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                June 2012
      An Independent Club Affiliated with

      Harley Owners Group
             CHAPTER 9056
                            GOLD COAST HOG COMMITTEE

                Dealer Principal                          Director

               Chris Manteuffel                           Barry (Swifty) Swift
                 07 5591 4822                             0450 909 275

              Assistant Director                         Secretary / Historian / Webmaster

               Terry (TJ) Niotakis                       Nigel Longhorn
                                                         0414 329 190               

                      Treasurer                           Road Captain

                 Janet Gowland                            John (John Boy) Richards
                  0422 372 134                            0411 743 773                  

                   Safety Officer                         Membership Officer

                       Phill Butler                       Carl (Carlos) Metcalfe               

                    LOH Officer                          Editor

                 Linda Rollinson                         Jay Krause
                                                         0417 783 059

               Activities Officer                        Quartermaster

          Frank (Gravity) Fenlon                         Ian (Viking) Gowland
                                                         0416 030 585                

                 Photographer                            Welfare Officer

         Yvonne (Nonie) Proctor                          Kym Winn
                                                         O407 915 176                  

          To send an email to whole committee at once use:

At the risk of sounding “glib” (look that up in your dictionary), I know you all read this page before anything else
in the Newsletter, it’s page two, so, take it with you to the loo, it’s chock a block full of Chapter club stuff.

Your Committee spends many hours considering what is best for our members; with our current low
membership numbers, financial responsibility considerations and the recent change in ownership of our
Chapter sponsor, M&W, we decided it was in the best interests of all our members, to drop the Annual Poker
Run this year. We will bring it back bigger and stronger than ever; when the financial climate is better (and we
all have more money).

There is also a lot happening in the coming months and we all need to consider our commitment to club events.

We had, after a few hiccups, a very successful club night at the Outback Spectacular, thanks Annie.

Now, as you read this, from the comfort of your lounge, probably watching “Bikie Wars”, I’m in Darwin at the NT
Rally, with other Hoggies from around Australia, but, still thinking about our Chapter and how to make us better.

First weekend in June was a weekend away to the pub in Kin Kin, pretty good I’m told, report next month.

Coming up soon are two annual activities that “Kooka” (an icon and past long serving Road Captain) seeks our
club support for; firstly, on Saturday 30 June, we have the T.A.C.Q. (Teenage Adventure Camp Queensland)
for kids who have terminal illnesses, where we take them for a small ride and then join them for a boat trip and
lunch. We meet at Currumbin Surf Club (Elephant Rock) and leave there at 10.30am.

Secondly, Thursday 5 July, we have the Zonta … Make a Wish, “Christmas in July” at the Mt Tambourine
Showgrounds, where we take children and families for short rides and join them for a BBQ lunch, we meet at
and then depart from Nerang McDonalds at 11.00am – for both of these activities, please bring a spare helmet,
a big heart and anyone you know with a sidecar or trike

For more details on each of these contact Kooka on 0407 161 830 or by email at

We then have a “Boys Weekend” in August (probably 4 and 5 August), an LOH weekend away 6 & 7 October (I
know which I would prefer) and a Whale Watching weekend in Harvey Bay on 8 and 9 September, details are
yet to be refined, but make sure you’re there, our Activities Officer will keep you informed.

There is a sub-committee organising the Annual Christmas Party, which, this year will be held on 17 N0vember,
at Cedar Lakes; who seek members input into the party “Theme” – so, put your thinking caps on and email your
suggestions to our Activities Officer on

With everything that’s happening, I only got down to my local once this month, “Hey Claire” I call out to the
barmaid, “Seen old Leo around lately”. “Not since last week”, she says, “He was sputtering on about the
Government and that bloody Budget, perhaps he’s gone down to Canberra to get it up them”. “I doubt that
Claire”, I replied, “He wouldn’t know where Canberra is, I don’t think he’s ever been off the coast, probably not
even to Brisbane”. “Well I’ve been to Brisbane”’ Claire says (I should have seen that one coming) “and although
I’ve never been there, I do know where Canberra is”. “I might have to go there one day and ask that Julia to tell
Arty to give me a pay rise”, Claire adds, “I’ve been on the same bloody rate for two years now, and the tips
have even dried up, at least Leo would give me a small tip or two”. Well, knowing Leo, the tip would have been
thanks for the large boobs and wearing small tight tops, but hey, I could be wrong.

