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Preserving and protecting important
historic, recreational and scenic open    Fall/Winter Newsletter
spaces in the greater Truckee region.    Volume 32 ❖ Dec. 2007
Fall 2007 Newsletter                                                                                                          Page 2

A messAge from the BoArd President
                                                         The acquisition of Waddle           land trusts in California.” The Board
                                                      Ranch was, without doubt, one          is also very proud to note that our
                                                      of the Sierra Nevada’s largest and     Land Conservation Director, Sara
                                                      most complicated conservation          Taddo, was recently selected as the
                                                      efforts in recent history. It          Truckee Sunrise Rotary’s “Rotarian of
                                                      took six major private and             the Year” and that Kellie Wright, our
                                                      public funding sources and the         Development Director, was widely
                                                      generosity of our loyal members        quoted in a new book on fundraising
                                                      to meet the $23.5 million price        for conservation.
                                                      tag. And it is worth every dime.          With this significant effort and
                                                      Had we failed, a massive resort        achievement now complete, we will
                                                      subdivision would have been            not be resting on our laurels. Your
                                                      built in the Martis Valley, with as    Board continues to direct staff to
                                                      many as 1,200 new residential          aggressively pursue our conservation
                                                      units. Simply put, if we wanted        goals. We recently approved a series
                                                      to save Martis Valley, we had          of new projects in the Martis Valley,
                                                      to buy it. So we did. And the          near Castle Peak, and in the Truckee
                                                      successful partnership and             and Yuba watersheds. I do not
                                                      collaboration that was created         overstate the facts when I say that
                                                      to save Martis Valley is now           these projects encompass truly iconic
                                                      being touted as the template           landscapes. With your continued
                                                      for resolving future land use          support and encouragement, we are
                                                      battles, both in our region, and       confident that our future holds even
                                                      elsewhere in the Sierra Nevada         greater conservation achievements.
                                                      range.                                 But let’s pause – just for a moment
                                                         The Truckee Donner Land             – to admire what together we have
                                                      Trust – your land trust – is           preserved for ourselves, our children,
                                                      emerging as one of the most            and all future generations.
Looking west from Dry Lake at sunset. Photo by
                                                      nimble, collaborative and
Kim Kornenich courtesy of the San Francisco                                                  Warm regards,
                                                 efficient in the Sierra, if not in all of
Chronicle.                                       California. But don’t take my word
                                                 for it. The Sierra Business Council
        Dear Friends,                            recently awarded our Executive
           In late October, the Truckee          Director, Perry Norris, its Vision
        Donner Land Trust purchased              20/20 award “for his achievement            Martin Bern
        Waddle Ranch. Acquisition of this        in building one of the most effective       Board President
        spectacular 1,482-acre property was
        completed in partnership with our
        steadfast friends and partner, The
        Trust for Public Land. Gone are the
        “No Trespassing” signs – Waddle
        Ranch is now open for you to hike,
        ski, snowshoe, run and mountain
        bike. (See the map on page 5.) We
        hope you will experience what we
        did visiting the property during the
        two-year period it took to complete
        the transaction. Coyotes hunting
        field mice, bears sunning in a
        meadow, bald eagles seeking prey,
        an eight-point buck snacking on
        bitterbrush, and thousands of ducks,
        geese and coots congregating on and
        around the misnamed Dry Lake,            A user-friendly trail system already exists on the property. In 2008 we will be
        as they make a rest stop on their
                                                 adding a new trailhead and links to other trails in the area. Photo courtesy of Olof
        migratory journeys.
                                                 & Elizabeth Carmel of Carmel Gallery-Downtown Truckee.
Fall 2007 Newsletter                                                                                                               Page 3

donner LAke rim trAiL UPdAte
Another busy year building the Donner Lake Rim Trail!
   The summer trail building season            the Rim Trail makes for a beautiful
of 2007 was very productive. Thanks            wildflower hike, especially if it is
to the hard work of 150 volunteers,            hiked as a loop using the Summit
we were able to open just under                Lake Trail and part of the Pacific
three miles of new trail. Another two          Crest Trail.
miles is already under construction               The other section of trail is called
and should be open by next summer.             Wendin Way after one of Truckee
Use of the Donner Lake Rim Trail               Donner Land Trust’s founding
has exploded this season with the              board members, Dan Wendin. It is
connectivity provided by the two               a new access route from the Donner
new sections of trail.                         Lake Interchange/Negro Canyon
   The first section of trail is on            trailhead to the Rim Trail, loosely
Forest Service land between Castle             following Gregory Creek. The trail
Valley and Summit Lake, and                    was constructed to provide a more
provides a scenic and continuous               scenic, less steep route that is single-
trail route between Tahoe Donner               track instead of the old road that
and Donner Summit. This allows                 previously functioned as the access
hikers and equestrians to take the             trail. It also allowed the Land Trust
Rim Trail from Truckee to the Pacific          to decommission the old, erosive
Crest Trail, and allows mountain               road (see article page 10.) Keep           Kids from the Summit 7000 Soccer Academy
bicyclists to ride from Truckee to the         a lookout for animals while on             share a day building the new access trail in
Hole-in-the-Ground Trail. It crosses           this trail; during construction we         Negro Canyon to the DLRT.
meadows, creeks, open granite, and             regularly saw deer, coyote, bobcat
provides panoramic views of Castle             and bear tracks, as well as raptors          Thank you to all who volunteered
Peak and Donner Summit. In the                 and upland game birds.                     their time and money to construct
spring and summer this piece of                                                           the Donner Lake Rim Trail. Without
                                                                                          your support this project would not
                                                                                          be possible. See you on the trail next

Access to the new section of the Donner Lake Rim Trail:
For hikers and equestrians: The new section of the Donner Lake
Rim Trail can be accessed via the Pacific Crest Trail. Park at the I-80
Pacific Crest Trailhead. (Exit to the south side of I-80 at Boreal Ridge
Rd and follow signs to P.C.T. Trailhead. Take the P  .C.T. Access Trail
to the P.C.T. and proceed north. Upon crossing the first fire road, turn
right onto that road. The new section begins about 200 yards up the
road, on the right. It is signed.
For mountain bicyclists: Exit I-80 at the Castle Peak/Boreal/P    .C.T.
Exit and proceed North. Park where the pavement ends. Begin climbing
Castle Valley Road. Take the second spur road on the right. It is signed,
and the first spur road dead-ends in the meadow almost immediately.
Proceed on this road for almost 1/2 mile. The trail is signed and on the                                       The new section of the Donner
right. Note: Bicycles are not allowed on the Pacific Crest Trail.                                              Lake Rim Trail is officially
Fall 2007 Newsletter                                                                                                        Page 4

