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									                                     Cloze Passage
                                  The Giver by Lois Lowry
                                       Master Copy

        Jonas felt nothing unusual at first. He felt only the light touch of the old man’s
hands on his back.
         He tried to relax, to breathe evenly. The room was absolutely silent, and for a
moment Jonas feared that he might disgrace himself now, on the first day of his training,
by falling asleep.
        Then he shivered. He realized that the touch of the hands felt, suddenly, cold.
At the same instant, breathing in, he felt the air change, and his very breath was cold.
He licked his lips, and in doing so, his tongue touched the suddenly chilled air.
        It was very startling; but he was not at all frightened, now. He was filled with
energy, and he breathed again, feeling the sharp intake of frigid air. Now, too, he could
feel cold air swirling around his entire body. He felt it blow against his hands where
they lay at his sides, and over his back.
        The touch of the man’s hands seemed to have disappeared.
        Now he became aware of an entirely new sensation: pinpricks? No, because
they were soft and without pain. Tiny, cold, featherlike feelings peppered his body and
face. He put out his tongue again, and caught one of the dots of cold upon it. It
disappeared from his awareness instantly; but he caught another, and another. The
sensation made him smile.
        One part of his consciousness knew that he was still lying there, on the bed, in the
Annex room. Yet another, separate part of his being was upright now, in sitting
position, and beneath him he could feel that he was not on the soft decorative
bedcovering at all, but rather seated on a flat, hard surface. His hands held now
(though at the same time they were still motionless at his sides) a rough damp rope.
        And he could see, though his eyes were closed. He could see a bright, whirling
torrent of crystals in the air around him, and he could see them gather on the backs of his
hands, like cold fur.

                                                                            Page 80

                                                                     Benincosa, 2001
                                 Cloze Passage
                              The Giver by Lois Lowry
                                   Student Copy

DIRECTIONS: Supply only one word for each of the following blanks. Guessing is
encouraged if you do not know all of the answers. Try to fill in every blank. Misspellings
will be scored as correct as long as they are recognizable, the test will not be timed.
Before beginning, silently read through the entire test. I will then read it aloud to you
before you begin.
        Jonas felt nothing unusual at first. He felt only the light touch of the old man’s

hands on his back.

        He tried to relax, ________ breathe evenly. The room ________ absolutely

silent, and for ________ moment Jonas feared that ________ might disgrace himself

now, ________ the first day of ________ training, by falling asleep.

       ________ he shivered. He realized ________ the touch of the ________ felt,

suddenly, cold. At ________ same instant, breathing in, ________ felt the air change,

________ his very breath was cold. ________ licked his lips, and ________ doing so,

his tongue ________ the suddenly chilled air.

       _________ was very startling; but ________ was not at all _________, now. He

was filled ________ energy, and he breathed _______, feeling the sharp intake ________

frigid air. Now, too, ________ could feel cold air ________ around his entire body.

________felt it blow against ________ hands where they lay ________ his sides, and

over ________ back.

       The touch of _________ man’s hands seemed to ________ disappeared.

       Now he became ________ of an entirely new _________: pinpricks? No,

                                                                   Benincosa, 2001
because they _________ soft and without pain. _________, cold, featherlike feelings

__________ his body and face. ________ put out his tongue ________, and caught one

of ________ dots of cold upon ________. It disappeared from his __________ instantly;

but he caught _________, and another. The sensation ________ him smile.

Benincosa 2001

       One part ________ his consciousness knew that _________ was still lying there,

_________ the bed, in the _________room. Yet another, _________ part of his being

__________ upright now, in sitting _________, and beneath him he _________ feel that

he was _________ on the soft decorative __________ at all, but rather ________ on a

flat, hard ________. His hands held now (________ at the same time ________ were

still motionless at ________ sides) a rough damp ________.

       And he could see, ________ his eyes were closed. ________ could see a bright,

________ torrent of crystals in ________ air around him, and ________ could see them

gather ________ the backs of his ________, like cold fur.

                                                                        Page 80

                                                                 Benincosa, 2001

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