May Issue - Winnebago Labrador Retriever Club by jianghongl


									OTTER TALES
                                                                               MAY, 2011

MEETING NOTICE                                        QUOTE FOR DOG LOVERS

MAY 9, 2011
                                                               “All of the good things
The WLRC May meeting
will be held at the                                             that have come to me
Olive Garden Restaurant
6367 E. State Street                                       have come through my dog.”
Rockford, IL
Phone: (815) 399-3176

Board Meeting:   6:30 p.m.                                                  - Anonymous
General Meeting: 7:30 p.m.

                                                          In This Issue …               Page
         TO FOLLOW
      GENERAL MEETING                                     WLRC Trophy Donations              2
                                                          WLRC Raffle                        2
                                                          Optigen Clinic                     3
DIRECTIONS:                                               Recipe for Your Dog                4
Exit I-90 at State Street. Go west on State               Something to Howl About            5
                                                          Litter Box                         7
Street. The Olive Garden is on the south                  News Release                       8
side of State Street in a strip of stores.                 Wisconsin New Law
(Look for Office Max and Marshall).                       Upcoming Events                     9
                                                          Specialty Results                  10

          Otter Tales                         May, 2011                             Page 1
                                                    WLRC Specialty Raffle
             Trophy Donations                   We would appreciate a donation
                                                to this year's raffle. This is our
       Please support our specialty by          biggest fund raiser so we really
        sending your trophy donation            need your help.
                                                You can make up a basket with
                                                items in it or you can donate a few
          Kristin Stefek                        single items. Please bring your
     10329 Baederwood Drive                     raffle item(s) to the show on either
     Machesney Park, IL 61115                   Friday (preferred) or Saturday. If
                                                you want to donate to the raffle,
                                                and cannot attend the show, items
 All donations received by June 1 will          can be brought to the May or June
appear in the catalog. Please indicate          meetings.
 how you want your name to appear.              Please put a card with your item
                                                saying donated by and your
Please make checks payable to WLRC.             information.

                                                Thank you in advance for you
     Closing Date: June 1, 2011                 generosity, we need your help to
                                                make this show successful.
                                                Thank you!

                                                Joy Richardson

                                                             CGC Test

                                                   CGC test(s) will be offered
                                                    Friday night prior to the
                                                          puppy match.
                                                     Any questions, contact
                                                        Joy Richardson at

        Otter Tales                 May, 2011                        Page 2
       Optigen 20/20 Clinic                 Pricing singly for OptiGen tests:
                                            PRA - $195 reg price; $156 (20%
We have scheduled the WLRC                  savings - hand completed form);
Specialty Optigen 20/20 Clinic for          $146.25 (25% savings –
both Friday, June 17 & Saturday             online entry w/discount code)
June 18. At the next meeting we             RD/OSD - $160 reg price; $148
can discuss exact times for the             (20% savings - hand completed
clinic. The price of testing is             form); $120 (25% savings –
discounted by 20-25% by doing the           online entry w/discount code)
20/20 clinic. This means that each          Narcolepsy - $130 reg price; $104
test that comes via this event will         (20% savings - hand completed
save at least 20% (with a hand              form); $97.50 (25% savings –
completed form) and an additional           online entry w/discount code)
5% if it is entered online using the
code that is set up for the event.          Combo pricing 2 or more tests done
The code that we have will be active        on the SAME DOG (select 2 or more
for a 2 week period prior to the            at price listed below):
event through the event date & we           PRA - $156 reg. combo price;
would encourage participants to             $124.80 (20% savings – hand
enter their requests online through         completed form); $117 (25% savings
the Optigen website using this              – online entry w/discount code)
code. For example if a client entered       RD/OSD - $120 reg. combo price;
a request for a PRA test the regular        $96 (20% savings – hand completed
price of $195 would be discounted           form); $90 (25% savings –
by a total of 25% & their total for         online entry w/discount code)
that test would be $146.25                  Narcolepsy - $104 reg. combo price;
(a savings of $48.75).                      $83.20 (20% savings – hand
                                            completed form); $78 (25% savings –
Combo pricing: There is an                  online entry w/discount code)
additional discount if a client were
to request either an RD/OSD                 Our clinic is now listed on the
(Retinal Dysplasia/OculoSkeletal            Optigen website:
Dysplasia)test (regular price $160)
and/or a Narcolepsy test (regular           ndar.taf
price $130) in addition to the PRA
test. By requesting 2 or more tests         We are encouraged to list on the
at one time one can save approx.            Optigen website any other clinics
20% off the cost of each test. This         that we are doing in conjunction
discount is taken before the clinic         with our specialty so please contact
discount giving a substantial               me and I will have each individual
savings from the test cost if done all      clinic listed.
at the same time.