“Thanks Claire”, I say to her as I finish my red and hand her a fiver in appreciation for the view, “tell Leo, when
you see him, I’ll either catch him next week or after I get back from Darwin”. “You going to Darwin on your bike”,
Claire replies, “Yeah, for a HOG Rally”, I say. “Wish I was going, I never get to go anywhere”, Claire says, and
I’m about to say, well that could easily be arranged, when I remind myself the Claire is like, 20, when I reply
“Plenty of time babe, plenty of time”, and turn and leave.

Then thinking about young Claire and old Leo, you know, we Hoggies, well many of us, do have a reasonably
good life, we get on our bikes, no one to answer to, us and the open road, we ride to rallies all around Australia,
when we can, we get to meet a large and diverse range of people, not just other Hoggies, but backpackers,
retail staff, hospitality workers, mechanics, young dudes and old dudes – maybe I’ll ask Claire to come with me
one day, just for the life experience of course.                          Cheers, Jay

                                FROM THE DIRECTOR’S CHAIR
Well, what a big night we had at the last social. We filled the room and there was a positive mood throughout
the whole room. We all expressed our thanks and said our goodbyes to Brad and Mark Wacker and presented
them with a gift on behalf of the club’s members. They sounded pretty satisfied with their decision and are
looking forward to new ventures.

Michael Toohey, from the new management team, came down to meet and chat with us all and gave a brief
overview on their plans for the future of Gold Coast Harley and Morgan and Wacker.

I believe some positive things are going to happen and if they follow the theme that I have seen in the
dealerships in the States and the newer AUS ones, the future looks good for Gold Coast HOG. When one door
closes, another opens and with that, often comes many new ideas and opportunities. I’m pleased to be a part of
this as Director and am keen to provide support and input wherever possible.

Michael also joined our Chapter and came on the Club Ride with us on Sunday. He tells me he enjoyed himself
and we are a “pretty good bunch” but we already know this. When you see him next, have a chat, he is
genuinely interested in us as a Club and our members. A very nice bike too (rides CVO Dyna).

We also drew the raffle for the Care Flight Helicopter ride at the last social night and I was very disappointed
that l didn’t win (sad face) THE WINNER IS........WOGGIE and LOLA. Congratulations to them both, Lola did
admit that she is scared of heights so I hope they get some good pictures to show us, should be amusing. The
positives from this raffle are not just that Care Flight get the money raised from the raffle as a donation, but,
one of our members won it. Also quite a few birthdays in May, I started with three that I knew of and ended up
with about ten, all good people are born in May.

Bowling is still on the Activities List for now. We bowl at Go Bowling - Ashmore on the Monday after the Club
Ride, it’s just a bit of social FUN and we don’t take it too seriously, although I have just bought my own shiny
balls and shoes, amazing what you can buy for $10 on GUMTREE. Even if you don’t bowl, see if you can get
down for an hour or so and have a good laugh.

Back to the Club Ride, great weather, great riding group, great ride. Yes, the corner marker issue has been
addressed. We’ll be discussing a further resolve at our next committee meeting, ’cause it does create a ripple
effect for those behind. We had a guest rider from the new team who wasn’t to know the finer points of how we
corner mark, and thought he had correctly waited for the last rider, so we are aware we need to explain things
to new members more clearly. I will, however, apologise to you all for the lunch. There was some
miscommunication and the meal wasn’t exactly what we had previously discussed and we were supposed to be
seated up on the veranda not under the marquee.

I do apologise and will make sure this does not happen again. Sometimes the best laid plans just go astray. We
are aware of the need to find great lunch stops that can cater for everyone, serve us all quickly, provide the
beverages we all want and are not too expensive, but it is becoming difficult to find places that cater for the
masses. Believe me, it is not easy. You can go there on the pre ride and all is good in theory, but staffing,
different managers, group bookings and time restraints can change things. Please, let us know if you know of
some tried and trusted value for money lunch stops that cater for bikes. (Then we can all blame you for a
change)....only jokin’!

Still on the club Ride, the “Ride Lotto” was won by John Spiro, the “Raffle” was won by Trevor Richards and the
“Editor’s Draw” was won by Garry Hodges.