WAddLe rAnch                                                                                   the Land Trust will be investing
                                                                                               in new trails, expanded parking,
                                                                                               signage and rest rooms with
                                                                                               composting toilets. Additionally,
                                                                                               the Land Trust will be maintaining
                                                                                               existing trails, working on
                                                                                               keeping the forest healthy and
                                                                                               reducing the risk of catastrophic
                                                                                                  The Land Trust is committed
                                                                                               to being an exemplary steward
                                                                                               of Waddle Ranch. Within a week
                                                                                               of acquiring the property, the
                                                                                               Land Trust had already removed
                                                                                               excessive fuel load from 300
                                                                                               forested acres.
                                                                                                  Management of Dry Lake as a
                                                                                               recreational fishery will also be
                                                                                               explored. While closed to fishing
                                                                                               by the public for the last half-
                                                                                               century, there are rumors of large
                                                                                               trout in the lake.
                                                                                                  “Our vision is to create seamless
                                                                                               and contiguous open space with
Looking south from the Martis Creek National Recreation Area to Waddle Ranch.
                                                                                               the Martis Creek Lake National
                                                                                               Recreation Area,” said Land
                    After working for nearly three      of this resource and the impacts       Conservation Director Sara Taddo.
                 years to line-up $23.5 million in      from its development on the               Waddle Ranch can be accessed
                 funding, the Truckee Donner Land       Valley, North Lake Tahoe and           from State Route Highway 267
                 Trust, in partnership with The         Truckee would have been simply         or by crossing the dam at Martis
                 Trust for Public Land, completed       dreadful.”                             Creek Reservoir. (See map.) The
                 the acquisition of Waddle Ranch           But instead the Land Trust staff    property already has a user-
                 in the heart of the Martis Valley.     is now drawing up plans to ready       friendly trail system for hiking,
                    Waddle Ranch is directly east       Waddle Ranch for the public to         running and mountain biking.
                 of the popular Martis Creek            enjoy. The Land Trust expects
                 Lake National Recreation Area.         significant year-
                 Privately owned since the 1850s,       round public
                 it had been used for grazing           use. Within
                 cattle and harvesting timber. It       days of the
                 remains the most biologically          announcement
                 diverse property in the Martis         that Waddle
                 Valley, providing habitat for deer,    Ranch was open
                 mountain lion, black bear, and         to the public,
                 bobcat, as well as for countless       hundreds of
                 species of waterfowl and other         hikers and
                 birds.                                 mountain bikers
                    Waddle Ranch had zoning             visited the
                 entitlement for up to 1,200            property.
                 homes. “If we had not succeeded,          Working with
                 another resort subdivision in the      rangers from
                                                                              The Placer Board of Supervisors at Dry Lake, (from
                 Martis Valley was inevitable,” said    Martis Creek
                                                                              left) Bruce Kranz, Kirk Ulher, Rocky Rockholm and Jim
                 the Land Trust’s Land Committee        Lake National
                                                                              Holmes. Missing is Robert Weygandt. Their leadership
                 Chair, David Brown. “The loss          Recreation Area,
                                                                              played a critical role in protecting Waddle Ranch.
Fall 2007 Newsletter                                                                                                Page 5

oPen to the PUBLic
                                                                            The loss of this resource and
                                                                            the impacts from its development
                                                                            on the Valley, North Lake Tahoe
                                                                            and Truckee would have been
                                                                            simply dreadful.
                                                                            David Brown –
An astonishing number of birds and waterfowl can be observed at Waddle      Land Trust Land Committee Chair
Ranch. Photo by Kim Kornenich courtesy of the San Francisco

   Future plans call for a new            Placer County has ever made            of $2 million to $3 million,
trail to run east from Martis             in conservation; a huge debt of        imperative to completing the
Creek Reservoir Road to the               gratitude is owed to its Board of      transaction. The balance came
main trail and service road               Supervisors and staff. The Wildlife    from private individuals and
that traverses Waddle Ranch               Conservation Board added $6.5          foundations. (See the donor list
from SR 267 to Dry Lake. (This            million for the property’s habitat     on pages six and seven.)
trail is actually part of the old         values. The Sierra Nevada Cascade        Additional key partners
Shaffer Sawmill Road.) It passes          Grant Program administered             included the Mountain Area
through meadows and forest for            by the State Resources Agency          Preservation Foundation, Sierra
approximately 2.5 miles before            contributed $2 million and             Watch, East West Partners, DMB
ending just east of Dry Lake.             Truckee Tahoe Airport District         Highlands and Timilick at Tahoe.
   Once the Waddle Ranch                  increased their initial contribution
management plan
is complete, the
property will be
conveyed to the
Truckee Tahoe
Airport District. The
Land Trust will then
hold a conservation
easement on the
property that
prohibits forever
any development,
including expansion
of the airport, at
Waddle Ranch.
   Funds used for
the acquisition came
from multiple public
and private sources.
Placer County
contributed $10
million from open
space mitigation
fees. This is the
largest investment
                             Planned access trails for Waddle Ranch.
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                                                       	Page	6

