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June 2011 Kaleidoscope - Kendall Elementary School - Indian by jianghongl


									Kendall Kaleidoscope
Principal’s Message                                                                                June 2011

Dear Kendall Families:

June is upon us! It is hard to believe that another exciting year is quickly coming to a close. As I reflect on
the successes of Kendall School, I enjoy being able to express my appreciation to the many contributors of
Kendall Elementary School.

Thank you to our Kendall students for assuming their responsibilities as school citizens. They seize their
learning opportunities and create a positive atmosphere for those around them. Supporting and guiding
them every step of the way are our Kendall staff members. They all work endlessly to meet the needs of
Kendall students. We are fortunate to benefit from each other’s skills, talents and inspiration.

Our parent volunteers have given outstanding support to our school community. Thank you to the PTA
Executive Committee, PTA chairpersons, parents who volunteer in our school and those who are unable to
donate time, but encourage and support others. Kendall is fortunate to have your loyal support and
contributions. My sincere thanks extend to Christine Henderson and Mary Santucci, PTA Presidents, for
their devotion to Kendall School and its students. Their talents and positive spirit have been recognized by
all! Both staff and students feel grateful for the many events, activities, and talents sponsored and shared
through PTA and their leadership.

As this year comes to a close, we look forward to the future of our school. Summer months are full of
academic planning and leadership for 2011-2012. We look forward to welcoming our newest Patriots and
our returning students in August. Until then, I wish you a wonderful summer break filled with tons of fun!
Please remember that our school listserv and district e-news is another way to stay in tune with the many
happenings at Kendall and in our district.


Lena Guerrieri


   Beginning with our NEXT (September 2011) issue, Kendall’s monthly
     newsletter will be available to read ONLY on Kendall’s website.

                              KENDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                          2408 Meadow Lake Drive Naperville, IL 60564
   Main Phone: 630-428-7100 Attendance Line: 630-428-7100 #3 On the web:
               Kendall PTA - together making a difference in the lives of our children.
Kendall Kaleidoscope                                                                            Page 2

PTA Presidents’ Message                              Heartfelt appreciation goes out
Dear Patriot Families,                               to:

As we reach the end of 2010-11 school year, I          •	

 Julie Fulgaro and Adrienne Slinkman for all
would like to introduce our newly elected                   of your hard work in making Teacher
2011-12 PTA Executive Board:                                Appreciation Week a HUGE success!

 Christine Henderson (Co-President)             •	

 Nikki Shafer and Peggy Cibulka for once

 Vicky Chow (Co-President)                           again getting our school supply kits

 Karen Rush (Vice President)                         organized and ordered for next year.

 Nina Vittori and Beth Mikuta for organizing

 Kim Wallensack (Vice President)
                                                            and implementing the 5th Grade Fond

 Kimberly Karshen (Treasurer)
                                                            Farewell celebration this year.

 Christy Russell (Secretary)

 Monica Sampias for her hard work in
                                                            putting our newsletter together on a
I would also like to take this opportunity to
                                                            monthly basis. You did a great job once
thank my Co-President, Christine Henderson for
                                                            again this year!
all of her hard work and dedication to Kendall
School. She has been an absolute pleasure to
work with this year! Thanks also to Mrs.
Guerrieri and all of the Kendall staff for all you      News from the Office
do to support our PTA. You made this year feel
like a true partnership. A special thank you to         Summer Office Hours
Mrs. Swanson and Mrs. Bruner for the countless          Monday through Thursday
times you helped us out this year.                      8:00 am – 3:30 pm
                                                        Lunch 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Finally, a heartfelt thank you goes out to ALL          Schedules shift around occasionally. It is
parent volunteers that took part in various             a good idea to phone first.
PTA activities this year. We couldn’t do the
things we do as a PTA without your                      Daycare
willingness to pitch in and help out --wherever         Do you offer daycare in your home?
and whenever needed. Thanks for all you do              Would you like to be added to our
to make Kendall such a great place for all of           2011-2012 daycare provider lists? Please
our kids!                                               contact the school office @
Wishing you all a very safe and happy summer!
                                                        Are You Moving?
Kind regards,                                           Please contact the office as soon as
Mary Santucci                                           possible if you know that you will be
PTA Co-President                                        moving out of the Kendall attendance
                                                        area at the end of the school year.
   Kendall Kaleidoscope                                                                              Page 3