At the may Social, I announced that we have now cancelled the Poker Run for this year. It was a decision that
was not made lightly, but after considering the participation from the past couple of years, making little or no
profit, the economic climate and poor publicity about motorbike riders that wear black leather have not helped
our plight. We were looking at some new ways to rekindle the spark, we were bouncing a few ideas around
and trying to get some sponsorship that would help to reduce the cost to the club and maximise profits. I think
the new owners and new premises will be the kick start we have been looking for. Still a work in progress, so
we’ll keep you informed.

The KIN KIN overnighta has been and gone.....WE ALL HAD A GREAT TIME. COME ON THE NEXT ONE.
To me this says it all, RIDE AND HAVE FUN - SWIFTY

                                     ROAD CAPTAIN’S REPORT
Hello to all of our Hoggies,

Well we are already half way through another year; the time does really fly by when you are having fun.

Our May Club ride was a cracker with about 50 people attending. The weather was a contributor to the group.
I think as it was a picture perfect autumn day, in the morning it was a test for the winter jackets and gloves and
even time to get out the leather pants.

Our ride was to Rathdowney for morning tea break where we found that one of the corner markers had
deserted his post, so a small bunch went on the scenic route but still managed to find us (thank god).

From Rathdowney we went to Boonah and headed towards Beaudesert taking a detour to bypass Beaudesert
and then we proceeded onto Beenleigh Historical Park for lunch.

Road Captain is a great position to hold in the Club and whether a ride is a success or a failure depends greatly
on the support of you the members.

A good turnout does create a good feeling amongst all the riders and pillions adding excitement and fun to the
ride. The safety aspects of the ride are paramount to the day as we don’t want to spoil our exceptional record of
safe rides.

If you are going to be part of the ride and you are in a position to Corner Mark then please observe to correct
procedure and don’t leave your post until the TEC (Tail End Charlie) arrives to flag you on.

Our Safety Officer Phil has gone to great lengths to get the message of ways to ride correctly to all our
members so please take 5 mins to read and listen to his instructions.

In defence of the corner marker who left his corner, he could have been distracted (as many were) by a Harley
flying past with a rider wearing a bright orange jacket. Must have been a new member!

Anyhow, that’s all from me, thanks to all the people who attended the ride today you did yourselves and the
Club proud.

Cheers from me - John Boy

                                     MAY NEW MEMBER’S RIDE
The trial run of having the New Member’s Ride depart earlier at 9.30am and returning to the shop for Hogs “N”
Dogs was a hit; hence, all New Member’s Ride will follow this format from now, depart the shop at 9.15am and
return later in the morning for Hogs “N” Dogs.

Carlos couldn’t take the ride due to commitments, so, I, Viking stepped up to do it, I did a couple of very, very
wet pre-rides in the hinterland, up and down the mountain so to speak, and as I’m from the English town of
York, I decided to call this pre-ride “The Grand Old Duke of York” ride. You all know how it goes; the Duke has
10,000 men and he takes them up and down the bloody mountain. So, I’m at the shop promptly at 8.30am on
12 May, ready to take the New Members Ride, when Linda asks what are you doing there and I proudly reply,
“I’m taking the New Members Ride and where doing the Grand Old Duke of York ride”. Linda then informs me
that the New Members Ride is next week, Saturday 19 May.

“Your f#*king joking aren’t you”, I said, “Here, look at the flyer in the window it says, oh s*#t” and off I went for a
ride with the 3 others who also got the date wrong.

Early the next Saturday, I’m back again at the shop to take the New Members Ride, it was the correct date this
time, there were 11 riders and in the spirit of things and much to the merriment of all the shop staff, I had all 11
members doing the ride, singing the new ride song, “The Grand Old Duke of York” before departing.

Ian (Viking) Gowland

(The May Hog News Newsletter incorrectly had the date of this ride as 14 May – Ed.)

Hog Activities Coming Up
June 2012 (Remaining)
16th                New Members Ride – Departing Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast shop at 9.15am (briefing at 9.00am) and
                    returning late morning for Hogs “N” Dogs at the shop

18th                June Social Night at Nerang Community Bowls Club, HOG meals available and the meeting commences

24th                Club Ride – departing from Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast shop at 9.00am

3oth                T.A.C.Q Annual Ride, Currumbin Surf club (Elephant Rock) at 10.00am, boat, ride & lunch, bring a helmet

July 2012
1st                 LOH Ride departing Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast at 9.00am

5th                 Make a Wish Foundation – Christmas on the Mountain, meet at Nerang McDonalds at 10.00am

