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 Celebrating 25 years

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Celebrating 25 years
Alarm handling software 1982 - 2007


Foreword by Jens Middelbo Outzen      2

History                               3

Employees                             10

Kristian Reimer                       11

Economy                               12

A History of Technology               13

Addresses                             16

     Everything within the IT industry seems to      The position that Innovative holds today
     be ever-changing. Technology develops at a      reflects the expertise that has been
     steadily increasing pace. New technology        accumulated through 25 years. Innovative is a
     means new business opportunities.               company whose existence depends on the
     Businesses emerge and businesses vanish.        profound knowledge that our employees have
     Mergers and acquisitions are a natural          of customer needs. Through a deliberate and
     consequence of an ever-changing industry.       dedicated effort to create a good working
     Nevertheless, Innovative Business Software      environment, an open dialogue and a high
     A/S (Innovative) persists and this year we      level of individual responsibility, we have
     celebrate 25 years as one of the world's        succeeded in retaining our employees for
     leading suppliers of alarm handling             many years. The average seniority is close to
     solutions.                                      15 years and the first employee in Innovative -
                                                     Kristian Reimer - has been with the company
     The jubilee year has taken off at full speed.   from the very beginning. Thus we celebrate a
     Our increasing involvement in the civil         double anniversary this year.
     emergency services field and an ever-
     increasing demand from established control      However, our employees are not the only ones
     centres both at home and abroad is the          with high seniority - this is also true of many
     reward of our long hard work with the           of our customers. A glance back in our
     development of a secure, flexible and user-     customer database reveals a great loyalty;
     friendly alarm handling solution.               virtually all our customers are still with us. To
                                                     a great extent this loyalty has created the
     Today our solutions carry out a variety of      foundation of our current situation and we
     different functions in Denmark and other        would like to take this opportunity to thank
     countries: emergency alarm calls , the Great    you.
     Belt Link Emergency alarm, monitoring of
     emergency sirens, reception of burglar          The objective of this anniversary document is
     alarms from hundreds of thousands of            first and foremost to give you an idea of the
     buildings, distress calls, elevator and         soul of Innovative - illustrated through stories,
     technical alarms - just to mention a few. In    pictures, anecdotes and some factual
     every single case the key words are security    information. Enjoy!
     and stability. We are proud of the
     confidence our customers have placed in us.

                                                     Jens Middelbo Outzen

2   25th anniversary
- a 25 year old Gazelle
Innovative Business Software A/S                           receive an alarm code on a small strip of paper,
                                                           then find the right customer file in large wall units
                                                           to find a description of what to do.

In Denmark, Gazelle-companies are usually                  The aim was to build a system that would provide
associated with start-up companies: Companies              the operator with all necessary information direct-
driven by growing needs or new markets arisen out          ly on the screen when an alarm was received. All
of significant changes in financial terms or               alarms were to be presented in the same alarm
conditions.                                                queue no matter which installation had sent the
                                                           alarm. The gain in productivity would be so large
In Innovative everything is a little different. After 25   that manpower at the control centres could be
years of focused work with the development of              hugely reduced - and thereby the costs. Such a
software for alarm handling, Innovative is in this very    system would not only significantly increase the
jubilee-year experiencing a significant increase in        competitive position but also open a whole new
demand and sales. On one occasion, in 2003,                market for alarm systems for private homes.
Innovative aspired to become a Gazelle, where the
company was voted Gazelle Candidate by the Chief           Peder translated thought into action and started
Executive magazine (Dagbladet Børsen). At the time         Innovative Business Software. Kristian Reimer, who
the turn-around had doubled over a period of 3             had just graduated as a civil engineer and already
years. As things have developed during the first           had gained experience with alarm software from a
months of 2007 we expect to break the record this          study job with Dansikring, was employed to build
year.                                                      the system. He was quickly joined by more, among
                                                           others his good friend and fellow student, Christen
So what is the reason for the company's current            Fihl.
success? The answer - as many others - lies in the
                                                           Springboard to the world
Modest beginnings                                          From the beginning (1981/82) Peder had
                                                           established contact with Brinks in Caracas
Innovative Business Software A/S was founded in the        /Venezuela, a division of the world's largest cash
spring of 1982.                                            transportation company with headquarters in the
As far back as 1980, Peder Kolind was involved in          USA, who were interested in entering the alarm
starting up Dansikring, a company focusing on selling      market. Innovative was established with them as
low-cost alarm systems for private homes and               customers. During 1982 the first simple version of
smaller companies. Peder spotted an opportunity to         the alarm handling system was installed in
take advantage of the computer technology to               Venezuela. The system was based on an IBM
significantly increase productivity within the security    Series/1 (semi industrial minicomputer) which was
systems industry through automation of a range of          also used by Dansikring. Innovative also employed
the procedures related to alarm reception, alarm           an alarm installation contractor whose job was to
handling and invoicing. At the time, when a signal         train the customer in the installation and use of
reached the control centre, a lot of the work was          the alarm system.
done manually. At best the originating name and
address were available on one of the many systems          This was an interesting customer to visit. When the
of the control centres, but the most common was to         doors to the hall with the cash transports were

