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									City of Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks Department

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2011-2012

                                                   Recreation & Parks

   415 Steele Lane • Santa Rosa, CA 95403   p (707) 543-3292 • f (707) 543-3288
Welcome to the City of Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks Department
Our vision is to Create Community through People, Parks           As we continue to rise from
and Programs and this report is a summary of how we               the affects of the recession, we
have done just that over the last year. Our achievements          have relied on our generous
are outlined through the elements of our mission                  volunteers, donors and strong
statement – providing recreational experiences, fostering         partnerships with community
human development, increasing cultural unity, protecting          organizations to help us achieve
environmental resources, facilitating community problem           our mission. We are thankful
solving, strengthening safety and security, promoting             for all of this support as it has
health and wellness, strengthening community                      allowed us to continue to focus
image and sense of place, and supporting economic                 on providing quality service to
development.                                                      our residents.

Core Functions of the Recreation & Parks Department

Recreation Division                                               Parks Division
Classes and workshops for all ages including                      Landscape maintenance of 555 acres compromised of 11
fitness, cooking, art, photography, computers,                    Community Parks and 53 Neighborhood Parks (including
Tiny Tots, Kindergym, dance, and special                          three new neighborhood parks (Airfield, Harvest
events at three community centers (Finley,                        and Dauenhauer), Luther Burbank Home & Gardens,
Steele Lane, and Bennett Valley Senior                            Downtown Courthouse Square, City Hall, Prince Memorial
Center); youth basketball, t-ball , soccer and                    Greenway; supervision of landscape contracts to maintain
tennis programs; and over 300 adult softball teams.               landscaped medians, frontage landscapes (back-ons),
Aquatics programs at Ridgway and Finley pools include             herbicide weed control within
swimming lessons, birthday party packages, scuba, water           parks, and weed abatement
polo, public swim, and space for high school swim teams           contract for hundreds of acres
and the Neptune’s Swim Club; over 20 different themed             Open Space land; volunteer
day camps at parks and facilities (most popular camp is           park projects, Eagle Scout
55-year-old Camp Wa-Tam in Howarth Park); Howarth Park            projects, and Commemorative
operations and programs including boat rentals, fishing,          Bench and Tree program.
carousel, train, animal barn, picnic reservations, birthday
party packages, and the Land of Imagination Playground;           Facility Planning, Development and Maintenance
community center rentals for weddings, special events,
                                                                  Space planning; park design and development; Capital
conferences, churches, commercial-kitchen use, and
                                                                  Improvement Program management; construction;
meetings; operation and rentals of two new facilities, the
                                                                  repair and maintenance of City–owned facilities; energy
DeTurk Round Barn and the Church of One Tree; picnic
reservations at nine community parks.

Neighborhood Services Division                                    Administration
                                                                  Department administration including budget, Human
Gang prevention and intervention programming, Mayor’s             Resources liaison, records, and citywide special event
Gang Prevention Task Force Policy and Operational                 permits. Support to the Board of Community Services,
Teams, after school and neighborhood activity center              Art in Public Places Committee, Rural Cemetery, ArtStart,
programs, CHOICE grant programs, summer recreation                Merit Awards Program, and Youth Athletic Field Trust.
programs, and resources for residents served by the               Marketing efforts include outreach, advertisement sales,
Neighborhood Revitalization Program.                              website management, art programs, and the Bennett
                                                                  Valley Golf Course.

                                                              1                                       Annual Report 2012
Department Highlights

Awards                                                             Provided Recreational Experiences
•    As voted by readers of the Press Democrat, in all of          •   Howarth Park continues to serve thousands of visitors
     Sonoma County – Howarth Park is the Best Playground               each year with amusement rides, boat rentals, classes,
     and Best Park, Finley Aquatic Center is the Best                  pony rides, picnic rentals, tennis, softball games,
     Swimming Spot, Rincon Valley Dog Park is the Best                 animal barn, movies in the park, mountain bike races,
     Dog Park, Camp Wa-Tam is the Best Summer Camp and                 hiking trails and fishing.
     Prince Memorial Greenway is the Best Bike Trail.

                                                                   •   Fitness and fun was provided
•	   Sonoma Family Life                                                to over 5,000 adults each year
     Magazine readers voted                                            who signed up to play in our
     for their county favorites                                        adult softball leagues (men’s,
     and our Department                                                women’s and co-ed).
     received the gold medal
     for Best Art Program, silver
     for Best Summer Camps                                         •   Nearly 66,000 rounds of golf were played at the
     Program, and 2 gold                                               Bennett Valley Golf Course. An extensive fairway
     medals for Howarth Park                                           sanding project has made the course more playable
     for Best Party Location and                                       year round resulting in an increase in rounds of play
     Best Local Attraction.                                            over the previous year.

•    The Bohemian of The North Bay readers voted that the          •   Recreational Ping Pong has become popular at the
     Best Summer Day Camp in Sonoma County is Camp                     Bennett Valley Senior Center. The popularity of Ping
     Wa-Tam, the Best Park is Howarth                                  Pong (table tennis) has lead to table tennis being a
     Park, and the Best Public Golf                                    new event in the 2012 Wine Country Senior Games.
     Course is Bennett Valley Golf
     Course. Rincon Valley Community
                                                                   •   This past year we booked 5,260
     Park also received honorable
                                                                       rooms at Finley and Steele Lane
     mention as Best Dog Park.
                                                                       Community Centers, Bennett
                                                                       Valley Senior Center, Church of
•    Received the 2011 Award of Excellence from the                    One Tree, Deturk Round Barn
     California Counties Facilities Services Association               and the Doyle Park clubhouse
     (CCFSA) for exceptional dedication to facilities                  for weddings, meetings, parties,
     excellence through best practices, process                        fundraisers, church services,
     innovation, staff development, department                         fitness classes and more.
     automation, and energy program improvements.
     We are one of only six cities/counties in California to
                                                                   •   Over 5,000 youth and adults participated in
     receive this award.
                                                                       swimming lessons at Ridgway and Finley Pools.