        thAnk YoU WAddLe rAnch donors
        Thanks to all those who contributed to the Truckee Donner Land Trust and
        The Trust for Public Land in support of protecting Waddle Ranch.
        $1,000,000 or more	                  Michael	&	Nancy	Jo	Heaton	-		     Pete	Cuttitta	-	Law	Office	of		 	    Gregory	&	Penny	Gallo	-	      	
        California	Resources	Agency	         	 The	Heaton	Family	Trust         	 Porter•Simon                       	 Gallo	Family	Fund	at	Silicon	 	
        County	of	Placer	                    Ed	&	Donna	Henney	                Ed	&	Joanie	Ferrera	Fund		 	         	 Valley	Community	Found.
        State	of	California	Wildlife		 	     R.	Duff	&	Carol	Kurland		     	   	 -	Lahontan	Community		 	           Theodore	&	M.	Christine	      	
        	 Conservation	Board	                Kathleen	Bennett	&	Thomas	 	      	 Foundation                         	 Gazulis	
        Truckee	Tahoe	Airport	District	      	 Malloy	                         Mr.	Randy	Gottfried	                 Nancy	&	Max	Gisko	
                                             Toni	&	Dick	Paterson	             Roger	&	Lynn	Headrick	               Roy	&	D’Aun	Goble	
                                             Tom	&	JoAnn	Prescott	             William	&	Christney	McGlashan        Ms.	Hedy	Govenar	
                                             	 President’s	Discretionary		 	   Carol	Savary	                        Michael	&	Gail	Griesmer	      	
        Emigrant	Trails	Greenway		 	
                                             	 Fund	-	Truckee	Tahoe		      	   Ellie	Huggins	&	Dan	Wendin	          	 In	memory	of	Donald	C.		 	
                                             	 Community	Foundation	                                                	 McCormack
        Morgan	Family	Foundation	                                              $1,000-$2,499	 	
                                             Scott	&	Polly	Ryan                                                     Calvin	&	Crystal	Harling	
                                                                               The	Anderson	Fund		
        $100,000-$249,999	          	        Michael	F.	Sabarese	Fund	-		
                                                                                                                    John	A.	Hartog	Family	Fund		
        Barbara	Grasseschi	&	Tony	 	         	 Truckee	Tahoe	Community		                                            	 of	Bingham,	Osborn	&		
                                                                               Yumi	Nakagawa	&	Paul		
        	 Crabb	In	memory	of	Matt		 	        	 Foundation                                                           	 Scarborough	Foundation
        	 Rusanoff                           Carolyn	Johnson	&	Rick	       	                                        Mr.	&	Mrs.	Jon	Hartung	
                                                                               Martin	&	Holly	Bern	
        Peter	Davis	                         	 Theis	-	Fledgling	Fund                                               Mr.	&	Mrs.	William	Haskell	
                                                                               David	&	Linda	Brown	Fund		
        Helene	&	Charles	Linker	Fund		       Steve	&	Raini	Vallarino	                                               Dr.	&	Mrs.	Milton	D.	Heifetz	
                                                                               	 -	Truckee	Tahoe	Community		
        	 -	Jewish	Community		      	        Leroy	Waddle	                                                          Mr.	&	Mrs.	Jim	Hoelter	
                                                                               	 Foundation	In	memory	of		 	
        	 Endowment	Fund                     Joyce	Waddle	Armitage	                                                 Jim	Holmes	
                                                                               	 Nathan	Krissoff
        Mr.	Park	Loughlin	                   Buzz	&	Jan	Wiesenfeld	                                                 Judy	Howes	&	Family	          	
                                                                               Nancy	Bull	
        The	Simons	Foundation	                                                                                      	 In	memory	of	Adrian	W.		 	
                                             $5,000-$9,999	 	                  Gene	&	Patricia	Carter	
        $25,000-$99,000	               	     Shirley	&	David	Allen	Fund		      Anne	Chadwick	Charitable		
                                                                                                                    Todd	&	Carol	Huckins	
        Greer	&	Veronica	Arthur	             	 -	Truckee	Tahoe	Community		     	 Fund	-	Truckee	Tahoe		
                                                                                                                    Jerome	&	Nancy	Ives	
        David	&	Janet	Bingham		        	     	 Foundation                      	 Community	Foundation
                                                                                                                    David	&	Barbara	Kramen-	 	
        	 Family	Charitable	Fund		 	         Annie	&	Richard	Bennett,	Jr.		    Douglas	&	Susan	Chance	          	
                                             	 -	Lahontan	Community		 	        	 Family	Fund	-	Silicon		            	 Kahn	
        	 -	Community	Foundation		 	
                                                                                                                    Anadel	Law	In	Honor	of		
        	 of	Western	Nevada	                 	 Foundation                      	 Valley	Community	Found.		
                                                                                                                    	 Robin	Leong
        Clarence	E.	Heller	Charitable			     Mr.	&	Mrs.	Jeff	Bonzon            Critchfield	Cohn	Family	Fund		
                                                                                                                    Carol	Levy	In	honor	of		
        	 Foundation	                        DiMarco	Harleen	Family	Fund		     	 -	East	Bay	Community		 	
                                             	 -	The	San	Francisco	Found.		                                         	 Henry	M.	Levy
        Hayward	Family	Foundation	                                             	 Foundation
                                             Robert	&	Mary	Hery	                                                    Paul	Marsili	
        Rod	&	Jonnie	Jacobs	                                                   Richard	Dakin	
                                             Ilfeld	Family	Fund	-	Truckee		                                         Stephen	&	Andrea	Brideau	 	
        Kreitzberg	Family	Foundation	                                          Ms.	Shanna	O’Hare	&	John	 	
                                             	 Tahoe	Community	Found.			                                            	 Miller	
        Douglas	&	Cindy	Silvani	Lacey	   	                                     	 Davis	
                                             Ed	&	Barbara	Larson	                                                   North	Tahoe	Arts	
        	 -	Juniper	Hills	Residents	                                           Marty	&	Rich	Diodati	
                                             Judith	&	Charles	Munnerlyn	 	                                          Hope	Page	-	Page	Foundation
        Mellam	Family	Foundation	                                              Donner	Lake	Property	Owners		
                                             	 -	Lahontan	Community		 	                                             Catherine	&	George	Petty	
        J.	Thomas	&	M.	Catherine		                                             	 Association	
                                                                                                                    Barb	&	Ron	Peyton	
        	 Van	Berkem	-	Ayco		          	     	 Foundation                      Jim	Duffy	&	Kathleen	Eagan	-		
                                                                                                                    Fred	&	Sandra	Romero	         	
        	 Charitable	Foundation              Sheri	&	Jack	Overall	             	 Truckee	Tahoe	Community		
                                             Stanley	&	Georgene	Pasarell	      	 Foundation	In	memory	of		 	        	 In	memory	of	Wolfgang
        $10,000-$24,999                	                                                                            Mrs.	Elizabeth	B.	Ross	       	
                                             Foresight	Fund/Cory	Ritchie			    	 Donald	C.	McCormack
        Anonymous	                                                                                                  	 Ridgeview	Fund	-	Silicon		
                                             	 -	The	Parasol	Community		 	     George	H.	Edmondson	             	
        Mr.	&	Mrs.	William	F  .	Ausfahl	                                                                            	 Valley	Community	Found.	
                                             	 Foundation                      	 In	memory	of	Janet	L.		
        John	R.	&	Gina	Biondi	                                                                                      Bruce	Rueppel
                                             The	Serendipity	Fund	         	   	 Edmondson
        Robert	&	Diane	Coleman	                                                                                     Ms.	Maia	 Schneider	In		
                                             	 -	The	Parasol	Foundation        Mr.	&	Mrs.	Bruce	Euzent	
        Elsa	Corrigan	-	Mamasake                                                                                    	 memory	of	Matt	Rusanoff
                                             Rick	&	Ann	Tavan	 	               Merle	&	Michael	Fajans	
        Robert	K.	&	Patricia	A.	       	                                                                            Gerald	&	Donna	Silverberg	
                                             The	Braddock	Foundation	          Bob	&	Penny	Fink	
        	 Dahl	-	Dahl	Foundation                                                                                    Eliot	&	Christine	Terborgh	
                                             Christopher	&	Kristin		       	   Dennis	&	Pamela	Fisco	
        Bill	Falik	-	Falik	Family		    	                                                                            William	&	Mary	Alice		        	
                                             	 Thompson	                       Tim	&	Cynthia	Foster	
        	 Philanthropic	Fund                                                                                        	 Thauvette	
                                             Mary	Tilden	-	Alpine	Winter			    Dr.	William	&	Elizabeth	Fry	 	
        Laurie	Poston	&	Brian	Ferrall	                                                                              J.	Stephen	Thornborrow	       	
                                             	 Foundation	                     	 In	honor	of	Dr.	Peter	&	Sue		 	
        David	Giacomini	-	Sierra		                                                                                  	 Family	Fund	-	Jewish		
                                             Tom	&	Pauline	Tusher	             	 Loff	Fry,	Stephen	Fry,	Susan		
        	 Mountain	Mortgage	Fund	                                                                                   	 Community	Endowment		
                                             Marquita	 West	                   	 Fry	&	Brian	Van	Rheenen,		
        	 -	Truckee	Tahoe	Community	     	                                                                          	 Fund
                                             Dennis	&	Katy	Zirbel              	 Dr.	William	&	Elizabeth	Fry
        	 Foundation                                                                                                Roxanne	Duffield	&	Hans	Wain	
                                                                               Greg	&	Kristin	Bennhoff	         	
        William	&	Sara	Jo	Goerke	            $2,500-$4,999	 	                                                       Carolyn	&	Dick	Warmington	
                                                                               	 Gallo	-	Silicon	Valley		       	
        Andrea	Walhof-Grisham		        	     John	&	Sharon	Brauman	                                                 Weaver/Dryfus	Fund	           	
                                                                               	 Community	Foundation
        	 In	memory	of	Jonathan	E.		 	       Robert	&	Margaret	Churn	                                               	 -	Truckee	Tahoe	Community		
        	 Grisham                                                                                                   	 Foundation
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                                                   	Page	7