                                                                                                 25th anniversary   3
                                                              Foothold in Denmark
    opened the alarm bells rang so loud it was                In line with the increased dissemination of digital
    impos-sible to have a conversation. Another               communication, the then Danish telecom
    challenge was to avoid getting in the way of the          companies acknowledged the need to offer a
    massive guards carrying six-barrels and pump guns.        monitored network that could be used for secure
                                                              digital communication. The decision to establish
    Brinks in Venezuela never really got into selling alarm   The Public AlarmNet was made as early as 1979
    systems but in the meantime Peder had managed to          and was actually established during the period
    get Brinks in the USA interested in entering the alarm    1983-85. New equipment was required to support
    market - and in 1983 Brinks Cable Security opened         the new technology. In 1984, KTAS (former Danish
    their first alarm exchange in Portland, Oregon, with       Telecom) and Innovative engaged in a cooperation
    software from Innovative. In the beginning the            that resulted in the development of a PC-based
    concept was to use the cable TV network for alarm         alarm receiving system - the product was named PC
    transmission, but the technology wasn't quite             Alarm Control Centre or A2Master. PC Alarm
    mature yet and they quickly went back to traditional      Control Centre could receive the alarms from
    telephone transmitted alarms and the name was             AlarmNet but was also used for monitoring of ATEX-
    changed to Brinks Home Security.                          equipment at KTAS' 24-hour centre. Innovative
    For the next couple of years, Brinks expanded with        directed the development, KTAS the sales and the
    independent alarm centrals in Tampa (Florida),            cooperation evolved to include JTAS and later
    Houston (Texas) and Dallas (Texas). Innovative on         TeleDanmark Datacom and TDC (present Danish
    their side were continuously busy making the              Telecom).
    software more efficient and upgrading it to comprise
    invoicing, tendering and service management.              Thus the foundation for Innovative's truly unique
                                                              position on the Danish market for alarm software
    During the following years Peder succeeded in             was formed. The dissemination of AlarmNet gained
    getting several large, well-known and well-reputed        momentum and soon the insurance sector
    international companies to enter the alarm market,        demanded to use AlarmNet for critical alarms, such
    among these Brinks, British Telecom, Swedish              as Automatic Fire Alarms. PC Alarm Control Centre
    Securitas, EDF and Westinghouse. Innovative's             became a fixture at most of the larger Municipal
    systems were part of the concept and hence quickly        Fire Stations, just as most control centres in
    got a string of international companies as customers.     Denmark embraced the system. As far back as 1983
                                                              this was also instrumental in Innovative's active
    Consequently, Innovative was born as a company            support of the then newly established Trade
    whose primary income came through export.                 Organisation for Safety and Security - an
    But the specialized knowledge that was being built        involvement that has been maintained throughout
    up in the company was needed in Denmark as well.          the years.

4   25th anniversary
The Promised Land

The success on the home market did not stop the              who first and foremost demanded Windows-based
demand from abroad. New customers from USA were              standard systems with good integration
secured and this involved a considerable amount of           possibilities to other back-up systems. Demands
travelling. At the start of the 90s Peder decided to found   from customers lead to a decision to develop an
a subsidiary to meet the demand - Innovative Business        entirely new system that could satisfy the new
Software Inc. - in Dallas, Texas, where many of the major    demands of the market. With a great ballast of
customers had their headquarters. Andreas Jensen, one        know-how from the development of the first
of the programmers, was fascinated by the country and        systems, Innovative in Copenhagen started the
its opportunities and decided to settle down                 development work head-on. Not only did the
permanently. The company expanded around him in the          system have to satisfy the needs of small
USA. Direct telephone lines between the two offices          customers but the target was to develop a flexible
were established so that all efforts could be concentrated   standard system to satisfy every customer's need,
on the further development of the company's products.        regardless of size. It would not only be used to
The programmers worked on the same mainframe and             receive burglar alarms but all types of alarms. This
the telephone system was connected locally between the       was the start of interVIEW - today Innovative's
offices. This was quite exceptional in the early 1990s.      leading brand.

