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TALKNNHSHuskie Howler_ April 8_ 2012 - Links to Schools


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									                                                            April 8, 2012
                                     If you have questions about any item on this site, or other concerns,
                           please contact Kevin Pobst, Principal, at 630-420-6484 (kpobst@naperville203.org) or
                   his Administrative Assistant, Chris Wolstenholm at 630-420-6484 (cwolstenholm@naperville203.org).

This Week
Home and School Meeting, Tues, April 10, 9 AM, Rm 108; this month’s guest presentation from District 203 Technology Department.
School, Family, Community Partnership (SFCP), Tues, April 10, 7 PM, Library; features presentations on the Common Core Standards
and the implementation process at NNHS/D203.

Prom 2012, April 28—Ticket Sales begin April 10
This year’s NNHS Prom will be held on Saturday, April 28, from 5:30 to 10:30 PM, at Bobak’s Signature Events at Seven Bridges.
Ticket prices are as follows: If purchased between April 10-13, $60 single/$120 couple: April 16-20, $70/$140. From April 10-20 these
tickets can be purchased in the Large Cafeteria during lunch hours. On April 23 & 24 tickets will be sold for $80/$160; April 25 & 26
$90/$180; April 27 $100/$200. From April 23-27, tickets can only be purchased in the Student Activities Office, Rm 165.
A Guest Pass must be filled out and signed before a ticket can be purchased. We have two different guest passes. One is for a guest coming
from another high school and the other is for a guest not in high school. No guest may be over the age of 20 years. Guest Pass registration
forms are available on North’s website.
“MR. NNHS” 2012, April 11, 7 PM
Mr. NNHS is an annual male pageant dedicated to celebrating the talent and uniqueness of the senior class. The evening is comprised of 8-10
contestants competing in several portions. The boys will present a special talent, strut their style during swimwear and formalwear, dance to
a choreographed number, and participate in Q/A. Throughout the evening, the contestants will be assessed by our staff and faculty judges.
The Mr. NNHS crown will be awarded at the end of the evening. Presale on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during lunch periods at $4; $5
at the door on Wednesday evening

Intramural Basketball Update
The Intramural Basketball Tournament will begin play on Monday, April 16—not April 9. Each team will be contacted next week with a
schedule of play—dates and times. Thank you to all those who will be competing!

To All Future Huskie Freshmen, Activities and Athletics „Jamboree,‟ April 23
On Monday April 23, 2012 Naperville North High School will host the Freshman Jamboree, a program designed to inform all incoming
freshman and their parents of extra-curricular opportunities available for the Class of 2016. The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. in our
Contest Gym. Please park in the West parking lot and enter through Door #19. After a brief program in the Contest Gym, students and their
parents will be free to meet with club/athletic sponsors, and talk to students who are currently involved with various organizations. This will
take place in our Fieldhouse. Attending this program is an excellent way for prospective students and their parents to ―get a feel‖ for NNHS
as well as the many opportunities we have for young people. We hope you will join us on April 23 at 6:00 p.m. until 8:00pm. If you have
any questions, feel free to contact the Student Activities Office (Dean of Student Activities, Jennifer Baumgartner) at Naperville North High
School at 420-6821.

Help NCTV17 Tell Naperville‟s Story
As part of NCTV17’s year-long 25th Anniversary celebration, starting at midnight on May 2, you can be a part of the making of ―Our Story.‖
For the next 24 hours everyone in Naperville is invited to participate in the creation of a community-wide documentary modeled after Ridley
Scott's Life in a Day documentary (http://www.youtube.com/user/lifeinaday Grab your phone camera, camcorder, or digital camera between
12:00 AM and 11:59 PM on Wednesday, May 2nd and capture a moment in your day. It may be a run in the park with your pal or practicing
the piano or catching the morning train. You can record part of an event or activity that makes you happy or something that brings a tear to
your eye. Tape a moment that showcases who you are or what you love about Naperville. Record something organized or something
spontaneous. It's all good - as long as you record it on May 2nd and upload your video to NCTV17.com! NCTV17’s award-winning production
team will review all the submissions and edit the media together into a stunning testimony to a day in the life of Naperville. Be a part of
creating Our Story: one day, one community, thousands of moments! The documentary will premier in the fall. As May 2nd approaches,
watch for detailed directions for uploading your recorded moments to our website. For more information, visit www.NCTV17.com.

Important Sports Physical Change
District 203 and Edward Hospital will not be offering the Athletic Physical Assessment Program this school year due to the increasing number
of options available for obtaining sports physicals. Please schedule your sports physicals with your own physician or through the resources
listed below. Edward’s Immediate Care locations in Bolingbrook and Oswego offer Sports Physicals on a walk-in basis from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00
p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. year-round. Physicals are $35 each, payable at time of
service for Junior High and High School students. Parents must accompany their children to these physicals. The two facilities are Edward
Immediate Care at either 130 N. Weber Rd, Bolingbrook, 630-646-5770 or 6701 US Hwy 34 (Orchard Rd and Rt 34), Oswego, 630-646-4200.
For those families seeking a physician, Edward offers family practice physicians at several convenient locations in Naperville. Visit
EdwardMedicalGroup.org or call 630-527-EMG1 (3641) to find a physician. If you require additional assistance to arrange a physical, please
contact the school nurse in your building--Naperville North, 630 420-6850. Here are several other options for Sports Physicals in the area:
(Please call to confirm cost) Central DuPage Immediate Care: 636 Raymond Dr, Naperville, 630-416-2300; Walgreen’s - Take Care Clinic,
3035 Book Rd.(95th & Book Rd.), Naperville, 1-866-825-3227, Target – Quality Care Clinic, 28201 Diehl Rd., Warrenville, 630-657-5555

Informational Session for Low-Income Students Planning to attend an Institution of Higher Learning in 2012-13
DuPage County Community Services, in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, is sponsoring the
Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Scholarship Program this year for low-income and disadvantaged persons in DuPage County. For
students who are attending an institution of higher learning OR a vocational school in 2012-13, please plan to attend a short informational
session on April 19, from 6:15 PM – 7:30 PM in the Jack Knuepfer Administration Building at 421 North County Farm Road in Wheaton.
People attending must phone 630-407-6500 or 800-942-9412 to secure a seat . This session will review the scholarship program, provide
other funding resources, and share tips on seeking out and applying for scholarships. In this tight economy, the Department of Community
Services realizes how important it is to locate funds to start or complete a college or vocational education. The scholarship application and
instructions have been posted on the county website at: http://www.dupageco.org/Content.aspx?id=1767&terms=CSBG.

