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									File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                         Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                           Page:1/10

                                   M/B Test S.O.P.

                         文件編號(Doc. No.):WIM-03-M26GT4D3

Model: M26GT4D3 Series                               Ver:A    Total page: 10

S/N       Ver:                        Description

 1         A       First Release

編制: 劉建春                       審核:                       核准:
Model Name : M26GT4D3Series                                  Date: 2009/11/10

File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                                                                         Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                                                                           Page:2/10
 Product Notes:1.Stick on 4pcs X-BGA0505016-F (spacer) on the position as Fig.1 for protect North

bridge (HS5) to prevent die damaged.


A.Testing Line Notes:
B.Test Procedure
                                   1.Outlooking Inspect
Check all Jumpers setting,Battery Voltage,and QC have to check all voltage value of MB are
correct or not.

                          PS/2 Mouse                                                                                Line-OUT
                        PS/2 Keyboard
                                                                                        USB         USB
                                                       COM                VGA
                                                    ATX 12V Power Connector
                                                                                    CPU FAN

                                                                                                                       CPU Socket(940pin)
                      PS2 KB/Mouse Port

                               COM Port
                                                                                                              DDR3 DIMM X2

                             VGA Port
                                                                                                                  ATX Power Connector

             USB Port/LAN Connector

                       Audio Connector                                                                             ATA 133 IDE Connector


                PCI EXPRESSx16

                              PCI Slot
                                                                                                                Serial-ATA Connector
                                                                                                                (SATA 1-4)
                                                                                                             Front Panel Connector
                      Front Panel Audio

                                                                                       USB Port


File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                                          Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                                            Page:3/10
                     2.M26GT4D3 CPU Voltage measurement Tool operating procedure Notes
                Check all impedance between voltage test point and ground are correct or not!
  1. M26GT4D3 need measurement 8 kinds of voltage,
        CPU VCORE,CPU_NB,VDIMM,CHIP1.2V, VLDT1V2,Dual 1.25V,Dual 3.3V,Audio 5V
        2.CPU VCORE voltage value can check jumper J2 pin#1,it’s value must same as CPU
        tooling setting ---0.89V.
        3. CPU_NB Voltage Value check J2 pin#2, the voltage value is same as CPU tooling setting---0.89V.
        4. VDIMM voltage value check Q11 pin# D, the value around 1.5V.
        5.CHIP1.2V voltage value check Q20 pin# S, the value around 1.2V.
        6.VLDT1V2 voltage value check Q19 pin# S, the value around 1.2V.
        7.Dual 1.25V voltage value check U10 pin#2, the value is 1.25V.
        8.Dual 3.3V voltage value check U15 pin#2, the value is 3.3V.
        9.Audio 5V voltage value check Q44 pin#1, the value is 5V.
Use 940pin CPU Voltage tooling, this tooling is 940pin DIP Socket.
940-Pin top view                 E1-E3-G1-G3-G5-D2-F6 short
                                 G4-12 short (Green)
                                                                         A B C D E F G H J
Note: Use wire connect all same color position

 J2   PIN#1

                                                                                     Q20 PIN #S
                J2     PIN#2                 Q11 PIN #D

File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                                                Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                                                  Page:4/10

      Q19PIN #S                                                  U15   PIN#2             Q44 PIN #1

                                        3. Test equipments in fixed position
CPU                  Plug AMD CPU in SOCKET_940 Socket, and place CPU cooler on CPU( Note the
                     heatsink and CPU must well connection)
DDR       memory Plug 2pcs DDRII Module when Testing. And these modules must same size both double side or
Module           single side, and same frequency
Cooling FAN      Test all FAN connectors
                               U10 PIN#2
I/O                             脚
                     Plug Keyboard and Mouse in PS2 KB / MS Connector
Display               (1) PCI EXPRESS 1.1 x16或PCI EXPRESS 2.0 x16 Display card plug in PE1 SLOT,
                      (2) ON BOARD VGA.
 BEAR multi    Use USB cable connect USB test tool and USB Port。
 function test PCI BEAR test tool card in PCI 1 slot
 Tool          Use SATA cable connect BEAR Serial SATA test tool and Serial-ATA Port Connector
                     Install the IDE hard drive in IDE1connector。
                     Plug COM port test tool in COM1 port, use (PSG-01card) Test.
LAN & Audio          LAN test loop back tool plug in UL1 port
                     Audio test loop back tool plug in Line_Out、Line_In、Mic_In
Power Supply         ATX 12V,ATXPWR
                     ATX POWER 2*4 cable plug in ATX12V power connector
                     ATX POWER 2*12 cable plug in ATXPWR power connector
Front Audio Header   上 Plug Audio cable/ tool in “AUDIO”
Front Panel          Plug the Front Panel cable in JW-FP headers for Power_LED, Power Button, HD_LED, RESET
                                                4.Test Program
Test Item            Version                      Test Item                    Version
ON BOARD VGA                   MODS956                       SOUND             HDATEST V3.51/HDATEST3.20
        LAN                    MPLAN128                     BEARTest                        BR010509
 LAN ID Program                pg8168 V2.11
                                              5.Test Procedure Note