Different markets - Different needs                          Employees take over

In the mid-90s Innovative was working with two different     Instead of being one company with a harmonized
systems. The difference between the two systems was          development, the reality was suddenly a
that Security Business Net (SBN) was driven by the           geographical division where Innovative in
requirements of major international customers whereas        Copenhagen spent all resources on developing a
the other system, PC Alarm Control Centre, was primarily     new system that was better suited to the
aimed at the Danish market and the AlarmNet. Both            requirements of the European market. The
systems were based on signals, but with the prevalence       expensive direct line between the two companies
of the Windows platform on the market required systems       was closed, as the need for daily communication
with a graphic user interface. Simultaneously computer       between the offices declined. At the same time
technology was reaching a degree of maturity where de        Peder had settled down permanently in Central
facto standards for system integration were becoming         America and thus, in 1999, the employees took
widespread. Everyone was talking about open systems          over all of the shares in Innovative from Peder and
based on open standards. At the same time the                Lars, his brother, and now stood on their own feet.
prevalence of a multitude of standard systems for any
purpose gained momentum. The large American control
centres with own IT departments were wholly satisfied
                                                                         To reap the full benefits of the new
with the existing solutions where they greatly benefited                 technology, the system was developed
                                                                         from scratch, so that the architecture was
from a totally integrated solution. This was not so with                 in keeping with the new requirements and
the smaller European customers, including the Danes,                     possibilities. On the basis of our many
                                                                         years of experience, we aimed at
                                                                         developing a system that was capable of
                                                                         meeting the needs of both large and small
                                                                         customers. The key words were: security,
                                                                         flexibility and scalability.

                                                                         The result was interVIEW, which was
                                                                         introduced in 1998.

                                                                                                                25th anniversary   5
                                   1987 Løngangstræde    EM                                  1987 Løngangstræde KR

    The chaos organisation

    The change in ownership did not entail any big                 "IBS is a good example of
    changes in the organization nor did it affect the               Denmark's competitive advantage
    dedication.         Motivation,        initiative,             when it comes to developing and
    independence and responsibility have always
                                                                   delivering advanced software.
    been distinctive characteristics of Innovative's
    employees - characteristics, which are central
                                                                   What makes IBS a textbook
    for maintaining the chaos organization that                    example is the fact that IBS
    Innovative is. We have always felt that a strictly             develops in cooperation with its
    structured and hierarchic organization of work                 customers. IBS does not try to
    inhibits enterprise and cross-disciplinary                     force its customers, who have
    competences - both fundamental for                             different needs, into the same
    innovation. We have never spent resources on                   template, but adapts its standard
    undue bureaucracy or control. We have always                   solution to the individual
    taken for granted that the individual employee                 customers needs. This is
    has the necessary responsibility to ensure by
                                                                   user-driven innovation at its
    own initiative that all in-house knowledge is
    used in the future development. An open
    office environment has always been an
    important part of our informal communication.                  Lars Kolind, Chairman of the
    The individual employee has always been                        Board    for    the   Grundfos
    shown full confidence and has in turn repaid                    Foundation, Unimerco Group and
    with an incredible dedication and great sense                  more.
    of responsibility. This has created the perfect
    breeding ground for continuous innovation.

    Mass individualization                                    The fact that we have succeeded in getting this
                                                              far is to a great extent the result of the close
    The company's mission to efficiently fulfil the              relation that has always existed between the
    individual needs of the customers, in other               company and our customers - a relation based
    words mass individualization instead of mass              on mutual confidence.
    production, has also been carried on. It has
    always been Innovative's philosophy to                    Customer Relations
    develop tailor-made solutions through
    configuration and customization to the                     One of our principle ideas is to consider our
    individual needs of the customer - solutions              customers as partners. It is not just a contract
    based on one and the same standard system in              but just as much a partnership. This is a benefit
    order to obtain the economic profit of such a              for everyone - Innovative has been able to
    standard system. This philosophy has been                 closely follow the development in the needs of
    developed and refined throughout the history               the customers and in turn they have been
    of the company. interVIEW is today the                    ensured continuous service. This philosophy has
    state-of-the-art answer to these requirements.            resulted in very long-lasting customer relations.