William	Wendin	                   Dr.	&	Mrs.	Lawrence	Danto	         Dr.	Richard	&	Jean	Park	     	   David	Myrick	
Stephen	&	Karen	Wiel	             Patrice	Davison	                   	 In	memory	of	Adrian	Howes      Mary	&	Riley	Neel	
Harvey	&	Barbara	Witt	            Ann	De	Braganca	                   Gena	Pennington	                 Janan	New	
Anita	Cole	&	Canice	Wu	           Steven	&	Marilyn	Disbrow	          Jennifer	Perga	In	honor	of		     Merrill	Nisam	
Carlos	Yrueta                     Mr.	&	Mrs.	Richard	Dobson	         	 Isabella	Marie	Haver           Suzanne	Peipher	
Dr.	&	Mrs.	Charles	R.	Zipkin	     Elwood	Dryden                      Ernie	Pitz	                      Carrell	&	Deirdrellen	Peterson	
                                  Thomas	&	Deborah		             	   Tom	&	Nancy	Poulin	              Lawrence	Ricciardi	
                                  	 Echenique	                       Mr.	&	Mrs.	Jim	Powell	           Barbara	Rumph	
Robert	Abrams	
                                  Rachel	Blau	&	John	Eckhouse		      John	&	Barbara	Reding	           Peg	Rutt	
Chris	&	Susan	Adams	
                                  Pam	&	John	Eisele	                 Robert	J.	Rhodes	                R.	Louis	&	Phyllis	Salaber	
Susan	&	Bob	Adams	
                                  Naomi	Feger	&	Mr.	Bowen	 	         Amelia	&	Harvey	Rose	            Mr.	Charles	Schmuck	
Scott	Showen	&	Peter	Amsden	
                                  	 Feger	                           Max	&	Joan	Schlienger	           William	&	Leslie	Sims	
Aufmuth	Family	Fund	-	East		
                                  Miranda	Fram	                      Kathy	Semrad	                    Ellen	Sirbu	
	 Bay	Community	Foundation
                                  Freya	&	Jacob	Fuchs	               Norman	Singer	                   Mark	Steidlmayer	
George	Birdsong	
                                  Richard	&	Barbara	Grandy	          David	&	Chris	Slater	            Mr.	&	Mrs.	John	Stewart	
Coralie	&	Joe	Burgess	
                                  Thomas	&	Mary	Gray	                Genny	Smith	                     Stephen	Walker	
Howard	&	Sue	Busby		
                                  Rebecca	Nystrom	&	Marijean		       Kendra	Smith	                    Robert	&	Carol	Walsh	
Edward	Chapman	
                                  	 Greene	                          Virginia	Snider	                 Dr.	Lawrence	&	Caroline	      	
Beth	Cobert	&	Adam	Cioth	
                                  Julie	Grisham	In	memory	of		       Tom	&	Bobbi	Specht	              	 Werboff,	MD	
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Gary	Convis	
                                  	 Jonathan	E.	Grisham              Carol	&	Michael	Spiering	        Ralph	&	Antoinette	De	Vere	 	
Wayne	Crow	
                                  Charles	&	Marcia	Growdon	 	        Bill	&	Jodi	Sterling             	 White	
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Gordon	Davidson	
                                  	 In	memory	of	James	&		           Raymond	Sturges	                 William	Whiteside	
B.	Craig	&	Christine	F.	Duncan	
                                  	 Barbara	Cohn	Zeiler              John	&	Heather	Svahn	            Kirsten	Williams	
Susan	&	Eric	Dunn	
                                  Patrick	Haden	                                	
                                                                     Mary	Lois	Thompson	              Karen	Witt	&	Stanley	Wingate	
Mr.	Harrison	Dunning	
                                  Alan	Harris	                       Mr.	&	Mrs.	Dennis	Tierney	       Angie	Wulfow	
Chester	&	Ingrid	Eccles	
                                  Lynette	&	Benjamin	Hart	           Paul	Vatistas	
Sean	&	Isabel	Ehringer	                                                                               We would also like to
                                  Charlotte	&	Robert	Hartman	        Howard	Williams	
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Robert	Elo	
                                                                     Uzelle	Williams	
                                                                                                      thank the following for
                                  Kathryn	Brown	&	Jim	Hendon	
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Horst	Eltner	                                                                              their support in protecting
                                  Jim	&	Jeannie	Hentz	               Leota	&	Glenn	Woods	
Mike	&	Sue	Friedenbach	                                                                               Waddle Ranch.	 	
                                  Mr.	&	Mrs.	Jonel	&	Lois	A.	Hill	   Karen	&	Joel	Zeldin	
Isaac	&	Renee	Goff	                                                                                   California	Department	of		
                                  Dorothy	Hinze	                     Vicki	Peet	&	Steve	Zimmerman
Jeff	&	Caroline	Hamilton	                                                                             	 Fish	and	Game	
                                  Bill	&	Jennifer	Hoback	
Alan	&	Wendy	Harris	                                                 Under $100	 	                    Olof	&	Elizabeth	Carmel	
                                  Steven	Hodapp	
John	&	Noelle	Allen	Hetz	                                            Carey	&	Scott	Andre	             Dragonfly	
                                  Marjorie	Hoffmann	
Jeff	&	Cathy	Lang	                                                   Hilary	Andrews	                  DMB/Highlands	Group,	LLC	
                                  Richard	Holmes	
Robin	Leong	                                                         Charles	Banfield	In	honor	of		   Theresa	May	Duggan
                                  Ralph	&	Barbara	Christy	Hunt	
Stephen	&	Tamara	Lieberman	                                          	 Doris	Banfield                 East	West	Partners
                                  Allan	&	Elaine	Johnson	-	      	
Alvin	Markovitz	                                                     Betty	Bauer	                     Joanie	&	Ed	Ferrera	
                                  	 Johnson	Family	Trust
Geri	&	Joe	McDonald	                                                 Pauline	&	John	Beare	            Ken	Geil	&	Janice	Forbes	
                                  William	&	Patricia	Gibbons-	 	
Mike	&	Cathy	Moll	                                                   Don	&	Joyce	Bennett	             Sue	&	Mike	Friedenbach	
                                  	 Johnson	In	memory	of		       	
Mr.	&	Mrs.	John	Moran	                                               Mr.	John	Buchanan	               Julia	Gold	
                                  	 Donald	C.	McCormack
Mr.	&	Mrs.	B.	J.	Polak	                                              Jo	Ann	&	Daniel	Cobb	            Ed	&	Donna	Henney	
                                  Catherine	Katz	
John	&	Laura	Reynolds	                                               Adrienne	DeBisschop	             Law	Office	of	Porter•Simon	 	
                                  Lori	Kelley	
Jeanne	&	Stephen	Schapp	                                             Gail	Estrella	                   Mountain	Area	Preservation		 	
                                  Mr.	&	Mrs.	Thomas	A.	Knapp	
Martha	Simon	In	Honor	of		                                           Marcia	Fogel	                    	 Foundation	
                                  Kris	&	Arjen	Kuyper	
	 Alexander	Aston                                                    Geraldine	&	Gordon	Gadsby	       Northstar-at-Tahoe	
                                  Dr.	&	Mrs.	Philip	Langley	
Eleanor	Swift	                                                       Debra	Garcia	                    Jim	Olmstead	
                                  Nils	&	Marie	Lang-Ree	         	
Tracy	Grubbs	&		                                                     David	George	                    Tom	Pillsbury	
                                  	 In	memory	of	Donald	C.		 	
	 Richard	Taylor	 	                                                  Douglas	Gray	                    Prager,	Sealy	&	Co.,	LLC	
Terry	Watt	                                                          Mr.	&	Mrs.	Jim	Gribble	          Scott	Ryan	
                                  Dr.	&	Mrs.	Kenneth	Lewis	
Verne	&	Betty	Willaman	                                              Joseph	Grulich	                  Sierra	Business	Council	
                                  Theresa	Lewis	
Sue	Zimmerman	                                                       Nancy	Hadlock	                   Sierra	Watch
                                  Mr.	&	Mrs.	Charles	Jr.	        	
                                                                     Paul	&	Rhonda	W.	Hardy	          Richard	Taylor
$100-$499	         	              	 Luckhardt	
                                                                     Mr.	&	Mrs.	Alan	C.	Hebert	       Timilick	at	Tahoe	
David	Kean	&	Tanya	Africa	        James	&	Elizabeth	Mailhot	
                                                                     David	Heep	                      US	Army	Corps	of	Engineers			
Joy	Ames	                         Bill	&	Norma	Markley	
                                                                     David	Heilbrun	                  	 -	Martis	Creek	Lake	
Elizabeth	&	Robert	Andersen	      Patsy	McGaughy	&	John	Marx	
                                                                     Mr.	&	Mrs.	John	&	Eloice		       Tom	&	Cathy	Van	Berkem	
Richard	Anderson	                 Melissa	Mayfield	
                                                                     	 Marie	Helms	                   Roxanne	Duffield	&	Hans	Wain	
Branko	&	Joanne	Beronja	          Edward	&	Karen	Mazur	
                                                                     Lani	Houck	                      Terry	Watt	
Mr.	&	Mrs.	George	 Brandt	        Jill	McMichael	
                                                                     Michael	Hughes	                  Heidi	Zimmerman	
Bob	&	Pat	Breckenfeld		     	     Janice	McNeilly	
                                                                     Richard	Hutchison	               Marie	Zolezzi	
	 In	memory	of	Donald	C.		 	      Mr.	&	Mrs.	Thomas	E.	Morton
                                                                     Jean	Joseph	
	 McCormack                       Patsy	Nelson	                                                       Please call if you have any
                                                                     Beverly	Kennedy	
Julie	Bryant	                     Lynn	Newhall	                                                       corrections. Any donations
                                                                     James	Kless	
Grendell		Burrell	                Teresa	O’	Dette                                                     not included will be listed in
                                                                     Mr.	Walter	P.	Knoepfel	
David	&	Andrea	Campos	            Kay	Osborn	                                                         our Spring 2008 newsletter.
                                                                     Ria	Kubota	
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Donald	Cooper	                                                                             Thank you for your support.
                                                                     David	Littlejohn	
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                                             	Page	8

