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									Craig Oxford*1011 Appleway Rd* Grandview, Wa. 98930
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 ₪ …Facility Manager….. .Mentor in charge of personnel and equipment
 ₪ Experienced in National/International residential/commercial construction….
 ₪ Project Manager…Business Development Manager .
 ₪ Recruited/supervised multi-disciplinary subcontractor teams….
 ₪ Coordinated high impact projects from concept through completion….
 ₪ Developed/implemented strategic plans/cost effective project solutions….
 ₪ Articulate….Persuasive….Motivated/motivator….High achiever….Results


 Licensed Construction Contractor - Wa State          #craigoco90pu      1991 - 2008
 Licensed Pesticide/Structural Pest applicator/Inspector –Wa State #78562 - 2009 - 2014
 Civil Engineer # 1151922
 Equipment Maintenance & Repair Certification, Administrator License, Wa State
 Diesel Power Generation & Maintenance Workshop, CAT-Perkins
 Combat Life Saver & Field Medic Training, DynCorp International
 ICBO Code Specialist Program training certificate

Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico,                               MEXICO CITY, MEXICO
   o Bachelor of Civil Engineering Degree , 10/1989
   o GPA: 3.0

Professional History:

Arkel International.                                         Baton Rouge LA 2009-2010
   o   Project Manager for Australian Defence Force projects Oruzgan Province Afghanistan Train Kowt.
   o   Started and successfully completed several large construction projects, generating 2.8million in
       sales revenue in 3 months.
   o   Generating a million dollar side sales line of reinforced concrete barriers for the Australian
       Defence Force. Project details include, large commercial buildings –tent, steel, concrete block,
       bathroom facilities, well, sewer systems, roads with drainage, power distribution systems.
WarComp Inc ;                                      Fort Worth Texas 2010-
  o In charge of Expat construction project review. Procurement, plan review, RFI,
    and project scheduling.
  o In charge of logistics from Kabul to Khost for project implementation.
  o In charge of over all plan implementation and project development.
   o The project included several large cast in place concrete buildings with plumbing,
     sewer, electrical and security systems. New total project site civil development,
     and single housing units.

LOCKHEED MARTIN,                                                   VIRGINIA WDC
                                                           KABUL , AFGHANISTAN
 Chief Facilities Maintenance Manager:                                    2007 - 2009
    o Managed two self-sustaining/contained 500-man training camps….Directed 520
   Personnel involving ground maintenance custodial, vehicle maintenance, heavy equipment
       repair and fleet maintenance ; sewage….Provided O&M maintenance
   Operations/life support services….
    o Directed maintenance, scheduling, dispatch operations of a 66-vehicle fleet….
   Diagnosed/repaired vehicle damage….Optimized fleet utilization….
    o Directed the operation/maintenance of several 1.2 meg Caterpillar generators
   supplying power to multiple compounds/facilities/locations…. Diesel trucks and gasoline
   International Building/Construction code compliance….
    o Collaborated with Contract Managers/Contractors….Conducted subcontractor
    o Supervised subcontractor performance on all construction/maintenance contracts….
   Guaranteed performance quality/contract code compliance….Ensured project
   Milestones/goals are met per management/contract requirements….
New Projects: Project Manager in charge of construction and sub contractor control.
   • Projects included 500 single housing units
   • 20 new steel commercial buildings for office and warehouse
   • Sewer treatment facility on site
   • Septic system facility on site
   • Power distribution and power generation system
   • Road construction and parking lots
   • Side walks,
   • Site lighting and security systems for (5) 30-100 acre facilities
   • Institutional buildings such as DFAC ( 3 – 500 seat DFAC for 3 meals a day + midnight)
   • Fire hydrants and fire protection and alarm systems on US Government for projects
      being financing and operated on Government money.

DYNCORP INTL                                                 AD DIWANIYAH IRAQ
Camp Facility Maintenance Manager:                                                      2006 -
o     Collaborated with the US Corp of Engineers/Iraqi local authority for project controls.
o     Structured project proposals in accordance with all UFSG/international
  codes….Developed statements of work/project plans….Met Supervisory Authority
   o Strategized/developed/launched an Electrical Malfunction Prevention process….
  Standardized/integrated/documented multi-facility ground procedures/protocols in all
  Statements of work, which became the prototype used to eliminate electrocution
  Fatalities on all Afghanistan-based INL compounds….
INSURANCE                CONTRACTOR              -     GRANDVIEW                           GRANDVIEW,
General       Contractor:                    (CRAIGOCO90PU)               Wa                    1991-2008

      oBuilt/managed commercial/residential/insurance contracting operation….
      oContracted/executed numerous statewide commercial/residential/municipal projects
    ranging from $2000 to $1 million….Achieved/sustained an exemplary safety/
    contract performance track record….
    o Maintained a fleet of dump trucks, backhoe, tracks, loaders, trailers, ………
     o Oversaw/executed a $520,000 - 300,000 square foot commercial grocery outlet….
    Designed/built project….
     o CDL license and bus endorsement for farm use ….
    Directed multi-disciplinary subcontractor teams….Achieved on-time/under budget
    projector completion within all designated building codes….
     o Secured licensing/building permits….Completed 10,000 design/build/renovation
    projects ranging from $2000 to $1 million within state licensing/bonding
      o Specialty buildings include pre engineered buildings, K-pan, and antennas. Site assembly

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT –                                                           TOLUCA MEXICO
Facility   and Construction Manager                                               1985-1991
    •       In charge of maintenance department Metepec
    •       In charge of Toluca Office building renovations and construction
    o       Managed roads and facility construction for Estado de Mexico Toluca
ASAL CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING INC                                                 SEATTLE WASH
Facility   construction Manager                                                    1974- 1985
    o       Bid Manager
    o       In charge of union lead government projects 1-10 million
    o       Built 5 major projects in the North West Region Washington State- Oregon.

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