6     25th anniversary
  1985 Amsterdam KR               1995 Sankt Peders Stræde LV    1999 Stormgade   CF og KR                2000 Stormgade OF

Innovative and the civil emergency services                         operators' primary guide of response to emergency
                                                                    calls. In close cooperation with the Danish Telecom,
Innovative's expertise is not only in great demand on               Innovative developed a whole new concept for
the private security market. Back in the late 80's                  emergency call handling, based on electronic call of
Innovative was asked to take over the system                        the emergency services using AlarmNet. Today, the
maintenance of the 000-system (universal                            system is in operation in all alarm receiving centres
emergency number) that was in use at the time at                    of the Danish National Police and forms the nucleus
the 000-alarm receiving centre in Copenhagen. Even                  of a whole new emergency call infrastructure in
as early as the beginning of the 90's the old system                Denmark. The foresight in developing interVIEW
could not meet the demands of the users and                         made it possible to use the system to receive alarm
Innovative developed a whole new system for                         reports at the individual emergency centres and the
handling incoming emergency calls. The system was                   system is now an integrated part of the new
put in service in 1995. This was Innovative's first                 emergency calls infrastructure. Thus the basis was
Windows-based system and also became the spark                      formed for Innovative's success to be unfolded to
of Innovative's entry on the emergency calls market.                also comprise all of the public emergency services.
The experience gained in this new area proved to be
of great value at the turn of the millennium when                   In line with the company's tradition to stay abreast
the government decided to reduce the number of                      internationally, Innovative has taken part in the
emergency call centres in Denmark from approx. 40                   European debate through our active membership of
to 8. New technology was to compensate for the                      The European Emergency Number Association
local knowledge that previously had been the                        (EENA).

                1982:     Peder Kolind establishes Innovative        1995:      The development of interVIEW is
                Business Software A/S to develop software to         initiated - based on Windows technology
                streamline alarm handling at control centres         and SQL relational database

                1982 - 1985:              Development and            1996:         All Security Business Net
                installation of alarm handling solutions to a        customers are transferred to Innovative
                number of international customers                    Business Software in Dallas

                1983 - 1985:        Development of PC Alarm          1999: Innovative Business Software
                Control Centre based on the introduction of          A/S employees take over the shares
                The Public AlarmNet
                                                                     2001: Agreement to develop a new
                1985 - 1995:       PC Alarm Control Centre           112-system for all alarm control centres of
                conquers the market for security and control         the Danish National Police - as sub-
                centres in Denmark                                   contractor to TDC A/S

                1989:     Introduction of Security Business          2002:       Delivery of integrated security
                Net, a UNIX based alarm handling system,             solutions related to the 112-alarm
                primarily directed at big international              infrastructure to of the Danish Civil
                customers                                            Disaster Response

                1991:      Innovative Business Software Inc. -       2006: Strong growth in the demand for
                the sister company - is established in Dallas,       Innovative's products, both from the public
                Texas                                                sector and private customers

                                                                                                                   25th anniversary   7
     The Future

     Today, Innovative's systems not only help private                   This idea will hold true in the future. That we can
     security companies to keep pace with the perpetual                  celebrate our 25th anniversary with a record-setting
     demands on efficiency improvement, but also solve                   year can greatly be ascribed to our excellent
     a variety of functions in connection with the                       cooperation with both customers and partners and
     emergency services on all levels - from management                  promises well for the future. Developing robust
     of the emergency sirens to handling of emergency                    solutions for the security market demands large
     calls, from measuring the response time of the                      investments, a detailed knowledge of customers'
     police to monitoring of elderly in their own home,                  requirements and a strong belief that a sound
     from handling of burglar alarms to improving the                    foundation in the way of the right solution will be
     efficiency of the Great Belt Link Emergency - and we                profitable in the long run. Throughout all 25 years
     could go on.                                                        Innovative has spent all resources on consolidating
                                                                         the foundation for the company's future and
     To keep up with development is it necessary to                      together with the confidence that both customers
     constantly take advantage of the new opportunities                  and partners have placed in us, we look forward to
     that technological breakthrough provides. The latest                embark on the next 25 years.
     additions are the increased use of video, integration
     of digital maps, extended use of IP-connections and                 Many thanks to our loyal customers and partners -
     better information to mobile distributed systems.                   without you we would not be here today.
     Through close relations to our partners it is our
     ambition to continuously offer integrated solutions,
     where all functionalities are combined in one system
     - hence fulfilling Peder Kolind's old vision of maximal
     automation on one and the same system.

                                     "My vision with Innovative was to create the world's leading
                                     software company - a company focused on control centres'
                                     need for an infrastructure that is both extremely secure and
                                     user-friendly. When an alarm goes off there is no time for
                                     mistakes - the systems must simply work every single time. This
                                     business strategy has proven to be sustainable through 25
                                     We chose to split the company in two: one based in Denmark
                                     and one in the USA. Today, Innovative's software operates many
                                     of the world's biggest control centres with many million
                                     customers connected. That is indeed what you can call a Danish
                                     business success. And the success continues.."