•    Two City buildings earned US EPA Energy Star ratings
     in 2011: City Hall with a score of 98 out of 100, and
     Municipal Service Center-South with a score of 85
     out of 100. Energy Star ratings are earned when
     energy performance is in the top 25 percent of similar
     existing buildings, while meeting industry standards
     for comfort, air quality and lighting.

Annual Report 2012                                             2
Provided Recreational Experiences- continued                     Fostered Human Development- continued
                                                                 •   This year’s youth t-ball program (ages 4-7) focused on
                                                                     hand-eye coordination, following directions, leadership,
                                                                     and team skills in a safe and fun environment.

                                                                 •   Three levels of Spanish
                                                                     classes, Creative Writing
•   Over 3,000 school-aged children participated in our              class, Discussion Group,
    day camp programs including Kidscience, Engineering,             and Art classes were all
    Drama, Cooking, Art, Gymnastics, Fencing, Climbing,              offered at the Bennett
    Tennis, Basketball, Camp Tiny Tots, Camp Wa-Tam,                 Valley Senior Center
    Doyle Adventure Camp and Camp Yu-Chi. In addition,               giving participants the
    our youth sports leagues including basketball, t-ball            opportunity to develop
    and soccer showed growth in attendance.                          their creativity and learn
                                                                     something new.
•   Sports programs for at-risk youth were expanded
    this past year with the addition of three new leagues.       •   Teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and maintaining
    This included, an 8-week basketball program for                  a positive attitude were stressed in our neighborhood
    elementary age children attending Taylor Mountain                youth sports programs. Referees were trained that
    Elementary, Wright Elementary, and Southpark /                   teasing, profanity or complaining about game calls
    MLK Park Community; a youth basketball league                    would not be allowed, and consequences would apply
    in Northwest Santa Rosa made possible through                    as a result of unsportsmanlike
    collaboration with Santa Rosa City Schools; and an               behavior. All members of a team
    8-week soccer pilot program                                      played regardless of ability level;
    which served five Santa                                          and all participants who attended
    Rosa middle schools, four                                        practices, games and tournaments
    elementary schools, and                                          were awarded a medal for their
    one neighborhood site.                                           commitment to completing the
    In total, 455 youth ages                                         program.
    6-15 participated in these
    programs.                                                    •   Provided meeting space at our community centers
                                                                     for health and wellness organizations such as the
                                                                     Association of Behavioral Associates (Special Needs
                                                                     Play Group), Heartland Hospice (Healing through
Fostered Human Development                                           Art), Human Resources testing (Employment
•   Our Work Experience Program provided 350 teens                   Opportunities), SR Chamber (Young Professional’s
    the opportunity to volunteer and receive important               Development) and County of Sonoma (Trainings).
                         job training in our day camps,
                         aquatics programs, and at               •   Our Teen Council helped organize the UACT (Ultimate
                         Howarth Park. These volunteers              Access Conference for Teens) conference held at
                         added valuable support to                   the Santa Rosa Junior College that approximately
                         our staff logging over 41,000               100 teens attended to discuss Empowerment
                         volunteer hours. Additionally,              through Knowledge. Breakout topics included Gang
                         the Department provides paid                Awareness and Prevention, Volunteerism, Positive
                         employment opportunities for                Images, Financial Freedom and Dating Abuse.
                         over 500 young adults annually.

                                                             3                                      Annual Report 2012
Fostered Human Development- continued
                                                               •   Expanded gang prevention and intervention services
                                                                   to the community through the CHOICE Grant Program:

                                                                       Measure O CHOICE Grant Program
                                                                                   Cycle IV Funding
                                                                               July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012

                                                                            Funded Agency/Program
•   The Aquatics and Neighborhood Services divisions               Personal Transformation through Cognitive
    teamed up to provide free swim lessons to at risk                    Development & Youth Support
    youth in the Apple Valley/Valley Oak communities.                       Martial Arts Youth Institute
    Thirty youth attended weekly lessons at Finley                              Martial Arts for Youth
    Aquatic Center; the six-week program instilled and                 
    built their confidence in swimming and water safety.
                                                                    Social Recreational, Cultural & Community
                                                                          Service Intervention Activities
•   Continued employment training program for youth                       Community Action Partnership
    at the Sunflower Community Garden through                                         Project Safe
    partnerships with Sonoma                                          
    County Youth Ecology
                                                                              Double Punches Boxing
    Corps and Social Advocates                                                Youth Character and Fitness
    for Youth. Funds to                                            
    enhance the program
                                                                              Roseland Charter School
    were leveraged with                                               Roseland University Prep After School Program
    Federal stimulus money                                            
    through the Workforce
    Investment Act.
                                                                          Services for Adjudicated Youth
                                                                    Boys & Girls Club of Central Sonoma County
                                                                                The Club @ Juvenile Hall
•   The Neighborhood Revitalization Program continued                   
    its efforts of conducting building inspections,
    educational events and two literacy campaigns,                              Outpatient Services
    including a Computer Literacy Program and a                                       Lifeworks
    Financial Literacy Forum for neighborhood residents.                         El Puente (The Bridge)
                                                                              Parent/Family Support
•   The Mayors Gang Prevention Task Force (MGPTF)
    partnered with several community groups to host                       Community Action Partnership
                                                                                 Padres Unidos
    the third Annual Gang Prevention Awareness Week
    which showcased a boxing exhibition led by Double
    Punches Boxing Club at the Santa Rosa Plaza, a                      Job Readiness Training/Placement
    free movie night at Northwest                                            Listening for a Change
    Community Park and the South                                           Neighborhood Listening Project
    Park Day & Night Festival.                                  
                                                                           Social Advocates for Youth
                                                                             Youth Employment Center
                                                                   Gang Mediation and Intervention Services
                                                                            California Youth Outreach
                                                                        Gang Mediation and Intervention Services

