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					Vegans & Vegetarians of Alberta The Leading Veg: Vegan Recipes Volume II (Fall 2009)
Your Name Category of Recipe Breakfast recipes (Choose one, delete all Salads & Soups the others) Dressings, Spreads, Sauces & Gravies Main Course – Quick Main Course – Over 30 minutes Main Course – Festive Dishes (eg. for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) Veggie Burgers Vegetable Side Dishes Muffins & Quick Breads Desserts Cakes Cookies & Squares Snacks Dairy Substitutes (eg. vegan cream cheese recipe, vegan feta, tofu mayo, etc) Miscellaneous (eg. playdough, vegan doggie treats, etc) Recipe Title Cookoff winner? If yes, which year and category? Raw? Write ‘Raw’ Can it be made with mostly Alberta/ locally sourced ingredients? Write ‘Local’ Ingredient list (If recipe is Local, mark local ingredients with an ‘L’)


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