        Otter Tales                 May, 2011                      Page 3
                                                             WLRC Supported Entry

                                                                    THANK YOU
                                                             to all who donated prizes,
                                                         brought food for our hospitality,
                                                          and helped in any way toward
                                                          making our supported entry so
                                                         successful. We had majors both
         A Recipe for Your Dog                               days, 61 Labs entered on
                                                          Saturday, 18 in Sweeps and 60
                                                         entered on Sunday. There were
                                                          many comments made to me at
Makes 8 portions, depending on the size of
                                                                the shows about the
your dog's tank
                                                           friendliness and helpfulness
ONE, TWO, CHEW A SHOE, THREE,                               of the WLRC members who
FOUR, SCRATCH THE DOOR. FIVE,                              attended and definitely made
SIX LEARNING TRICKS. WHEW ---                                me proud to be a member
IT'S HARD, HUNGRY WORK BEING                                         of our club.
                                                         Pat Kroll

1-1/2 pounds ground turkey
1 egg
1 cup cornmeal
1/2 teaspoon sage
1 tablespoon minced garlic                                           Welcome
1/4 cup finely chopped green bell pepper
1/2 cup corn
                                                                New Members
1 medium tomato, chopped
6 ounces tomato paste                                           Jennifer Hornyak
                                                               1900 Jerome Blvd.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.                                   Racine, WI 53403
Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and         
mix well.
Pack into a greased loaf pan and bake for
1-1/2 hours.                                                     Cheryl Yahnke
Cool, slice and serve. Store any unused                     N 8463 Pine View Drive,
portions in the refrigerator.                              Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

         Otter Tales                         May, 2011                     Page 4
Something to
                                                     MACH 2, HR Amiable Applause
                                                       Inherited UD, MH, OF

  Howl About!                                           “Gina” earned two double Q’s
                                                       on her way to MACH 3 at the
                                                    Blitzen Agility trial on April 9 & 10.
                                                         Owners: Tim & Anne White
            Sommit’s Kanga

   WB and BOS at the KC of Yorkville
                                                        CH. Summerlin’s Charmed
         show on April 9 & 10.                           And Dangerous WC, JH

WB and BOS at the Steel City KC show           “Potter” won WB and a JAM at the Dallas
  on April 17 with Sue at the other              Ft. Worth LRC for a 5 point major to
           end of the leash.                       finish her Championship under Jill
 Owners: Sue Sommer/Linda Waco                 Ickowski! “Potter” also won Select Bit*h
                                                  and a JAM day two at the Dallas Ft.
  Blk Oak Rush Lk Licorice Twizzler            Worth LRC under Linda Bednarski for her
                                                  first 5 points toward her Grand CH!
                                                       Bred by, owned and adored
          TDX OAP OAJP
                                                           by Kristin Stefek.

     “Twizzler” passed her VST on
                                                     Four C Labs Lady Bruna Bunnor
 April 10, 2011 at the Weimaraner Club
        of Northern Illinois test.
                                               “Bean” got her Championship UKC title on
    She is now a Champion Tracker.
                                                 November 14, 2010. Bean also won a
           Owner: Cindy Nauer
                                                  wiggle off contest at a UKC show in
                                                       Peoria on March 26, 2011
  GCH Kaltrav Caribbean Cruise JH
                                                       for the long tail division.
                                                         Owner: Gary Carlson
“Calypso” won Best in Show both days at
the Clinton Iowa KC shows on April 2 & 3.
                                                   Cedar Springs Black Velvet Culottes
  WLRC supported the Lab entry which
    made the wins even more special.
                                                       WB & BOS at the Dubuque KC
  Loved and owned by Mary Henricks,
                                                         show on March 27, 2011.
        Cindy Tripp and Pat Kroll.
                                                       Owned, bred, shown and loved
         Bred by Kathy Turbett
                                                           by Mary Herburger