North “Flags” 2012 - 2013 Try-Outs Scheduled
Color Guard (Fall Marching Band) and Winter Guard (Northern Lights)
Required parent meeting, April 17, 7 PM, Rm 108.
Clinic dates: April 23, 3:30-5:30 PM, Small Café; April 24, 3:30-6:30 PM; April 25, 3:30-6:30 PM.
Try-out Date: April 26, 3:30-5:30 PM, Small Café.
The NNHS Flags squads are open to all students.

Parent Survival Guide—Don‟t Throw Out Your Old One
The 2012-2013 edition of the Parent Survival Guide will be posted electronically by mid-summer; it will only be provided in a hard-copy
format to the families of incoming freshmen and transfer students (and to those who do not have electronic access and request a hard copy).
Therefore, we recommend to everyone who has a hard copy of the 2011-2012 guide to keep their hard copy—it will be 80%+ accurate. The
only major changes will be the names of personnel who have changed positions.

Power of Choice Student Survey, April 11
The five Naperville-Aurora high schools work with the Power of Choice organization to annually survey our students about their perceptions of
the prevalence of unhealthy behaviors among the youth of Naperville-Aurora. The survey is conducted during the ―First Class‖ sections on a
Late Arrival day—this year, April 11. This year’s edition is similar to past year’s though some additional types of illegal drugs have been
added to the survey to accompany the standard tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana questions. If a parent would prefer that their student not
take the survey a form may be accessed at this link that the student can bring to the Principal’s office to allow them to ―opt out.‖ We value
the information the surveys provide about the patterns of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use among our students. Having that data available so
that we can identify patterns over time, enables the schools to plan both reactive and proactive programming to promote our students’

Student Tutor Recruitment, Lit Center
 The NNHS Literacy Center is recruiting energetic, compassionate and dedicated tutors for the fall 2012 semester. The Literacy Center is
dedicated to helping students in all subject areas. Students interested in becoming tutors must be earning an A or B in the courses that they
wish to tutor and maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Interested students should stop by the Literacy Center to pick up an application by April
11th. Completed applications with letters of recommendation are due by April 18th. If your student is interested in becoming a tutor, please
encourage him/her to apply. Students tutor three days per week during early bird (7:00-7:35) or during their lunch hour. The benefits of
being a tutor are many and varied! Tutors earn service hours and strengthen their own academic skills while giving of themselves to help
others. Being a Literacy Center tutor is a distinct honor; the Literacy Center staff looks forward to interviewing and welcoming many tutors to
our program!

Prairie State Achievement Exams (ACT) for all Junior students, April 24 & 25
As you may already realize, the first day of this state-mandated test (on Tuesday, April 24) is an actual ACT. This score is reportable to
colleges and the NCAA, but, beginning this year, will not include the writing portion. Some frequently asked questions regarding the ACT
portion of the examination:
Q -- If this is my child’s first ACT, should he or she send the scores directly to colleges or wait until later?
A – As a general rule, we encourage students to go ahead and send their scores. One of the reasons is that it will cost you money (around
$10.00 per score report) to send it later. Also, if a student takes the ACT more than once, colleges will consider the highest score in their
admission process. Some colleges will combine ACT subscores to give the student the best advantage in the admissions process – which is
called ―SuperScoring‖ – so there is no harm done to send two or more scores to colleges.
Q – My student does not do well on standardized tests and will be very nervous knowing that the score is being sent directly to
colleges, should we wait?
A – In this case, we would recommend that you wait and send the score later. It is important for your student to focus on doing his or her
best on this exam. If you feel that automatically sending the scores will create additional anxiety for your student, it may be best to consider
Q – Will all colleges accept this score for admission?
A – This year the ACT that is part of the PSAE test does not include the writing portion. Some colleges require an ACT test WITH writing, but
many do not. Even if a college requires a test with writing, the college may also consider your student’s ACT composite score from other
tests. Also, many colleges use the ACT composite score for scholarship consideration. It is always important for a student to perform
his or her best on an ACT and to report it to schools of interest, even if the school requires one test with writing for admission.
Q – If my student selects four colleges to put on his/her answer sheet, can it be changed before the actual day of the test?
A – The test date is April 24th. At the beginning of the testing period, there will be a few minutes for students to change their college
choices. Students should come prepared, however, if they are going to make a change in their choices.
If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call your child’s counselor (420-6505 A-F); (420-6502 G-L); (420-6503 M-P);
(420-6504 Q-Z); or Mr. Farson, Director of Student Services, at 420-6410.

KidsMatter concert to “Ignite the Nite!” with student performers and Gina Glocksen, April 19, 7 PM
KidsMatter will present its first Benefit Showcase Concert ―Ignite the Nite!‖ at Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College on Thursday, April
19. The program will honor KidsMatter founders Mary Ann Bobosky and Marianne Boyajian, showcasing the finest music, dance and
theatrical talents of high school students from Districts 203 and 204 and Benet Academy. The Gala Concert will be highlighted by the
performance of Naperville singer and American Idol finalist Gina Glocksen. WGN-TV weatherman and Waubonsie Valley graduate Paul
Konrad will be Master of Ceremonies. The concert, starting at 7 PM, will be preceded by a VIP benefit cocktail reception. Tickets are available
for $65/VIP level, $35/general admission and $15/students through the Wentz Hall box office. To order call 630-637-SHOW or go online to

Senior Celebration: To all Class of 2012 "LoONEy TWOoners!"
Parents, the Senior Celebration Committee needs your help. Please go to the NNHS Website (under ―Spotlights‖) or to this link to see the
array of volunteer positions for which you are needed. Also, for students who have not yet registered….If you are planning to participate in
Senior Celebration, submit your admission payment. Admission is $60. You can access the Senior Celebration registration form by clicking
on this link, or by selecting "Class 2012" under the "Student Activities" tab on the NNHS website. Please make checks payable to NNHS
SENIOR CELEBRATION. You can drop off completed form and your payment at the NNHS Main Office or mail your form/payment to: Lori
Henkel, 5S710 Park Meadow Dr., Naperville, IL 60540. Questions? Contact Lori at henkel5@msn.com or call 630/717-8376.
Seniors Save Some Money, Senior Brunch Tickets
Seniors check the Student Activities website under the class of 2012 listing to see if you have already paid for Senior Brunch and if you need
to order tickets, print out the order form. Tickets can be purchased in student activities or in room 261. See Mrs. Quinn for questions and to
submit orders.

