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Shabbos Parshas Vayelech - Shomrei Emunah


									      Shomrei Emunah Weekly Bulletin
September 22, 2012           6 of Tishrei 5773                   Shabbos Shuvah, Parshas Vayelech                               Vol. 3 No. 1
       CONGREGATION SHOMREI EMUNAH               6221 GREENSPRING AVENUE BALTIMORE, MD 21209               410-358-8604 FAX 410-358-0664

Message from the President
We hope that you enjoyed the Rosh Hashanah davening and atmosphere as much as we did. So many people ensured that each of the minyanim had a custom
flavor and I will enumerate all of those individuals next week after Yom Kippur. This will give you the opportunity to personally say thank you to them for enabling
our Shul to be a place where we can all feel at home and daven b’achdus.

Once again, we are proud to have had the opportunity to host the Baltimore Jewish community Thursday night for the Rabbi Frand Teshuva Drasha. Over 1,600
people were in attendance and able to be together in our Makom Torah and Tefillah to hear inspiring words from Rabbi Frand. We thank the Baltimore Council of
Orthodox Jewish Congregations together with Eli Schlossberg for arranging for the entire community to participate in this event.

By now, you should all have heard or have in hand, the NEW SHOMREI EMUNAH Membership Directory. It is truly exciting for us and a zechus to have such a large
membership base! I hope you can use this as a quick reference and that it becomes a useful item within your home. In the spirit of the Aseres Yimei Teshuva, this
would be a great tool to use as we invite company for Shabbos or yom tov. Let’s try to invite new Shomrei Emunah members or other members that we do not
necessarily know. In the merit of this commitment, may we be sealed this Yom Kippur in the Book of Life.
I want to take this opportunity to personally wish you and your family a G'mar Chasima Tova.
Have a wonderful Shabbos,

            Save these Dates!
                   March 1, 2013
      Shabbat Across America

                                                 February 2, 2013
                                                  Motzei Shabbos
                                                   Parshas Yisro
                                                  Annual Shul
                       More Details to Come.

         !!!! Shomrei Emunah Sukkos Sale !!!!
 In addition to the Arba Minim pre-orders processed through the Shul office,
 Shomrei Emunah Youth will once again be running a community-wide sale
 benefitting Shomrei Youth programs, where Arba Minim and other Sukkos
 items will be available.
 The sale will take place in the hallways and Social Hall from Thursday
 September 20th through Erev Sukkos.
 Please remind your non-Shul member friends about this great way to
 support our youth programs, and if you did not pre-order we look forward
 to seeing you as well!

Shul Notes
• Please check the website or the shul lobby for Selichos and Yom Kippur schedules. Also, please note that some of the selichos times have changed.
• The Shomrei Emunah Shul Directories are in! Please stop by the shul office to to pick up your copy.
• Rabbi Marwick’s Shiurim are now available online in MP3 format. A link is available on the Shomrei Website (
• Shomrei Emunah's website has been completely redone! Visit us at to see our new and improved look!
• Aliyos If you have a Bar Mitzvah or Aufruf coming up, please contact David Bienenstock at to arrange your Aliyos.
• Janet Sunness' Sunday 8:00 PM class for women on Rav Schwab on Prayer will resume this week on September 23, 8pm, with the study of Baruch She’amar.
• Nesivos Shalom Shiur given by Dr. Tommy Weiss, takes place each Shabbos morning at 8:30am in the Board Room.
• Shomrei Emunah's Chessed Committee is involved in Bikur Cholim, meal preparation and delivery, and various other types of assistance within our kehilla. In
  times of stress or uncertainty, there is a helping hand. The Chessed volunteers will support you in whatever way is necessary. All you have to do is let us know by
  calling the shul office at (410) 358-8604 or by emailing Rochel Katz, the committee chair, at To volunteer for any of the categories
  listed above, please contact Rochel Katz, the committee chair, at
• Shidduch Meeting Sunday Sept 23, 8-10 pm at the home of Bonnie Pollak, 2526 Willow Glen Drive.