                                     Peder Kolind
                                     Founder of IBS

8   25th anniversary

             J e ns Mi dd e l bo Ou tze n                                                             Ol e F j el dhagen
             C EO, P resi de n t                                                                      Seni or Softw ar e Engi neer
             1 9 95 -                                                                                 1986 - 1997
                                                                                                      1998 -

                                                                                                                        Lene Vedel s by
                                                                                                                        Pr oj ec t M anager
                                                                                                                        1991 -

       K r i s t i a n R ei me r
       M a n a g e r - S o ftw are D eve l opm ent
       1982 -
                                                Chisten Fihl
                                                Senior System s Developer
                                                1982 - 1984
                                                1989 -

                                                                                                Sti g Por s gaar d
                                                                                                Seni or Softw ar e Engi neer
                                                                                                1995- 1998

                                                                            Naela Sham i m
                                                                            Pr oject M anager                           J ens Lar s en
                                                                            1997 -                                      Seni or Pr oj ec t M anager
                                                                                                                        2002 -

     Er i k M ø l l e r
     Se n i o r So ftw are E n g i ne e r
     1985 - 90
     2002 -

                                                                                                     Vi v i M øns ted
                                                                                                     Book k eeper
                                                                                                     2001 -

                A n n e tte B i nd e sb ø l l
                Grap h i c P l a n n e r
                2001 -

10             25th anniversary
                                      KRISTIAN REIMER,
                                      Senior Software Developer

                            Kristian Reimer
                            - another silver jubilee
                            Innovative Business Software A/S is not
                            celebrating its silver jubilee alone - Kristian
                            Reimer has been along from the very

                            Kristian was the very first employee in
                            Innovative and the company bears the hallmark        that a general formula can be found so that
                            of his continuous dedication.                        even one customer's individual need can
                                                                                 benefit others.
                            Kristian's cooperation with Peder Kolind goes as
He demands high-quality     far back as university when he was working in        Enthusiasm for technology
workmanship and his
ambitions are high set.
                            Peder's company at that time, Dansikring. In
Upon encountering a         the spring of 1982 he qualified as an electronics    These characteristics in combination with
problem he is determined    engineer and Peder offered him a job in a new        his general enthusiasm for technology - that
to find the best possible   company that he was considering to set up.           incessantly drives him to be updated on
solution and he never       Kristian agreed and Innovative Business              everything that stirs on the technological
compromises.                Software A/S became a reality.                       front - have had and will always have a huge
                                                                                 significance for the development of
                            Quality, ambition and determination                  Innovative's products. The high demands on
                                                                                 logical structuring of all development ensure
His total reserve of        Kristian has thus been there every step of the       that long-lasting solutions are created and
tidiness is spent on        way - every step leaving a very positive             can be used for a diversity of different
system development.         impression. Kristian is a fiery soul who loves his   customers        with       very   individual
                            job. He demands high-quality workmanship             requirements.
                            and his ambitions are high set. Upon
                            encountering a problem he is determined to           Focus and distraction
                            find the best possible solution and he never
                            compromises. In other words, Kristian imposes        Working in an open office environment has
                            high demands on both himself and his                 never distracted Kristian. When he is
                            colleagues.                                          working on an assignment the world
                                                                                 disappears around him and it is difficult to
                            He is very headstrong about how things should        get his attention. He is deeply absorbed in
                            be done and sticks to his guns. Not that he          creating a stringently structured system all
                            doesn't want to discuss things - quite the           the while his desk is covered in paper and
                            opposite - he is delighted to, and is also open to   new technological gadgets. His total reserve
                            persuasion as long as the argument holds. But        of tidiness is spent on system development.
                            it has to be a strong argument.
                                                                                 The fact that Kristian has chosen to dedicate
                            Stringency and logic                                 his working life so far to Innovative is
                                                                                 probably largely due to his huge influence
                            Stringency and logic not only permeates the          on the company's development. Kristian's
                            way he argues but also characterizes the way         and Innovative's values and norms are one
                            he incorporates the many different                   and the same. Just as Kristian is a significant
                            requirements of our customers into                   part of Innovative, Innovative has also
                            Innovative's standard solutions. He is adamant       become an important part of Kristian.