Senior Spring Events
The following events will take place this spring to celebrate our seniors:
Wed, April 11           Mr. NNHS                          7 PM
Fri, April 13           Senior Breakfast & Assembly 7:30 AM
Sat, April 21           Senior Celebration                10 PM-4 AM
Sat, April 28           Prom
Fri, May 18             Exit with Pride                   11:26 AM
Fri, May 18             Commemorative                     7 PM
Mon, May 21             Commencement Rehearsal            7:45 AM
Mon, May 21             Senior Brunch                     Noon
Mon, May 21             Commencement                      7 PM

Male 18 Year Olds—Selective Service Registration
Male students are required by federal law to register with the United States Selective Service within thirty days of their 18 th birthdays. It’s
fast and easy, and it’s the law. Visit http://www.sss.gov/default.htm to register. Please note that failure to do so can result in lost benefits
at work or a denial of college financial aid.

Two Tutoring Opportunities
Supervised Open Study
All students interested in receiving help on daily homework, exam prep, organization, papers, or projects are invited to attend Supervised
Open Study. This program , scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the semester, is staffed by certified teachers.
Sessions are from 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM in the NNHS Literacy Center, and transportation home is available. The SOS schedule and
transportation forms can be found on the Student Services website:

Literacy Center Peer tutoring
Tutoring is available in the Lit Center before school and during all three lunch periods. Students no longer need to make an appointment.
They can just drop-in. Trained student tutors with experience in many courses are available during those four times of the school day.

Europe Trip, Spring Break, 2013
How about this for a great time – Mr. Green and Mr. Janssen, along with Ms. Stebnicki, will be leading a trip to Europe for Spring Break,
2013. Information is available in the choir room and in the Humanities office, Room 106. They will be traveling to Venice, Salzburg, Vienna
and Prague. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. A deposit of $195.00 will hold the price. Cost will go up at the end of March so don’t
delay! You don’t have to be a music student to participate – sign up with a friend and prepare to have a great time. Trip is open to all
students in all grade levels.
North Star Online
Have you checked out North Star online lately? Go to NNHSNorthStar.com to see the pilot episode of ―Between Two Huskies‖, which is a
sometimes-hilarious but always interesting interview between two of your peers. Go to NNHSNorthStar.com to check out our first
installment— Alex Moss’ interview of senior Danny Puknaitis. While you’re there, check out our online exclusive content, all created by your
peers. Visit www.NNHSNorthStar.com every day for updates.

Stay up-to-date on events at Naperville North. Follow Huskie athletics and activities on Twitter! Stay in the loop by going to http://twitter.com
and following “NNathletics” and “NNactivities”.

WYSE team state champions!
The WYSE team includes Alexander Chen, Konrad Genser, Allison Hollatz, Ed Hu, Anne Hunter, Steve Kuznetsov, Nathan Lindquist, James
Mansfield, Avi Prakash, Joseph Ruan, Jeremy Tang, Miles Teh, Olivia Zhu, and Pablo Garcia-Quesada. Konrad Genser placed first in Physics,
Jeremy Tang was 2nd in Computer Science, Joseph Ruan was 2nd in Math, Allison Hollatz was 3rd in English, Alexander Chen 3rd in Math,
Nathan Lindquist and James Mansfield were 4th in Chemistry, Konrad Genser 4th in Math, Alexander Chen 4th in Physics, Nathan Lindquist 5th
in English, Avi Prakash 5th in Physics, and James Mansfield 6th in Biology. World Wide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) is a
competitive series of tests created and administered by Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering and offered to high school students in
Illinois and Missouri. The tests are now offered by more than 50 community colleges and universities and are designed to present a challenge
to the brightest students. Test material is drawn from senior high school and freshman level college curricula. Written by teams of college
and university faculty, subjects include biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, English, mathematics, and physics.

COD Presidential Scholarship Award Winners
The Presidential Scholarship is the College of DuPage’s premier merit-based scholarship. This year, over 230 local area high school students
met the criteria for this prestigious award, and fifty were awarded. Naperville North High School is pleased to announce that three of the
recipients are Huskies! Congratulations to Amanda Charicki, Cassandra Fenwick, and Max Kimmet who will receive free tuition for up to 64
credit hours during their studies at College of DuPage. Great job, Presidential Scholars!

Chick Evans Scholarship Awarded to NNHS Senior
Congratulations to Huskie senior, Alexander Smith, who has been awarded the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship (full tuition, room and board,
and renewable up to four years!) to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Each year, more than 800 deserving caddies in the United States
attend college on a scholarship from the Evan Scholars Foundation. NNHS salutes you!

Advertising Class Students Win Kane County Cougars‟ “Promotional Challenge”
A team of students from teacher Joyce Kafter’s Advertising class won the Kane County Cougars' Promotional Challenge! They have been
selected to work on the infield Tuesday with the VP of Marketing at Fifth Third Ballpark to execute their between innings promotional concept
with the fans.
Flags Team Second at State
Congratulations are due to the Winter Guard for placing 2nd at State. The team includes Kim Huff, Sara Padgett, Ashley Rheel, Nathaneal
Sthay, Marcy Fara, Stephanie Workman, Grace Hall, Hannah Novak, Becky Levin, Andrew Rocco, Mary Kate Williams, Leah Daugherty,
Lyndsey Patton, Jordyn Bednar, Kayla Beal, and Aja Kimbrough.

Gymnastics Update
The Husky men’s gymnastics teams defeated Central this past week. Huskie stalwart, Billy Suta, lead the Huskies by winning every event.

Girls Soccer update
The Naperville North Girls Huskies Soccer team, currently ranked #1 in the state and #3 in the nation by ESPN, are off to a 5-0 start. They
kicked off the season with a 1-0 victory over Barrington, a 2-0 win over Hinsdale Central and a 5-0 win over Plainfield South. Before heading
to spring break, they knocked off Neuqua Valley (#2 in Illinois and #5 in nation) 2-0 in front of a huge crowd at North Central College. This
game was part of the Crosstown Classic "Four Schools for One Cause", raising money and awareness for breast cancer. On Saturday they
scored a late goal to best Downers South 2-1.

Video Available--Huskie Robotics Achieve Semifinals at Chicago Regional Competition
Huskie Robotics competed in the FIRST Robotics Midwest Regional over spring break with 50 other teams from seven states. They finished
the qualification matches with a 9-2 record and became the captain of the 7th seeded alliance. They defeated the 2nd seeded alliance in the
quarterfinals with two close victories. They lost in the semifinals to an alliance consisting of two teams with a total of seven previous national
championships. The team was awarded the Gracious Professionalism award for their outstanding assistance to other teams throughout the
competition. Click on this link to see a video made for the Naperville Patch.

February Peer Tutors of the Month (Lit Center): Evan Bruns, Elizabeth Gormley, Julie Lang, Alexandra Moxon, Eric Spieglan
March Peer Tutors of the Month (Lit Center): Joshua Ahn, Laura Gee, Bishesh Kalidindi, and Aseem Jh


Home & School Meeting, Tuesday at 9 AM
Please join us for the last regular Home and School meeting of the year. Our meeting will take place Tuesday April 10th at 9am in room 108.
 We will be joined by members of the district information technology team. They will be discussing technology in our schools, plans for the
future, and how technology decisions are made and implemented. All parents/guardians of North students are welcome to attend!

