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					                                                                              Curriculum vitae       1

                                       CURRICULUM VITAE
                                         KRUNAL H PATEL

Profile:                                                                                 Address:
Krunal H.Patel                                                                           16, Kasba Peth,
M.Sc. (Microbiology)                                                                     Ganesh Road,
Email: krunalmicro@gmail.com                                                             Pune-411011
Tel. No: +91-020-24579095                                                                Maharashtra,
Mob No: +91-09822439653                                                                  India
Date of Birth: 27, Sept „1986

Statement of Purpose: I want to pursue my career in Biological Research and enrich my knowledge and
aptitude towards gaining doctoral degree.


Master of Science, (Microbiology, by theory as well as by research)
Abasaheb Garware College, University of Pune, India
First Class

Dissertation – “Standardization of Polymerase Chain Reaction for                             2008-2009
Toll-like receptor gene from Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear cells”

Project Guide: Dr Kalpana Joshi (Head, Dept of Biotech, Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune)
(Currently, Director of Biomedical Research cluster, Symbiosis International University, Pune)

       Isolated PBMC from human blood and were induced in vitro using LPS in Monolayer cell
       Extracted RNA followed by cDNA synthesis using type specific, random hexamer and Oligo-dT
       Designed type specific primers using Primer 3, Fast PCR software.
        Performed standardization of Reverse transcriptase PCR and Real time PCR analysis using
        SYBR green and Taqman probes for tlr-4 gene.

Bachelor of Science, (Microbiology)                                                         2005-2007
H V Desai College, University of Pune, India
First Class with Distinction

(University of Pune and Symbiosis international University are Accredited ‘A’ by NAAC committee, India)


Research Assistant:                                                                May 2010- Dec 2011
National Chemical Laboratory,
Biochemical Engineering Division, (CSIR, India)

Research topic –“Extraction, evaluation and production of Shikimic acid from plant and microbial

                                                                                    Krunal H Patel, 2011
                                                                               Curriculum vitae      2

Project supervisors: Dr R V Gadre, Scientist „F‟ and Dr H V Thulasiram, Scientist „E‟, NCL

      Extraction of Shikimic acid from plants and its evaluation using HPLC (150 plants screened).
      Partial purification of Shikimic acid from plants using downstream processing.
      Biotransformation of Quinic acid to Shikimic acid using microbial cultures.
      Purification of enzymes using ion exchange and gel permeation chromatography (ACTA purifier)
       followed by cofactor reduction assisted enzyme assay (Sphectrophotometric).

Junior Research Fellow:                                                        Oct 2009-Mar2010
Department of Biotechnology, Sinhgad College of Engineering,
University of Pune, India

Research topic- “LC-PUFA and birth outcome in India”
Project supervisor: Dr Kalpana Joshi, Head of Department

      Lipid extraction from human blood (500 samples of plasma and RBC’s from mother and child)
       were screened for LC-PUFA’s.
      Synthesis of Fatty acid methyl ester and its qualitative as well as quantitative analysis using Gas
       Chromatography and GC-MS.

(Both the projects are funded by Indian Council of Medical Research, Government of India)

Technical Assistant:                                                           Aug 2009-Sept 2009
Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, India

Research Topic- “Standardization of Confirmation-Sensitive Gel electrophoresis for rapid detection of
single-base pair mutational analysis in dsDNA and PCR product using PAGE”
Project supervisor: Dr Suvidhya Ranade, Assistant professor

     Conducted standardization of PAGE for SNP detection in dsDNA and PCR product of samples
      from patients of Cornelia de Lange syndrome.

Total Research experience of 2 year


Department of Biotechnology, Sinhgad College of Engineering,                  May 2009- Oct 2009
University of Pune, India

Subjects Taught:
     Enzyme and Fermentation technology practical for Final year Engineering (Biotech) students
        including designing fresh protocols for the same.
     Conducted lectures on (Topic on Viruses) in Microbiology and Molecular Biology practical for
        Second year Engineering (Biotech) students.

Total Teaching experience of 6 months (voluntarily assisted)

                                                                                    Krunal H Patel, 2011
                                                                          Curriculum vitae    3


      Restriction digestion and cloning using classical genetic transformation methods.
      Use of Bioinformatics tools like BLAST, FASTA, and CLUSTAL W as well as Phylogenetic tree
       building using online software.
      Use of search engines like Sci-verse by Science direct, NCBI, EBI and PDB databases.
      Use of Microsoft office software, MS- Publisher and Coral Draw Graphics suite for poster


Maharashtra State Certificate course in Information technology (MS-CIT)


Paper presentation by Association of Microbiologists of India (Master’s level)               2007
Topic: “Biosphere project for recent advances in sustainable development of Science”
Rank: 3rd in order of merit
Paper presentation by Indian Women Scientist Association (Final Year Bachelor’s level) 2006
Topic: “Recent advances in Nanotechnology”
Rank: 1st consolation in order of merit
Elocution competition organized by Science forum, Abasaheb Garware College              2008
Topic: “Current scenario of global warming and its impact on Biology”
Rank: 1st in order of merit
Elocution competition organized by Talent search group, Abasaheb Garware College            2008
Topic: “International economic recession and Indian GDP”
Rank: 3rd in order of merit
Elocution competition organized at Bachelor’s level, H V Desai College                2005 – 2006
Topics: “Nanotechnological advances in 21st century”
Rank: 1st in order of merit
Topic: “Globalization and scientific remedies to curb economic recession”
Rank: 3rd in order of merit


Innovations (Regional conference for Pune university college teachers) organized              2008
by Board of College and University Development (BCUD), University of Pune

Chimera group of Fergussion College, Department of Biotechnology, Pune                        2009
Both Topics: Master’s Dissertation topic


Enhancing Scientific writing and personal communication skill program                        2007
Organized by: Vidyan Bharti, India

Patent (Intellectual property rights) law for researchers                                    2011
Organized by: National Chemical Laboratory, Venture Centre, Pune

                                                                               Krunal H Patel, 2011
                                                            Curriculum vitae    4


Name: Dr Ramchandra V Gadre                    Name: Prof. Dr. Bhalchandra D Bhole.
Email: rv.gadre@ncl.res.in                     Email: bdbhole@gmail.co
Tel: (+0091)-20-25902348                       Tel: (+0091)-09970302467
Address: Scientist, Biochemical Engineering,   Address: Head of Department,
           Chemical Engineering and                    Department of Microbiology,
           Process Development Division,               Abasaheb Garware College,
           National Chemical laboratory,               Pune (Maharashtra)
           Dr Homi Bhabha Road,                        Pin code -411004.
            Pune (Maharashtra)                         India.
           Pin code – 411008.

Name: Dr Kalpana Joshi                         Name: Prof. Dr. Sulabha Karandikar
Email: joshikalpana@gmail.com                  Email: k.sulabha@gmail.com
      biomedicaldirector@siu.edu.in            Tel: (+0091)-9850044892
Tel: (+0091)-20-39116235                       Address: Professor,
Address: Director,                                       Department of Microbiology,
         Biomedical Research Cluster,                    Abasaheb Garware College,
         Symbiosis International University,             Pune (Maharashtra)
         Gram: Lavale, Tal: Mulshi                       Pin code -411004.
         Pune-411042,                                    India.

                                                                 Krunal H Patel, 2011

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