        Otter Tales                    May, 2011                            Page 5
   Hoffmann’s Simple Kind of Man                    U-CH Darkwoods Gates @ Nachusa.pj

“Diesel” went Best of Opposite in Sweeps         "Gates" also had a great weekend at the
  at the WLRC supported entry show on            UKC shows in Peoria, IL. Thursday night
   April 2 under judge Stacey Sellers.          he was Best of Winners in both shows to
          Bred, owned and loved                   earn his UKC Champion (CH) title. On
       by Ruth & Randahl Hoffmann                   Friday he moved up to the Champion
                                                     competition and earned a Reserve
     Hoffmann’s I Think I’m Late                Champion. Before the weekend was over
                                                     he was awarded one more Reserve
 “April” went 4th place in the 9-12 month       Champion ribbon, two Champion Class wins
  yellow bitch class of 23 entries at the         (needs 3 more for his Grand Champion
      LRC of the Potomac Specialty.                title), a Group 1, and a Best of Breed.
          Bred, owned and loved                 With the BOB win, he earned enough Top
       by Ruth & Randahl Hoffmann                    Ten points to become the #7 UKC
                                                           Labrador in the country.
 CH. Hoffmann’s Sweet On The Lips                   Bred by Sheila Holcomb, co-trained,
                                                         co-handled, & co-owned by
   “Pogo” made the cut down to 12 for               Victoria Lunebach and Earl Thomas
           Best of Breed at the
      LRC of the Potomac Specialty.             The best day of the weekend was Friday.
          Bred, owned and loved                       WLRC members water trained 9
       by Ruth & Randahl Hoffmann                   Labradors in the cold marsh water
                                                 of Banner Marsh State Fish & Wildlife
      U-GRCH Nachusa's I Walk                    Area, swam them one last time to clean
           the Line MH                           them off, took them back to the motel
                                                  parking lot for a session with the blow
"Cash" had a great weekend at UKC shows          dryer, and then went to the shows that
   in Peoria, IL, March 24-27. In the 8         night to earn a bunch a ribbons (including
shows he won 4 Best of Breed, won 4 Gun            the above mentioned Best In Show).
                                                 Strong evidence that our Labradors are
 Dog groups, a Reserve Best In Show, and
  a Best in Show. He earned enough Top               truly the 'wash and wear' breed!
     Ten points to become the #1 UKC
                                                     The Rest of the Story on UKC Top Ten
         Labrador in the country.
                                                       Standings: Charlene Moser's Charm
  Breeder/Owner/Handler Earl Thomas
                                                       Dashes for Gold N Glory is #3, Gary
                                                    Carlson's Four C Labs Lady Bruna Bunnor
                                                     is #5, and Sue & my Bella is #10. Half
                                                    the Top Ten Labradors in UKC belong to
                                                                WLRC members!

         Otter Tales                    May, 2011                           Page 6

                                                     Kennel:        Anthem
                                                     Breeder:       Ann Garmon
                                                     Phone:         (815) 943-6325
                                                     Due:           May 7
                                                     Color:         Black & Chocolate
                                                     Sire:          Anthems Space Cowboy
                                                     Hips/Elbows:   Prelims Excellent
                                                     Eyes:          ACVO 6/10
                                                     Dam:           Anthems Spin You Around
                                                     Hips/Elbows:   OFA Good/Normal
                                                     Eyes:          ACVO 6/10
Kennel:        Anthem
Breeder:       Ann Garmon
Phone:         (815) 943-6325                        Kennel:      Bellamies
Whelped:       November 3                            Breeder:     Lisa Lehmann
Color:         1 black male                          Phone:       (847) 234-3013
Sire:          Anthems Blue on Black                 Whelped:     March 6
Hips/Elbows:   OFA Good/Normal                       Color:       Yellow/7 males/1 Female
Eyes:          ACVO 6/10/PRA normal                  Sire:        Ch. Robnie’s Two Thumbs
EIC:           Carrier                                            Up at Moonlit
Heart:         Echo Normal, full dentition           Hips/Elbows: OFA Excellent/Normal
Dam:           Anthems Drops of Jupiter              EIC:         Normal, Full Dentition
Hips/Elbows:   OFA Excellent/Normal                  Dam:         Chestnut Hill’s Summer Breeze
Eyes:          ACVO 8/10, PRA Normal                 Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal
EIC:           Normal, full dentition                Eyes:        Cerf
                                                     EIC:         Normal, Full Dentition
Kennel:      Anthem
Breeder:     Ann Garmon                              Kennel:      Sonlight
Phone:       (815) 943-6325                          Breeder:     Garry & Sue Seehawer
Whelped:     December 31                             Phone:       (815) 633-4366
Color:       1 black male                            Due:         May 19
Sire:        Ch. Safari’s Dapper Dan                 Color:       Yellow
             at LegaSea JH                           Sire:        Ch. Cabin Creeks Monsieur
Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal                                      Saracen WC, TD
Eyes:        Current Cerf/PRA Normal                 Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal
EIC:         Normal                                  EIC:         Clear
Heart:       Echo Normal, full dentition             Eyes:        Optigen Clear/Cerf
Dam:         Anthems Feature Attraction              Heart:       Clear
Hips/Elbows: OFA Excellent/Normal                    Dam:         Sonlight’s Diamonds and Furs
Eyes:        ACVO 6/10, PRA normal                   Hips/Elbows: OFA Excellent/Normal
EIC:         Normal, full dentition                  Eyes:        Optigen Clear/Cerf
                                                     EIC:         Clear