Family Connections—Spring Opportunities to Help
―I just want to say thank you… I’m so grateful that in my…time of need there are people who do care about others. It meant a lot to me and
my mom that I will be happily attending prom. I’m the first in my family to go to prom and so my family is really grateful…Thank you again.‖
A 2011 Family Connection recipient
Dear NNHS Family Connection Members,
As our Huskie seniors take pride in preparing for Commencement, many also anticipate the year-end festivities planned before they receive
their diploma. From Sr. Celebration to Prom to Sr. Brunch when they eagerly receive their yearbooks and exchange signatures along with
their friends, these memorable activities are a chance for our seniors to spend one last time together before moving on from NNHS. While
the need to belong and participate in events alongside their friends is an essential one for all our students, it is particularly challenging for
those impacted by financial issues who may not be able to afford such activities. It is our hope that with your support, our Huskie seniors
facing hardship can meet this essential need and celebrate along with their classmates, too. Here’s our plan:
Seniors served by the FC program who are unable, yet would like to participate in senior activities will be able to choose from one of three
options: Sr. Brunch ($40 per ticket); a yearbook ($65 per copy) or Prom ($60 early ticket price.) (Students on the free and reduced lunch will
be referred to Student Activities for assistance with Sr. Celebration.)
If you would like to contribute to the NNHS Family Connection Senior Activity Fund, please send a check—in any amount--made out to NNHS
Family Connection. Bring to Chris Wolstenholm in Mr. Pobst’s office by Monday, April 30. Thank you for spreading joy to our Huskie seniors in
need during this exciting time! Lyndsey Kokoris and Kevin Pobst, and the NNHS Family Connection Team

Market Day, Orders Due by April 13
Market Day orders need to be placed by 11:00 p.m. Friday, April 13. New items this month include a Peppercorn Pork Loin and Chicken Kiev,
which is back by popular demand. Receive a FREE trial size Orzo Blend with any $40 purchase. With any $90 purchase, receive FREE Lemon
Pepper ChicNSteakes. Just use the promo code APRBONUS at check-out when you order on-line at www.marketday.com. Don't forget:
April is the last month to qualify for your free cooler tote! Pick up is Tuesday, April 17, from 5-6 p.m. in the Auditorium Hall. If you have any
questions, please call Karen Moreton at 630-718-0814.

NNHS Seniors Who Graduated from Highlands School
Save the date! Highlands Elementary, Thursday, May 3, 2012 4:30 - 5:30pm You are invited to the Time Capsule Party! Visit with former
classmates and teachers, and recall fond memories of your days at Highlands. The celebration begins at 4:30 in the Highlands LRC.
Refreshments will be served!

Marching Band Parents
Whether you or your student is new to the Marching Huskies, or if you are veterans, we invite you to participate in, and experience an art
form like no other. The Marching Huskies are an extra-curricular group composed of musicians, color guard/flags, dancers, and even actors.
It is a great introduction to high school for your student, and a great way to meet new friends. At this meeting, Dan Moore, Marching Band
Director, will discuss the marching band season, provide details of the fall show, and answer any questions you may have. The show is
theatrical in nature, and requires parental volunteers and support for its success. We are looking for parent volunteers to help in all areas,
whether sewing costumes, building props or chaperoning competitions. We hope parents will attend the meeting, listen to the fall plans and
sign up to volunteer. Your most important qualification is not necessarily a talent, but your willingness to help, to show up and to have fun.
And, don’t tell the kids – it’s as much fun for the adults as the kids: Monday, May 14th, 7:30 pm in the Band Room (New Parent Meeting)
Immediate Marching Band questions can be directed to Marching@nnhsmusic.org

Friends of Music, Concert Wear Resale, Wednesday, May 23rd
Seniors, wondering what to do with your Band/Orchestra/Chorus concert clothing after you graduate? Consider the Used Concert Wear Sale.
We sell your uniform and you get money back! Concert Wear representatives will be at the school (in the Music wing) all day on Wednesday,
May 23rd from 7:15am to 3:15pm to collect your freshly laundered concert clothing** and accessories. The Used Concert Wear Sale is held
on one day assigned during the first week of school in August. Questions? Please email Lila or Robin at ConcertWear@nnhsmusic.org. We
can only accept freshly laundered items. Last concert on May 17th leaves less than one week to get those items cleaned before collection
day! (Items brought on a hanger are appreciated.)
KidsMatter concert to “Ignite the Nite!” with student performers and Gina Glocksen, April 19, 7 PM
KidsMatter will present its first Benefit Showcase Concert ―Ignite the Nite!‖ at Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College on Thursday, April
19. The program will honor KidsMatter founders Mary Ann Bobosky and Marianne Boyajian, showcasing the finest music, dance and
theatrical talents of high school students from Districts 203 and 204 and Benet Academy. The Gala Concert will be highlighted by the
performance of Naperville singer and American Idol finalist Gina Glocksen. WGN-TV weatherman and Waubonsie Valley graduate Paul
Konrad will be Master of Ceremonies. The concert, starting at 7 PM, will be preceded by a VIP benefit cocktail reception. Tickets are available
for $65/VIP level, $35/general admission and $15/students through the Wentz Hall box office. To order call 630-637-SHOW or go online to

Senior Celebration: To all Class of 2012 "LoONEy TWOoners!" Register now!
If you are planning to participate in Senior Celebration, now would be a good time to submit your admission payment. Admission is $60. You
can access the Senior Celebration registration form by clicking on this link, or by selecting "Class 2012" under the "Student Activities" tab on
the NNHS website. Please make checks payable to NNHS SENIOR CELEBRATION. You can drop off completed form and your payment at the
NNHS Main Office or mail your form/payment to: Lori Henkel, 5S710 Park Meadow Dr., Naperville, IL 60540. Questions? Contact Lori at
henkel5@msn.com or call 630/717-8376.

You will find an array of Senior Celebration announcements under ―Spotlights‖ on the first page of the NNHS Website.

Parents! Check out how you can help make this year's Senior Celebration a "night to remember" by selecting "Class 2012" under the "Student
Activities" tab on the NNHS website - to find out how.