14th                New Members Ride – Departing Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast shop at 9.15am (briefing at 9.00am) and
                    returning late morning for Hogs “N” Dogs at the shop

16th                July Social Night at Nerang Community Bowls Club, HOG meals available and the meeting commences

21st                Harley Drags Round 2, Willowbank – Gates open 2.30pm, track time from 3.00pm – TO BE CONFIRMED

29th                Club Ride – departing from Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast shop at 9.00am

August 2012
4th and 5th         Boys weekend ride way – Details to follow (also check at Social Nights)

5th                 LOH Ride departing Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast at 9.00am

18th                New Members Ride – Departing Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast shop at 9.15am (briefing at 9.00am) and
                    returning late morning for Hogs “N” Dogs at the shop

20th                August Social Night at Nerang Community Bowls Club, HOG meals available and the meeting
                    commences 7.30pm

TBA                 Harley Drags Round 3, Willowbank – Gates open 2.30pm, track time from 3.00pm

26th                Club Ride – departing from Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast shop at 9.00am

September 2012
2nd                 LOH Ride departing Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast at 9.00am

8th and 9th         Whale Watching weekend away to Harvey Bay – details to follow, also check Social Nights for details

15th                New Members Ride – Departing Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast shop at 9.15am (briefing at 9.00am) and
                    returning late morning for Hogs “N” Dogs at the shop

17th                June Social Night at Nerang Community Bowls Club, HOG meals available and the meeting commences

21st to 23rd        Queensland State HOG Rally – Eagle Farm Racecourse, Brisbane (see next page for details)

30th                Club Ride – departing from Morgan & Wacker Gold Coast shop at 9.00am

Note: Activities marked with an * are interest only and not sanctioned HOG Activities. Phone the HOG line 07 3321 5187 for more details


           It’s been a couple of years since we had a Queensland State HOG Rally

 This year, the Brisbane Chapter are holding the Queensland State Rally at the Eagle Farm
Racecourse, so, If you’ve ever heard how great rallies are or thought, one day I’ll go to a rally
                and see for myself, then my fellow members, this has to be it.

It is virtually next door it’s not a long ride, but, if you like to party, even a bit, at night, then you
        want stay near the rally site and for that, you’ll need to book accommodation soon

  I would expect a really good showing of Gold Coast Chapter members at this really and no
doubt, as we approach September, a group Chapter ride up to the rally (probably on the Friday
                               21 September) will be organised

                Go to for registration details

                                   CHAPTER BOWLING NIGHT

                   When - Monday night following the Club Ride each month

             Where – Ashmore Bowling Centre, 137 Currumburra Road, Ashmore

                                     What Time – 7.00pm Start

                                           MAY LOH RIDE
                                     By Linda Rollinson (LOH Officer)

Sun was shining, no rain in sight, sometimes that bike guy just smiles at us.

A reasonable good group turned up for the May LOH ride and they were not disappointed, after the
preliminaries, we headed out and over Mount Tamborine, very cool, temp wise but very cool scenic
wise as we passed a lot of the classic (and the whole Brisbane monthly club ride guys) cars coming
up the mountain for the classic car show. We then continued down the other side past the Bearded
Dragon, down Camp Cable Rd, and
through to Greenbank, for our morning
stop at a new shopping centre and
Greenbank Tavern called “Pub Lane
Tavern”, which has only been open for
six weeks. They spoilt us with 2 plates of
mini muffins, which, I have to say
disappeared real quick, such that the
staff were gob-smacked.

I said that’s what happens when you put
food in front of cold bikers, they snort it.

We then cut through a couple of back roads and around the back of Springfield Lakes, with a small
unplanned detour to have a look at the High School; which happens when you change the route
24hrs out from the actual ride and miscount the intersections.

Anyway, we got back on track, onto Amberly, Walloon and a quick blat down the Warrego Highway,
turning off at Lowood and through to Fernvale, continuing just up the Road to Cormorant Bay on the
                                                   Wivenhoe Dam. Had a rather long wait for lunch,
                                                   but the location is beautiful and the food (once it
                                                   arrived) was good. Half the team opted for a
                                                   straight run home down the Motorway’s, the rest
                                                   of us headed out onto the back roads with a stop
                                                   at the Beaudesert Pub. Weather was stunning,
                                                   more cops around than clouds.

