How To Make A Line Graph 1 by lizzy2008


									                      How to Create a Graph on Microsoft Word

Step 1: On the toolbar, click "Insert", then "Picture", then "Chart"

Step 2: The default graph is a bar graph. To create a line graph, right click the graph and
select "Chart Type"

Step 3: A window will pop up and under the tab "Standard Types", select "Line". To the
left lists "Chart sub-types", click the fourth option which is described as "Line with
markers displayed at each data value". You now have a line graph and you can drag the
corners of the graph to make it bigger or smaller.

Step 4: Use the datasheet to edit the graph's content. Changing the cells directly under
"A-D" will alter labeling on the x-axis. Changing the cells directly to the left of "1-4" will
alter what the lines represent. Change the numbers to input your own data. As you change
the numbers the increments will automatically adjust on the y-axis. You can also add
columns/cells or delete them in the process.

Step 5: Don't forget to label your graph. Right click your chart and click "Chart Options".
A window will pop up and you can label the graph's title, x-axis, and y-axis.

Step 6: You can also edit the legend by double clicking it. A window will pop up and
you can edit the pattern, fot, and placement of the legend.

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