Project UPdAtes
               I do not overstate the facts when I say that these projects
                 encompass truly iconic landscapes. – Martin Bern, Board President
Perazzo Meadows
  The Land Trust, in partnership with The Trust for Public
Land, has reached a tentative agreement with the owner on
this 980-acre acquisition that includes 2.5 miles of the Little
Truckee River. This area is incredibly rich in biological and
aquatic habitat value due to its proximity to neighboring
public forestland and critical watersheds in the Truckee
River system. It is located in the eastern division of the
Sierra Nevada checkerboard.
  The Sierra checkerboard is a land ownership pattern
that alternates between public and private lands, and
dates back to the nineteenth century when the federal
government granted every other square mile to the railroads
as incentive to complete the transcontinental railroad.
This checkerboard pattern presents many challenges
when addressing management of the forests for forest and
watershed health and wild fire response. It is imperative
that the most accessible and biologically rich sections of this
checkerboard be protected for public use, water quality and           Identified by The Nature Conservancy as a portfolio site, Perazzo
biological habitat.                                                   Meadows includes 2.5 miles of the Little Truckee River, wetlands
                                                                      and critical habitat.

                                                                           Other Checkerboard Acquisitions
                                                                              Not all our projects are in the hundreds or thousands
                                                                           of acres. We are currently under contract for 30 acres
                                                                           at the head of Perazzo Creek. The property is mostly a
                                                                           wet meadow adjacent to one of oldest stands of red fir in
                                                                           the Tahoe National Forest. Additionally, we should have
                                                                           another 440-acres just south of White Rock Lake signed-
                                                                           up by the end of the year. We are hoping both of these
                                                                           acquisitions will eventually be added to the proposed Castle
                                                                           Peak Wilderness Area.

Currently under contract, a 30-acre wet meadow at 8,200 feet in the
Sierra Checkerboard.

Donner Memorial State Park
  We are in the early stages of working to protect over 300
acres at the western end of the Donner Lake Watershed
below Donner Summit. The area has considerable
biological importance and fantastic potential for new trails
connecting to the Summit and Schallenberger Ridge.

                                                                      Schallenberger Ridge on the right, 1,972 acres, acquired in 2002
                                                                      and now part of Donner Memorial State Park. In 2007, the Land
                                                                      Trust later added another 300 acres to Donner Memorial State
                                                                      Park and are hoping to add several hundred more acres in 2008.
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                                             	Page	9

Project UPdAtes
                                                                         Martis Valley
                                                                           Now that we have closed on Waddle Ranch, we are
                                                                         pursuing other developable parcels on the northeast side of
                                                                         State Route 267. We envision our acquisition work in the
                                                                         Martis Valley to continue for several more years and our
                                                                         stewardship and restoration efforts for several more decades.

