on the level
those two showed. We will do this again. M2 also drew rave reviews on his Handling Skills, said he made it look
easy, now that’s a Master.
Oh a good word from Toby on DJ, she dang sure keeps trying. DJ has made good progress, will work with DJ
after Christmas, these sessions are open to all Sandies.
It was one fantastic day, I am so proud of all of you.

A Thank You to Fred, Toby, Gene and The Blue Knights

For your reading pleasure. Fred and the Blue Knights are a real class act. Guess I will need frame sliders for my
VFR-800 before the next time the BK invite us to “play.”

Interceptor John

John first and foremost our goal was to enjoy ourselves and meet an greet other people with the same passion we
have and that’s two wheels....second was to promote awareness and better our riding skills.....from your feedback
I see we scored in a major way in making our goals....I too enjoyed the day and don’t let your pride get bruised....
when I started doing this only a few months ago I thought I was a good rider after almost 40 years...well I learned
the group of guys and girls I was visiting knew how to ride a whole lot better than I did.....I dropped my bike
more than a few times probably closer to around 30 the first I am with you.....we plan on doing
this again as well as some competition style of riding if you want. I will include u and your club on the emails for
any practice session and meeting safe and keep the rubber side down....PS I lost a brand new clutch,
brake lever and I feel the pain
Fred L


Thank you for inviting the Sandies to your “play day.” It was amazing to watch you and the other Blue Knights
on the courses! So how much it cost to pay off Sir Isaac Newton to violate some of his laws?? Thanks too for
lunch and being able to meet other motorcyclists.

I was the intrepid sports bike rider that had an “oops” or two. Believe it or not, I learned a lot from the experi-
ence. A new clutch lever is a small price to pay to learn how to be a better rider. My pride was damaged more
than my bike. Next time out I’ll ride my Ninja 250. And I will be practicing at our Sandie skills day too.

Interceptor John

 MY 2012 Memory
Losing my friend and Riding Buddy, Sir Nekkid Knight, Terry Cooper. He was the best,

                                          Some Sandie Memories of 2012

Ah yes, memories. Where would we be without them? Here are a few of my favorite things from 2012.
The last covered bridge ride. Not too often we go that far for a daytrip. I’m glad I was able to help guide the RC
to the spot. Seeing the bridge and the surrounding park was a good memory.
The ride to Tallahassee and the museum at Carrabelle were two trips in one. The museum had some rarities on
display. Where else can you legally hold a genuine German machine gun and not get yelled at? The rest of the
trip to Tally was going well until the rain hit. Thinking it would quickly pass, I didn’t fully waterproof myself.
Wont be making that mistake again.
Barbers Vintage Races. What can I say? I love that place and those older bikes tearing it up for three days. That’s
why I try to stay for five days. Get there the day before and leave the day after. Great if you can get off work that
long! Seeing just about every make ever made there, or at least parts of every make, is amazing. Where else can
you find a 1947 Harley swingtail fender for sale? Not to mention that the people you meet actually know about
bikes instead of all the leather you find at the usual rally. If you dont go at least once you will be “stuck on the
porch saying I shoulda”.
Along with the road trips and day trips were the usual Sand Dollar Sunday rides. Many were very entertaining,
none were boring. I cannot seem to separate them from one another. But that is fine with me, I’ll just remember
them as I wish.