My Day as Principal                                              Birthday Book Club
By Collin Hoffman
                                                                 Once again, thanks to all the students who have
I got to be Principal for a Day. Here’s how my day went.         donated books to the LMC this year! Have fun
                                                                 reading this summer!
First, I said the morning announcements and got to say
the Pledge of Allegiance with two fifth graders. I got to        Lilly Cisneros-Zombiekins
say the Pledge of Allegiance to the whole school. I              Ethan Cohen-Sports Illustrated Kids - All Access
handed out birthday pencils to Mrs. Swanson and a                Liam Gibson-8 spinning Planets
teacher. Mrs. Swanson was really happy that the                  Christopher Hall-Pirates of the Caribbean - At
Principal for a Day got to give her a birthday pencil.           World's End
                                                                 Jacob Hall-Awesome Facts
Second, me and Mrs. Guerrieri got to check email and             Ally Henderson-Oh the places you'll Go
voice message. Mrs. Guerrieri gets up to 200 emails a            Erin Korinek-Ivy+ Bean - What's the Big Idea?
day and 40-60 emails and hour!                                   Megan Korinek-Ramona the Pest
                                                                 Nate Kuper-The Sea of Monsters
Third, I visited some classes to see if they were learning       Aleks Lazic-A to Z Mysteries The Absent Author
and having good behavior. All classes we saw were doing          Stephanie Martin-Mr. Hynde is out of His Mind!
great.                                                           Connor Muldoon-Big Book of Why
                                                                 Madeleine Muldoon-The Clue of the Broken
Fourth, I met and worked with the lunch ladies. I went to        Locket
fourth and kindergarten’s lunches to help and work with          Nivedita Pai-The Search for Wondla
them. All the fourth graders were giving me knuckles and         Adam Rappe-Alex Rider - Scorpia Rising 6-15
high fives. They even wanted to look at my Principal for         Natalie Rappe-Charlotte's Web
a Day pass. I went through the teacher’s lounge to get           Shannon Selby-Tornado
from the office to the lunchroom and from the lunchroom          Connor Sheriff-I Broke My Trunk!
to the office. It was just quicker to go that way. I was         Caitlin Slinkman-The Mysterious Benedict Society
allowed to go through the teacher’s lounge. It smelled           and the Prisoners Dilemma
nice in the teacher’s lounge.                                    Joshua Slinkman-Abner and Me
                                                                 Maddie Slinkman-Sneakers, the Seaside Cat
Fifth, I stamped all the Accelerated Reader certificates         Kush Soni-Miracles on Maple Hill
with Mrs. Guerrieri’s name. The points went up to 200            Miranda Sroka-The Seasons
points by one person. I was really amazed. I saw some            Erin Sweeney-Peeps-A Candy Coated Tale
familiar names. I don’t do Accelerated Reader so I didn’t        Morgan Sweeney-Pinkalicious (Reader 1)
see my name. I only did the stamping because Mrs.                Hailey Wang-Mackenzie Blue Friends Forever
Guerrieri didn’t have any time to stamp the Accelerated
Reader papers.                                                   To become a BBC member, just donate a
                                                                 hardcover book to the LMC in honor of your
Principals normally only snack during the day, but we            birthday. If you have a question regarding the
ordered McDonalds.                                               Birthday Book Club program please contact Heidi
                                                                 Holm @ (630) 904-2801 or
Last, I did this whole entire paper. I did all this stuff in 6
or 7 hours. It was an awesome day.
 Kendall Kaleidoscope                                                                             Page 4