Prize/Raffle Donations are Needed
Throughout the night of Senior Celebration, your Senior will be collecting raffle tickets by completing different games and activities. We hope
to have a wide-array of prizes for the students to try to win! So, we are in need of cash donations toward big-ticket prizes like cameras, I-
pods & a mini-fridge, as well as gift cards for restaurants, auto, hair & grooming, clothes, fitness, music; Tickets to concerts, sporting events,
theater, movies, amusements; Prom-related items/services; College gear & dorm necessities. No donation is too small. Pass along ""re-
giftable"" items. All donations are tax deductible, and all donors are acknowledged in The Naperville Sun. For more information, please
contact Dee Dauber, 630/548-9002 or at daubers@comcast.net.

A walk down memory lane...
"Memory Hallway" needs three (3) photos of your son or daughter - preschool, middle school and current. Photos should NOT be any larger
than 4x6 inches. They may be cropped so make sure you do not send your only copy! Photos can be dropped off at the NNHS Main Office
(there is a labeled slot for Memory Hallway) or mailed to: Kathy Smat, 1212 Wilshire Dr, Naperville, IL 60540. We need your photos NO
LATER than April 6th! Any questions?? Contact Kathy at kms2754@gmail.com or call 630/369-2528.

Huskie Hallway Photos
The famed ""Huskie Hallway"" is in need of photos from Senior year. We need individual and group photos from everything "Huskie"! Please
help us make it a memorable evening for our Seniors by sending us your event photos in sizes 3x5 up to 8x10 - from the first day of school,
any sporting event, Dawg Pound, plays, band, assemblies, any dance, Airband, Fashion Show, after-school club pictures, Orchesis, etc. -
really anything that depicts our Seniors final year at NNHS! Please drop your photos in the box marked "Huskie Hallway" in the NNHS main
office or email them to huskies2012@ymail.com.
Food Committee wants YOU!
We have had initial contact with the local food establishments and restaurants who have generously donated in the past. Can you help by
placing follow-up phone calls? We are also in need of cases of water and/or Gatorade G2 for both the students, and volunteer parents. We are
expecting around 700 students and over 300 parent volunteers throughout the night. Many of the students will be drinking multiple bottles,
so any help you can give us in supplying the drinks for the night is greatly appreciated. We need volunteers to pick-up donated food the night
of the event, on April 21st. We will have routes set up for food pick-up throughout the evening and we need parents to make the food runs.
We will have all the food confirmed for pick-up when you arrive at the establishment, as well as a "Thank You" letter to drop off. If you can
help with any of these areas please contact Jeff Nave at 630/667-3621 or email: jeffreynave@aol.com

Donate to Senior Celebration Prizes!
Seniors will be collecting raffle tickets for prize drawings as they play at Senior Celebration 2012. Ideas for prize donations: Cash toward big-
ticket items; Gift cards for food, auto, hair & grooming, clothes, fitness, music,Target; Tickets to concerts, sporting events, theater, movies,
amusements; Prom-related items/services; College gear & dorm necessities. We also need re-gift-able items, baskets and ribbon. No
donation is too small. Donations are tax deductible, and all donors are acknowledged in The Naperville Sun. To donate or help with prizes,
contact Dee Dauber, 630/548-9002 or at daubers@comcast.net.

Booster Club Golf Outing Fundraiser Date Announced
The annual Golf Outing fund-raiser organized by the Huskie Booster Club will be held this June, on the 4 th. More detail is available on the Golf
Outing flyer.

How to Volunteer at NNHS
If you would like to be a parent volunteer at NNHS, please check out this link! On the NNHS website you will find a red, white, and blue
"button" labeled "Volunteer." If you click on this button you will find a list of current opportunities to volunteer with several Huskie parent
organizations. You will also find a form to fill-out and submit that will inform these organizations that you are interested in volunteering.
And, if you are not interested in a specific current opportunity, you can tell us what your interests and talents are, and we will try to find a
opportunity just for you! Buster is the name of our Huskie mascot, and "Uncle Buster wants you!"

Go to the Student Services website on the NNHS website for much more detail about Guidance Counseling services.

Join us on twitter @NNHSDOSS for updates on school news, special parent/student nights, and important reminders about testing and
Student Services programming. New to twitter? Go to: http://twitter.com/ to sign up!

NNHS‟ College Planning Guide
The Naperville North High School ―College Planning Guide, 2012-13‖ is now posted on the Student Services website within the NNHS
website—at this link or http://schools.naperville203.org/north/assets/assets/collegeplanningguide2012.pdf

College Admissions Process Update
As of Friday, the Student Services Department has processed 3,176, college applications to 423 different colleges and universities in the U.S.,
Canada, and abroad. Although admissions decisions are starting to pour in, we won’t have a final ―matriculation count‖ until August.
Nonetheless, Huskies in the Class of 2012 have already been admitted to Duke, Dartmouth, Yale, Stanford, Cornell, the University of
Pennsylvania, the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, and the University of Chicago, not to mention all twelve Big Ten schools – and
countless others, from Ferris State to Sarah Lawrence to NYU! The partnership of students, families, Guidance Counselors, and faculty
creates opportunities for many students.

Juniors, College Tour Available
Juniors, if you are looking for the right college, but don’t have the time or money to visit all of them, then join us for a “College Tour” on
Thursday, April 19th. For only $25, NNHS students will take a field trip to visit two universities in Illinois—Illinois Wesleyan University in
Bloomington and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During the trip you will be able to speak with college students and staff to get a
better sense of what you are looking for in a college. For an application, please see Mr. Burns in the Communication Arts Department. This is a
first come, first serve opportunity with only 30 slots remaining. So, act fast!

Junior Parents—Junior Students Meeting with Counselors
School counselors are currently meeting with all juniors to review the ―college process.‖ Students are provided manuals – which are
accessible to parents by visiting: http://schools.naperville203.org/north/guidanceandhealthoffices/Juniors.asp
<http://schools.naperville203.org/north/guidanceandhealthoffices/Juniors.asp> and clicking on ―College Information.‖ Parents who wish to
be included in these meetings should make it known to their sons and daughters so that appointments can be set appropriately within the
school day. Questions? Please contact your child’s counselor: (A-F) 420-6505; (G-L) 420-6502; (M-P) 420-6503; and (Q-Z) 420-6504.