Skills Sundays. If I miss any rides at all I dearly hope it isn’t a Skills Sunday! These Skills are what makes us
motorcyclists! Knowing how to control your ride at all times is important stuff (just ask how I found out!!).
Some say it’s just “parking lot stuff” but it really isn’t. It is muscle memory that gets you out of those tight high
speed spots. One day coming to work down highway 98 on a clear cool day, I was passing a van on my right
side. Wearing a bright highvis jacket and my helmet and gloves, I never expected the pickup coming onto the
highway to pull on over into my lane. But he did. Absolutely no time to stop or slow down enough to not splat-
ter on the back of the truck. So muscle memory took over as I swerved halfway between him and the van I was
passing. I dont know for sure but I think the van saw it happening and pulled over a bit or slowed. The guy in
the truck had a really shocked “where the H### did HE come from” look on his face. I passed, slowed down,
took a deep breath and waved at him in a friendly Hawaiian greeting before continuing. Muscle memory got me
through that high speed swerve!
Did I mention Skills? I did? OK.
Well how about a mass skills? The super group that set up the Choctawhatchee High School Skills was wonder-
ful. For the first time in a long time I saw other clubs participating together! That alone makes it all worthwhile.
But add in the information and riding we saw it makes it really outstanding and I want to do it again next year!
Christmas party time! I’m glad I attended this years. Seeing friends all together makes my day. Especially when
we are all having a ball. I sincerely do not think we can thank Edna enough for allowing us the use of her home
time after time! Thanks again Edna!
Only two memories left to be made this year. The Last Ride of The Year to Stockton Al and the very, absolute
last ride of the year, combined with the first ride of the year on New Years Eve extending into New Years Day.
Technically it’s the last and first together.

I hope some of your memories are as good as mine were.

Some of mine and Sandy’s most memorable events were the first ride with the club.
Never thought of driving all the way to Milton for breakfast. Working the Pumpkin run,
the ride to see Gaylen. And who could forget the corn maze. We are looking forward to
many more rides in 2013.

Kevin & Sandy

 The Loss of Terry Cooper, our famous Nekkid Knight and Sandie Extraordinaire . Just made this 2012 a year
with Deep Remembrance’s. 2012 was full of things to remember. Most of all (wish I could erase) was my Oop-
sie on Super Skills Sunday an how everyone rallied around to get me and my ride back up and running. Also up
there was the trip to Arkansas, it was fantastic to say the least. Lots of great roads and riding with friends are all
good memories and I am looking forward to more in 2013.

The one not on the Sandie event calendar that to me was very memorable in 2012 was Debi Luther’s Bucket
Trip. Debi on her own did one of those Road Trips that most of us only dream about.
Debbie’s Road Story’s made the journey that much better; Debbie’s Road Trip is on my 2012 memories list for
Check-out her story on the Sandie web site

The Mighty Duc’s Memories of Terry Cooper, Sir Nekkid Rider

Man trying to remember a Sandie trip that’s more memorable than the last is hard. I guess if i had to
pick one now it may be the last time the Nekkid rider went with us to Elizabethton tn. The roads, the
trip, and the beautiful scenery. Terry standing over his bike as it hit the ground in front of the cabins.
Listening to the banter between Terry and George and how funny it sounded. Awesome trip, awesome
people, and gorgeous roads. Going back to Terry’s cabin, not knowing it would be the last time we
would see him. We miss you Terry.

David (The Mighty Yellow Duc) Moody

                                          Sandie Happenings
Breakfast Rides
Another Sandie harbinger of Summer is our monthly Breakfast Rides, We leave around 7 AM, hence the Time
thing, ride somewhere out in the country and find a place to have breakfast and be back before it gets too hot. A
lot of these places are small country Restaurants, so patient is a virtue and they usually have a limited Menu. But
the Ride early in the morning with Sun just coming up and everything still wet from the Dew is worth all the
little inconveniences. The other thing is we have always met the nicest people at these places.

What’s For Dinner Aunt Bee ?
The Sandies eons ago used to do one dinner ride a month, more then that it got real
thin on participation. Well it’s time for a revival and to kick it off Vice-President Rob-
ert Woods will lead the first Dinner Ride. In honor of it being the Re-Introduction of
The Dinner Ride, it’s a Mystery Dinner Ride. That means the Roadie leading it knows
were it will end up. Now if you have certain dietary needs and/or a picky eater, just
contact the Road Lead and find out just where.
   A couple of remembers, we use the Sandie table method, parties of 4 or 5 or 6, don’t
let the restaurant folks , unless they have the space, set-up one mass table. It works
better for the wait staff and kitchen. Speaking of wait-staff, Sandies if you get good
service and the kitchen screws up don’t take it out on the wait folks. Traditionally wait
people really are not in love with Motorcycle Clubs cause they are crappy tippers. We
on the other hand have quite a few places where we are really appreciated, lets keep
the good feelings rolling.