File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                                                                Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                                                                  Page:5/10
All BEAR test card   When Testing do not plug out cable, and make sure all cables are full plug in connector and
 COM / PCI / IDE     direction is correct.
   Display card/     When testing do not plug out Display card/ Memory Modules, and make sure those are well
 Memory Module       connection. Do not plug out before power off.
 HDD                 When testing do not plug out, and make sure those are well connection. Do not plug out before
                     power off.
 Mouse & K/B         When testing do not plug out, and make sure those are well connection. Do not plug out before
                     power off.
 USB Port            When testing allow plug in /out cable
 ONBOARD SPEAK When Power on have BEEP sound out
     LED check       JW_FP: PWR_BTN,RESET,PWR_LED(always light when power on),
                     HDD_LED(when dHard drive Read/ Write will flash)
                     LAN CONNTOR: in 100M mode:Left-side LED(Green color) always light, Right-side
                     LED(Orange color) Flash,in 10M mode:Left-side LED Off, Right-side LED(Orange color)
                                                              PWR LED



                         Pin 1
                                                      JW FP
                       Pin 1                          Pin 1







                                 System Case Connections

 6     LAN(QC SKIP IT) :003018XXXXXX, LAN MAC ID have to program before test (please use pg8168.V2.11
      version for program MAC ID);and stick on correct MACID label, (Note: can not have same ID number, in
      DOS mode use PG8136.EXE /effuse to program MAC Address and must power off/ on for
      restart system)
 7    When power on in Memory      Check BIOS Model name is correct or not
      TEST procedure                                      Check BIOS version
                                                          Check CPU type and memory extend size correct or not?
                                                          Check memory type and size
                                                          Check Chipset ID
                                                          Check CPU Vcore Voltage value
                                      Check BIOS ROM SIZE
                                      Check CPU/ System Temperature/ FAN speed
 8    In BIOS Setup check all Votageand FAN speed correct or not? And re-check after CMOS save
      1. In BIOS Setup--- “Standard CMOS Features” to setting date/ time and floppy then press <ESC> key go to
      next step
      2. Check CPU Voltage/ Temperature and FAN speed in BIOS setup, then key <ESC> go to next step

File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                                                 Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                                                   Page:6/10
    3.Use tool to knock 5 time on the M/B chipset or edge of chipset to make sure chipset was well soldering and
    keep hold “UP” key. If system hang up do not test other procedure.
    4. In BIOS Setup “Load Standard Defaults”key“Y” and“Enter” go to next step
    5. key function key <F10> Save To CMOS Exit <Y/N>? key “Y” save CMOS .

9   Run BARE function Test Item                 Test Software          Result (PASS refer display screen)
    Test program
    (BR010509)        SATA TEST                 SATA.COM 4             All 4 ports must PASS

                      USBTEST                   USBT.COM 8             All 8 ports   must PASS
                             COM1 TEST          COMT.COM C1            Must   PASS
                             PCI TEST           PCITST.COM             Must PASS
                             PCI-E TEST         PCI-E.COM              Must PASS
                             PS/2KB TEST        KBTST.COM              Must PASS
                             PS/2MOUSE TEST     MT.COM M2 \K           Must PASS

File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                                        Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                                          Page:7/10
     These are the test resultwhich display in BEAR function test program when PASS

                                                      use KBTST.COM for PS/2 KB test
       use USBT.COM for USB Test T10

                                                  use MT.COM M2 \K for PS/2 Mouse test
        use SATA.COM T4 for SATA test

          use COMT.COM C1 for COM test
                                                             usePCITST.COM for PCI test
11 . On board LAN/ Audio Function Test:
     11-1.LAN Function Test       Test tool   LAN function Network Cable (25-50M) with loop back
                                Test software Realtek LAN RTL 8103EL test program MPLAN128
     To make a LAN test loop back :
     Use 25~50M CAT5 LAN cable with RJ45 2pcs male connectors. Take a RJ45 female connector
     short pin#1 & #3/ short pin#2 & #6 / short pin#4 & #7/ short pin#5 & #8

File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                                              Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                                                Page:8/10