                                                                                                                                                                  V4 SW
                Shabbos Parshas Vayelech                                              Mazel Tov
                                                                                      • George and Shoshana Guttman on the birth of a grandson to their
       September 28, 2012 / 6 of Tishrei 5773                                           children Sarah and Naftali Brody. Sholom Zachor this Friday night at
                                                                                        4009 Pinkney.
Mincha: 6:50pm                           Candle Lighting:          6:46pm             • Shraga and Janet Sunness of the birth of a granddaughter to Eli and
Shacharis: 7:00am                        Nesivos Shalom:           8:30am               Brochie Sunness of Yerushalaim. Mazel tov to the other grandparents,
                                                                                        Rabbi and Mrs. Bentzion David of Lakewood.
                8:15am                         Sof Z'man                              • Michelle and Tali Strum on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Ezra. Special
                9:00am                       Krias Sh'ma:          9:56am               Mazel Tov to Ezra’s grandparents Rabbi George and Brenda Strum and
Mincha:         2:00pm                         Daf Yomi:           4:15pm               Cantor Isaac and Zahava Koll. Welcome to all of the aunts, uncles, and
                                                                                        cousins who are joining us for Shabbos.
                3:45pm             Shabbos Shuva Drasha:           5:15pm
                                                                                      Memorial Donations
                                                                                      • Regina Warschawski in memory of her father, Felix Warschawski, 8 of
Maariv:         7:46pm                                                                   Tishrei. Donation to Shomrei Emunah.
Shalosh Seudos Sponsors:
•     Mendy and Peshie Vim in memory of Mendy’s mother, Miriam                         Daf Yomi
                                                                                       • Robin Kravetz in memory of her father, Irvin Kravetz, 10 of Tishrei.
      Vim, 10 of Tishrei.
                                                                                       • Mendy Vim in memory of his mother, Miriam Vim, 10 of Tishrei.
Next Week: Parshas Ha’azinu
Mincha:         6:35pm                       Candle Lighting: 6:35pm                   Yahrzeits
                                                                                        Bernard    Birnbaum        Mother     7 Tishrei     Esther    Birnbaum
                                                                                        Norman     Friedman        Brother    7 Tishrei     Jerome    Friedman
                                                                                        Regina     Warschawski     Father     8 Tishrei     Felix     Warschawski
       ank you to Judy Stein of JSDesigns for providing the                             Peter      Warschawski     Father     8 Tishrei     Felix     Warschawski
    beautiful ower arrangements. She used brilliant owers with                          Joyce      Jandorf         Mother     9 Tishrei     Rose      Klavan
    rich colors to truly enhance the Shul’s environment for our                         Robin      Kravetz         Father    10 Tishrei     Irvin     Kravetz
    Yomim Noraim. ank you to Bruce & Julie Fried for the                                Evelyn     Hyman           Father    10 Tishrei     Nathan    Mitzner
                                                                                        Mendy      Vim             Mother    10 Tishrei     Miriam    Vim
    sponsorship of these arrangements.                                                  Reena      Roshgadol       Father    12 Tishrei     Jack      Berenberg

Yom Kippur Reminders                                                                Washing: Washing is generally forbidden on Yom Kippur, unless the washing is
                                                                                    necessary for basic cleanliness. The custom is to be quite strict regarding this
Medical Concerns and Fasting: Those who, due to health reasons may not be           prohibition. Ritual washing, such as when we awaken in the morning or emerge
able to fast on Yom Kippur, must consult both their doctor and a rabbi as to how    from the bathroom, is limited to the fingers only, not the usual washing of the
to proceed.                                                                         entire hand.
One may not fast if it could create a medical danger to their life, or if it        [The only exception to this is for the Kohanim before Birchas Kohanim, who wash
compromises their ability to fight a dangerous medical condition they are           the entire hand as usual.]
Even in such situations there may be times when some level of fasting can be        Anointing: This prohibition includes the application of any oils, sprays or
maintained (shiurim). The details of these laws are quite complex, both in terms    powders on Yom Kippur, including perfumes and deodorants. Anointing is even
of how and when they should be applied. As such, it is very important to discuss    more limited than washing in that while it may be done to address an actual
these issues with both a rabbi and a doctor.                                        ailment, it is not permitted for the sake of cleanliness.

Pills: Individuals taking medications must consult their doctor and a rabbi as to   Shoes: It is forbidden to wear any leather footwear (shoes, sneakers or
how to proceed on Yom Kippur. It is extremely important that one not decide on      slippers) on Yom Kippur. People should be aware that many types of sneakers
their own to discontinue for the day the usage of critical medications such as      are made of leather and should not be worn on Yom Kippur.
heart, blood pressure, diabetic, or psychiatric medications. Anyone taking blood    Intimacy: On Yom Kippur, a husband and wife must interact using all of the
pressure medications must be especially conscious of hydration concerns. A          limitations and safeguards (harchakos) applied during the period of niddah.
rabbi can guide you as to the appropriate way to take these medications, if
you are unable to swallow them without water.                                       Candle Lighting: If one lights candles at home and wishes to drive to shul after
                                                                                    lighting, they must explicitly state before lighting that they do not with to accept
Fasting: It is forbidden to eat and drink on Yom Kippur. This prohibition limits us Yom Tov with the lighting. In this situation, they should not recite the
from even small amounts of food or drink. One is not permitted to wash out shehecheyanu bracha when lighting, but should say it with the congregation at
their mouth on Yom Kippur with water or mouthwash.                                  Kol Nidrei.