Grant Recipients                                       Our Thank You to Volunteers is
Kendall School would like to congratulate second
grade teachers, Mrs. Julie Breese and Mrs. Lynda       The LMC staff would like to THANK those of you who
Field for each receiving an IPEF, Indian Prairie       volunteered in the LMC this year. Our LMC program
Education Fund grant.                                  could not run efficiently without you! Our volunteers
                                                       have cheerfully performed tasks such as checking in,
Mrs. Breese’s grant is for a project called Clear      cleaning and shelving books, creating bulletin boards
Chat. Her grant money will pay to purchase             and displays, copying student material, and assisting
Logitech Clear Chat Headphones with microphones        students at the checkout station. We really appreciate
that minimize background noises. The headphones        your consistent attendance and constant help.
will enhance the Audacity computer program and
will allow students to record and save their           We sincerely hope that you enjoyed the time you spent
personal readings. Teachers, as well as students       in the LMC and will return to assist us again next year.
will have an opportunity to listen to the recordings   You deserve a break…have a relaxing summer!
at a later date and review the rate, accuracy and
prosody of the readings to assist in building fluent   Mrs. Gutmann & Mrs. Schweiger

Mrs. Field’s grant is for a project called Words       A Special Thank You
Their Way. Her grant money will allow her to
purchase two sets of manuals for Words Their Way.      The 2nd grade team would like to thank Lizzie's
Words Their Way is a research based, differentiated    Garden for providing flowers at a discounted cost for
word study program that integrates phonics,            our Mother's Day Tea. The impatiens were beautiful!
vocabulary, and spelling to improve literacy skills.   Lizzie's is a local business located at 24254 W. 111th
These skills will ultimately transfer to all subject   Street and has quality plants of all kinds. Please keep
areas. The grant will also allow her to take an on-    Lizzie's Garden in mind when planning your flower
line workshop course that will help her master the     pots and gardens.
methodology of this approach for her students and
to coach her team toward the successful use of         IPPC Meeting April 21, 2011
Words Their Way. The second grade team will
implement this curriculum in Fall 2011.                Stan Gorbatkin, Director of Technology Services
                                                       We can move forward with 1.2 million in technology
Yearbooks Still Available                              upgrades. Last year everything was put on hold.
                                                       Dr. Kathy Birkett, Superintendent
If you didn't order a yearbook with your child's       Residency: thousands of dollars are eaten up in the
picture package, or would like another one, we have    district by people who are attending our schools
a limited supply of extras. Please send a check        illegally. Right now, the district is doing checks with
made out to Kendall School for $11.00. Put it in an    the 5th and 8th graders to prove residency.
envelope with yearbook written on it along with        The Kids Activity Fair was a huge success. There
your child's name and class.                           were 41 vendors and over 400 people attended.

                                                       Christy Russell
                                                       IPPC Representative
 Kendall Kaleidoscope                                                                                          Page 5

Staff Appreciation Week is a Success!
We celebrated our Kendall teachers and staff with a week long event. Our week started with breakfast and
ended with desserts with a lot of terrific lunches in between, including celebrating Cinco de Mayo! We had a
lot of great giveaways and gift cards as well. This week was very eventful and could not have been done
without all the hard work and generosity of our volunteers and local businesses.

The following businesses were so kind to donate to our event and offer discounts.
Ulta                           Houlihans
Michael Graham                 Starbucks-Showplace
Tommy Nevins                   Vita Bella Pizza
Heavenly Massage               McDonalds Rt. 59
Lily Pad Papers / Erin Nieman Cookie Lee / Lisa Pye
Silpada / Stacey Racey         Mimi’s Cafe
La Hacienda                    Power of Om Yoga
Big Apple Bagels               Tastefully Simple / Pam George
Naperville Running Store       Lululemon
Biaggi’s                       Kendall PTA
Market Day                     Nail Works
Pompeii Little Italy           Zen
Limestone Brewery

Most important are our Kendall family volunteers, who donated food, gift baskets, gift cards, water, plates,
napkins, utensils, assisted in getting donations and donated THEIR TIME!