           Otter Tales                       May, 2011                           Page 7
Kennel:      Charm Labradors                         Kennel:      Kaltrav
Breeder:     Charlene & Jerome Moser                 Breeder:     Kathy Turbett
Phone:       563-255-2561                            Phone:       (608) 253-6206
Due:         April 3 - 5                             Whelped:     February 16
Color:       Yellow                                  Color:       Black/males & females available
Sire:        Ch. Cabin Creeks Monsieur               Sire:        Cedarwoods Signature
             Saracen TD                                           Browning Copied
Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal                         Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal
Eyes:        Cerf                                    Eyes:        Clear
Heart:       Echo Normal, full dentition             Dam:         Kaltravs Bermuda Sky
Dam:         UKC & AKC Ch. Charm's                   Hips:        OFA Good/Normal
             Dancing In The Wind                     Eyes:        Optigen Clear/Normal
Hips/Elbows: OFA Fair/Normal                         EIC:         Clear
Eyes:        Cerf

                                                     Kennel:      Four C Labs
Kennel:      Charm Labradors                         Breeder:     Gary Carlson
Breeder:     Charlene & Jerome Moser                 Phone:       (815) 547-9991/(815) 621-1138
Phone:       563-255-2561                            Due:         May 4
Due:         April 13-15                             Color:       Chocolate
Color:       Yellow                                  Sire:        Four C Labs Bull Of The Woods
Sire:        Charm's No Angel Jake                   Hips/Elbows: Prelims Excellent
Hips/Elbows: OFA Excellent/Normal                    Eyes:        Cerf/Optigen clear by parents
Eyes:        Cerf                                    Dam:         Four C Labs Lady Korv WC JH
Dam:         UKC & AKC Ch. Charm's                                CGC
             Cameo Appearance By CJ                  Hips/Elbows: OFA Excellent
Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal                         Eyes:        Cerf
Eyes:        Cerf

                                                     Kennel:      Nachusa Labradors
Kennel:      Kaltrav                                 Breeder:     Earl Thomas
Breeder:     Kathy Turbett                           Phone:       (815) 440-3260
Phone:       (608) 253-6206                          Whelped:     April 18
Available:   4 month old black female                Color:       2 Black/8 Yellow
             Housebroken, crate trained,             Sire:        Summerlin’s Rocky Mountain
             very social                                          High RE, CD
Sire:        Riverroad Havoc From                    Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal
             Waggin Tail                             Heart:       OFA Heart Echo Clear
Hips/Elbows: OFA Excellent/Normal                    Eyes:        Cerf
Eyes:        Optigen Clear/Normal                    EIC:         Clear
EIC:         Clear                                   Dam:         U-GRCH UH Sonlights Nachusa
Dam:         Chestnuthill Kaltrav Biscotti                        Storm Chaser SH
Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal                         Hips/Elbows: OFA Good/Normal
Eyes:        Optigen clear                           Heart:       OFA Heart Echo Clear
EIC:         Clear                                   Eyes:        Cerf