                                                                                                            25th anniversary       11

              1.000 DKK                         Financial development


                                                                                                           Innovative's financial development
                                                                                                           clearly reflects the different stages
                           8.000                                                                           the company has passed through.
                           6.000                                                                           The graph plainly indicates the
                                                                                                           strong growth of the 80's, then the
                                                                                                           decline in the turnover through the
                                                                                                           90's which first and foremost was
                                                                                                           the result of the handover of a
                                    82/83 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007*     number of big customers to the
                                    Turn over       Result        Trend                * Expectet Result
                                                                                                           sister company in Dallas, as well as
                                                                                                           the major investments that were
                                                                                                           made in the development of

                                                                                                           The positive development in the
                                                                                                           new millennium is driven by two
                                                                                                           important circumstances, partly the
                                                                                                           deliveries in connection with the
                                                                                                           112-emergency services and partly
                                                                                                           the maturing of interVIEW - that in
                                                                                                           the last years has come to play a
                                                                                                           more and more important role for
                                                                                                           an increasing number of customers.

12   25th anniversary

1982-95.                    Innovative's first system -
Central Station System (CSS) - is implemented on an
                                                          1983.                 Together with a German company
                                                          Innovative wins an order for a complete security system
IBM Series/1. The first computer from 1982 has            for the Central Bank in Bagdad. Innovative provides the
256KB RAM and a CPU frequency of approx. ½ MHz.           software and develops a tailor-made alarm handling
Nevertheless, because the I/O cards are intelligent, it   system on IBM Series/1 for the 1200 alarm points of the
can perform impressive things, such as support            bank. Hot stand-by is implemented using a 2 MB local
several users at the same time.                           connection between the main machine and the back-up
                                                          machine, where all disk updates are transferred by
The operating system is called EDX (Event Driven          transaction in real time. The system is integrated with
eXecutive) and the programming language is EDL            the bank's CCTV system. 5 monitors above the operators
(Event Driven Language). It is a language with            show cameras associated with high-priority alarms or
assembler syntax, a good support of multi-tasking         optional camera. The integration with the bank's
and with a small memory load because it is executed       telephone system makes it possible to define and
as compact intermediate code. Gradually, as the           monitor the watchman's rounds by using the bank's
system matures and the customers grow, an                 telephones as stations; during the rounds the watchmen
advanced service-minded and n-tier based                  enter their code on the telephones in the right sequence
architecture is developed internally in the system -      to avoid setting off the alarm. Many of the telephones in
simply to squeeze as much as possible out of the          the bank are related to a monitor so the watchman can
limited amount of RAM. By the end of the system's         ask the system via the telephone to show optional
lifetime, the biggest customer - Brinks - has approx.     camera. Christen and Kristian spend much of their time
250,000 installations on the system, distributed on       in an ugly concrete cellar in Frankfurt implementing,
two machines. One machine is dedicated to the             installing and testing. The Germans deal with the final
handling of alarm/service and the other to invoicing.     installation in Bagdad - at a time where Iranian missiles
At this time the Brinks-machines have 4MB RAM and         occasionally land!
1 MHz CPU. Brinks have more than 30 terminals on
the alarm machine and generate more than 200,000
invoices a month on the invoicing system !
                                                          1984.                Innovative wins a contract to deliver
                                                          a futuristic patient management system to the Dental

                                                          College at the Panum Institute in Copenhagen. The
                     Peder Kolind himself brings back     school has 230 training stations, each with a dental
one of the IBM machines from the USA to Denmark -         chair, a telephone/intercom system (like in Iraq!) and a
without even being stopped through customs! The           ceiling lamp. A sensor in the chair registers when the
machine has a single diskette holding 180KB (no           patient is in place.
disk). Christen is the man in charge of a 110/220V        Big 20-kilo 7-segmented panels in the waiting room and
transformer to bring the machine to life and              in the corridor are used to call patient numbers to chair
subsequently creates Innovative's first PC-alarm          numbers. The dentist trainee can report ready for new
programme in Basic for Brinks USA. (The screen            patient or ask for help by pressing a button on the
update is speeded up with a 32 line assembler - a         intercom. Upon calling for help the chair lamp and the
whole week's work as they have to be entered              group lamps in the corridor turn on so the teacher can
through the debugger!). The system is used for            find way to the caller. All of this is controlled by a single
demonstration in their huge show-truck, which is          sorry IBM PC that has been expanded with several serial
used for introducing their alarm solution in new          ports. The panels required Innovative's first print
cities.                                                   production, built on Christens coffee table at home.