Shachris Selichos times are in italic
                                                                         DAVENING TIMES
                                                                                         Legal Holidays             Rosh Chodesh          This Week: 9/23-9/27:
     Sunday      Monday       Tuesday Yom Kippur          Thursday       Friday      S, Tu, W, F Mon, Thu         Sunday    Weekday       Mincha: 5:30pm (BM)
    5:45 (MS)    5:45 (BM)    6:15 (BM)
                                                                                                                                                  6:45pm (MS)
    6:20 (MS)    6:20 (BM)    6:30 (BM)                   6:20 (BM)     6:30 (BM)     6:20 (MS)    6:10 (MS)     6:05 (MS)      6:10 (BM)
                 6:10 (MS)    6:45 (MS)                                                                                                   Maariv: After Mincha,
                 6:50 (MS)    7:00 (MS)                   6:50 (MS)     7:00 (MS)                                               6:40 (MS)         10:00pm
    6:45(BM)     6:40 (SH)    7:15 (BM)
    7:15 (BM)    7:20 (SH)    7:30 (BM)                   7:20 (BM)     7:30 (BM)     7:15 (BM)    7:15 (BM)     7:15 (BM)      7:15 (BM)    Additionl Selichos:
    7:20 (MS)    7:30 (BM)    7:45 (MS)                                                                                                              10:00pm
    8:00 (MS)    8:00 (BM)    8:00 (MS)                   8:00 (MS)     8:00 (MS)     8:00 (MS)    8:00 (MS)     8:00 (MS)      8:00 (MS)
    8:25 (BM)    8:25 (MS)    8:45 (MS)
    9:00 (BM)    9:00 (MS)    9:00 (MS)                   8:50 (MS)     8:50 (MS)     9:00 (MS)    9:00 (MS)     9:00 (MS)      9:00 (MS)
MS - Main Shul, BM - Bais Medrash, SH - Social Hall
 • Shiur For Men 35 and Under Given by Rabbi Marwick. The Shiur
                                                                                              YOUTH                         NEWS
    meets every other Monday, from *9:00-10:00pm to study Ramban                  Shabbos Youth Programs
    Al HaTorah. Next meeting date is TBD. Please contact Noam                     •   Older Boys Groups - Tower Classroom 1, 10:20
    Shiman at
                                                                                  •   Beginner’s Minyan - Classroom 1, 10:00 - end of Shul
 • *NEW TIME: Rabbi Marwick's New Parsha Shiur for Men and                        •   Older Girls Groups - Kallah Room,10:00 - end of Shul
    Women! This Shiur takes place in the main shul on alternating                 •   Younger girls groups - Board Room,10:00- end of Shul
    Monday evenings at *7:30pm, followed by Mincha/Maariv. Next                   •   Babysitting - Classroom 2 , Time: 9:15 - end of Shul
    meeting date is TBD. Contact Barry Levi at                •   Youth (Teen) Minyan - Classroom 3, 9:15
    with any questions.