A group of birders enjoying the many rewards of the Martis Valley.
The lush wet meadows of the Martis Valley provide ideal habitat
for a number of species.

Donner Summit
  We closed this summer on a 23-acre conservation
easement on Donner Summit. The acquisition was funded
through an anonymous donor. We continue to explore
conservation options on the Summit. We have started
discussions to acquire more than 1,800 acres on Donner

                                                                     Tall skis, bear-trap bindings and wool britches, the Warming Hut
                                                                     while its rope tow was in use, circa 1956. The Warming Hut was
                                                                     designed by renowned San Francisco architect, George Homsey.
                                                                     Photo	by	George	Homsey.

                                                                         Gray Creek Canyon
                                                                         	 We	are	in	the	process	of	conveying	five	parcels	totaling	over	
                                                                         1,350	acres	to	the	California	Department	of	Fish	and	Game	
                                                                         for	long-term	management	and	the	public’s	enjoyment.

Arguably the most dramatic canyon along the I-80 corridor, Gray
Creek drops nearly 6,000 feet in six miles.

Airport Flats
   Airport Flats is the wide-open landscape across from
the new Ag station on I-80. Keeping this area open space
is a high priority for the Town. East West Partners, the
Town of Truckee and the Land Trust reached agreements
on transferring development rights from Airport Flats to
East West’s Old Greenwood development immediately west
of Airport Flats. East West would purchase 73 acres and
donate the land to the Land Trust in exchange for being
able to develop 26 additional units within Old Greenwood.
                                                                     Airport Flats is considered the gateway to the Truckee Community.
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                                       	Page	10

trUckee river dAY

                                                                     A hearty thank you to Integrated Environmental Restoration
                                                                     Services of Tahoe City for their expertise and for donating
                                                                     thousands of dollars worth of services to complete this project.

Volunteers from Truckee High School help out on Truckee River Day.     Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and
                                                                        businesses who offer time, expertise, and
    Restoration and a new trail completed                                      passion to the Land Trust.
    in Negro Canyon                                                       Ace Mountain Hardware             Chris Jennerwein
                                                                          American Hiking Society             Lloyd Johnson
                                                                            Backstreet Framers                  Greg Jones
    	 Over 100 volunteers from Truckee High School joined
                                                                                  Lyndi Beale                   Peter Jones
    Land Trust staff on Truckee River Day to decommission an                     Martin Bern           Tanya Africa & David Kean
    old logging road on the east fork of Gregory Creek in Negro             Gene & Ann Bowles            Dr. James W. Kirchner
    Canyon.                                                                     David Brown                   Eric Larusson
      After years of use and degradation from poor drainage,                      Jeff Brown                  Susan Levitsky
    the dirt road was severely eroded, releasing large amounts                    Kenny Burt            Tam & Steve Lieberman
    of sediment into Gregory Creek and Donner Lake. The road            California Land Title Co. of     Tom & Laurel Lippert
    had become unpleasant and difficult to hike or bike. In the                  Nevada Co.                    Charlie Long
    past, the dirt road had served as an informal access trail                Carmel Gallery-                 Kathy MacKay
                                                                            Downtown Truckee              Judy & Bill Mayorga
    for the Donner Lake Rim Trail. Following purchase of the
                                                                       Rob Flesher & Anne Cervino           Andrea Mummert
    eastern portion of Negro Canyon by the Land Trust earlier           Pat & Angela Costamagna             Nevada Co. - GIS
    this year, a much more enjoyable and environmentally-                  Barbara Grasseschi &                Noon Rotary
    sound access trail was constructed immediately east of the                     Tony Crabb              Lou & Lacy Norris
    old road.                                                                  Corey Dehorn          
      The new trail and eradication of the logging road were                  Seanna Doherty                 Stefanie Olivieri
    funded through a generous grant provided by the Truckee                      Judy Dowdy                   Adriane Olson
    Tahoe Community Foundation’s Nature Fund.                                      Dragonfly                   Will Ortman
      The new trail, constructed by scores of volunteers and                     Kevin Drake                 Placer Co. - GIS
                                                                          John & Elizabeth Eaton             Glenn Polochko
                                                   under the
                                                                              Mayumi Elegado                  Sky Rondenet
                                                   direction of                   Karen Ellis                    Jo Sander
                                                   Donner Lake                  Dario Estrada          Catherine Schnurrenberger
                                                   Rim Trail              Merle & Michael Fajans               Luke Shacter
                                                   Coordinator                 Faerthen Felix                   Sierra Club
                                                   John Svahn,               Bob & Penny Fink                 Sunrise Rotary
                                                   has opened to            Foothill Associates               Heather Svahn
                                                   rave reviews.               Richard Fores           Tahoe Donner Association
                                                      The United                 Steve Frisch                Tahoe Rim Trail
                                                                               Emma Garrard               Truckee High School
                                                   States Forest
                                                                              David Giacomini         United States Forest Service
                                                   Service OHV                    Dave Gibbs                   Val Videgain
                                                   road to Summit               Jeff Hamilton        Roxanne Duffield & Hans Wain
                                                   Lake remains          Calvin & Crystal Harling              Lisa Wallace
                                                   open and is          Hartley Appraisal Services             Bill Wendin
                                                   clearly marked.             Steve Hilarides                Sara Whidman
                                                                           Mike & Debbie Hogan                 Steve Willer
Who would have thought de-commissioning an                               Integrated Environmental       Julia & Lorenzo Worster
old logging road could be so much fun?                                      Restoration Services                Jackie Zink
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                    	Page	11

comPLeted Projects & Current Priority Areas

  LeAve A LegAcY of
                                                                             Thank you to the
  oPen sPAce...                                                            following businesses
                                                                             for participating
      The Land Under Our Feet…hiking Schallenberger Ridge,
  skiing Coldstream Canyon, or simply enjoying the stunning views
                                                                              in our Buck for
  of the surrounding peaks from the Donner Lake Rim Trail.                 Open Space Program
      Leave a legacy and help us protect open spaces for future           Best Western Truckee Tahoe Inn
  generations by including the Truckee Donner Land Trust in your              Dr. Robert Colpitts, DDS
  will or other estate plans.                                                 Cottonwood Restaurant
      Estate gifts can reduce your income taxes, reduce or eliminate     Donner Truckee Veterinary Hospital
  capital gain taxes, reduce your gift or estate tax, provide income                  Dragonfly
  to you and your loved ones, and help support our efforts to protect