Annual Report 2012                                         4
Provided Health and Wellness Opportunities
•   Attendance at Vamos A Nadar, a learn-to-swim                  •   Food from the Redwood Empire Food Bank was
    safety program, held at Finley Pool grew again                    provided to approximately 70 families on a weekly
    this year. As a result, a second                                  basis at Valley Oak Apartment complex to help
    day of Vamos A Nadar was at                                       promote healthy eating and supply these families
    Ridgway pool. Many of the                                         with much-needed food. Additionally, a daily after
    families registered for additional                                school recreation program was provided at this
    swimming lessons as a follow-up                                   location to keep children safe, active and involved.
    to the program.
                                                                  •   Provided the Recreation Sensation Program to over
•   Provided karate, fencing, dance classes and a                     300 youths, five days per week, in areas of Santa Rosa
    Kindergym fitness program to 2,731 youth at Finley                that are highly impacted by gangs. The program
    Community Center.                                                 offers numerous enrichment and skill-building
                                                                      such as
•   Provided fitness classes, hiking, biking (including
    mountain bike races), walking, running, playground
    activity, climbing wall, tennis and softball at Howarth
    Park. Expanded boating activities on Lake Ralphine
                                                                      abatement, bike
    by offering paddleboard rentals which were
                                                                      safety and art
    purchased with grant funds.

•   Outdoor day camps served over 1,200 campers
    encouraging them to be active in the outdoors.                •   Increased sports programming for youth in
    Activities included hiking, rock climbing, archery,               after school programs located in high-need
    canoeing, sports and games, calisthenics, dancing                 neighborhoods.
    and swimming.
                                                                  •   Partnered with 5-a-Day, a non-profit organization, to
                                                                      increase nutritional education for youth in our after
•   The Bennett Valley Senior
                                                                      school programs. 
    Center offered six different
    exercise programs (11
    sessions) each week.                                          •   Collaborated with Neighborhood Revitalization
    This variety offered the                                          Program and Community Action Partnership
    opportunity for over 300                                          to participate in the Annual “Parent University”
    seniors of varying abilities to                                   event and provide Health and Financial resource
    participate, stay healthy and                                     information and workshops focused on mental
    fit, as well as socialize with                                    health.

•   During the youth basketball program and spring
    soccer season, youth were taught about safe,
    appropriate health practices. Coaches provided youth
    with a healthy snack and stressed the importance
    of staying hydrated. T&B Sports generously donated
    water bottles for the participants.

                                                              5                                      Annual Report 2012
Provided Health and Wellness Opportunities- continued Strengthened Community Image and Sense of Place
•   Participated in the Annual Día de los Muertos to              •   Held several family-favorite
    provide arts and craft activities as well as awareness            community events at
    about the grieving process when losing loved ones.                Howarth Park including
                                                                      free outdoor summer
                                                                      movies, Halloween at
•   Provided 555 acres of improved park land (65 parks)               Howarth Park, Spring Egg
    for family fun, personal fitness, and special sporting            Hunt for Tots, summer
    events such as Cyclocross, baseball & soccer camps,               mountain bike races, and
    soccer tournaments and the Wine Country Senior                    fishing programs thanks to
    Games bocce tournament. Provided hundreds of                      support from several local
                                         acres of open                businesses and sponsors
                                         space land that
                                         serve as wildlife
                                         corridors and            •   Hosted another successful Dickens Holiday Crafts Fair
                                         passive-recreation           increasing attendance records from last year by over
                                         locations for                400 visitors.
                                         activities like
                                         walking and bird         •   Live at Juilliard celebrated its 18th season with an
                                         watching.                    attendance of over 1,500 each weekend. Strong
                                                                      partnerships with local
                                                                                                LIVE At Juilliard! JULY 10 JULY 17                                                                                      

•   Increased number of                                               businesses such as        Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks and Wine Country Radio                                                                               TH                                    TH

    scholarships granted to                                           Wine Country Radio
                                                                      and nonprofits like
                                                                                                Juilliard Park 227 • Santa Rosa Ave • Santa Rosa, CA                                            MISS KITTY & THE BIG DOGS THE RHYTHM RANGERS
                                                                                                                                                                                                         swing • rockabilly • jump blues     rock n roll • blues • country • swing

    families in need by improving                                                                 JULY 24  JULY 31 AUG 7   AUG 14
                                                                                                                            TH                                                ST                                           TH                                           TH

                                                                      Worth Our Weight and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Food Truck Extravaganza!

    our special event fundraising
    efforts. The annual Scholarship                                   Mr. Music Foundation                   STUNG!
                                                                                                    original sound of ...THE POLICE!
                                                                                                                                                        SOLID AIR
                                                                                                                                              high energy vocals • rock classics
                                                                                                                                                                                                    NORTH OF MALIBU
                                                                                                                                                                                                        surf • americana • rock            THE QUARTER MILE COMBO

                                                                      made this a successful
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   rockabilly • rock n roll
                                                                                                                            Please no glass bottles

    Golf Tournament, and our Egg
                                                                                                                                  in the park.                                       Pouring                                                 Check Out the Website for Info
                                                                                                                                                                                     fabulous         Wine Country Radio                     on this Fun Street Food
                                                                                                                                                                                     beer & wine.
                                                                                                                                   For info call 543-3737
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Street Entertainment
                                                                                                                                                                       Enjoy the culinary delights                                                Extravaganza!