                                                     All was good, thanks to everyone who made the

                                       TREASURER’S REPORT

The committee and I would like to thank all the members that participated in purchasing tickets for
the flight for two in the Car Flight Rescue Helicopter raffle.
Ticket sales were well received and we collected a total of $860.00 to go toward the donation that we
give each year to RACQ Care Flight Helicopters.
Of course there can only be one winner and they were Woggie and Lola. Congrats to you both and
hope the ride is as fun as it sounds.

Thanks, Janet (Money Penny), your Treasurer


                          THOROUGHBRED PARK, LYNEHAM - ACT

       Any Australian National HOG Rally is worth attending, Chapters from all over Australia
                and some from overseas make the annual pilgrimage to the rallies

      Go to or our chapter website for details and registration

     At this stage, we have a small group of around 24 members attending this rally; a few are
     riding down independently for various reasons, but in the main, most of us are staying at
      the Carotel Motel and Caravan Park, which is just a walk from the rally site and which is
                                 off course, now fully booked out

        Around 20 of us will be riding down together, leaving BP Chinderah at 7.30am on
     Thursday 18 October and staying that night in Raymond Terrace, leaving around 8.00am
      the following morning ( to miss the Sydney peak hour traffic) and arriving in Canberra
       early afternoon, to pick up our registration packs and check into our accommodation

       Most of the group will leave Canberra on the Monday (22 October) morning for the ride
       home, the route for which will be determined by those attending at a later date, it could
      even be around the back of the Blue mountains, Scone / Tamworth and home or straight
                       back up the motorway, staying somewhere like Taree

      If, I’ve wet your imagination, it’s not too late to register for the rally if you wish to attend;
     however, you will need to find your own accommodation in Canberra, although, there may
                     still be some accommodation available in Raymond Terrace

                            For more info email

                                    YOUR HOG MEMBERSHIP

Your International HOG Membership falls due each year on the anniversary of when you
first became an International HOG Member and it can be renewed online each year (or for
up to 3 years) by card only at

You must be a current International HOG Member to be
a Gold Coast HOG Chapter Member. Gold Coast
membership is renewable during February each year,
by either cash or cheque and the Membership
Applications / Renewal forms are available on our
chapter website

                                        EVERYTHING BUT THE BIKE

                                              By Garry (Muff) Luxmoore

You know I’ve been banging on for months about the Townsville Chapter Challenge and how good it is. So it should
come as no surprise that this story is about the 2012 Townsville Chapter challenge. A bunch of us from the Gold
Coast chapter were down to do the ride but slowly, one by one, they fell by the wayside for a horde of valid reasons I
might add. Well mostly valid!!

And so it came to pass (sounds like a chapter from the good book doesn’t it) that on Wednesday 2nd May there were
only 2 bikes and 3 people going; me (JoJo still unable to sit on the bike for any long period of time after her back
operation), Steve Calman and his lady, Joanne. We met up at my place on Wednesday night to throw the camping
gear into Steve’s Ute so that I didn’t have to overload the bike. Steve had obtained a trailer and was going to load his
Dyna on that so that he and Joanne could drive up together – ah aint love grand!

The next morning we agreed to meet at the Shell on the north side of the Gateway Bridge, just after the airport.
Dutifully at 5.15am I roused myself out from under the warm doona and stepped into the shower trying not to wake
up the bride. To no avail, when I stepped out there she was with a cup of tea and a smile – geez I don’t deserve that
lady! Yea, I know you’ll all agree on that one. A quick stop at the servo to top up the quakin duck and off up the
freeway I took, wrapped up in layers of clothing to keep out the cold. I got to the Shell first and was tucking into a
chocolate muffin and a flat white when I saw this white Ute and an EMPTY trailer pull up. Sure enough there was
Steve and Joanne; without the bike. Off to their first ever rally or HOG meet, without a bike. Now I ask you, “How
clever is that?”

Steve offered all sorts of excuses about not being able to tie the bike down, not having the right ties on hand and
being too tired the previous night to persevere... but all to no avail – he’d chickened out and decided not to take the
bike. Of course we need to give him the right of reply to refute these dastardly accusations but, hell the power of the
pen means that the author has discretion over the content. Regardless, there was no bike on the trailer. But as we
later called it, the “stealth bike” came into being.

And so we set off for our first day’s riding and our destination, Rockie. The Bruce Highway is supposed to be
Queensland’s premier artery, one that transverses the state from south to far north. For a national highway, it’s a
damn disgrace. Overseas visitors must laugh in amazement at this goat track we declare the main road in our state.
Akin more to a back road in Alabama, it’s just a mess and the road works added about an hour and a half to our
travel time. So we arrived in Rockie after 5pm just in time to meet our billet for the night on an intersection before
getting into town.