 • The    “Shomrei Post-Carpool Shiur for Women” Join                             Happy Birthday to all Shomrei Youth with
    Rabbi Marwick on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 in Classroom #1 for
    a weekly discussion of contemporary issues connected to the
                                                                                  September Birthdays!!
                                                                                  Is your child’s birthday in September and not on this list? Fill out the
    Parsha.      Please      contact  Rabbi       Marwick      at with any questions. This
                                                                                  youth survey on the Shul web site!
    shiur will not meet next week.                                                 Chaya Bernard            Eliyahu Levi             Daniella Tikva
                                                                                   Baruch Friedman          Aliza Marwick              Shields
 • Thursday Morning Shiur on Contemporary Halachic Issues                          Leah Friedman            Doni Mayer               Yehoshua Soskil
    This Shiur is given by Rabbi Marwick for men in Classroom #1.
    Thursdays 9:30am-10:30am. For more information please
                                                                                   Eden Gershman            Chaim Meth               Talya Stehley
    contact David Bienenstock at This shiur will                  Gila Gershman            Rui Miller               Aliza Taragin
    not meet next week.                                                            Meira Gross              Kayla Perlmutter         Raizy Volosov
                                                                                   Yaakov Hurvitz           Tehilla Portnoy          Chaya Wealcatch
 • *Note New Time*: “Pizza & Parsha” for Students & Young                          Dara Kagan               Avrumi Portnoy           Noam Weichbrod
    Professionals ages 17-29 Join Rabbi Marwick for a weekly Torah                 Rivka Lasson             Eitan Robbins            Yaakov Simcha
    discussion group on Thursday nights at Congregation Shomrei
    Emunah in classroom 3 at *6:30 p.m. This program is dedicated L’ilui
    Nishmas Gilad Schwartz and is funded in part by a grant from the
    Louise D. and Morton J. Macks Center for Jewish Education through
    its Jewish Educational Enhancement Program. The series for 5772 is            All Shabbos morning programs will take
    sponsored in memory of Dr.’s Eliot & Sandra Shimoff.                          place as usual this week.
 • Halachic Themes from the Parsha Shiur Join Rabbi Marwick on
    Thursday evenings from 10:15-11:00 p.m. This shiur will not
    meet next week.
                                                                                                         Upcoming Events
 • The Rav’s Mishnayos Shiur! Attention Boys entering 5th, 6th &
    7th grade. The Rav’s Mishnayos club. Place: Rav’s Office @
                                                                                  •    Shomrei Sukkah hop! Our annual sukkah hop for boys and
    5:15p.m. Topic: Maseches Yoma. Refreshments will be provided.                      girls (separate groups) in 1st through 5th grade will take
    Mazel Tov to the Mishna Club on finishing Maseches Yoma!                           place on the first day of Sukkos. We will be leaving from
    The Mishnayos Club will not meet this week.                                        Shomrei at 4pm. If you are a parent and would like to
                                                                                       volunteer as a chaperone, please email
 • Shabbos Afternoon Shiur - Shabbos Shuva Drasha at 5:15. The               
    topic this year is “Segulos and simanim: A Double Edged Sword”.
                                                                                  •    Paintball Chol Hamoed trip for high school boys! Will take
                                                                                       place on Thursday of Chol Hamoed Sukkos. Stay tuned for
          Please Daven for a Refuah Sheleimah for:                                     more details!
                     Rivkah bas Yehudis (Rivkah Mako)
                             Miriam bas Celia                                     •    Calling all 1st through 5th grade girls! Come join us for our
                   Moshe Avraham ben Alexandra Simone                                  Sukkah decoration and pizza party! It will take place in
                    Gellah bas Leah– Greta Schlossberg                                 Shomrei- Sunday morning, erev sukkas from 11:00-1:00. See
                          Refael Danial Ben Sarah                                      you there!
                         Yonatan Chaim ben Malka
                         Yosef Nachum ben Malka
                           Miriam bas Shprintza                                   Please be aware that our regular youth groups will not be taking
                    Yeshayah Shalom ben Malka Gittel                              place during Yom Kippur.
                             Yonah ben Hendel
                           Yoel Yisroel Ben Gittel
 *Please note: we have updated the Cholim list; to request a name, please email
              *                                         AFFORDABLE ASSISTED LIVING
YOMIM NORAIM INFORMATION:                                                                        "STERLING HOSPITALITY"
Aliyos                                                                                     PROVIDES LOVING CARE WITH DIGNITY
There are still some aliyos in both minyanim that areavailable for purchase!
Please be sure to submit your bid. If you have already placed a bid,                               7015 PARK HEIGHTS AVENUE
please be sure to check online for the current status. Bidding will close                        EMAIL STERLINGCARE@MSN.COM
PROMPTLY on Monday September 24th, at 7PM. Send your bid to for the main minyan and to                                 OR CALL 410-318 -8999
for the auxiliary minyan.
Community Notes                                                                                           Your New Home!
• A Shabbos Shuva Shiur for Women will be given by Rabbi
  Dovid Heber at KAYTT 6811 Park Heights, this Shabbos from                New Listing - Smith Ave - Lovely 4 BR, 3 BA rancher
  4:00-4:45pm.                                                             with new side deck. Eat-in kitchen, master bath, separate
• Reminder: Halfway to Sinai-Ayshel Avraham remains open                   DR, wood floors & beautifully finished LL with family
  through Simchas Torah 5773, b'ezras Hashem. If you will be
  walking to Sinai Hospital, Levindale or any other far-away               room, 4th bedroom and full bath, and fireplace. Great
  places on Shabbos or Yom Tov, you can have a cold drink and              yard!
  rest your feet on the porch of 3000 Glen Avenue (corner Key
  Ave.) or 5932 Cross Country Blvd (corner Simmonds Ave.). For             The Towers - Beautiful 2BR, 2 BA condo with parquet
  more information, call 410-466-3132.                                     floors in spacious LR/DR, large eat-in kitchen with built-ins,
• Talmudical Academy’s Chol Hamoed Outing- at "Players"                    separate laundry room in unit, whirlpool and separate
  Thursday, October 4th (2nd day Chol Hamoed) 1PM-6PM, call
  T.A. 410-484-6600 x315 for details.”                                     shower in master bath. Updates throughout. Availability
                                                                           of clubhouse, party room, exercise room and pool.