                                                                      summer family event.
                                                                                                         Recreation, Parks &       TDD 543-3289                        of WORTH OUR WEIGHT
                                                                                                         Community Services            For accessible info: 543-3292   culinary apprentice program.                                                  Starts At 4:00pm!

    Hunt for Tots, both contributed
    to our scholarship fundraising
    effort this past year.                                        •   Assisted with large community events such as Levi’s
                                                                      GranFondo and the Amgen Tour of California, which
                                                                      brought thousands of out of town visitors to Santa
•   Our inaugural St. Patrick’s Day 5k Run/Walk was a
                                                                      Rosa to stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants and
    huge success contributing funds to the Aquatic
                                                                      enjoy our downtown, parks and trails.
    Trust Fund and bringing together nearly 400
    participants and many spectators for a day of fun
    and physical activity. Partnering with local business,        •   Rosie the Trolley provided safe, reliable,
    Fleet Feet Sports, allowed for enhanced marketing                 environmentally friendly transportation for over
    opportunities for the race.                                       1,000 occasions this fiscal year for our own recreation
                                                                      programs and private charters; becoming a familiar
                                                                      fixture on the streets, roadways and at special events
                                                                      throughout Santa Rosa.

                                                                  •   Continued a successful Facebook marketing
                                                                      campaign, which has netted a following of over
                                                                      2,030 “fans” to date. In addition, our email newsletter
                                                                      subscriber base has grown to over 17,700 active
                                                                      emails. Both of these channels have become an
                                                                      integral component of our public communication

Annual Report 2012                                            6
Provided Art and Cultural Experiences                             Completed Park & Facility Projects
•   The Finley Community Center                                   •   Completed the construction of Harvest Park – a three-
    presented the 9th Annual National                                 acre neighborhood park located on Burt Street. The
    Arts Program Exhibition and                                       park consists of a plaza with picnic tables, benches,
    Competition, which showcased                                      play equipment, open grass play areas, pathways and
    the work of 200 local artists. In                                 landscaping.
    addition, ongoing art exhibitions at Finley Community
    Center, Steele Lane Community Center, and City Hall
                                                                  •   Began improvements to Martin Luther King Jr. Park
    featured the work of 20 local artists.
                                                                      including more accessible picnic areas, pathways, and
                                                                      water-efficient landscaping. The improvements are
•   The Arts District partnered with several community                scheduled to be completed by summer of 2012.
    art organizations to provide art events and cultural
    activities downtown, including the 4th Annual Great
    West End Handcar Regatta, South A Street’s Winterblast,       •   Completed construction of Airfield Park which is a
    Summer Nights Railroad Square, Matsuri Japanese Arts              three-acre neighborhood park located on the corner
    Festival, Dia de los Muertos, ‘Staches and Spokes, 5th            of North Point Parkway and Fresno Avenue consisting
    Street Share Fair, and the Sonoma County Book Festival.           of play equipment, picnic areas, half- court basketball
                                                                      court, pathways, grass play field and landscaping.
•   The Public Art in Private Development Ordinance
    provided several new public art installations in Santa        •   Continued construction on new
    Rosa. Some projects opted to place art onsite, while              Senior Wing at Finley Community
    others fulfilled their requirement by contributing                Park. The new facility will be a two-
    in-lieu to the Public Art Fund. Projects that placed              story, 24,408 square foot structure
    artwork on-site in 2011-12 include: Salvation Army,               to accomodate more senior
    Coddingtown, PetCare, PG&E, BJ’s Restaurant and                   programming and recreational
    Panera Bread.                                                     opportunities. The first phase of
                                                                      construction provided site work
•   Now in its second year, the Street                                and the building shell and the
    Performer Ordinance encourages                                    second phase of construction provides interior
    permitted performers to showcase                                  improvements to most of the first floor and partial
    their talents for tips in public areas                            improvements to the second floor area. A third
    in Santa Rosa. In 2011, 218 free                                  phase is envisioned to complete the facility, pending
    permits were issued. While most                                   donated funding.
    performers are located downtown,
    the program is citywide.                                      •   Completed three new
                                                                      reservable picnic areas at
•   The Department formally entered into a partnership                Finley Community Park.
    agreement with Artstart, a nonprofit educational arts
    organization mentoring young artists in the creation          •   Completed designs and 220 adjustments in City
    of public art. Artstart has made a significant impact             facilities to comply with the Americans with
    in our community by creating over 150 benches, 34                 Disabilities Act.
    murals and many installations.

•   A combined effort with the Graffiti Abatement
    Program of the Santa Rosa Police Department
    produced and installed two large murals along Aston
    Avenue in August 2011, one by Artstart and the other
    by Dana Vallarino.

