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									Frequently Asked Questions about
            Motorized Water Sports at FGCUFirst Come-First Serve

What data do you need to reserve a spot on the boat? Full Name, UIN, Phone, E-mail Address, & Activity requested for the day
(wakeboarding, tubing, skiing,etc.).
Is there a fee required for use? No, there is not a fee for current and valid FGCU Affiliates.
How often can I ski? Each student has the right to reserve the boat once per week. They can also come down to the FGCU Outdoors office
during our motorized boating hours and wait for “first come first serve slots” listed below. The ski week is from Sunday to Saturday.

What if I forgot to sign up and there is a free spot on the schedule? You have the ability to show up the day of programming and utilize a
“first come-first serve time slot.” These slots can only be signed up for the day, in person.

How will I know how many slots are first come first serve? Two days prior to the date in question, the online form would show (Open). This
signifies that a slot has become first come-first serve.

                                                                                                 Using your time with friends:

                                                                                                 Can I reserve a spot with friends? Yes, you
                                                                                                 can reserve a spot with two other friends.
                                                                                                 However, they must also be current FGCU
                                                                                                 affiliates. You cannot bring family, outside
                                                                                                 friends, or students from other schools.
                                                                                                 Can the other two people also reserve a slot
                                                                                                 during that week? No. But they can participate
                                                                                                 in first come-first serve slots, if they wish.

                                                                                                 Activities allowed during
                                                                                                 your time on the boat:

What activities can I do on the boat? Tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, sit skiing/disabled skier-TBA, wake surfing, or knee boarding.
Can I use my own equipment? If you have current equipment that is safe after inspection, you will have the ability to utilize it during your


How do I cancel reservations? To cancel any reservation you must call the FGCU Outdoors office so they can release the timeframe from the
schedule. If you cancel less than two days prior to your reservation then you will be banned from use for two weeks. If cancellations become
frequent for one person, that person can be banned from the Motorized Sports Program.

The day of your reservation:
What do I need the day of my reservation? Ensure that you bring your student ID or you cannot participate.
Can I practice my Sit-Skiing / Disabled Skiing? Yes, however you need to make an appointment two days prior and cannot fill an open slot in
the schedule. Additional staff members need to be scheduled so early communication needs to take place.
Where do I show up? Come to the FGCU Outdoors office 30 minutes prior to your appointment that is located on Lake Como inside of North
Lake Village, just north of the tennis courts.
Why do I need to be there 30 minutes early? We are running a tight timeframe and each user will need to be dressed and ready to go in order to
maximize their time on the boat. They will also need to fill out waivers, sign-in, and show their student ID’s.
Can I practice multiple activities in one day? You have the ability to change activities during your time on the boat. However, think carefully
about how to best utilize your time; activity transitions can be timely.

What FGCU Outdoors doesn't accommodate for:
Why can't I use the boat early in the morning? We have been allotted a certain amount of funds to run this program and the past two years has
shown us that the majority of students don't recreate in the mornings.
Why can't clubs reserve the boat? This boat is owned and insured by FGCU and thus must be driven by a qualified employee of the
university. Clubs may have the ability to reserve the boat in future semesters if they work through the Sport Clubs Coordinator within Campus
Can I drive the boat? No. We understand that many people own their own boats in Florida, however only qualified FGCU staff can operate the
Are there going to be ramps or rails to ride? No. We are not planning to have ramps or rails due to the liability associated.
Who cannot use this privilege? The FGCU Outdoors staff can deny any person from participation without warning. We maintain this priviledge
in order to insure a safe environment for all persons. Possible reasons for refusal of servicel: suspicion of substance abuse, ID theft or misuse,
verbally fighting with staff, or any other behavior deemed inappropriate.

Random inquiries:
Do you sell refreshments at the FGCU Outdoors Office? Yes. We sell Powerade and Dasani water.
Can we use a Kayak, Canoe, Wind surfer, Paddleboat, or Sailboat during this timeframe? Yes. You have the opportunity to use non-
motorized during motorized sport times. However certain activities are bound to certain areas during motorized boat times.
Do you take reservations on official university holidays? No. We follow the schedule of FGCU Outdoors and Campus Recreation. No
holidays are open for reservations at this time.
If I have a Student Services ban, can I participate in FGCU Outdoors Programs? No. Campus Recreation is part of the student services

                                For more information please call: The FGCU Outdoors office at-239-590-3964.

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