How About You Suggest The Ride
Your Board of Officers actually came up with this rather different idea. Contrary to all the Urban Legends about
The Board.
 It works like this, you suggest a ride, pick a place, new, used to don’t matter. Before when you picked a ride
or asked “How about going…….. ? You ended up leading the Ride, which discouraged a lot of folks. Well not
anymore , you suggest a ride, I or one of The Road Captains will lay-it out and lead, if you desire.
   Just need the place and we will do the rest, Now can it get any simpler ? So start suggesting, it can be a one
dayer, 2 dayer, it doesn’t matter, so get busy. Another reason to join the Ridingst Club around.

             The TRUE story of The Sandie Day Before the Day Before Christmas Porch Run

Okay 5 Sandies did 161 miles on a gray cold windy Sunday, that should have set off alarm bells right there.
But oh no not us, makes me think of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz “I wish I had a brain”. So being Sandies
we rode on, since there were so few of us it was off to the northern reaches of NWF. I stopped by the Okaloosa
County Sheriff’s Office Bluewater substation and fixed the copier. Then it was off, as the day wore on it became
more and more like a Porch Ride*. Well we Porched it Sunday, dang if Ken and Sandy F on there Can-Am
didn’t keep up, Ken K did have a lesson in target fixation, thankfully training took over. We yanked and banked
all over the place and had a ball. Even had a Walton Deputy join us for a while, now that’s bizarre.
Stopped at Sally’s in Ponce Deleon, had a Burger, folks it was one outstanding Burger. JoeJoe had a great look-
ing Surf and Turf. Now Sandy F on the other hand had Liver and Onions, I did not ask her if it was good, nope,
just couldn’t do it, no way. Kevin F had a huge piece of Cheesecake. Ken K was the only person to eat healthy
and it was a huge salad. The prices are very very reasonable; I bring this up because Sally’s is that classic small
country Restaurant that we overwhelm when we bring 15, 20 Sandies in there. But just a few of us and it’s a dif-
ferent world. Now the Breakfast Buffet is good, if we remember to call ahead.
After lunch it was looking even gloomier, so we decided to make our way back to Ft. Walton, via the Sandie way.
Even JoeJoe said that it was a real Sandie way home. Did the Lake in DeFuniak and looked at the beautifully
decorated houses that are around the Lake side.
It was a fun day, got to let the hair down, so to speak. Blow the Cob-webs out, great little groups let you do that.
But I miss my sunny day multi-group Sandie rides also. Being Sandie’s we can experience both worlds and enjoy
them both.
A Sandie Christmas Story Christmas Day is tomorrow at 12:30 at Panda’s Restaurant

*Porch Ride; Time to let the Dawgs off the Porch and let them Run.

                         We Welcome These Fine Riders To The
                               Ridingest Club Around:
                          Say “Hello” next time you see them.

                                             Bobby Bennett

                                       Today’s after Party Ride,
                                           JoeJoe’s Story