             Otter Tales                     May, 2011                           Page 8
                                                         Operations that will need licenses are:
           News Release
                                                         • Dog breeders or breeding facilities selling at
     Dog Breeder, rescuers, and shelters:                least 25 dogs a year from at least 3 litters
Get on mailing list now for license application;
        New law takes effect June 1                      • Dog dealers selling at least 25 dogs a year in
                                                         Wisconsin, even if the dealer lives in a different
          Release Date: April 1, 2011
     Contact: Donna Gilson, 608-224-5130
                                                         • Non-profit animal facilities that shelter at least
                                                         25 dogs a year, such as humane societies,
MADISON – Wisconsin’s new law to protect dogs            rescue groups, and other animal shelter and
and the people who buy or adopt them has                 welfare groups
cleared its final hurdle and animal health
authorities are gearing up to begin licensing            • Animal control facilities that contract with a
some dog breeders and other businesses and               city, village, town or county
groups involved in dog sales and adoptions.
                                                         The law does not apply to anyone who sells,
The Legislature has approved ATCP 16, a rule             shelters or adopts out fewer than 25 dogs
specifying standards for animal care, the final          annually, sporting dog trainers, boarding
step in enacting the law known as Wisconsin Act          facilities or pet owners.
90. It takes effect June 1.
                                                         The Department will begin mailing out license
“We have a long list of breeders and other               application materials about mid-April. Applicants
organizations and individuals who have                   will receive a temporary license until an
requested license applications to us since the           inspector can visit their facilities to be sure they
law was first passed in 2009, and we’ll start with       meet the licensing standards. Inspectors will
those,” said Dr. Yvonne Bellay, who oversees             work with them to correct any shortcomings,
the new program for the Wisconsin Department             and they will then receive a permanent license if
of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.           their facilities and animal care meet criteria.

“If you know you’ll need a license and haven’t           Wisconsin Act 90 protects dogs and consumers
placed your name on that list, or you’re unsure,         who buy and adopt them. In addition to the
please call or email us. We can tell you if you’re       licensing requirement, it also requires that dogs
exempt, or get an application to you if you need         be examined by a veterinarian before they are
it. Anyone who knows of an operation that                sold or adopted, and prohibits sale of puppies
should be licensed can also contact us by phone          younger than 7 weeks. The act directed the
or email, so we can follow up.”                          Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer
                                                         Protection to write an “administrative rule” that
To inquire about licensing or to be placed on the        would spell out the requirements for kennels
mailing list for applications, call 608-224-4872 or      and other facilities and for care of dogs. This
email                               rule, called ATCP 16, received legislative
                                                         approval March 21.

Wisconsin Act 90 requires licensing and
inspection for some dog selling/adopting
operations, which had been almost entirely
unregulated until now. It takes effect June 1.

           Otter Tales                           May, 2011                                Page 9
UPCOMING EVENTS                                          Greater Pittsburgh LRC
                                                         June 2 & 3, 2011
    All Breed Shows & Obedience Trials
                                                         Coopers Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA
5/27 IL Valley KC of Peoria Onofrio         5/11         Closes: 5/18
& 29
5/28 Corn Belt KC           Onofrio         5/11         Arden Shaw, Show Secretary
& 30                                           
6/4  Fox River Valley KC Roy Jones          5/18
&5                                                       Judges: 6/2
6/11 Wheaton KC            Roy Jones        5/25         Dogs & Intersex: Vonnie Russell (Hyspire)
& 12                                                     Bitches & Non-Regular: Judy Heim (Hyspire)
6/17 Little Ft. KC of      Roy Jones        6/1
                                                         Sweepstakes: Wendi Huttner
& 19 Waukegan
                                                         Judges: 6/3
                                                         Dogs & Intersex: Judy Heim
              AGILITY                                  Bitches & Non-Regular: Vonnie Russell
                                                         Sweepstakes: Shannon Carlton

Smack-Dab’s Agility Club of Warrenville
May 28 & 29                                                                                 
1740 Quincy Ave., Naperville, IL
Closes: 5/11
Robert Olsen, Event Secretary                            SCHEDULE OF POINTS
(630) 790-8426 -               Effective May 11, 2011