   Plug LAN cable between this loopback (RJ45) and USBLAN 1 for testing

   LAN RTL 8103EL test program MPLAN128 MPLAN.EXE
   For function test,and have to check MAC ID both label and read from software are the same.
   (When function test need not program MAC ID)
   Node :003018xxxxxx (can not repeat)
     If TEST Result:“OOO”it means PASS

   11-2.SOUND Test Program:         Test Tool            Audio Cable with loop back
   Note: In SOUND DOS Test must use
                                    Test                 ALC662 SOUND Test Program(HDATESTV3.51)
    Speaker for testing
                                    Software             ALC 880 SOUND TestProgram(HDATESTV3.20)
                              Audio Test tool       Plug Test Tool/ Cablein Audio Jaack/ Header and
                                                 run HDATEST.EXE,

                                                   1. Line1,2 Test(inport)   2. Mic1 ,2Test(inport) 3. front
                                                 Test(outport) 4. Line1,2 Test(outport) 5. Mic 1 Test (outport)
                                                 6. Codec Register check     7.L/R SHORT TEST 8.slope check

File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                                                  Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                                                    Page:9/10
                                                                                    screen show”PASS”in blue

 11-11-3.ON BOARD VGA Test Test Program : MODS956(VGA.BAT)
                                                  In \MODS\MODS956 run VGA.BAT if it pass for all testing
                                                  will show”PASS”

     11-4.PE1 SLOT Test           Plug PCI-EXPRESS X16 Display card in PE1 check screen after power
     11-5. HDMI_SPDIF Test: In Windowsto play CDfor check this function。
Caution:The First Lot 1000pcsM/B must run Windows XP OS with all driver, after these 1000pcswork fine without
        any problem then can abbreviate Windows in production line. But QA & QC department can not omit this
        procedure when they testing. In production line at least have one station for testing 3Dmark 2003 Game
        Test (GT1/GT2/ GT3/ GT4) and play DVD/ VCD
 12 In WINDOWS, move PS/2 MOUSE check it can work or not
      1.   Be sure the display screen without any garbage dot, and works fine befor shut down
      2.   Setting VGA resolution in 1024x768xTure color (32 bits)
      3.   When OS start loading check Voice from speaker or not
      4.   Check Mouse work or not
      5.   In 3DMark2003 GAMETEST(GT1/GT2/GT3/GT4) test one loop

13   QC have check Audio/ LAN function in Windows can work or not
     a When use the Audio Test tool in DOS mode must plug-in and plug-out twice and to rotate the Audio
       connector when plug in the Audio jack, Be sure it is well connection. After DOS testing plug out the tools
       and run Windows Make sure the Line_In/ Line_Out /MIC/ CD_In can work, and the voice without noise.
     B QC have to check production line have tested front Audio connector
     C QA have to test the LAN for connect the Web site to make sure without any problem
14   Check the setting of Date/ Time correct before shut down system.
15   After finish all testing shut down WINDOWS
     Use the mouse choose “Start”=” Shut Down “= “OK” let the system power off.
     Note: QA must test the Stand by function in test procedure.
16   After power off please plug the power supply cable first after this step then plug out others cables
     Caution: Before plug out the CPU, DRAM, Tools, Cables please make sure the Power supply cable have been
17    Stick on QC OK label and BIOS license label

File Name:M/B Test S.O.P.                                                 Ver:A
Doc. No.:WIM-03-J- M26GT4D3                                                   Page:10/10
B. Test Equipments List
Item                     Specification          DIP Dep.   Test Dep.   QC Dep.   Engineer Dep.
POWER SUPPLY             ATX 350W 115 V-230 V
VGA MONITOR              17”/19”
VGA CARD                 PCI –E Display*1
DEBUG CARD               PCI
CPU                      940-PIN
DDR                      DDR2 *2
Frequency counter        DC 100MHZ
Current Meter            20 uA

KEYBOARD                 103 KEY
SPEAKER                  120W
HARD DISK                Over 40G
Tool/ Cable              POWER LED , RESET
Tool/ Cable              KEYLOCK, HDLED
Tool/ Cable              AUDIO, LOOPBACK
BEAR Test Tool           PCI 測試卡
BEAR Test Tool           USB 測試卡
BEAR Test Tool           SATA 測試卡
BEAR Test Tool           PSG-01 卡
LAN Cable (25-50M)+Test loop back
Audio Cable+ loop back
C. Test Software
USB PORT [10:1] TEST (USB-02) V2.4
ALC662/880SOUND Test ProgramHDATEST3.51/3.20
L AN8103EL : MPLAN128


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