Rockie was host to the tri-annual Beef Festival so every nook and cranny in the town was taken up and over-booked
many times. Accommodation was impossible to get so I called Preacher, the director of the Rockie chapter and he
arranged for us to be billeted with one of their chapter members. This is just one of the fabulous things about being a
HOGGIE...the camaraderie and friendship between members is awesome if you let it be. Steve is a local bloke
although he was born across the ditch. He and his wonderful family took us in and treated us to a big Barbie, lots of
the amber stuff and a great deal of friendship that night.

The following morning, Friday 4th, we meet up with other Rockie members and set off for Townsville. Steve and
Joanne still in the Ute with the empty trailer behind – oh yes, I forgot that the stealth bike was onboard.

The Bruce is rather an uninspiring road isn’t it but as the farms were replaced by the cane fields the true nature of
this amazing State comes into being. I always recall that great Aussie song by GANGgajang, “This is Australia”:

        Out on the patio we'd sit,

        And the humidity we'd breathe,

        We'd watch the lightning crack over canefields

        Laugh and think; this is Australia!

                                                                                  Continued next page

Everything but the bike ….continued

Our arrival into Townsville was again late as the road works took their toll on time. Just as the dealership was about
to shut we rocked up and took our spot for the night. Sun City Harley-Davidson is a brand new dealership and they
openly invite HOGGIES to camp on their site. Right next to the dealership is a lush strip of grass where we pitched
our tents. Marc Storey, the dealer principal leaves the kitchen and toilets (with showers) unlocked so that campers
can access facilities during their stay. How damn good is that, so go see them if you’re passing through Townsville
and say g’day.

A few bevvies and a bunch of pizza later we all retired for the night...sweet dreams indeed – only to be rudely
awoken at 4pm as the rain poured down. Only the rain seemed to have a sweeping pattern to it and a kind of
whooshing sound! Hmmm, we think, and a quick reccie outside the tent flaps revealed the sprinklers hadn’t been
turned off! Hilarious as some of the guys were literally in swags outside and got a free shower to boot! The day
started kinda early then for all of us, as we tried to dry out tents and sleeping bags. The sun was peeking its head
over the horizon as we entered our third hour of being awake!! Ah but all in the fun of riding and enjoying each other’s

At about 10.30 we took off to the Chapter Challenge which is always held in a camp ground up in the hinterland hills.
After registration we set up camp and had a few restful minutes before the chapter games got under way. These are
held on site and on grass so a hell of a good time is had by all; kids, families and all the great things about being
outside and having fun. The usual gymkhana games attracted heaps of entrants and although Steve wanted to enter
the stealth bike, there wasn’t a heck of a lot of support for that idea – I reckon he would have easily won the slow
race, but then again I guess not, as his feet would have been on the ground all the time! No matter what rules were in
place and were made up as we went along, rule number four seemed to prevail – Townsville wins no matter what!

Saturday night is a huge party with a band on site and lots of great grub. The event is catered and all your food
included in the rally fee. Can’t complain about that as they contract the local Lions Club to provide the catering and a
great job they did too. A few of us crashed relatively early due to our premature morning awakening, yet sleep was
difficult to come by with Aussie rock echoing throughout the glen.

Sunday saw the poker run and true to form, I got absolutely no good cards at all – not even bad enough to win the
worst hand. But hey it’s all fun and a good ride ended up at the dealership for lunch before heading back to camp and
the awards followed by a charity auction. No surprise which chapter won the Chapter Challenge overall but a few
trophies went to other chapters including Mackay and Cape York. Sadly Gold Coast didn’t figure. And so the chapter
challenge came to a close, a great way for the Townsville chapter to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The ride back took us inland together with members of the Central Highlands chapter – you know the dudes who
always wear kilts at rallies. We set off early in cold mountain mist that eventually dissolved into a simply sparkling day
that showcased country Australia at its magnificent best. Inland through Charters Towers and down the Gregory
Highway to Emerald was so much better than the Bruce Highway going up, although the road kill reminded us of the
dangers of riding in the outback. A couple of deer decided to play chicken with the pack but luckily we won. Overnight
in Emerald with the chapter members was great as we enjoyed a terrific Indian meal at the restaurant located in the
motel where we stayed which is owned by one of the chapter members.

