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Friction Problems II


									CP PHYSICS                                         Name: _________________________________
Friction Problems II                                                           ____ period

Solve the following problems. Draw labeled free body force diagrams and use GUESS!!!!

1.    A 2.0 kg brick experiences a sliding force of friction of 8.0 N as it is pushed across the floor at
      a constant speed. What is the coefficient of friction between the brick and the floor?

2.    A tow rope is used to pull a 1750 kg car with an acceleration of 0.15 m/s 2. If the car’s tires
      experience a force of friction of 12,000 N, what is the applied force acting on the car?

3.    A 52 N sled is pulled across a cement sidewalk at a constant speed. A force of 36 N is
      applied to the sled to move it. What is the coefficient of sliding friction between the sidewalk
      and the sled’s metal runners?

4.    A box with a mass of 26 kg is accelerated across a long wooden table. If the applied force of
      115 N produces an acceleration of 1.3 m/s2, what force of friction does the box experience?

5.    A 597 N cross-country skier is moving across packed snow. The coefficient of friction
      between the skis and the snow is 0.11. What applied force is required to keep the skier
      moving at constant speed?

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