                                                                                                      25th anniversary    13

     1984-2007.                                KTAS (former
     Danish Telecom) establishes the Public AlarmNet and
                                                               1989-1997.                            By the end of the
                                                               1980's IBM has started phasing out the Series/1 and both
     commissions Innovative to develop a PC-alarm              hardware and software have become a limiting factor for
     control centre to receive alarms from this net.           the expansion of the functionalities in CSS. When Peder
     A1Master, written in TurboPascal, is brought to light.    at the same time convinces Westinghouse to enter the
     A new version is fairly quickly developed, A2Master,      alarm market in the USA - where Brinks has the sole
     which can handle a larger number of customers and         rights to CSS - it suddenly becomes a high priority to
     logs and the system is gradually expanded with a          develop a whole new generation of the alarm company
     large number of interfaces for different kinds of         system. The market is investigated to find the best
     recipients and distress calls. For the bigger customers   possible hardware and software platform for the new
     it becomes necessary to develop mutual updating - a       system. The choice falls on Stratus as machine supplier
     method of replicating data between several                due to the high level of built-in fault tolerance with a
     A2Master's via the alarm net and thereby make it          complete hot-swap duplication of CPU, RAM, disks and
     possible for several operators to work on the same        controllers. On each of the two (or 4 or 6) CPU-cards are
     data (also decentrally). The local net gradually gains    2 CPUs that constantly operate synchronously. The logic
     momentum and the alarm net replication expand to          on the card checks whether the two CPUs agree and if
     support this media too. The larger installation           not, the card is automatically taken out of operation and
     typically have 3 -5 A2Masters exchanging data - one       a replacement ordered by courier (!). The partner-card
     particular customer has 30 units in one distributed       that operates in parallel continues the execution with
     solution! The calendar is designed to last far off into   interruption. A flexible (symbol based) 3g-development
     the future, all the way to 2005... Nevertheless it        tool is found in JAM and as a very important ingredient
     becomes necessary to expand this with a few years -       Sybase is chosen as database. Where both CSS and PC-
     there is still one or two machines running in 2007!       alarm centre were based on flat files, innovative now
                                                               enters the fair relational world - and Security Business

                                                               Net (SBN) is born.
                          When Brinks merges its 4 alarm
                                                               After some time both Westinghouse and Securitas Direct
     centres together at the headquarters in Dallas it
                                                               are using the new system, but unfortunately the
     becomes a problem to connect the many recipients
                                                               machines from Stratus prove to offer insufficient
     directly to the Series/1 system. Andreas Jensen from
                                                               performance at prices the customers are willing to pay.
     Innovative therefore develops the first version of the
                                                               As both JAM and Sybase can be found in UNIX it is
     PC concentrator in TurboPascal, which Brinks installs
                                                               relatively easy to move the system to the more open
     on special fail-safe industrial PCs from IBM. It is the
                                                               platform and the customers can now additionally choose
     very same concentrator software that is still used for
                                                               between hardware solutions from e.g. IBM, Sun and HP.
     both SBN and interVIEW!

     1988.                 Innovative takes over the
     maintenance of the 112 (then 000)-system at
     Copenhagen Central Fire Station. The system also
     includes a road database with callout combinations. It
     is developed by Crone and Koch in Pascal/CPM on a
     Rovsing machine. Erik gets a printed copy of the
     source code, a 10-15 cm pile, and can start studying!

14   25th anniversary

1995.                 Innovative is given the task to
deliver a substitution for the 112-system at the
                                                          2001.               The need for a new system to
                                                          receive emergency calls arises because the
Central Fire Station. The first version is based on the   number of emergency call centres is reduced
UNIX servers with Sybase database and Windows             from 40 to only 8. Hence, with Innovative as sub-
clients. Later, the UNIX servers are substituted with     contractor, TDC contracts with the police to
Windows servers.                                          deliver a new system. In cooperation with the
                                                          police and TDC a system with great redundancy

                                                          and flexibility is designed. Each of the 8
                   The DOS based PC Alarm Control         receiving centres gets its own server and all
Centre is becoming obsolete and the UNIX based            servers are logged on to a central server, which
SBN is too big and too heavy to operate on a larger       provides real time distribution of all live data to
scale on the Danish market. Given that Windows is         all servers. The different centres can thus create
becoming mature for 24/7 operation, Innovative            tasks and take over from each other during rush
Denmark takes the consequence and decides to              periods or any breakdown that may occur.
develop a whole new Windows based alarm
handling system - interVIEW - for the European            The system is based on Sybase SQL servers with
market. An adequately simple system to maintain to        Sybase Replication Server to distribute data.
be able to operate in a small single-user installation
but at the same time have the potential to grow and
cover even the requirements of larger control
centres.                                                  2003-                Following the creation of the
                                                          new 112 structure, where all Danish emergency
The experience gained from the Series/1 system and        centres have the possibility to have data
the architecture of SBN's client server means that        transferred from the 112-centres, interVIEW
interVIEW from the very beginning is designed             comes to play a more and more important part
based on n-tier architecture with application servers     at the different emergency centres. The system
as middleware between clients and database.               is continuously upgraded with new functions -
                                                          partly through the further development of the
Borland Delphi is chosen as a development tool, an        system and partly through the integration to 3-
object-oriented version of Turbo Pascal, and Sybase       part products such as video, digital maps, GPS
SQL-Server is the obvious choice because of               navigators, radio systems etc.
Innovative's thorough knowledge of the product -
and its convincing history of operational stability
observed on all SBN-installations.