So the last leg saw Steve and Joanne and the stealth bike in the Ute and me on the quackin duck, hiking it down the
Dawson to Rolleston where we took the A7 down through the Carnarvon range. This was my first time on this road
and I really enjoyed it. Then the disgrace of the state road network hit as he met the Warrego Highway from Roma
through to Toowoomba. Weary, but elated I turned the bike off at 7pm after six days and a total of 3,386km of fun
and good riding.

This weekend away reiterated the reason why we ride; to meet people and to have a great time. Too often we stick to
our same group of friends and riding partners. There’s nothing wrong in that but by going to other chapters, by going
to rallies, by riding with other people, you get to make new friends and get to know those newbies in our own chapter,
thus making them welcome and part of the club.

Now I suppose you’re all wondering how the title of this article came to be. Well, Steve is one of those guys who
seem to think of everything. His Ute was jam packed to the roof with so much stuff. And no matter what anyone
wanted – he had it packed away; chargers for phones, a broom to sweep the tent, mosquito nets, a fridge for the
Kickin’ Chickens and you name it, Steve seemed to have it – well, everything that is except the bike!!!

                                   SAFETY OFFICER’S REPORT


A hazard is any permanent or transitory, stationary or moving object on or in the road environment
that has the potential to increase your risk of a crash.

Hazard perception is defined as the ability to identify potentially dangerous traffic situations and also
as the process whereby you notice the presence of a hazard. Crash prevention is relatively more
important for vulnerable road users as pedestrians, bike and motorcyclists who are not protected by a
vehicle body and the related safety features. For bike and motorcyclists, the ability to perceive and
respond to hazards posed by other vehicles and road surfaces is critically important.

Motorcycle riders are subject to specific hazards in addition to those that they have common with car
drivers. The rider’s evaluation of level of risk also needs to take into account of the different
performance characteristics of their motorcycle compared with the cars and the lower levels of injury
protection afforded by the motorcycle.

Responding to risk may be the most useful because it includes a response implementation phase,
which is much more important in motorcycling than car driving.

The four components are:

Hazard detection – is being aware that a hazard may be present.

Threat appraisal – is evaluating whether the hazard is sufficiently important to merit response.

Action selection – having to select a response from one’s repertoire of skill sets.

Implementation – performing the necessary actions involved in the response that has been selected.

Be the best rider you can be, take responsibility for your riding, learn more ... and go enjoy yourself.

Phill (The Bruce) Butler

                               MEMBERSHIP OFFICER’S REPORT

Our membership currently stands at 140, and you should all have received your 2012/2013
membership card in the mail by now, if not, contact our Secretary, Nigel and he'll sort it out.

After positive feedback from those who attended the May New Members Ride, it's been decided to
continue with the new ride format. The ride brief starts at 9.00am, and the ride leaves the shop at
9.15am and returning to the shop for Hogs “N” Dogs. At this stage there are NO plans for a Gold
Coast HOG choir, however, following the May New Members ride, Viking may have other thoughts
on this matter!!!!

That's it from me, Carlos

                                           RIDE WATCH

             BOYS WEEKEND AWAY – (Probably) 4 and 5 AUGUST 2012




     This an overnighter in Harvey Bay and has been well received in the past



                       LOH WEEKEND AWAY – 6 and 7 OCTOBER


                                ANOTHER GOOD HOGGIE DEED

A group of our own Gold Coast Hogs were riding over the Gateway Bridge when they saw a
woman about to jump off the bridge, so they stopped.

Our big burly rider leader, gets off his bike says, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to commit suicide,” she says.

While he didn’t want to appear insensitive, our ride leader didn’t want to miss an opportunity
either, so asked … “Well before you jump, why don’t you give me a kiss?”

So she does …. And it was a long, deep, lingering tongue kiss.

After she’s finished, our ride leader says, “Wow! That was the best kiss I’ve ever had! That’s a
real talent you are wasting. You could be famous. Why in the world would you want suicide?”

“My parents don’t like me dressing up like a girl …”

The authorities think that she may have been pushed.

                                             GOLD COAST HOG CLUB RIDE RULES

All riders must hold an appropriate and current motorcycle licence and all bikes must be currently registered and roadworthy.
Arrive in plenty of time for the pre-ride brief, with a full tank of fuel and an empty bladder. Be considerate of your fellow riders and make
yourself ready to leave all stops on time with the rest of the group.