                                                                           SHARON ZUCKERBROD, ABR Accredited Buyer
                                                                           Cell: 410-599-5303
                                                                           Office: 410-583-5700

                                                                                                JobKatif Benefit Concert
             LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD MEN!                                                     ‘Music and the Message of Gratitude’
The Daf-a-Week Shiur will be iy”H be finishing Maseches Avoda                                Featuring an All Star cast of Musicians
Zara around Succos time, and will then begin Maseches Kiddushin.                     Directed by Avraham Rosenblum of the Diaspora Band
We learn hard, play hard and pray hard. 30 minutes a day,                  Featuring 12 accomplished musicians: Yehuda Bergman, Avrohom
Monday through Friday. Starts at 7:45am.                                   Finkelstein, Zev Goldenberg, Nossi Gross, Gary Honick, Shlomo Horwitz,
We strive for clarity in the Gemara, Rashi, some Tosafos and               Steve Levin, Max Mesinter, Yehudah Mond, Avraham Reich, Avraham
Rishonim, and periodically review the halachic outcomes of a given         Rosenblum, and Shmuel Simenowitz.
topic. Because the pace is more relaxed, we have the ability to            • Motzei Shabbat, November 17th, 8:30 p.m.
review the previous day's learning, and everyone has the                   • Esteemed community Rabbis Goldberger, Hauer, Marwick, & Silber
opportunity to ask questions. (Some questions are even answered).          • Beth Tfiloh’s Mintzes Theatre
As a result, we don't always finish the full daf in one week. But that's   • All proceeds matched by the Israeli Government on 3 to 1 basis.
ok, abi m'lernt.                                                           • Additional information, please contact Mike Lowenstein at 410-409-
Topics include marriage, Eved Ivri, Kibud Av v'Em, Shlichus (use of an        8967
agent), Mamzerus and others. Find out why Kiddushin has been a
favorite in the Yeshiva world for centuries. For details, please speak
to Shlomo Horwitz. Watch this space for the exact time we will                   CONGREGATION SHOMREI EMUNAH
begin Kiddushin.                                                                  
                                                                                   6221 Greenspring Avenue Baltimore, MD 21209
                                                                                       410 358 8604      Fax 410 358 0664
       CORNER OF FORDS LANE                                                                                                OFFICE HOURS:
                                                                                        Billing: Monday through Friday 9:00am-12:00pm
                  6404 REISTERSTOWN ROAD
                                                                                                            Rentals & General Information:
     REFUA PHARMACY &                                                                                 Monday-Thursday 8:30am-3:30pm
                                                                                                                 Friday 8:30am-12:30pm
     MEDICAL SUPPLY INC.                                                                                                PHONE CONTACTS:
                                                                                                            Office: 410-358-8604 ext 2
                   410-585-0055                                                                           Rabbi Binyamin Marwick: ext 1
              ALL INSURANCE ACCEPTED                                                                            Mr. Yosef Shpilman: ext 6
                                                                           EMAIL CONTACTS:
                   FREE DELIVERY                                           Rabbi Marwick ..................................................
          DISCOUNTED KOSHER SUPPLEMENTS                                    Avi Greenlinger, President ...........................
                                                                           Yosef Shpilman .................................................
                       NOW ON SALE:                                        Rivky Carriger
                                                                           Shira Glickman
                SUPPORT LEG WEAR                                           Josh Zaslow .............................................................
                  DIABETIC SOCKS                                           Bulletin ...................................................................
                                                                           Chessed Committee ...........................................
   BACK TO SCHOOL: KNEE SOCKS - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE                           Sisterhood

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