                                                                                               Brinks 1986-87

                                                                                                25th anniversary   15

                   ADDRESSES 1982-2007
                                                      First business card   First INNOVATIVE logo
         1982:     Snaregade 14, 1205 K

         1987:     Løngangstræde 25, 1468 K

         1992      Sankt Peders Stræde 30 C, 1453 K

         1997:     Stormgade 16, 1470 K

         2002:     Gammeltorv 8, 1457 K

                                    Stormgade 16

                                    Gammeltorv 8

16   25th anniversary
Innovative Business Software A/S

Stormgade 16   - 1470 København K
                                                                             BUSINESS SOFTWARE A/S
                        2                                                3
                       1997                                              2001

                      LOGOS 1982-2007                                                                REFERENCES
                      Some graphic elements have kept up with the
                      development of the company and product logo -
                      the large INNOVATIVE typography, the light blue-          DENMARK                                  SWEEDEN
                      grey colour, and not least the red thread.                                                         Securitas Response AB
                                                                                ALARM 112-reception client:              Securitas Systems AB
                                                                                                                         Svensk BevakningsTjänst AB
                                                                                A/S Storebæltsforbindelsen               NORWAY
                                                                                Beredskabscenter Sydsjælland, Næstved
                                                                                Odense Universitetshospital              Sector Alarm AS
                                                                                Slagelse Centralsygehus                  Securitas AS
                                                                                                                         TUSSA AS
                                                                                Statoil A/S
                                                                                                                         Securitas Alert Services OY
                                                                                                                         ISS Security OY
                                                                                Securitas Teknik AB, Sverige: Datexnet
                                                                                                                         Suomen Turvatiimi OY
                                                                                PUBLIC EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SERVICES
                                                                                A/S Storebæltsforbindelsen               FAROE ISLANDS
                                                                                                                         Tórshavnar Sløkkilið
                                                                                FIRE AND EMERCENCY CENTRES               Faroese Telecom, Færøerne
                                                                                Beredskabscenter Aalborg
                                                                                Fredericia Brand & Redning               GREENLAND
                                                                                Frederikshavn Brandvæsen
                                                                                Gentofte Brandvæsen                      Arctic Sikring ApS
                                                                                Grenå Brandvæsen                         Qaqortoq Vagtservice ApS
                                                                                Næstved Redningsberedskab
                                                                                Odense Brandvæsen                        ITALY
                                                                                Søllerød Brandvæsen                      Securgest S.r.l.
                                                                                Vejle Beredskabcenter
                                                                                Vestegnens Brandvæsen I/S                ESTONIA
                                                                                Århus Brand- og Redningsvæsen            Securitas AS
                                                                                CENTRAL STATIONS
                                                                                Dansikring A/S
                                                                                                                         SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                                                                         Samba Financial Group
                                                                                Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S
                                                                                Det Kongelige Bibliotek
                                                                                NNS Sikring A/S
                                                                                Rednings-Ringen Lemvig
                                                                                Siemens Building Technologies A/S
                                                                                SOS International A/S

                                                                                MILITARY INSTALLATIONS
                                                                                Flyvestation Skrydstrup
                                                                                Hærens Parkområde

                                                                                OTHER ALARM RECEIVING CENTRES
                                                                                Aalborg Sygehus SYD
                                                                                ABA Security A/S
                                                                                Albertslund Kommune
                                                                                AMK Region Syd
                                                                                A/S Dansk Shell, Shell-Raffinaderiet
                                                                                Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
                                                                                Farum Kommune
                                                                                Global Connect A/S
                                                                                Grundfos A/S
                                                                                Ishøj Varmeværk
                                                                                Kolding Kommune
                                                                                KONE A/S
                                                                                Københavns Amts Sygehus i Gentofte
                                                                                Københavns Kommune
                                                                                Københavns Lufthavne A/S
                                                                                NESA A/S
                                                                                NUSA A/S
                                                                                Odense Universitetshospital
                                                                                REKO A/S
                                                                                SOS International A/S
                                                                                Statoil A/S
                                                                                TDC Services, Sikring A/S
                                                                                Vestas Wind Systems A/S
ALARM HANDLING SOFTWARE            1982 - 2007

Gammeltorv 8
1457 Copenhagen K
tel +45 3373 4000
fax +45 3373 4001

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