Many Thanks to:
Desma Rozovics                   Kelli Brouder           Kori Bird
Ali Dose                         Shannon Lewis           Cheryl Formento
Jen Cisneros                     Laurie Korniek          Marilyn Maxime
Andrea Galvin                    Nikki Shaffer           Lisa Hanneman
Rachel Bodily                    Erin Nieman             Rohini Trehan
Lisa Pye                         Teresa O’Donnell        Debbie Miller
Becky Webber                     Jennifer Sheriff        Maria Brown
Anne Wang                        Julie Thompson          Shelli Mannisto
Christy Cobb                     Maura Finnerty          Nina Vittori
Dawn Muldoon                     Paula Davie             Mary Santucci
Karen Rush                       Mugdha Khadilkar        Laurie Cottrill
Suzanne Storoe                   Kathy Shepherd          Heidi Holm
Christy Russell                  Marci Mitchell          Brenda Murray
Audrey Dabareiner                Mary Sorensen           Michelle Ward
Christine Stohmeyer              Christine Kinkade       Nancy Villareal
Jyoti Limaye                     Michelle Nash           Tanja Bellis
Patty Feehan                     Donna Tipton

We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and time to help make Staff Appreciation Week such a big

It was our pleasure to have been in charge of this event. It has really proven what a GREAT school Kendall
is and what a GREAT community we live in.

JulieAnn Fulgaro & Adrienne Slinkman
 Kendall Kaleidoscope                                                                              Page 6

Market Day

We’d like to thank everyone who supported our Market Day sales this year!! Please look for your June
order guide to come home soon, July order forms will be available for pickup in our school office or you
can visit to place your order today!

June brings one of the biggest sales of the year from Market Day, with over $50 in savings plus up to 60%
off web-only clearance items!

For June:
or you can place your order on-line @ through Saturday, June 18th @ 11pm
MARKET DAY PICK-UP IS: Wednesday, June 22nd, 6-7pm in the Kendall Gym
For July:
or you can place your order on-line @ through Saturday, July 16th @ 11pm
MARKET DAY PICK-UP IS: Wednesday, July 20th, 6-7pm in the Kendall Gym

If you are interested in volunteering just one hour of your time, please consider volunteering for Market
Day. Each month we raffle two Market Day gift certificates and each time you volunteer, your name goes
into that raffle! Our school sales our Wednesday, June 22nd and July 20th and we need volunteers on both
these days from 5-6pm.
For information on the Market Day program or to volunteer your time, please contact the Market Day
chairperson...Christine Henderson (630)922-5424 or Laurie Korinek, (630)922-9926.

Welcome to Kendall!
Zsofia Fiordaliso, 2nd Grade, recently moved from Elk Grove Village to the Clow Creek Subdivision

Office  of  Leadership  Services  
Phone:  630.375.3020    Fax:  630.375.3004  

                     Indian Prairie School District 204
                        L ast Student A ttendance Day
                       ST U D E N T Dismissal Schedule
        E arly C hildhood
           o Last day is Monday, June 6, 2011

        E lementary
            o Grades Kindergarten 5
                    Last day is Tuesday, June 7, 2011
                    Dismissal at 10:10 AM
            o Kindergarten H A L F D A Y O N L Y
                    Last day is Monday, June 6, 2011

        M iddle School
           o Grade 8
                    Last day is Monday, June 6, 2011
           o Grades 6 7
                    Last day is Tuesday, June 7, 2011
                    Dismissal at 9:35 AM

        H igh School
           o Last day is Tuesday, June 7, 2011
                    Indian Plains School
                          Dismissal at 9:30 AM
                    Neuqua Valley Gold Campus
                          Dismissal at 8:55 AM
                    Neuqua Valley Blue / Metea Valley / Waubonsie Valley
                          Dismissal at 9:00 AM

     P R E P A R I N G    A L L    S T U D E N T S    T O    S U C C E E D   
                                    Crouse  Education  Center  
                              P.O.  Box  3990,  Naperville,  IL  60567  
                phone:  630 375                    375                     