                                                              7                                      Annual Report 2012
Submitted Competitive Grant Applications and                   Involved Volunteers
Received Grant Funding                                         Neighborhood Parks and Green Space
•   For the tenth year in                                      •   15 new group and individual volunteers have joined
    a row, we received                                             the Adopt-A-Green-Space program. Adopt-A-Green-
    grant funding from                                             Space volunteers completed 2,500 hours of volunteer
    the Department of                                              service while keeping the parks
    Boating & Waterways                                            clean and weed free. They also
    for purchase of                                                manage community gardens,
    paddleboards for Lake                                          planted daffodil bulbs, reported
    Ralphine as well as                                            and cleaned graffiti, planted trees,
    scholarship money for                                          pruned ivy and shrubs, reseeded
    boating programs.                                              dog parks, spread wood chip mulch
                                                                   and protected native plants.
•   Received funding from the California Emergency
    Management Agency for the California Gang                  •   The Park-A-Month Volunteer program has grown
    Resistance, Intervention and Prevention grant                  in popularity!  Volunteers focus their efforts at a
    program totaling $315,098 for 2011 and 2012. Sub               designated neighborhood park on the second
    awards were provided for two of our evidence-                  Saturday of the month and since reviving the
    based partner programs – Aggression Replacement                program in March 2012, so far volunteers have
    Training provided by California Youth Outreach and             logged 462 hours by planting trees, providing general
    Strengthening Families provided by Community                   clean-up , removing weeds, raking and spreading
    Action Partnership.                                            mulch.

•   Submitted grant applications to the Stewardship            •   Neighborhood groups, such as Bennett Valley Vision
    Council and Prop 84 State Parks program for the                and Bellevue Ranch Neighborhood, participated in
    construction of Bayer Neighborhood Park & Gardens.             ongoing efforts to beautify neighborhood parks,
    Both applications were successful and a total of               logging an estimated 700 hours of volunteer time.
    $5,022,467 in grant funding has been secured for the
                                                               •   Four Boy Scouts completed their Eagle Project by
                                                                   dedicating over 400 hours of service improving
Green Practices and Energy Conservation                            parks by creating vehicle barriers, painting signs
•   Completed the conversion of twinkle lights on the              and bridges, building dog park agility equipment,
    street trees in Railroad Square to LED energy saving           removing weeds, spreading mulch, planting new
    lights.                                                        shrubs and adding picnic tables.

•   A cogeneration unit has been installed at the Finley
    Swim Center to produce electricity for the Finley
    Center complex and heat the swimming pools at the
    same time. The unit will reduce overall operating
    costs at the Finley Center.

•   Parks achieved storm water permit compliance by
    protecting storm drains, adding a trash management
    plan into picnic and special event use areas, and
    ensuring that legal pesticides are stored or applied
    in parks.

Annual Report 2012                                         8
Involved Volunteers- continued
Howarth Park                                                     Other Volunteer Efforts
•   Howarth Park benefited from over 300 volunteers              •   The Santa Rosa
    helping with maintenance, this included a variety of             Tennis group was
    groups, organizations, and individuals.                          formed in an effort
                                                                     to improve Galvin
                                                                     Tennis Courts and
•   Seventy-five
                                                                     has raised money
    volunteers assisted
                                                                     for nets, held
    at Howarth Park
                                                                     clean-up days,
    events including
                                                                     applied for a grant from the United States Tennis
    Halloween at
                                                                     Association to resurface the courts, and assisted with
    Howarth, Pet Parade,
                                                                     the installation of 4 new “quick start” courts
    Movies in the Park
                                                                     for children.
    and Fishing in the City programs.

•   Howarth Park accommodated over 40 teens in                   •   Volunteers spent 100 hours maintaining and cleaning
    completing their community service volunteer                     dog parks.
    hours through a variety of tasks such as staffing
    special events, park clean up, and assistance with           •   Volunteers continue to maintain
    concessions.                                                     the Rural Cemetery, act as docents
                                                                                                              Santa Rosa
                                                                                                            Rural Cemetery
                                                                     on tours and provide research          Lamplight Tours
•   Four Eagle Scouts completed their projects in                    and acting talent for the annual
    Howarth Park.  These included the removal of juniper             Lamplight Tours in September.         ruralcemetery

                                     and landscaping
                                     planter strips              •   750 volunteers participated in Spring Clean, a day
                                     along Summerfield               of working in our parks, cleaning creeks, picking up
                                     Road;  building and             trash, clearing brush and painting over graffiti.
                                     installing two picnic
                                     tables by the ball
                                     field; planting of
                                     trees, painting and
    clean up around the Gazebo picnic area;  and  adding
    some fun attractions along the train tracks that
    included a bark hut, rock quarry and wishing well.

•   Three individuals or groups
    adopted certain areas or
    amenities in Howarth Park. 
    Local resident Beth Martinez
    provided labor and funding
    to refurbish the animal barn
    and construct a new roof
    on the house.  “Mr. Plumber,” another local resident,
    adopted the entryway flower bed and keeps it
    maintained. And lastly, several Recreation & Parks
    retirees have adopted the cactus garden along the
    train tracks and have helped in making improvements
    and maintaining the area.

                                                             9                                      Annual Report 2012
You’ve Told Us How We Are Doing
A key component of our annual report is the ability to            Parks surveys were conducted
gauge progress towards our Department goals and to                at Galvin Park, Doyle Park,
evaluate how well we are doing to meet the needs of               Finley Community Park and
the community with reduced resources and decreased                Rincon Valley Community Park.
staffing levels. Several surveys were conducted to gain           Of the people surveyed:
information about how our programs are meeting the
needs of the community.
                                                                      • 86% said these parks are
                                                                        clean and well maintained.
Here is what our customers have said about us through
online and in-person surveys:
                                                                      • 89% feel safe walking,
                                                                        biking or playing in these parks.
•   In a survey of day
    camps (Doyle,                                                     • 83% said that the customer service provided by
    Yu-Chi and Wa-                                                      parks staff was good or great.
    Tam), 99% of those
    surveyed rated the
    overall experience                                            The 12-month
    as good or                                                    final evaluation
    excellent; 99% said                                           report prepared by
    the camp was clean and well maintained and 98%                Community Crime
    would recommend this camp to another family.                  Prevention Associates
                                                                  for the nine Cycle
                                                                  VI CHOICE grant
•   96% percent of people rated visits, services and              funded programs
    programs in signature facilities as good or excellent.        concluded that 100%
                                                                  of grantees met or exceeded their goal related to children
•   Of the people surveyed, 98% rated our swim lessons            and youth satisfaction rates and 100% of grantees
    program as good or excellent.                                 met the performance goal for parent satisfaction with
                                                                  services and care provided. Of parents surveyed, 87%
                                                                  indicated that the Measure O funded program met or
•   Of the people                                                 exceeded their performance goal for changes in their
    surveyed, 99.5%                                               child’s developmental assets. Cycle VI CHOICE grantees
    rated the aquatic                                             served 2,359 unduplicated children, youth, and parent
    facility level of                                             customers with over 551,000 hours of direct service at a
    supervision and                                               rate of $1.21 per hour of service.
    safety as good or