We had fun riding on our “After Party” ride today. We [Specter Steve, Devil Duc, Ricky &
CarolAnn, Munchkin, Jerry and yours truly ], met in the fog at Joe & Eddies and did our stan-
dard 9AM departure with Steve in the lead. To help make the visibility a little lower, one of our
road companions driving a bright yellow VW Bug on HWY 85, was burning mass quantities of mo-
tor oil. We could smell the burnt petroleum about a mile before we got to him but did not see him
until a lot latter because he was putting up a thick smoke cloud that covered the entire road. Our
first stop was at the fuel station on the corner of HWY 90 and Antioch. The fog was just about
gone and most decided to remove a layer of warm clothing. Then it was off to the Blackwater to
ride in circles (literally).
When lunch time came around it was time to hunt for food. This is where it got a little silly. 1st
stop was Gater’s in Baker. They were closed and would not open for about an hour and a half so
we ran up to Holt for Gartz Pizza. They were also closed on would not open for another hour.
Jerry suggested we go to Milton and check out Dave’s Catfish House. So with Jerry in the lead,
we take the Sandollar way through the woods to Milton. Guess what? Yup! Dave’s Catfish house
is closed! So one more time we confer and Steve takes the lead again and our gaggle heads to
the Oval Office which of course is closed too and is not even open on Sunday. So now a bunch of
peckish Sandies make a bee line for the Texas Road House only to find out that it is a 20 minute
wait for a table. We decide to walk from the Texas Road House to the Ace Filling Station just
up the street. I let the folks at the Texas Road House know that we are walking and miraculously
they come up with a table for us. Food and service was good….yummm….buuuuurp! After chowing
down it was a quick trip to a gas station and then down South to HWY 98 and home. All totaled
we rode 170 miles.
Fun day with fun friend and a nice ride through the woods.


I cannot remember a time when so many restaurants were aware of the Sand Dollar presence and quickly closed
their doors as we approached! Four, count em, FOUR restaurants in a row closed! And one that panically (is that
a word?) offered a table when they saw half their dinner crowd (us) start to walk away..
As always, it was a good place to eat. I just wish someone had suggested it an hour earlier!


This Article reminds me of what all most happened to me on The Ride into the New Years. Corner of Green
Acres Blvd and Green Acres RD, That’s at the Light in front of the Shell Station. We have a flashing yellow,
car making a left turn, watching the lefty’s front tires, spot a car approaching quickly toward the flashing red
light side, watch his front tire not even begin to slow. Its time for an Oh S%^&T! moment, fortunately the
training side was already starting the brake swerve maneuver. The loud Honda Acura horn came a fraction
later, the driver’s startled look when he realized he had pulled in front of nine motorcycles to include a very
big bright headlights and very loud horn was memorable
The Article below sums up why we do Skills every Sunday:

                                                 WHY SKILLS?
                                              It’s a Memory Thang

Read a great article in Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN). It actually states that riding a Motorcycle is not
instinctive, but a purely learned activity. It got me to thinking you know here is where a plug for Skills would
be appropriate. Look at it this way, riding a motorcycle is not an instinctive thing; it is quite contrary to being
instinctive. The whole purpose of survival of the species is to avoid those things that can hurt you, even worse
kill you. Guess what bucko, you just described motorcycle riding, throw in clueless drivers, bad weather, road
surfaces that resemble those found in third world countries and you have all the reasons NOT to ride a Motor-
cycle, scared yet? Well, you ask, how do I get better at this so very dangerous thing that I enjoy, which is by the
way not a real smart Darwinian statement. Well you can ride a lot that should teach you so you can react instinc-
tively, but what if you’re learning the wrong things? What happens when an SUV pulls out in front of you and
you do what you thought was the right thing, it’s a hell of a time to find out you ain’t stopping. As the fenders
on that Explorer are getting bigger and your rear tire is sliding you don’t have time to try Plan B. Okay but I pay
attention to my buddy, Biker Dud, he’s been riding a long time and he told me to lay off that front brake, it’ll flip
me over if I use it. Your choices are not getting any better now are they ? Confused, apprehensive, so what do
you do ? First, you practice a lot, in a parking lot with a trained coach, who by the way does care what happens
to you. Here is where our monthly Skills come in. Since riding is not instinctive, you have to build “Muscle
Memory” and the only way to do that is practice the maneuver so many times it happens without thinking about
it. So that when that hell phone using Soccer Mom in her 6,000 lb SUV makes the left onto Mary Esther Cut-
off from McDonalds, you will react ‘without thinking ” or instinctively or psst “Muscle Memory”. Again, the
whole point of doing something over and over is to achieve that muscle memory. That’s Skills in a nutshell it
helps build that so important “Muscle Memory”


Be sure to check these shops for your next
       bike or accessory purchase.
Let them know that you appreciate their
           support of our club.
 (If you’re real nice they may give you a
        special Sandie Discount!!)