Dear  Parent/Guardian:    
POSITIVE   STUDENT   ACCOUNTS   BALANCES   will   follow   the   student   to   the   next  
school   year   as   long   as   they   remain   in   District   204   schools.      Seniors   or   students  
transferring   out   of   District   204   can   request   a   refund   or   transfer   the   money   to  
another  student  account.    
NEGATIVE   STUDENT   ACCOUNT   BALANCES   must   be   paid   in   full   by   June   7,   2011.  
Accounts   with   negative   balances   after   that   date   will   be   sent   to   the   District’s  
collection  agency.    
Student   accounts   can   be   brought   current   by   sending   cash   or   check   to   the   school  
your  student  is  attending.  Checks  should  be  made  payable  to:  Indian  Prairie  School  
District  204.  
If   you   cannot   meet   the   June   7th   deadline   or   have   any   questions/concerns,   please  
contact  the  Office  of  Support  Services,  (630)  375-­‐3077.    
You   can   also   register   online   at   free   of   charge.   On  
MealpayPlus  you  will  be  able  to  view  or  manage  your  student’s  account,  and  set  up  a  
low   balance   alert   that   will   be   emailed   directly   to   you.      If   you   choose   you   can   also  
make  payments  onto  your  student’s  account  for  a  small  processing  fee.    
REFUNDS   &   TRANSFERS   BETWEEN   STUDENT   ACCOUNTS   can   be   requested  
online  at  (School  Lunches)  or  by  contacting  the  account  help  desk  at  

Karla Zozulia

Karla  Zozulia  
Director  of  Support  Services  

       P R E P A R I N G    A L L    S T U D E N T S    T O    S U C C E E D   
                                      Crouse  Education  Center  
                                P.O.  Box  3990,  Naperville,  IL  60567  
                  phone:  630–375–                  –375–                    


                                             Is your bright child
                                                with reading?
        Your child may have 20/20 eyesight, but could still have a vision problem that
        makes it hard to learn.

        What signs should I look for?

            !   Child dislikes reading                !   Difficulty remembering what has been read
            !   Skips or rereads lines                !   Difficulty paying attention, ADD/ADHD
            !   Eyestrain, headaches                  !   Blurry vision, squinting, rubbing eyes
            !   Prefers to be read to                 !   Number/letter reversals such as “b” and “d”
            !   Loss of place when reading            !   Confuses similar words or letters
            !   Frequent careless errors              !   Homework takes longer than it should

        If your child has one or more of the above symptoms, he or she may have a
        learning-related vision problem. Eliminate Doubt! Call us today to schedule a
        free vision screening for your child.
* Kendall PTA does not endorse any advertisers. Please contact the vendor directly for more information.
                      THANK YOU TO ALL OUR ADVERTISERS!

• Reflects the recommendations of the National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics
• Aligned with school Math curriculums
• Only program that includes a critical thinking curriculum, providing your child
  an advantage in state testing and later on the SAT and ACT tests
• Individualized instruction
• Highest quality, colorful, kid-friendly materials
• Helps your child to become self-motivated and independent

   Diagnostic Testing & Registration
            Must present coupon, no duplicates, new students only.

Naperville • 24117 103rd St.                                         NEW CENTER
  Phone: 630-355-3334
                                                                      Coming Soon!
               Visit for more information
    * Kendall PTA does not endorse any advertisers. Please contact the vendor directly for more information.
                          THANK YOU TO ALL OUR ADVERTISERS!

Your Custom View
Creative Custom
Home Fabric Furnishings
Specializing in:
Custom Draperies
Valances & Cornices
Light Upholstery
Pillows, Table runners & accessories

      By Brenna Malone
        4040 Jersey Court
        Naperville, IL 60564
        Clow Creek Subdivision



                                  C enter for M ath and E nglish
                  Instructions by C ertified T eachers                  A ll G rade-relevant and ISA T topics

                  Pre-K to 9th Grade materials                         Supplements School Curriculum

                  M ath - A nalytical and Word                          Build confidence and solid foundation
                                                                       ISAT Workshops for current students
                  English - Comprehension, Grammar,
                  and Vocabulary                                       Small class size

        Phone:         630-585-M A T H (A urora)                      2 Locations in A urora/ Naperville!!
                       630-579-M A T H (Naperville)
        W eb:
        E mail:                                        No Contracts!!
        * Kendall PTA does not endorse any advertisers. Please contact the vendor directly for more information.
                                     1                2                  3    4
                                                            Field Day
                                         Field Day          Rain Date

                                                          PTA 5th Grade
                                                          Event 6:30-8pm