•   100% of families had a “Great!” or “Awesome!” time at
    our Dodgeball/Basketball Birthday Parties.

•   98% of people who rented one of our facilities would
    recommend it to a friend.

•   98% of people who rented one of our facilities felt it
    was clean and well maintained.

Annual Report 2012                                           10
Budget Update
We are optimistic that our budget has stabilized, although we continue to feel the impacts of the reductions that
occurred in previous fiscal years. The Department continues to rely on donations to sustain the programs and
operations at various facilities.

The City’s General Fund is the primary funding source for the Department. The bulk of this is funded by property taxes
and sales tax. Other sources of funding include the fees from the Bennett Valley Golf Course, a portion of the Measure O
sales tax to fund gang prevention and intervention programs, special tax districts that receive landscaping services, and
grants. To give you an idea of the bigger picture, this is how the general fund is split up across the City’s Departments.

Budget Specifics
•   12 staff members to maintain 65 parks,
                                                                    Recreation & Parks Funding Sources
    Downtown and the Luther Burbank Home &                                   Special Tax
    Gardens.                                                                  Districts
•   Park maintenance staff is no longer available          Change for Kids               Valley
                                                                0%            Capital
    to plant, prune or remove street trees.                                               Golf
                                                                           Improvements Course
                                                        Trust Accounts          10%       9%
•   Severely reduced maintenance at                      (Donations)   Measure O
    Neighborhood Parks will continue; most of                 1%         8%
    the maintenance resources are being directed         Art In-Lieu
    to the heavily visited community parks, such             Fee
    as Howarth Park and the Finley Community                 1%                               General Fund

•   Responses to complaints will be less timely.

•   Parks staff members are limited in their ability
    to respond to special requests by park patrons
    and prepare for special events.

•   Parks are being watered less frequently due
    to increased water costs; in the summer                   General Fund Expenditures by Department
    months, turf will turn brown in most of the                                                   Utilities
    neighborhood parks.                                                          Administration     1%
                                                                     Non-            12%
•   Customer service at our front counters at our                 Departmental
    community centers may be slower as the
    hours of front counter service at Steele Lane       Transportation &
    Community Center are reduced and calls and            Public Works
    walk-ins are directed to Finley Community
    Center.                                                                                                     Recreation &
                                                                                           Police                   12%


                                                             11                                               Annual Report 2012
Service Indicators

                                                                                                             FY 11-12
Indicator                                                                    FY 09-10        FY 10-11        Estimate
Parks & Landscape Maintenance
Percentage of community parks and facilities rated in good condition
                                                                                 92%            83%             85%
based on surveys of park patrons.

Acres of parks maintained per Skilled Maintenance Worker (SMW).
National Average = 15 acres/maintenance worker per National Park             42 acres/SMW   107 acres/SMW   111 acres/SMW
and Recreation Society (NPRS).

Percentage of people who rate programs in signature facilities
(Bennett Valley Senior Center, Finley Community Center, Aquatic Centers)         85%            81%             85%
as good or excellent.

Increase in the number of people participating in programs and activities.
                                                                                 -4%            -7%             -2%
(Target: 5% increase)

Number of people receiving information from Department public
                                                                                30,462         46,730          51,000
information efforts (includes email and Facebook).

Percentage of planned programs, classes and activities cancelled.
                                                                                 24%            31%             25%
(Target: Less than 25%)

Percentage of direct program costs offset by revenues.                           69%            76%             75%

Neighborhood Services

Percentage of Santa Rosa CHOICE funded programs that met or
                                                                                 92%            92%             92%
exceeded the Services Performance Index goal.

Percentage of Neighborhood Services programs that met or
                                                                                100%            100%            100%
exceeded the Services Performance Index goal.

Facilities Planning, Development & Maintenance
Park acreage provided as City share of 6 acres of parkland per 1,000
                                                                                 4.92           5.02            5.02
residents standard (3.5 acres per 1,000 is City Share).