Presentation for families on children‟s mental health: “NAMI Basics”
On Sundays, from April 15 through May 20, NAMI will present a course on the fundamentals of caring for you, your family, and your child with
a mental illness. This free education course is offered for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents with mental health concerns.
The course is offered from 2:00 to 4:30 PM at the Provena Mercy Medical Center, 1325 N. Highland Avenue in Aurora. NAMI is the National
Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of DuPage County and NAMI DeKalb, Kane-South & Kendall Counties. For more information call (630) 752-
0066, x210 Register online at www.namidupage.org

Career Cruising and Naviance
We invite Huskies of all ages – freshmen through seniors – to access Career Cruising, a career exploration website. Using the tools and
options available, students can search future careers and explore a variety of educational options. Please visit www.careercruising.com and
use the following information: User Name: north203; Password: huskies. Once a student has logged-in, he or she can create a personal
profile and password. Additionally, all students should make it a priority to register on Naviance, Naperville North High School’s web-based
service designed for both parents and students. Passwords are passed out during FYI presentations during a student’s freshman year;
however, if a student has forgotten or misplaced this information, it can be obtained from the student’s school counselor or from Carol
Krashen in the College & Career Center. Naviance allows students to maneuver through the college application process, check out colleges
and universities from coast to coast, and link to important forms that students will need along the way. Students can also create resumes,
find out which college and university representatives are visiting Naperville North, and begin perusing the extensive list of college scholarship
opportunities. Getting started is easy: Just visit NNHS’ website at http://schools.naperville203.org/north and click on the Naviance icon on
the right-hand side.
As of April 8 NNHS Students Named for Awards and Scholarships
NNHS’ Student Services Department’s Scholarship Committee periodically sends out an update of major scholarships and awards won by
Huskie seniors. A number on the list have not been publically announced yet, but the following have been. If you are aware of others, please
let us know.
Most Recent Announcements…
Alliance for Young Artists & Writers 2012 Competition (national): Danyang Fang has won the Gold Key for her writing portfolio; other Gold
Keys go to Jianna Mirabelli (painting), Eda Yorulmazoglu (fashion and painting), Beth Tomashek (drawing), Emily Rubin (photography), and Julia
Wallace (photography).
College of DuPage Presidential Scholarships (full tuition, up to 64 hours): Max Kimmet, Cassandra Fenwick, and Amanda Charicki
National Center for Women & Information Technology’s Award for Aspirations in Computing (Illinois Affiliate): Divya Shanmugam (junior)
Evans Scholars’ Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship (full tuition, room and board, and renewable): Alexander Smith (will attend Miami of Ohio)
Fort Payne Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award: Nicole Kottman
Announced Earlier….
Hispanic Heritage Youth Award: Eugenia Sosa and Adrian Rodriguez ($1000 each)
Comcast Scholarship: John Cerne
Naper Settlement Copenhagen School House Scholarship: Kara Kolany
VFW Post 3873 Voice of Democracy Scholarships: $1000 Winner: James Ryan, Grade 11;
$500 Winner: Carlo Castillo, Grade 11; $250 Winner: Samuel Mather, 12th Grade.
James Ryan also placed 1st at the district level and will now compete at the state level. Winners at the state level compete in Washington,
D.C., for an opportunity to win $30,000 in scholarship money.
Provost Scholarship / University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign: Emily Riederer (full tuition, four years . . . only 30 students are
awarded this scholarship)
2012 American High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall: Miggie Snyder (selected as 1st Soprano in the national
Honors Choir)
Technology Center of DuPage A-Team Awards (for hard work, dedication, and excellent attitude during first semester, 2011-12):
Danielle Greco, Jenna Marquardt, Katherine Auerbach, and Daniel Puknaitis
Exchange Club Student of the Year: Ashley Crawford
Daily Herald Leadership Team: Christine Wu (Honorable Mention) and Edward Klippenstein (Main Selection)
NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS : Evan Bruns, Grace Deetjen, Rachel Foster, Edward Hu, Ellen Hunt, In Sung Jang, Max Kimmet, Chet
Kumar, Donald Lei, James Mansfield, Sam Mather, Emily Riederer, Janine Romy, Eric Spieglan, Jeremy Tang, Justine Vonarb, Nic Wolf,
Christine Wu, and Olivia Zhu
NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS: Evan Bruns, Grace Deetjen, Rachel Foster, Edward Hu, Ellen Hunt, In Sung Jang, Donald Lei, James
Mansfield, Sam Mather, Emily Riederer, Janine Romy, Eric Spieglan, Jeremy Tang, Justine Vonarb, Nic Wolf, Christine Wu, and Olivia Zhu
ILLINOIS STATE SCHOLARS: A list of the 2012 Illinois State Scholars from NNHS can be accessed at this link.

Financial Aid Links, FAFSA Completion
We invite you to access a very important document for you to use regarding the financial aid process at this link. Keep in mind that families
can begin completing the FAFSA any time after January 1, 2012. Please take an opportunity to bookmark important websites regarding post-
secondary financial aid:
www.fafsa.ed.gov - Free Application for Federal Student Aid and financial aid information
www.fastweb.com - A general website for scholarships and financial aid information
www.collegezone.com - The official website for the Illinois Student Assistance Commission
www.finaid.org - Financial aid, scholarship information and early financial aid estimators
www.managingcollegecosts.com - Provides free video seminars for parents on the financial aid process and strategies to establish affordable
college options.
Questions? Contact Jeff Farson at 420-6410.

Parents and Juniors, Be Aware of Changes in the PSAE-ACT This April
Parents and Junior Students,
The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has changed the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE) that is administered to all juniors in
Illinois in late April of each school year. On the first day of the PSAE all students take an ACT exam. In past years this ACT exam has been a
complete test. This year, the ISBE has removed the Writing sub-test from the PSAE-ACT. District 203 appealed to the ISBE regarding this
change and received a definitive reply that no high school in Illinois will be allowed to voluntarily include the Writing sub-test. This change
may be important to individual junior students. Though many colleges will accept a set of ACT scores that does not include the Writing sub-
test, many do not. Those schools either require that the ACT scores submitted to them include the Writing sub-test, or they recommend it.
For example, eleven of the twelve Big Ten universities require that an ACT submitted to them for admission purposes include the Writing sub-
test. Parents and juniors should consider to which universities they may be applying and determine whether any of those universities require
an ACT score set with the Writing sub-test. If the target universities do, then we advise you to register to take an ACT that includes the
Writing sub-test. The national administration of the ACT in early April, early June, and September all do include the Writing sub-test. The
April 14, 2012 test is being offered at both Naperville 203 high schools, and the June 9, 2012 test is being offered at Naperville Central High
School. At any test site, there are a limited number of seats available; registering as early as possible is the best way to ensure that you can
test at a District 203 high school site and avoid traveling to a more distant location to take the test. We know that in the past many NNHS
and NCHS students have taken only the ACT test offered as part of the PSAE and applied for university admission using solely that ACT score
set. That ACT test was free to each junior. The tests offered on April 14, June 9, and in September will require each family to pay. We
regret this change of affairs, but District 203 is not in control of the Prairie State Achievement Exam policies. If you have questions about this
information, or any aspect of the college admission process, please call your Guidance Counselor.