 These businesses take care of us during
 our runs, Let’s give them our business!!

                  Important Motorcycle Minutia all motorcyclists should know

1. What does the motorcycle slang term ‘Doing the Ton’ mean? Going 100+ mph on a motorcycle.

2. When and where did the term originate? 1950’s at the Ace Café in London, England. It led to the original term “Ton-
up Boys” for the young men who would frequent the café and ‘do the ton-up to the round-about and back’. This group
eventually became the basis for the ‘Rockers’ in the 60’s because of their love of American-style Rock music.

3. Rollie Free was an important person in motorcycling history, what is he most famous for? On Sept 13, 1948, while
wearing only a shower cap, a speedo bathing suit and a pair of borrowed sneakers, he lay prone on his Vincent motorcycle
and set a new land speed record for motorcycles at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

4. What speed did he attain when he performed the act of shucking down to a speedo and tennis shoes for aerody-
namic reasons? 150.313

5. What brand of motorcycle was he riding? Vincent. A highly modified “Black Shadow”

6. What brand of motorcycle did Marlon Brando ride in “The Wild One”? Triumph. The motorcycle he rode in the
movie was Brando’s own personal 650cc Triumph Thunderbird.

7. What was the name of the M/C gang Brando belonged to in the movie? The Black Angels

8. Lee Marvin was also in ‘The Wild One’, what was the reason he was almost not cast in the movie? He didn’t know
how to ride a motorcycle. He was a quick study, however, and even began desert racing on a Triumph Tiger Cub soon after
the movie finished.

9. In what country was the movie ‘The Wild One’ banned until 1968 (13 years)? Great Britain. Even when the ban was
lifted, the movie was given an “X” rating.

10. What is the current land speed record for an internal combustion powered two-wheeled vehicle? 376.363 mph.
The TOP OIL sponsored Ack-Attack streamliner is powered by two extensively modified Suzuki Hayabusa engines.

11. What motorcycle did the character ‘Arthur (The Fonz) Fonzarelli’ ride in the ‘Happy Days’ television series?
1949 Triumph Trophy Scrambler 500 (aka TR-5).

12. Why was ‘Fonzie’ so rarely shown on, or even near, a motorcycle? The actor who played ‘The Fonz’, Henry Win-
kler, did not ride and was actually afraid of motorcycles.

13. In the early shows during the first season, the producers of ‘Happy Days’ insisted ‘the Fonz’ forgo this piece of
traditional biker attire: Black leather jacket. Why? They wanted to avoid the negative stereotype associated with bikers
in general. They felt he light be too menacing for a prime-time comedy program. What did they have him wear instead?
White poplin jacket.

14. Who was the first American to become world premiere-class motorcycle racing (MotoGP) champion?
Kenny Roberts

15. What was Mike Hailwood’s racing nickname? ‘Mike the Bike’

16. Who won the 2008 world MotoGP championship? Valentino Rossi

17. Who is the only person to have won more world motorcycle racing championships than Valentino Rossi? Gia-
como Agostini retired with 15 world championships. ‘Ago’ accomplished his 15 by riding simultaneously in 2 different
classes (350 & 500 cc) for 10 years of his 13 year career, something no longer legal among the sanctioning bodies. Rossi
has 9 world championships in 3 different classes on six different sizes of motorcycles - all in different years, and is gen-
erally considered the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time). Agostini vigorously disputes that statement. Both men are Italian.
18. For the first 24 years, where did the Daytona motorcycle race take place? On the Beach.

19. Which motorcycle road racing class features the top production-based machines? World SuperBike.

20. What motorcycle company began as a producer of Pianos in 1887? Yamaha How is this heritage shown in their
products today? The corporate logo is three crossed tuning forks within a circle. Yamaha still makes some of the finest
acoustic guitars and concert-grade pianos in the world.