NEVER pass the Road Captain (ride leader) during the club ride.
Ride in staggered formation where possible using the 2 second rule as guideline; a 2 second gap between you and the bike in front of you
in the same wheel track.

NEVER change wheel tracks to fill in a diagonal gap. Always ride in your wheel track and if a gap forms in front of you in the diagonal wheel
track, wave up the rider behind you in that wheel track (when it is safe to do so). The only exception in changing wheel tracks is when you
are the next bike behind the Road Captain in the right hand wheel track and are taking up position for corner marking.
Never pass on the left unless you are filling in a gap, wait to be called/waved through by the rider diagonally in front of you in the right hand
wheel track.

Do not ride BESIDE another bike and stay safely out of their riding zone.

Everyone should concentrate on the bike in front of them in the diagonal wheel track and leave the appropriate gap as they may have to
move over suddenly to avoid debris or potholes on the roadway and you should not be in their space if they are required to do so.
Ride in the same lane as the Road Captain in a multi-lane highway.
On winding or narrow roads (or at any other time where a staggered formation is not advisable), use correct riding style; single file for
cornering and allow extra distance for braking.
New and less experienced riders are to ride at the rear of the pack.

Any guest riders are to be the responsibility of the club member accompanying them and to be made aware of Club Ride Rules.

In the event of a breakdown please stay with your bike and if possible move it to a safe location off the road and wait for Tail End Charlie

In the event of an accident the Safety Officer/Committee Members will take charge. Any bikes which stop are to take directions from them
and secure the scene; alert any other traffic of likely hazards on the road, render assistance to the injured parties where possible, call for
medical assistance, etc when requested. All other riders shall continue with the remaining group to the next stop.

If you are corner marking please STAY in place until told to move on by TEC. Once you have been moved on by TEC resume your position
at the rear of the pack. If you don’t want to corner mark, please start your ride towards the rear of the pack.

Enjoy your ride whilst being aware of the responsibility you have not only to yourself but also your fellow riders.

                                                 CORNER MARKERS GUIDELINES

The reason for corner markers is to ensure the group stays on the route, and has plenty of warnings of any deviation or clarification to the
road being ridden.

Leaving the corner before being signalled to do so by Tail End Charlie (TEC) will cause riders to be lost. Don’t be the one to spoil
                                                 the day for others or yourself.

         The corner marker will be the rider following behind the Road Captain
         This rider will leave twice the normal ride space between him/her and the Road Captain to allow for safe stopping at the indicated

         The rider second back from the Road Captain will also leave twice the normal spacing.

         The rider behind the Road Captain is to be alert for the Road Captain’s corner marking position signal and to stop where

         Once a corner marker has been placed, the next rider behind the Road Captain should make ready to take station for the next

         The corner marking position selected must be accessible, safe from other traffic, and easily seen well before the deviation is

         Once the corner marker is safely positioned, he/she will indicate the direction of the ride by pointing and using the appropriate
          turn signal.

         The corner marker will not usually remove their helmet or other riding gear. He/she must be ready to move on immediately
          signalled to do so by TEC. TEC will not stop and do not move until told to by TEC.

         In the case of a major delay a 2nd TEC will stop and inform of the delay to the corner markers and advise them to move on.

         Corner markers will then join at the rear of the main group.


                                    QUARTERMASTER’S STORE
                            Ey-Up! Here is some of the merchandise available, contact Ian (Viking)
                                    Gowland on 0416 030 585 for the full range available.
                              Viking will do his very best to make you look your very HOG best.

                                   International HOG Patch                         -               $15.00
                                   GC Chapter Patch                                -               $15.00
                                   GC Chapter Pin                                  -               $15.00
                                   GC Chapter Caps                                 -               $25.00
                                   GC Chapter Stubby Holder                        -               $10.00

                                   T-Shirts      Long Sleeve
                                                   -                               -               $35.00
                                                 Short Sleeve
                                                   -                               -               $30.00
                                   Personalised Name Tags                          -               $7.50

Note: The vest pictured above shows an indicative layout of Chapter Patch and Rocker placement, after this
                          you tailor your vest to suit your own individual design.

                                      THIS MONTH’S SPECIAL


                                        WHILE STOCKS LAST

                                 STUBBY HOLDER’S $ 10.00 EACH


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