Square feet of facilities maintained per employee (47,000 sf is standard).      82,575         84,629          86,083

Square feet of facilities maintained per year.                                 454,160         456,458         473,458

Water savings through water conservation projects. (Target: 2%)                  21%            28%             5.4%

Total number of construction project completed. (Target: 30)                     27             193             150

Total value of construction projects completed (Target: $500,000)              $569,515       $928,209        $900,000

Value of energy cost savings and rebates earned                                  N/A           $30,000         $30,000

Energy Use – Natural Gas                                                         -2%            -0.2%           0.6%

Energy Use – Electricity                                                         -7%            -5%             -8%

Annual Report 2012                                               12
Community Partners are essential to the
success of our programs and services.
Thank you to the following community groups, schools, businesses,
organizations and donors who partner with Recreation & Parks to
help provide resources and services:

Art and Historical Groups                                 Cash & Carry
Americans for the Arts                                    Chicago Style Hotdogs
Artstart                                                  Clone Digital Print & Copy
Center for Cultural Innovation                            Clover Stornetta Farms, Inc.
Dia de los Muertos                                        Cloverleaf Ranch
Luther Burbank Home & Garden Volunteer Association        Codding Foundation
National Arts Program Foundation                          Comcast
Rural Cemetery                                            Community Media Center of the North Bay
Shop Party                                                Costco
SOFA – Winterblast & Vine Art                             Craig’s Party Store
Sonoma County Book Festival                               Culligan Water
Sonoma County Museum                                      CVS Pharmacy
South A Street Art Alliance                               Daniels Chapel of the Roses
The Handcar Regatta Foundation                            DayDreamer Cinema
Whiskeydrunk Cycles                                       DeLoach Vineyards
                                                          Denny’s Restaurant
                                                          Design Benefits
Boards, Commissions, and Committees                       DriWater, Inc.
Art in Public Places Committee                            East West Café
Bennett Valley Senior Center Fundraising Committee        Edward L. Keiner Architect
Board of Community Services                               Emerisa Gardens
Community Advisory Board (CAB)                            En Garde Fencing
Luther Burbank Home & Gardens Board                       Eric Kent Wines
Merit Awards Committee                                    Exchange Bank
Santa Rosa Merit Awards Committee                         FairyDust Faces (Face-Painting)
Teen Council                                              Farmers Insurance
Youth Athletic Field Trust                                First Community Bank
                                                          Fleet Feet Sports of Santa Rosa
Business Community                                        Francis Ford Copolla Winery
A La Heart Catering
                                                          Friedman’s Home Improvement
Agilent Technologies
                                                          Fusion Fitness
All Tails Wagging
                                                          G & G Market
Allied Cash Advance
                                                          Gaddis Nursery
Alvarado Street Bakery, Petaluma
                                                          GHD Inc.
American AG Credit
                                                          Ghilotti Construction
Banner Enterprises
                                                          Golden Living Center
Bell Family Chiropractic
                                                          Golden West Home Builders Center
Bennett Ridge Baking Company
                                                          Green Valley Consulting Engineers
Bike Monkey
                                                          Grocery Outlet
                                                          Grohe Florist
Bruno’s Chuck Wagon
                                                          Harmony Farm Supply and Nursery
California Reverse Mortgage
                                                          Harvest Moon Winery
Carlos Gray Landscaping

                                                     13                                     Annual Report 2012
Business Community- continued
Hilton Sonoma Wine Country             Santa Rosa Recycling & Collection Services
Hi-Tech Recycling                      Santa Rosa Tennis Club
James Ernst Accounting                 SFMOMA
JLP Landscape Contracting, Inc.        Signs of Woodard
Jumperz                                SIMON Malls/Santa Rosa Plaza
Kelley-Moore Paint Co, Inc.            Solar Sonoma
KidScience Adventures                  Sonoma Design Apparel and Promotions
KZST/KJZY                              Sonoma Family Life Magazine
La Tortilla Factory                    St. Francis Winery
Laganitas Brewery                      Stan Wahl Construction & Design
Legends Restaurant                     State Farm Companies Foundation
Lil’ Kickers and Sports City           Stevensons Supply
Lola’s Market                          Sunce Winery & Vineyard
Lucky’s                                Taft Street Winery
Luther Burbank Savings                 The Health Source at Kidsake
Marizco Landscape Management           The Ladies of the Tiles
Master Cleaners                        The North Bay Bohemian
Maverick Media                         Timber Cove Inn
Mawson Computer Center                 Timothy D. Bowen dba Play-Well TEKnologies
Michael Golas Landscape                TLCD Architecture
Mike Chase Photo Design                Trader Joe’s
Moss Adams                             Velo Street
Mosser Hotel San Francisco             Vertex Climbing Center
Mr. Plumber - Plumbing Experts         Vice Landscaping Management
Nelson Sobel Design                    Village Art
North Coast Builders Exchange          Vintage Brush Creek
Northern Electric Inc.                 Visiting Angels
Old Navy #5612                         Walker Building Maintenance
Oliver Ranch Foundation                Wells Fargo Bank
Oliver’s Market (Montecito)            Wells Fargo Center
Pacific Market                         Western Farm Center
PB Renovators                          Whole Foods - Coddingtown
Pet Care Veterinary Hospital           Wine Country Radio
Peters Family Daycare                  Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers
Pinnacles Dive Shop                    Wisteria Florist
Port of Subs                           Worth Our Weight
Quattrocchi Kwok Architects            Wright Contracting, Inc.
Raley’s @ Fulton                       Yogurt Farms
Redwood Credit Union
Redwood Empire Ice Arena
                                       Environmental Groups
                                       California Arborist Association
Rialto Cinemas
                                       California Native Plant Society
Right at Home
Rileystreet Art Supply
                                       Kawana Springs Organic Community Gardens
Rivendale Homes
Roxy and Airport Cinemas
                                       Santa Rosa Creek Stewards
                                       So. Co. Agriculture Preservation & Open Space District
Santa Rosa Gymnastics Center
                                       Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
Santa Rosa Marathon
                                       United States Department of Agriculture
Santa Rosa Printing Co, Inc.