Check out the Student Services (Guidance, etc.) Webiste
The Student Services Department website has a useful array of information and links. Check it out:
http://schools.naperville203.org/north/guidanceandhealthoffices/StudentServices.asp. At the site you will find sites for each Problem-Solving
―Alpha‖ team, each graduating class including the current 8th graders, the College and Career Center, the course guide, Health Services,
community service opportunities, a transcript request form, financial aid information, the School Profile, Student Activities, and a directory of

Check out the NNHS “School Profile” for 2011-2012
Each year the Student Services department prepares a ―School Profile‖ document. This document is included when a transcript is mailed to a
college for admission purposes. The Profile is a key marketing device for our school and our students as we attempt to help them gain
admission to the college of their choice. This year’s profile, prepared by Director of Student Services Jeff Farson, is posted on the Student
Services website at this link: http://schools.naperville203.org/north/assets/assets/nnhsprofile2011-12.pdf

NCHS College & Career Center Accessible to NNHS students and families, Thursday evenings
The Naperville Central College & Career Center is open many Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30 PM. District 203 families may come in to
meet with counselors from both high schools to utilize the resources available and discuss their post high school plans. The format is ―Open
House‖ style. Parents and students may peruse the resources and/or come in with specific questions – no appointment is necessary! Dates
for 2012 include February 23rd; March 8th, 15th, and 22nd; April 12th and 26th
Supervised Open Study
Supervised Open Study (SOS) is NNHS’ after-school tutoring and homework help program is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in
the NNHS Literacy Center. Each session is one hour in length. Interested in transportation home? Fill out the transportation request form
found here: http://schools.naperville203.org/north/guidanceandhealthoffices/FreshmanFormsApplications.asp and turn in to Erin Kane,
Instructional Coordinator, in Room 124.

Naviance—Get Into It!
Start the fall off right by being up-to-date on the college admissions process! Naviance provides the tools for you to get your search in full
gear . . . and helps you create your resume for those letters of recommendation. Check out the link, and call Student Services at 420-6410
if you have any questions.

Building Tours for Prospective Students and Families
For families who are considering attending NNHS, we now provide tours of NNHS lead by students and parents. If you know someone
who is interested, please direct them to the "Building Tours" link on the NNHS website
(http://www.emailform.com/fid.php?formid=233014). At this link there is an online form to complete that is emailed to the Student
Services office. That office will contact the tour applicant and arrange a date and time. The new tour program is the result of the
work of the SFCP.

Ongoing Important Announcements
Summer School Dates and Registration
Summer School (including Driver Education) is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 7 until Wednesday July 18. NCHS will host summer
school. The times offered will be 7:30-9:50 and 10:00-12:20. Registration for summer school has begun; access the registration process at
this link.

Registration Dates for the 2012-2013 School Year Announced
Though we have just started the second semester of the ’11-’12 school year, many of you may already be wondering when we will hold our
set of Registration Days for the ’12-’13 school year. The ’12-’13 school year begins on Wednesday, August 15—the first day of student
attendance. Registration will be conducted the previous week between 8 AM and 1 PM each day: Freshmen, Tuesday, August 7;
Sophomores, Wednesday, August 8; Juniors, Thursday, August 9; Seniors, Friday, August 10. Late Registration, for students who were not in
town on these dates, will be on Tuesday, August 14, from Noon to 3 PM.

Need a Peer Tutor? Request one online!
If you would like to arrange an appointment with a "peer tutor" in the NNHS Literacy Center, please use this link to go to the Literacy Center
site and complete a Tutor Request Form. Peer tutors in the Literacy Center are well prepared to assist students with a variety of courses.

Literacy Center Tutoring and After-School Supervised Open Study (SOSs)
Please go to the end of this newsletter to find a flyer with the details about two terrific opportunities for students to access academic support.
The Lit Center provides tutoring during the lunch periods and before school. SOS (Supervised Open Study) provides assistance after school--
all students interested in receiving help on daily homework, exam prep, organization, papers, or projects are invited to attend. This program,
scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the semester, is staffed by certified teachers. Sessions are from 3:15 PM –
4:15 PM in the NNHS Literacy Center (the schedule is at the end of this newsletter), and transportation home is available (the
application form for transportation is at the end of this newsletter).
TIP203 for Reporting Safety Concerns
District 203’s ongoing effort to maintain a safe learning environment has a new component, Tip203. The purpose of Tip203 is to allow
students, parents, or anyone with a legitimate concern related to school safety an anonymous vehicle by which they may communicate those
concerns. When appropriate, both Naperville Central and Naperville North administrations strongly encourage individuals to make personal
contact with the school faculty to discuss safety concerns. However, we recognize that there are times when it may be difficult for an
individual to personally bring forward a concern. Anytime the immediate safety or well-being of an individual is at stake, please CALL local
authorities and school administrators immediately. If you have information about an incident that has happened or you believe may
take place, you are encouraged to submit information via Tip203. Every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality. All concerns will be
investigated in a timely manner by the appropriate personnel. Whether your concern is regarding an incident that has already occurred or
one that is about to take place, please submit your issue along with any details you have and let us investigate. Information you provide to
Tip203 may include, but is not limited to: fights or assaults; incidents of bullying; harassment; intimidation; cyber-bullying; use or sale of
drugs; or any crime against children or the school.

How to report a concern: If a legitimate and genuine concern about the safety of a student has come to your attention, you may notify
school or District staff in the following ways: (1) Contact the Principal, Dean, or District Administrator by phone. Numbers where these staff
members can be reached are listed on the District Staff Directory, the Links to Schools page and school web pages; (2) Email the school
Principal, Dean, or District Administrator using the email links provided on the school and District web pages; (3) For High School student
and parents: Use the link below to submit the concern anonymously. We realize that sometimes it may be difficult for an individual to
personally address a concern, especially when the information may have come to your attention through a third party. The Tip203 Online
Form is being piloted at the high school level. Once we have reasonable assurances of the effectiveness of this format, the District will
expand the use of the form to the junior high level. Until that time, we strongly encourage families to work directly with their school
administration or contact the Assistant Superintendents for your child's school level if concerns persist.
Here is your link to the TIP203 email: Naperville North High School Tip203 form

“Introduction to Bullying” Packet from NNHS
NNHS has developed a document, accessible at this link, that explains NNHS’ commitment to desist student harassment. This packet includes
definition of bullying, a description of how addresses bullying, as well as advice to students and parents. NNHS is making a serious effort to
communicate about bullying to students, staff, and parents. This document summarizes a lot of the information we deem to be important.
Harassment Education Update
As many of you already know, we have been exploring the topic of harassment/bullying with our students, parents, and staff throughout the
year. During our First Class session last Wednesday, we again explored harassment/bullying. This time we focused specifically on the
―Bystander Effect.‖ It is our hope to empower students to take action to help one another. Two key steps a student bystander can take to
address a situation where harassment is taking place are to make sure that the behavior they witness is reported to an adult and to find a
way to offer support to the victim. NNHS has developed a document, accessible at this link, that explains NNHS’ commitment to desist
student harassment. This packet includes definition of harassment/bullying, a description of how NNHS addresses bullying, as well as advice
to students and parents. NNHS is making a serious effort to communicate about bullying to students, staff, and parents. This document
summarizes a lot of the information we deem to be important.

