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					Improve Sales
For this reason or for that, the art of selling a product to a consumer has been met with frank hostility by
the public at large. For most people, there is nothing worse than to have somebody try to sell them

But even though sales and salesmen are generally looked upon with disdain by the average citizen,
every business owner knows that to make money they have to sell their product or service. It is within
this dichotomy of needful sales and general dislike of salesmanship that businesses will have to operate
before they can make money on their products.

Increasing a company’s sales, then, is a fine balance, and certainly it is a skill that can be improved upon
and eventually mastered. A small business owner can do a number of things to improve their
company’s sales and drive up profits.

Previous Customers
The first, and perhaps most crucial element to increasing sales for a business is to entice previous
customers to purchase from the company again. These returning customers are absolutely critical to
the future success of the business.

                                       The returning customer will need to be enticed into buying other
                                       products from the company because studies have shown that
                                       returning customers make up a whopping eighty percent of the
                                       company’s sales and profits. This is largely due to the fact that
                                       returning customers do not need to be sold again on products as
                                       they have already purchased them previously.

                                     It is far easier to attract a returning customer to purchase
additional products because they have been sold on similar products in the past. To maintain the
customer base that they desire, a company can attract previous clients by establishing sales incentives
such as membership programs.

Membership programs can be offered to previous clients and include exclusive deals, prices, and other
incentives to bring the client back time and again. By having clients return, a company will see a steady
rise in the number of sales and a consistent increase in the overall profits of the business.

Ability of Employees
Other ways to boost sales have nothing to do with marketing to the public at all. Building the ability of
employees to sell to clients will instantly boost sales numbers as every employee will become a
salesman of sorts. One great way to encourage individual employees to sell more products to clients is
by establishing a sales incentive program for the employees.
Such programs encourage staff members to sell to clients by offering rewards of various worth to those
employees who perform well in selling to customers. Typically the more valuable the prize for top
seller, the sharper the increase in sales will be.

An additional way for a business to increase its sales is
to receive the proper education and training required
to sell effectively. From top tier managers to lowly
sales clerks, having sales training education can make
the difference between a struggling company and a
successful one.

By implementing these and other ideas into the sales
marketing plan, a business will be able to increase their sales and improve their profits.

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