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                                             COURSE INFORMATION FORM


                                                  COURSE INFORMATION

                                                          Medium of        Type                     T+P         Local
                  Name                        Code                       Required/   Semester                                ECTS
                                                          Instruction     Elective                  Hour        Credit

           Entrepreneurship                  İŞL7116        Turkish     Elective          8          3+0           3            6


 Course Instructor
 Instructor Assistants

                                    This course involves the theory of entrepreneurship, evoluation of enterprising functions
                                    of small and middle-sized businesses. Basic topics are The process of entrepreneurship,
 Course Objective                   entrepreneurial characteristics, identifying opportunities and entrepreneurship models.
                                    Although during the course Examples of current entrepreneurial will be investigated.

                                    Students will be able to;
                                     1) have a knowledge about the theory of entrepreneurship, evoluation of enterprising
                                        functions of small and middle-sized businesses.
                                     2) have an idea about the process of Setting up / starting business, setting up a new
 Course Learning Outcomes               enterprice, buying of a current business.
                                     3) make a enterprice and marketing plan.
                                     4) make a financial plan for entrepreneurs and small-sized businesses.
                                     5) learn the concept of corporate entrepreneur.

                                              COURSE PLAN

  Week                                   Subjects/Applications                                             Method
   1                                           Introduction                                                Lecturing
                  Concept, İmportance and Classification of Entrepreneurship, Problems in
    2                                  Entrepreneurship Researches                                         Lecturing

    3                Procss of Entrepreneurship and Interactiın with the environment                       Lecturing
    4                          Entrepreneur as a individual and properties                                 Lecturing
    5             The process of setting up a new business and buying of a current business                Lecturing
    6                                    The perceive of opportnuties                                      Lecturing
    7             Business model concept and economical structure of business model                        Lecturing
    8                                     MIDTERM EXAM
             Business and marketing plan and financial plan for entrepreneurs and small-sized
    9                                          businesses                                                  Lecturing

   10                               Enterpreneurs investment model                                         Lecturing
   11                   Marketing, devolopment, technology and enterpreneurship                            Lecturing
   12                        Point of viwe from the source and enterpreneurship                            Lecturing
   13                                       Corporate entrpreneur                                          Lecturing
   14                                    Investigation of examples                                         Lecturing

                                                   COURSE RESOURCES

 Coursebook/Notes                   Tamer Müftüoğlu ve Tülin Durukan, Girişimcilik ve KOBİ’ler, Gazi
                                    Kitapevi, Ankara, 2004.
Other Resources                     Semra Arıkan, Girişimcilik, Siyasal Kitapevi, Ankara, 2004.

                                                  ASSESSMENT SYSTEM

                                         Activity Types                                           Contribution Percentage

Midterm(s)                                                                                        %40

Quizzes                                                                                           %60
Assignments/Projects                                                                              -
Final                                                                                             -
Total                                                                                             %100


No                                        Programme Outcomes                                          Contribution Level
                                                                                                  1      2    3    4       5
           Retaining and administering the fundamentals of theoretical and experimental
     1     applications of Classical and Modern Physics.                                                 X
           Interpreting the encountered problems in accordance with the principles of physics
     2     and attaining the ability of problem solving.                                                 X
           Gaining the ability of establishing the connection between the theories and
     3     applications of physics.                                                                           X

     4     Gaining the ability of following and interpreting physics literature.                                   X
           Gaining the ability of analytical thinking by looking at the cases from physical
     5     perspective.                                                                                  X

     6     Utilizing the knowledge of other disciplines and using their approaches in physics.                     X
           Retaining the ability of gathering, comparing and analyzing physical data, and
     7     producing and presenting solution for it.                                                               X
           Attaining basics of following up to date physics literature and utilizing it through
     8     communicating with colleagues.                                                                          X
           Setting theoretical model, solving problems related with the model, approaching the
     9     model experimentally and interpreting the obtained experimental data by analyzing.                      X
           Understanding the importance of life-long learning in physics which is open for new
  10       advances and staying in connection with life-long learning.                                        X

                                ECTS / WORKLOAD TABLE                                                   Workload (Hour)
In-Class                                 Class Hours ( 14 x Weekly Class Hours)                   14×3=42
                                         Assignments                                              14×3=42
Out of Class                             Research                                                 14×2=28
                                         Class Preparation and After Class Study                  14×2=28
                                         Other Activities                                         14x3=42
Examination                              Midterms (Number of Midterms x Duration of               1x2=2
                                         Final                                                    1x2=2

Total Workload                                                                                    186
Total Workload / 30 (h)                                                                           6.2
Course ECTS Credit                                                                                6

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