If Your Child Has Life Threatening Allergies….
If your child is involved in any school sponsored activity before or after the school instructional day, please inform the sponsor or person in
charge of the activity if your child has any health concerns, and/or if your child is taking any medication for a health related condition. It is a
parent’s responsibility to provide information and medication for extra curricular activities (if necessary) to the person in charge of the

Link to the Meeting Dates and Times for all NNHS Clubs and Organizations
Follow this link to a listing of when all NNHS clubs and organizations meet, and where. The Activities program at Naperville North offers an
abundant array of opportunities -- clubs, performances, and competitive organizations. The full listing of these opportunities along with who
the sponsors are and when they meet is available at this ―Something for Everyone‖ link.
                                                    Senior Celebration 2012
                                                                For a successful event we need your help!
                                                        Please contact Kathleen Stout-Shoger (forerunner@msn.com) or
                                                            Diane Link (lgink54@sbcglobal.net) for further details on
                                                             open volunteer positions and/or donation possibilities.

          Seniors Wish List!                    Calling all LoONEy TWOoners!                We need your Senior’s pictures!
 Anything electronic; Gift certificates for      We need you to "save the day" by          Memory Hallway needs three (3) photos
   food, auto, hair & grooming, clothes,              working one or more                          of your son or daughter.
fitness, music; Tickets to concerts, sports          of the following shifts…                    They can be baby or toddler,
  events, theater, movies, amusements;                                                     elementary/junior high or more recent.
   Prom-related items/services; college                 Set-up/Decorating:                  Photos should NOT be any larger than
gear & dorm necessities. They love cash,           Friday, April 20, 4pm – 10pm              4x6 inches. They may be cropped so
 too! Create your own theme basket, or                    Event Workers:                          make sure you do not send
            let us do it for you.                      Saturday, April 21 / 22                          your only copy!
        No donation is too small!!                   Shift: 9pm – 1am and/or
  Pass along “re-giftable” items. Donate                 Shift: 1am – 5am                        Photos can be dropped off at
  $$ toward big-ticket prizes like i-pods,                                                    the NNHS Main Office or mailed to:
  cameras & a mini-fridge. All donations         For those of you that have already                      Kathy Smat
  are tax deductible, and all donors are      signed-up to volunteer - we are in need                 1212 Wilshire Dr
   acknowledged in The Naperville Sun.                 of your email address!!                       Naperville, IL 60540

 For more information, please contact                Email or call Nancy Lietz at           We need these photos NO LATER than
                                                      nlietz0126@yahoo.com                               April 6th!
   Dee Dauber, 630/548-9002 or at
                                                           630/302-3231                         Questions? Email Kathy at:
       Naperville North High School                         SUPERVISED OPEN STUDY                      Student Request for Transportation

Students wanting to stay for Supervised Open Study (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school in the Literacy Center) and
that need transportation home must complete this form. Only students that are eligible for bus pick-up and drop-off to and from
Naperville North High School can apply. This form needs to be completed once per semester only.

Please note that if a student is not going to attend on a regular basis, then he or she should arrange for private transportation.

Please allow one school week for the transportation request to be processed.

Name of Student: ____________________________________________ ID Number: ______________

Year in School:           Freshman         Sophomore            Junior           Senior

Date of Request: ______________________________________________________________________

What is your current street address? ______________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________ Zip Code: _________________________

What is your parent or guardian’s name? ___________________________________________________

What phone numbers can we call to verify the street address as it’s listed above?

Home: ___________________________________ Cell: _______________________________________

How often do you plan to attend Supervised Open Study per week?                     Once         Twice      Three Times

Student Signature: _____________________________________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Parents/Guardians: By signing above, you agree to allow your son/daughter to remain at Naperville North High School from 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm on Monday,
Wednesday, and/or Thursday to attend Supervised Open Study in the NNHS Literacy Center. Eligible students will be transported home immediately after the
session each day.

 Students: Please return this form to Ms. Kane in the SPECIAL EDUCATION OFFICE (across from the Career and Technical Education Office on the first floor).
                                                 Again, please allow one week for the request to be processed.
                               Supervised Open Study; Second Semester Schedule, 2011-12

                                          NAPERVILLE NORTH HIGH SCHOOL
                                Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:15 – 4:15 PM
                                                  Literacy Center

Monday, April 9                 Rauen (Comm Arts); Opaczewski (Math)
Wednesday, April 11             Buckingham (AR/Support); Weigand (Humanities); Biggs (Comm Arts)
Thursday, April 12              John (Science); Wilson (Math)

Monday, April 16                Dinon (Spanish); Opaczewski (Math)
Wednesday, April 18             Martin (Comm Arts); Dehmlow (Humanities); Turner (Math)
Thursday, April 19              Wilson (Math); Moses (Science)

Monday, April 23                Rytych (Science); Opaczewski (Math)
Wednesday, April 25             Hitzeman (Comm Arts); Micensky (Science); Dehmlow (Humanities)
Thursday, April 26              Rauen (Comm Arts); John (Science)

Monday, April 30                Quinn (Comm Arts); Opaczewski (Math)
Wednesday, May 2                Rauen (Comm Arts); Micensky (Science); Turner (Math)
Thursday, May 3                 Davis (Special Education/Algebra); John (Science)

Monday, May 7                   Opaczewski (Math); Rytych (Science)
Wednesday, May 9                Mazzaferro (Comm Arts); Micensky (Science); Weigand (Humanities)
Thursday, May 10                Wilson (Math); Burns (Comm Arts)

Monday, May 14                  Opaczewski (Math); Micensky (Science)
Wednesday, May 16               Hitzeman (Comm Arts); Dehmlow (Humanities); Turner (Math)
Thursday, May 17                John (Science); Wilson (Math)

All students who need transportation after school should complete a transportation request form available on the Student Services portion of the
NNHS website. These forms need to be completed once each semester to ensure bus service. Please allow one week after completing the
application for the service to begin.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jeffery Farson, Director of Student Services, at jfarson@naperville203.org, or by
phone at 630.420.6410.
If you have questions about any item on this site, or other concerns, please contact Kevin Pobst, Principal, at 630-420-6484
(kpobst@naperville203.org) or his Administrative Assistant, Chris Wolstenholm at 630-420-6484

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