Lincoln by lanyuehua


									The Mysterious Mr. Lincoln
     Personality and Appearance
•   Intelligent   •   Tall
•   Gawky         •   Skinny
•   Cunning       •   Beard
•   Kind          •   Known for a big hat
•   Caring        •   Wears a suit
•   Born Feb. 12,1809
•   Born in log cabin
•   Lived for short time in Kentucky
•   Later moved to Knob Creek
•   Father moved family to Indiana
•   After a while they moved to Illinois because of a
    deadly milk sickness.
Mother and Father
      • Abraham’s mom was one
        of the first people in the
        family to die.
      • Mom died of milk sickness,
        which is not a disease.
      • Oct. 5, 1818 – Lincoln’s
        father married Sarah Bush
      • Because of an outspread of
        a deadly milk sickness, the
        Lincoln family set out to
        move to Illinois in 1830.
           Lincoln is Elected
• Ran against Democrat Stephan A. Douglas
• Lincoln won the majority of electoral votes.
• Won entirely from the help of the North
• 1,865,908 votes total for Lincoln
  (40% of the popular vote)
• He won the electoral college
  and the election.
    Emancipation Proclamation
• September 22, 1862, Lincoln
  issued his preliminary
  Proclamation of Emancipation
• Formalized it January 1, 1863
• Done after the 13th Amendment
• Had no effect on the border
• The Confederacy was at a
  disadvantage because 3.5
  million of 9.5 million slaves grew
  foods and fibers for the
  Confederate Army
• Lincoln was shot while watching the
  play “Our American Cousin”.
• The assassination occurred during
  the 3rd act of the play.
• Lincoln was shot with a small
  derringer pistol.
• The audience was laughing when the
  assassin shot Lincoln.
• John Wilkes Booth was the assassin.
• He escaped that day but was killed
  12 days later resisting arrest for
• Lincoln died April 15, 1865.
            The Mysterious Mr. Lincoln

And we will
always remember
Lincoln with the
Lincoln Memorial
in Washington
             Our Sources
• Microsoft Encarta, 2004
• Lincoln:A Photobiography by Russell
  Freedman, 1987

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