                                                                              Pacific Crest Restaurant
  our area’s most important treasures.                                           Pianeta Ristorante
      Leaving a bequest is simple and gives you the freedom to make               Sierra Pet Clinic
  a significant difference. To make a bequest, consult with your legal               SnowTech
  advisor or contact our office.
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                                   	Page	12

        in memorY of...
                 George Carne                            In “retirement” Don turned
                                                      his considerable energies toward
                                                      local government and community
                                                      service. He was elected to two
                                                      terms on the Truckee Town
                                                      Council and twice served as
                                                      Mayor. He served as board
                                                      president of the Tahoe Donner
                                                      Association and the Truckee
                                                      Donner Land Trust. He was a
                                                      board member of the Truckee
                                                      River Watershed Advisory
                                                      Group, Nevada County Solid               Tiki passionately participated
                                                      Waste Commission, Nevada               in the Marin County Community
                   George Carne, a world traveler,
                                                      County Local Agency Formation          where she lived for over 50 years.
                 grew-up in Nebraska and enjoyed
                                                      Commission, League of California       She was the voice of KTIM’s Terra
                 golfing, hiking, cross-country
                                                      Cities Task Force and a number of      Linda Home Town News and a
                 skiing and volunteering. Although
                                                      other government committees.           writer for many Marin County
                 George visited most of the world,
                                                         In recognition of his ongoing       publications.
                 the Sierra was his first love. He
                                                      efforts, in 2003 the Truckee             Tiki shared Hal’s dream to
                 often said, “Truckee is the best
                                                      Rotary Club awarded him its            build a trail around Donner Lake
                 playground in the world.”
                                                      “Service Above Self Award.”            to be enjoyed and treasured for
                   He moved to Truckee in the
                                                      Later taking on one of his more        generations to come.
                 1960s and built a passive solar
                 home in Tahoe Donner. Even into      difficult assignments, at the time
                                                      of his death he was chairman of        All memorial gift donors
                 his 80’s, George spent countless
                                                      the Airport Community Advisory         will be noted in our Spring

                 days, skiing and hiking. He spent
                 each and everyday enjoying the       Team.                                  2008 newsletter.
                 land he loved.                          Don was known for his fair,
                   George had three children,         balanced, prepared and thoughtful
                 John, Kate and Sidney, and five      ways. He was a people person
                 grandchildren. The Land Trust is     with friends from all walks of life,
                 honored that John and Sue Carne,     was young at heart, cheerful and a
                 along with family and friends,       wonderful host. He was proud of
                                                      his wife and children, and happy
                 lovingly set up a memorial fund in
                                                      beyond words with his retirement
                                                                                               Looking for the
                 George’s name. He will be missed.
                                                      life in Truckee.                          perfect gift for
                 Don McCormack                                                               someone who seems
                                                      Tiki Parker
                                                         Long-time Land Trust supporter      to have everything?
                                                      Tiki Parker passed away this
                                                      October. Tiki was married to Hal          Give the gift of
                                                      Parker, one of the founders of the
                                                      Donner Lake Rim Trail, for 52
                                                                                               open space for all
                                                      years.                                      occasions.
                                                         To her many friends and
                                                      family, “Giving, living, loving             An honorary gift is a
                                                      and laughing will forever be the          thoughtful way to show
                                                      Tiki way.” Tiki had a full and          your friends and family how
                                                      adventurous life. Her creativity        much you care about them
                   Don McCormack, a civic leader      and gutsy attitude towards

                                                                                                 and the environment.
                 in Truckee with few peers, passed    life was inspiring, especially
                                                                                                  Call the Land Trust at
                 away in June of this year. After a   to her children. She was an
                 lengthy and accomplished career      accomplished artist and won                530-582-4711 for more
                 with Shell Oil Co., Don and his      many awards at the Marin County                  information.
                 wife Diane and their much-loved      Fair for her cloisonné jewelry,
                 Dachshunds, retired to Truckee.      photo memory quilts and pine
                                                      needle baskets.
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                                            	Page	13

BUsiness PArtner ProfiLe
David Robertson of Lost Trail Lodge
      David Robertson moved              “I feel the backcountry
to Tahoe City as a young boy             should be available
in 1966. . “ I would rise early          to all, not just a few.”
before being bused to Truckee for        The Land Trust, with
school, and ride my bike to Page         the community’s
Meadows; I couldn’t get enough           support, is making this
of it.”. In winter he skied and          possible.” We would
worked at Granlibakken                   like to thank David
      In 1998, after a short stay        Robertson, his family
in Montana, David returned               and Lost Trail Lodge
to Truckee. His love of the              for their support. The
backcountry, skiing, and a passion       Land Trust could not
for music led him to build Lost          accomplish its goals
Trial Lodge. Surrounded by               without partnerships
forest in Coldstream Canyon, the         with folks like David
off-the-grid Lodge offers ideal          Robertson.                    David Robertson also serves as Chief Entertainer for Lost Trail
access to some of the Sierra’s best           For more                 Lodge, a homey sanctuary deep in Coldstream Canyon.
backcountry skiing and ski-              information about
touring, hiking, and climbing. On        Lost Trail Lodge visit
a snowy day David can be found           www.losttraillodge.
                                                                       Have you renewed your 2007 membership? A long-
at the Lodge’s piano, or in front        com or call
of the fire with mandolin or bass        (530) 320-9268.               time supporter will match your contribution dollar
guitar in hand.                                                         for dollar if you maintain or increase your giving.
      Commenting on his support
of the Land Trust, David said,
                                                                         Please help protect more of the open spaces you
                                                                           value. Call 530-582-4711 to give by phone.

BoArd UPdAte
Welcome Chris Fellows
     The Land Trust Board of              Chris is the founder and owner of
Directors is pleased to announce          the North America Ski Training
the election of Chris Fellows to          Center, a high performance ski
the Board. With his wife Jenny,           school based in Truckee.
                                                       “I am thrilled to
                                                   be on the Land Trust’s
                                                   Board,” Chris said.
                                                   “Like a lot of folks, I
                                                   am concerned about the
                                                   pace of development
                                                   and the loss of natural        Chris on the hill making it look so easy.
                                                   lands in the Truckee
                                                   Donner region. I like the      Bern said. “He’ll be a real asset to
                                                   Land Trust’s approach          the Land Trust’s Board.”
                                                   of creating a win-win               Chris is on the Professional
                                                   for public and private         Ski Instructors of America
                                                   interests.”                    National Demonstration Team
                                                       “Truckee is at its         and also serves on its Board of
                                                   heart still a ski town, and    Directors.
                                                   Chris is very connected             Chris and Jenny and their
Chris and Jenny and their three children,          to the ski industry,”          three children, Colter, Monique
Monique, Heath and Colter.                         Board President Martin         and Heath, live in Tahoe Donner.
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                                   	Page	14

