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									Let’s get x:sited about X:site!
X:Site was great! It was the best of experiences! I loved it!
First we sang the X:Site theme tune. The band were tremendous, they played like
professionals. Then we sang about trusting God and how even in the toughest times we
can trust him.
At X:Site we have two puppets called Bert and Lucy which are really funny. Today they
were talking about a new boy that came to school and he looked big and scary, like a lion.
But instead he was really friendly. So we learnt not to judge people by the way they look.
After that we had some games and played volley ball with balloons. It was loud hitting the
balloons, but they flew so silently and softly. At the end we could pop them. It was great
Next we heard the story of David and Goliath. I grinned when I saw the leaders doing the
funny actions to it. Even though David was small and Goliath was big, David had someone
much bigger on his side. That was God.
Then we went off into our groups and read a passage from the bible that was linked to
David and Goliath. We got asked some questions asked about it while we had biscuits and
drinks. It was amazing that God loved us so much.
Straight after that we made sock faces. We stuffed carrier bags into the socks and then
decorated them with eyes and noses and much more. Then we got a piece of paper and
wrote a prayer on the back while soft and gentle music was playing. We wrote about what
we were sorry for and [what] our worries were.
Next we did a quiz. One child from each team would come up and get asked a question. If
you got it right the leaders would get ‘pied’ (a plate of shaving foam pushed into their
face!). Then you would throw Wotsits at them and that would be your team’s points.
Bert and Lucy came up again and talked about their worries. They said you can pray to
God about them. That is what I will do in future.
Then our team points got added up. Joint third were the Reds and Yellows. So Blues or
Greens would be the winners, I was in the Blue team, would the Blues win? They did! But
just by one point.
X:Site is brilliant. Lots of new people keep coming. I would, for sure, recommend it. It is
super for children; I will definitely go there again!

Lucas Churchill

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