Annual Report 2012                14
Faith Based Groups                                     Jeremy Cummings
AARP                                                   Joann Feldman
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa        Josh Reynolds
Christ Church                                          Justin Mann
Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints        Kathy Cook
Community Baptist Church                               Kay Voliva
Council on Aging                                       Ken Zumwalt
KidVenture                                             Killian Sullivan, Boy Scout Troop #32
Senior Groups                                          Laurence & Kathy Miedma
Spring Hills Community Church                          Leonard A. Riepenhoff
Sri Sathya Sai Organization                            Leonard Riepenhoff
St. Mark Lutheran Church                               Liz Larson
Together in Christ                                     Lucy Callison
Tree of Life Fellowship Church                         Luke Crawford
United Methodist Church                                Marcia Coleman
Victory Outreach                                       Matt Franzieno
                                                       Maurine Caplinger
                                                       Meriko Watanabe
Health Care Providers                                  Michael Panas
Kaiser Permanente Medical – Santa Rosa                 Orhon Sarabi
Sonoma Valley Healthcare District                      Patricia Fidelak
Southwest Community Health                             Philip Hume
St. Joseph Health System                               Richard Lupei
                                                       Rose Ostrowski-Jones
                                                       Ruth Silva
Individual Donors                                      Schulz Family
5k Run/Walk Participants
                                                       Stan Borges
Barbara Ramsey
                                                       Stan Gow
Beth Martinez
                                                       St. Patrick’s Day Run/Walk Participants
Bob Kiefer
                                                       Toni Hower
Bobbi Bishop
                                                       Travis Philipsen, Boy Scout Troop #15
Carol Skold
                                                       Trish Weber
Cory McCormick
                                                       Walter Magnunson
Cory Perkins, Boy Scout Troop #76
                                                       Willie and Yvonne Brown
Daniel Venard
David & Linda Franzman
Dee Blackman                                           Neighborhood & Community Organizations
Dennis Beach                                           Bellevue Ranch Neighborhood
Eva Prager                                             Bennett Valley Neighborhood Association
Frances Fagan                                          Bennett Valley Vision
Frank Haeg                                             Burbank Garden Neighborhood
Gene & Marilyn Wilson                                  Fountaingrove II Open Space Management Association
George & Anna Golfieri                                 Friends of Hidden Valley Community Preschool
Gloria Smith                                           Juilliard Park Neighborhood Association
Greg Krick                                             LandPaths
Hardy Soderholm                                        Neighborhood Alliance
Helen Hamilton                                         Northpoint Village Master Association
Henry Trione                                           Redwood Empire Live Steamers
Honore Siri                                            Rincon Valley Dog Park Volunteer Group
Jean Reed                                              Skyhawk Neighbors
Jeff Greene and Family                                 West End Neighborhood Association

                                                  15                                         Annual Report 2012
Nonprofit Agencies & Youth Service Providers                   Public Agencies
5th Street Share Fair                                          California Department of Fish and Game
Actors Theater for Children                                    California State Parks
Becoming Independent’s Family Resource Advocacy Center         Mayors Gang Prevention Task Force
Bennett Valley Senior Center Fundraising Committee             Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office
Bergin University of Canine Studies                            Sonoma County General Services Dept.
Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Northern California               Sonoma County Library
Boy Scouts of America Troup #76                                Sonoma County Mental Health
Boys & Girls Club Central Sonoma County                        Sonoma County Office of Education
Burbank Housing Management Corp.                               Sonoma County Probation
California Youth Outreach                                      Sonoma County Regional Parks Department
CalSERVES - Americorp                                          SRFD (Santa Rosa Firefighters Local 1401)
CHOPS Teen Club                                                The American Red Cross of Sonoma County
Community Action Partnership                                   Town of Windsor
Community Media Center
Family Support Center
                                                               Schools & Sports Groups
                                                               Bellevue Unified School District
Fence at the Top
                                                               Bennett Valley Union School District
HUD Housing
                                                               Biellla Elementary School
Konocti Girl Scout Council
                                                               Elsie Allen High School and Lobo Unity
Life Works
                                                               Mark West School District
Listening for a Change
                                                               Neptune Swimming
Martial Arts Youth Institute
                                                               North Valley School
New Vision Santa Rosa Foundation
                                                               Proctor Terrace School
People to People
                                                               Redwood Adventist Academy
Redwood Empire Foodbank
                                                               Rincon Valley School District
Redwood Empire Kiwanis Club
                                                               Roseland School District
Salvation Army Double Punches Boxing
                                                               Santa Rosa City Schools
Santa Rosa Children’s Theater
                                                               Santa Rosa Junior College, ESL Department
Santa Rosa Utopia
                                                               Santa Rosa Junior College, Small Business Development Center
SCAN – Sonoma County After School Network
                                                               Santa Rosa Tennis Club
Social Advocates for Youth
                                                               Shepherd Elementary School
Sunny Hills Services
                                                               Sonoma County Day School
United Against Sexual Assaults
                                                               St. Luke School
United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay
                                                               Strawberry School
United Way of the Wine Country
                                                               USA 2000
Voice of Youth Radio (KRCB)
                                                               Wright School District
Volunteer Center of Sonoma County

Professional Organizations                                     Service Groups and Clubs
                                                               Active 20-30 Club of Santa Rosa
Community Crime Prevention Associates
                                                               City Life
District I, CPRS
                                                               Corona Club of Fulton
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
                                                               Downtown Rotary
Northern California Engineering Contractors Association
                                                               Eagle Scouts Redwood Empire Council BSA
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
                                                               Optimist Club of Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa Fire Fighters Association
                                                               Redwood Adventist Academy Foundation
Santa Rosa Police Officers Assoc.
                                                               Redwood Empire Kiwanis Club
                                                               Roseland Lions Club
                                                               Santa Rosa East Rotary
                                                               Soroptimist of Santa Rosa
                                                               Sunrise Kiwanis Club
                                                               Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

Annual Report 2012                                        16
                              Recreation & Parks

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