  Thank you to the following
      Business Partners                        A LeAn shiP
    Ace Mountain Hardware • Albertsons •
                                                  Truckee Donner Land Trust understands donors expect their
    Arbor Home Mortgage, Inc. • Cabonas        contributions will be put to good use. We are proud of running a lean
   • Capital Beverage Co. • Carmel Gallery     and efficient organization. The chart and table below provide summary
    Downtown Truckee – Elizabeth & Olof        information for the most recent fiscal year. If you have questions or
    Carmel • Castle Peak Vacation Rentals      would like to receive a copy of the Land Trust’s IRS form 990 or audited
     • Castle Peak Snow Removal • Chase        financial statements please contact our Associate Director, Stan Wingate
  International – Trinkie Watson • Citizen’s   at
 Bank of Northern California • Conservation
 & Preservation Counsel • Dennis E. Zirbel,            Uses of fUnds for the YeAr ended 12/31/06
     LLC • DMB/Highlands Group, LLC •                  totAL ProgrAm
  Donner Lake Property Owners Association               exPenditUres
   • Donner Memorial State Park • Donner
  Truckee Veterinary Hospital • Dragonfly •
 East West Partners • Florian’s Fine Wines &
 Specialty Foods • Geocadd Aerial Surveys •                                                              mAnAgement
       Green River Productions • Hartley                                                                  & sUPPort
    Appraisal Services • Home Concepts •
     Integrated Environmental Restoration
    Services • Isabella O. • Jackass Ridge •
   Law Office of Porter • Simon • Los Gatos
  Construction Co., Inc. • Lost Trail Lodge                                                       fUndrAising
  • Maui Vacation Rentals - Andrea Thomas                                                              3%
    • Martis Valley Associates – Anne Dain
  Goeschl • Northstar-At-Tahoe • Offroute.
  com • Parr Goldman & Byrne • Pinnacle        sUmmArY of LAnds
   Real Estate • Plumas Bank • Ryan Group
 Architects • Serene Lakes Property Owners
    Association • Sierra Business Council •
    Sierra Mountain Mortgage • Sierra Sun            1/1/07 through 10/31/07                Total from founding (1990)
                                                                                                 through 10/31/07
      • The Pour House • The Sohagi Law
                                               Number of Projects Completed    4         Number of Projects Completed 35
   Group, LLC • Squaw Valley USA • State
                                               Acres                       4,791         Acres                      12,442
  Farm Insurance – Tahoe City • Streamline
                                               Fair Market Value    $25,877,300          Fair Market Value    $43,844,999
   Consulting Group • Sugar Bowl • Tahoe
   Property Group, LLC • Tahoe Sierra Eye
 & Optical • Talisman Cellars • The Estates
   Group – Tom Pillsbury • TIP, Inc. • Tony
 Hardy Construction Inc. • Town & Country
    Storage • Truckee Auto Mall • Truckee
 River Associates • Truckee River Watershed
  Council • Truckee-Tahoe Lumber • Twin
        Peaks Catering • Sagehen Creek
                  Field Station

    The Land Trust would not be able
     to accomplish our goals on the
     Donner Lake Rim Trail without
       the following foundations:
   Lahontan Community Foundation • New
    Belgium Brewing • Teichert Foundation
    Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation         Our latest acquisition, Waddle Ranch, is open for the public to enjoy.
Fall 2007 Newsletter	                                                                                                              	Page	15

trAiLs & vistAs 4                                          th
                                                                Annual – “Passages” – September 9, 2007
                                                  Trails & Vistas is a
                                             partnership of three local
                                             non-profit organizations, The
                                             Truckee Donner Land Trust,
                                             InnerRhythms Dance Theatre
                                             and Arts For the Schools. As an
                                             event partner, we believe this
                                             art walk strengthens the ties
                                             between art and the environment
                                             while increasing awareness of

                                                                                   InnerRhythms Dance Theatre performing in a meadow.
                                                                                   Trails	&	Vistas	photos	courtesy	of	Jeff	Engerbretson.
                                                                                   A special thanks to founder and
Chief Red Hawk performs native flute                                               Creative Director, Nancy Tieken Lopez,
songs.                                                                             Choreographer, Elizabeth Archer and
	    Trails & Vistas was a great                                                   Graphic Designer, Cesar Lopez, and to
success with all tickets sold out. Over                                            all the artists and volunteers for making
450 hikers enjoyed a unique art event                                              this year’s event a great success!
that offered the Truckee and North
Lake Tahoe community an original art
production that involved dance, music        A Balinese Legong dancer was          Please visit for
and installation art on a hike on the        accompanied by the traditional        more information.
Pacific Crest Trail.                         Gamelan Sekar Jaya orchestra.

“seAsons of mArtis”
Many thanks to our local art community.
     More than 70 artists from the Truckee-Tahoe region and
around the country collaborated in the Seasons of Martis, an exhibit
spanning four local art galleries and the month of October. The
exhibit conveyed the story of the Martis Valley through color and
form while helping raise funds for the Land Trust’s acquisition of
Waddle Ranch. The 1,500 ranch is at the heart of Martis Valley.
     Seasons of Martis included the first Plein Air, or outdoor
painting, event organized by local artists and gallery owners. The
paintings, created over a single weekend by 20 talented artists, were
later auctioned with part of the proceeds donated to the Land Trust.

                        Many thanks to:                                        Reno artist, Mike Callahan, braves the cold to participate
                                                                               in the Seasons of Martis Plein Air art event.
            Laura Read                      Judy Mayorga
         Truckee Gallery                      Andy Skaff                       Thank you to each of the 35 local artists
          Carmel Gallery                  East West Partners                   and 32 plein air artists who explored and
        Downtown Truckee                  through the Tahoe                    interpreted Martis Valley for Seasons
         Riverside Studios                 Mountain Resort                     of Martis.
         North Tahoe Arts                    Foundation
The Truckee Donner Land
Trust was founded in 1990 in
order to preserve and protect
important historic, recreational
and scenic open spaces in the
greater Truckee region.
Tel. 530.582.4711
Fax 530.582.5528
The Truckee Donner Land Trust is
a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.
All donations to the Land Trust are
tax-deductible under the Internal
Revenue Service Code.

Martin D. Bern, President
Noelle Allen Hetz, Vice President
William Thauvette, Secretary/
David Brown
Chris Fellows                             This gentleman has been spotted numerous times at Waddle Ranch.	Photo	by	Kim	
                                          Kornenich	courtesy	of	the	San	Francisco	Chronicle.
William Goerke
Jeff Hamilton                                  This newsletter is printed on recycled paper using soy ink.
J. Thomas Van Berkem
                                                                                                             NON-PROFIT ORG.
Gene Bowles                                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
John Cobourn                                                                                                      PAID
Kathleen Eagan                                                                                                 TRUCKEE, CA
Greg Faulkner
                                                                                                               PERMIT #138
Ralph Hunt                                  TRUCKEE ❖ DONNER
Judy Mayorga                                L AND T RUST
William McGlashan
                                           P.O. Box 8816
Stephanie Olivieri                         Truckee, CA 96162
James L. Porter, Jr.
                                          ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
Craig Ritchey
Kathleen Ritchie

Perry Norris, Executive	Director
Stan Wingate, Associate	Director
Kellie Wright, Development	Director
Sara Taddo, Land	Conservation	Director	
Dale Lawrence, Membership	
John Svahn, Donner	Lake	Rim	Trail			

The misnamed Dry Lake at Waddle
Ranch. Photo by Kim Kornenich
courtesy of the San Francisco

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