 5    6             7                8                9                 10   11

          LAST DAY OF

12   13            14               15               16                 17   18

19   20            21               22               23                 24   25

                        PTA Market Day
                         Pickup in Gym

26   27            28               29               30

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"#!                             "$!                                        F8)(!$!                                     M!                                                                                   "!
            !                         %&'()*+!,-./0!102*3/!45!                  *@+-?(!A'.2)!62*(!B-4?!                                     '                                                                                !
            !                          6(78*(7!189.'!1:'8;!                      4514((0!D!1-8'!1.8*(!!!!!!!!!!! ,-"2*':.%0#'9-067*#'B%??&'                                                                              %>+((/(!!
       !*1".0%2'3%&'               420+!-'!420+-80!1.8/.9(!<.00:!                                                             "#'%',-"2*':.%0#'C)#''
                                                                                     420+!-'!420+-80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                  !<2NN.!
            '                                    ='!                             B.3(7!<-;*-')!>+2*3()!!                                   -'!                                                                              ='!
        4"'56-""2!                     >+2*3()!>.(/.'!1.?.7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!              ='!                                 %L.*.'-)2!D!>+((/(!                                                                  ,8'3(:!>-')!O-9!
                                         45@+-?(!A'.2)!6-??!                        G.HC8'9('!-)!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 45@+-?(!A'.2)!6-??!                                                                              !
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                                         B.3(7!>8'?:!&'2(/!                                   !                                     B*%+'8'9%.."?+'                                                                        &'820!
                                       &'(/+!='.)9(!@(79(/!                        ='2()0.?!I(9(0.C?(/!                         9-022*$'DEE2*+%)6*'                                                                          !
                                                   !                                >+2??(7!<(.*+(/!                                        !                                                                                !
                                                   !                                 &-'08)(!>--32(!                                        !                                                                     A'.C!D!A-!&8)!E8)*+!
                                       A'.C!D!A-!&8)!E8)*+!                       A'.C!D!A-!&8)!E8)*+!                         A'.C!D!A-!&8)!E8)*+!                                                              G.H!1.)742*+!-)!@+-?(!
                                 ().7*&'8'9-**+*',-"2*':.%0#'                %E-4!189.'!>('(.?!D!10'2)9!                   %B.3(7!,-/020-/!1*--;/!45!                                                             A'.2)!B'(.7!45P)2H.?!
                                    5);'<=:.%-%1'9.%67*.+>'                                                                 >+(77.'!>+((/(!D!1.?/.J!
                                                                              >+((/(J!A'.+.H!>'.*3('/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                             >'.*3('/J!B.C:!>.''-0/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    9-022*$'/.)0?'8'/.)0?'@)06*'                      D!&'(/+!&'820!                        B.C:!>.''-0/!D!&'820!F82*(!                                                               D!>+2??(7!&'820!
                                                   '                                          !                                             '                                                                                !
                                           9-"06*'"A'!027'                            >+-2*(!-K!L2?3!                               9-"06*'"A'!027!                                                                   >+-2*(!-K!L2?3!
Q!                              S!                                                          '''                                             '                                                                                '
  B.3(7!@+-?(!A'.2)!>+2*3()!                       !                                        '                                               '                                                                                '
 R899(0/!!45@+-?(!A'.2)!6-??!                      !                                        '                                ''C%2%#6*$'9-"06*+'!*%2+!.'(!                                                         F)#6-'!*%2'B.06*+K'
             ='!                        F%+?'3%&'"A'56-""2'                                                                 H(.?!*-HC2).02-)/!0+.0!H((0!                                                            <.27!E8)*+U!!VMTMW!
                                                                                'H(-0+'1*#)'0?*1'0+'                       ;'(*2/(!)80'202-)!/0.)7.'7/!0+.0!
        >+(K         !                             '                                                                                                                                                              6(78*(7!E8)*+U!!V#TX#!
              !                           C.*%7A%+?'G#2&'                      '%'I*J*?%.0%#'"E?0"#'''''                 ()7-'/(!+(.?0+:!(.02)9!9827(?2)(/!                                                         @+20(!L2?3U!!V#TX#!
                                                                                              !                        K-'!/087()0/T!!C9'1*%2+'%.*'0#';"2$ !
          I(9(0.C?(!                               !                                                                                                                                                              >+-*-?.0(!L2?3!U!!V#TW#!
            &'820!                                                                                                                                                                                          '
                     !                                                       !

                                                    *Soybutter & G rape Jelly Sandwich offered daily'


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