21. What other motorcycle companies had a very different product line 65 to 70 years ago? Kawasaki and BMW
(along with the car builder Mitsubishi) were manufacturers of Axis Power fighter planes and bombers.

22. What motorcycle film pioneered in the use of helmet mounted cameras, almost 40 years before the popularity of
the GoPro Hero sports camera? ‘On Any Sunday’

23. For what feat during the filming of ‘On Any Sunday’ was Steve McQueen (a star in the film) most proud? The
director wanted the final scene of the movie to be the stars riding into the sunset on the beach. He found a perfect location
on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and had been repeatedly refused permission to film there. McQueen made a phone
call to a General of his acquaintance and permission to film on Camp Pendleton was granted the next day. That footage is
the closing scene of the movie.

24. Like BMW and Kawasaki, another historic motorcycle manufacturing company was originally better known as
a builder of weapons before becoming globally famous for their bikes. Who? BSA. The British firm started in 1861 as
the Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) Company, LTD. During a steep downturn in the market for pistols and rifles in 1880
they began to manufacture bicycles and in 1910 small engines were added to the bicycles. At their peak, BSA was the
largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. Another manufacturer who began their venture into motorcycling by
putting small engines on bicycles is Ducati. Immediately after WW II, When even basic transportation was very difficult
to find, Ducati manufactured a tiny engine that came in a box to put on your bicycle, called the Cucciolo – which means
‘puppy’ or ‘cub’ in Italian.

25. What motorcycle was Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) riding when he was killed in Great
Britain in 1935? And how did his death have a far-reaching effect still felt in motorcycling around the world today?
A Brough-Superior SS100, the Hayabusa/ Ninja 1400 of its day; it was the first production motorcycle to ‘do the ton’ and
was the fastest production motor-vehicle in the world at the time.

Lawrence actually died 6 days after the accident from head injuries suffered in the crash. Hugh Cairns, a neurosurgeon who
attended him during that time was so strongly affected by the death of this British national hero that he began extensive
research into what he saw as the needless and senseless deaths of motorcyclists due to head injuries when they would likely
otherwise have survived the crash. (Lawrence did not sustain life-threatening injuries beyond the head trauma.) Cairn’s
research lead directly to the use of ‘Crash helmets” by first military, then civilian riders.

Bonus: Name the most argumentative and dysfunctional family in motorcycling. Teutuls of Orange County Choppers.

                                                         January 2013

    Sunday       Monday       Tuesday    Wednesday       Thursday       Friday       Saturday
                          1              2           3              4            5
                          Biker Burger
                          6 pm
                          Fun& Tales

6            7            8              9           10             11           12
 Skills      Business
8:30 am      Meeting
Joes 9 am    6:30 pm

13           14           15             16          17             18           19
Planning                  Biker Burger                                           33rd
Meeting ?                 6 pm                                                   Anniver-
                          Fun& Tales                                             sary Party

20           21           22             23          24             25           26
                          Biker Burger               Benka Pulko                 Take Chili
                          6 pm                       Around the
                                                     World Motor-
                                                                                 to Edna’s
                          Fun& Tales
                                                     6pm, BMW

27           28            29            30          31
Chili Ride                 Sandie B-
9 am Joes                  Party
                           6 pm Biker
                                               February 2013

     Sunday        Monday       Tuesday   Wednesday       Thursday        Friday       Saturday
                                                                     1             2

3             4             5             6           7              8             9
It’s a Sandie Business
Sunday        Meeting
9 am Joe’s    6:30

10            11            12            13          14             15            16
Hav-A-Heart                 Burger and                                             Load
Pre-Ride                    Sandies                                                Trucks
9am, Joes                   6 pm ish

17            18            19            20          21             22            23
Hav-A-Heart                 Burger and
8am                         Sandies
                            6 pm ish

24            25            26            27          28
Skills,                     Sandie
maybe 12                    B-Party
inchers?                    6 pm Biker
8:30 Joes                   Burger
9:00 Crest

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