Glenbard All Breed Obedience Club                        Division 5
June 4 & 5                                               Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio
1740 Quincy Ave., Naperville, IL
Closes: 5/18                                                     1          2     3       4         5
Beth Elliott, Event Secretary                                    PT         PTS   PTS     PTS       PTS
(847) 741-7229 - trinitycollies@comcast.anet             DOGS    2          8     14      24        42
                                                         BITCHES 2          10    18      34        65

                 Editors Note:                           Division 6
                                                         Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota,
         Please address all articles,                    Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin
     announcements, suggestions, etc. to:

                 Wendy Schanck                                   1          2     3       4         5
                 15211 LaPorte                                   PT         PTS   PTS     PTS       PTS
              Oak Forest, IL 60452                       DOGS    2          8     14      21        32
      or email
                                                         BITCHES 2          12    21      34        57
       Deadline is the 20 of each month.
                   Thank You

         Otter Tales                         May, 2011                                Page 10
              Specialty Results                                    R. Gussman
   Clinton KC – WLRC Supported Entry                    Select     CH. Rushwind Queen Ann Lace
                                                        Bitch:     At Dogwood
4/2:                                                               D. Leimbek
BOB:       CH. Kaltrav Caribbean Cruise JH
           M. Henricks/C. Tripp/P. Kroll                               LRC of the Potomac
BOW:       Jagersbo Miss Suzy                                               4/12/15
           K. Wiecha/E. Bergishagen
BOS:       CH. Tande First Lady of Song                 BOB:       Tabatha’s Pristine
           J. Cashman                                              C. Heidl
WD:        Tande Grand Finale                           BOW:       Belquest Marie Claire at
           J. Cashman                                              Waterberry
RWD:       Chestnut Hills Mr. Biggs JH                             R. Howard
           D. Thate                                     BOS:       GCH Danbridge Henry J
WB:        Jagersbo Miss Suzy                                      M. Meewes
           K. Wiecha/E. Bergishagen                     WD:        Epoch’s Captain Kidd
RWB:       Cedar Springs C-Ya Later                                C. Skiba
           Ally-Gator                                   RWD:       Sunnydaze Running Across
           L. Brown/M. Herburger                                   the Miles
Select     CH. Figero Dafoz Herbu Zadora                           A. Brown
Dog:       J. Heim/L. DaRoss/V. Russell                 WB:        Belquest Marie Claire at
Select     CH. Rushwind Queen Ann Lace                             Waterberry
Bitch:     at Dogwood                                   RWB:       Danbridge Ring in the New
           D. Leimbek                                              M. Meewes
                                                        Select     CH. Hyspire Texas Hold Em
               Best in Sweepstakes:                     Dog:       J. Heim/V. Russell/L. DaRoss
          Clearcreek Bonaventure Three                  Select     GCH Blackwing Izzy
               Sheets To The Wind                       Bitch:     M. Hamilton
                E. Martin/T. Shearer
         Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes:                              Best in Sweepstakes:
         Hoffmann’s Simple Kind of Man                                   Nipntuck Outlaw
            R. Hoffmann/R. Hoffmann                                           R. Jack
                                                                 Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes:
4/3:                                                              Casbar’s A Hart Act to Follow
BOB:       CH. Kaltrav Caribbean Cruise JH                                D. Ammerman
           M. Henricks/C. Tripp/P. Kroll
BOW:       Chestnut Hills Mr. Biggs JH                  HIT: (4/12)
           D. Thate                                     Paradoc’s Edna UD TD RA JH OM1
BOS:       CH. Tande First Lady of Song                 M. Warner
           J. Cashman
WD:        Chestnut Hills Mr. Biggs JH                  HIT: (4/13)
RWD:       Lakewoods Sons of the Playboy                Paradoc’s Edna UD TD RA JH OM1
           JH CD                                        M. Warner
           K. Rude
WB:        Charm Dashes for Gold N Glory                HIT: (4/14)
           C. Moser                                     Paradocs Five Oaks Wilma
RWB:       Kaltrav’s Linro Connemara Marble             M. Warner
           K. Turbett                                   HC:
Select     CH. Camelot Plumtree Hunka                   Paradoc’s Edna UD TD RA JH OM1
Dog:       Burnin Fudge JH                              M. Warner

           Otter Tales                      May, 2011                                Page 11

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