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					What can
you do?
     Mark: Hi! I´m Mark. What´s your name?

          Susan: Hi! I´m Susan Jackson.

     Mark: Are you a new member of this club?

                 Susan: Yes, I am.

               Mark: Can you swim?

Susan: Well… I´m learning. I´m a beginner. And you?

                 Mark: Yes, I can.

            Susan: Can you ride horses?

       Mark: No, I can´t but I would like to.

        Susan: I can teach you if you want.

          Mark: Can it be this weekend?
         Susan: Sure. That´s fine with me.
1. Mark the sentences as True (T) or False (F).

 • a) Susan´s surname is Smith. ______
 • b) Susan and Mark are talking about
   what they can or can´t do. ____
 • c) Susan is a member of the club. ____
 • d) Susan can swim very well. ____
 • e) Mark can´t ride horses. _____
 • e) Susan is going to teach Mark how to
   ride horses. ____
   2. Answer some questions
        about the text.
• a) Who is Susan?
• b) Can Susan ride horses?
• c) Can Mark ride horses?
• d) Can Susan swim?
• e) What can Susan do very well?
The verb
Who can dance?
Who can ride a bike?
Who can climb a tree?
Who can jump?
Who can sing well?
Who can swim?
Who can cook?
Who can drive a car?
Who can run fast?
Who can play football?
Who can speak English?

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