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									                     Armfield Homeowners Association
                        Board of Directors Meeting
                   Minutes of May 25, 2006 Board Meeting
Present:    Tim Murray, Robert Shear, Paul Malherek
Management: Dan Gordon


1.     The minutes for the April 27, 2006 Board meeting were approved.

2.     The next Board meeting is scheduled for June 13, 2006 at the Franklin MS

Resident Input:

Karen Rompalo expressed her concerns on noise and profanity at the basketball courts
behind her home.

Report of Committees:

1.     ARB – New HOA guidelines need to be approved.

Management Agent Report:

1.     Management provided an updated maintenance list.

Old Business:

1. CPM will wait until October 2006 to request at least 3 bids for a ground maintenance

Unfinished Business:

1. The board will consider obtaining signatures for the “Restricted Parking Zone” in the

2. The board instructs CPM to close out the Money Market at Comm Bank for
   $39,372.16. CPM will move $20,000 into a short term CD and $19,372.16 into a
   money market account.

3. CPM will obtain pricing to repair the badly damaged sections of the pool parking lot.

4. The Board will consider a plan to lease additional pool memberships.

New Business:

1. The board reviewed the proposal from VDOT for acquiring a small piece of
   community property near the Centreville Road and Armfield Farm Drive and the cost
   to replace any damaged trees. The board requested that VDOT provide us a 3D
   rendering of our entranceway as it will appear after the construction is completed.

2. The board instructs CPM to obtain an estimate from an appraiser to review the VDOT

3. The board instructs CPM to obtain two estimates to remove and replace all trees
   along our property on Centreville Road with similar ones.

4. The board votes to approved the new ARB guidelines version 0.5 dated November
   21, 2005 with one modification. On page 28, add the word “Not” in the first sentence
   after the word may. It should read.. .”A recreational vehicle may not be parked…”

5. The board instructs CPM to place ads in local papers to announce our community
   yard sale.

6. The board votes to approve the AG&E proposal to remove fallen trees for $2705.

7. The board reviewed the Fairfax County Department of Transportation finding that
   Armfield Farm Drive is eligible for traffic calming. The board tabled furter review
   until our next meeting.

8. The board reviewed the new pool guidelines.

9. The board reviewed the swim team schedule.

Financial Matters:

1.      Management presented financial reports for the period ending April 30, 2006.
        There was $70,350.81 in the operating account, $42,400.15 in the Money Market
        account, and $ 79,483.75 in certificates of deposit. Reserve account balance is $
        79,483.75. Account receivables is $12,451.35.

Minutes Approved:



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