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									White Bear Lake Area Hockey Association
        Girls Hockey 2011-2012

  2011-2012 Summer Planning Sessions
Planning Session Agenda
 Purpose of summer planning sessions
 Participants
 What went well in 2010-2011
 Areas to improve/re-tool
 Hot topics
   Head Coaches
   Player retention/recruitment
   Player development
   Goalies
Planning Session Agenda Cont.
  3 v 3 night during season for U10-U14
  Fall Camp
  Coaches committee
  Tryouts
  Team format
  Any Others?
Purpose of Summer Planning Sessions
The purpose of the summer planning sessions is to
discuss in length the “state” of the girls hockey
program and what we can improve upon in the 2011-
2012 season.

The ultimate goal is to become one of the premier
girls programs in the state of MN.
Summer Planning Group Participants
U14              U10
John King        Ron Anderson
Derek Cooper     Paul Delarosa
Pat Watson       Sean Shearen
U12              U8
John Seibel      Todd Jagoe
Cheldon Frank    Steve Rudie
Jason Healy
Jim Jablonski
What went well in 2010-2011
 All girls teams did well in D2, tournaments and end of year playoffs.
 U12A pre-game varsity skate
 All Girls Hockey group photo
 Skate with the Bears
 Association kids take part in varsity pre-game activities
 U10A and U12A participated in Hockey Day MN
 U8 fall warm up camp
 Girls Hockey float in community parade
 Goalie development w/ Pro-Hybrid
 Girls Hockey Marketing committee
 Monthly Girls hockey newsletter
What went well in 2010-2011 cont.
 U10A/U10B Moose Goheen Tourney added
 HS girls participation in association practices(needs to improve next year)
 Added “A” camp scrimmage at U10 and U12
Areas for Improvement
 Player retention/recruitment
 Player Development
 Coaching - Need consistent coaches curriculum from U14 on down
 Continue to strengthen Association/HS relationship
Hot Topics
 Non-Parent coaches vs. Parent coaches
 Consistency – Curriculum from U8 on up
 Coaches training – Need to invest in coaches development as we do
  player development.
 Female coaches - Assistants or Head coaches
 Monthly coaches roundtable meetings
Hot Topics Cont.
Player retention/recruitment
 Keep it fun! (retention)
 Continual documented development from U8 on up (retention)
    Conduct beginning and end of season assessments
 Better marketing of Girls program (recruitment)
 Good quality coaches (retention/recruitment)
 More involvement in Girls program from players (retention)
    Attending other association games
    Mentoring - U14’s mentor U8’s
    Student coaching – U14’s asst. for U8 team promoting female coaching
Hot Topics Cont.
Player Development
 Continual documented development from U8 on up
    Conduct beginning and end of season assessments
    Parent ROI
 Enable team coaches to provided continued player development
  following curriculum from Player Development Director.
 Enhance Girls Player development?
    OS Hockey Resources - Skating
    Scott Bjugstad – Shooting
 Ensure coaches are teaching/coaching kids the proper skills at each
Hot Topics Cont.
 Pro-Hybrid clinics need to be required for ALL goalies in the girls
 Need to develop goalies at U8/U10 levels
 Possible incentives for goalies @ U10B level?
    Reduced registration fees?
    Reduced team fees?
 Provide goalie training for all Girls coaches
Hot Topics Cont.
3 v 3 Night for U10-14(open hockey)
 Similar to Mite night, small area games
 2 times a month (Nov- Feb)
 U10’s/U12B on one end and U12A/U14A other end
    Players will be matched up by skill level
 Another opportunity for development
 Paid for by association (girls budget)
 Not yet approved, concept at this time
Hot Topics Cont.
Fall Camp
 Bring in high profile, highly skilled female coaches from OS Hockey
    to run fall camp for U10- U14
   Association coaches would provide on ice support at fall camp.
   Use this for true development for ALL kids and not just the upper end
   High tempo camp truly preparing the kids for tryouts.
   Not yet approved but I will be pushing to get this approved.
Hot Topics Cont.
Coaches Advisory Committee
I am planning to put together a Girls Coaches Advisory Committee. The
intent of this committee will be but not limited to:

 Developing a curriculum for the girls hockey program.
 Mentoring new/inexperienced coaches
 May be part of the coaches interviewing panel
 Recommending training opportunities for the association coaches.
 Acting as a resource for other coaches in the girls program
 Recruiting\recommending new coaches
Hot Topics Cont.
I am planning on changing tryouts a bit this year. Here’s how the U10 and
U12 tryouts will be run (U14 may follow this as well depending on numbers)
Tryouts Day 1
 2-3 independent evaluators will pick the top 20 skaters
    The “A” head coach, Girls Director (w/ exception of U12) will also grade
     BUT the independent evaluators top 20 will be what we work off of unless
     there are major discrepancies.
    A team “locks” will be identified on day 1. Must have consensus by tryout
    Top 2-3 goalies will be identified (numbers dependent)
Hot Topics Cont.
Tryouts Day 2
 Re-evaluate ALL players that are not locks for the A team.
 By the end of Day 2 the “A” Camp Team will be picked.
    Must be a minimum of 18 skaters but no more than 20 skaters.
    2-3 Goalies will be selected for the A Camp Team
Tryouts Day 3
 “A” Camp Team will scrimmage against another association
 “A” team will be picked after the scrimmage
 Players that don’t make the respective “A” teams will be moved to the
  “B” pool.
Hot Topics Cont.
“B” Pool Grading

This year after the “A” teams are picked we will have a “B” grading
session. The intent of this grading session will be to grade out the B
players to ensure we are creating 2 equally skilled teams as possible. As
always, this is dependent on the total number of kids we have in the
program. If there are only enough for 1 B team, this grading session will
not be needed.
Hot Topics Cont.
Team Format
This year I will be limiting the numbers for the “A” teams at each level.
Here’s the breakdown: (everything is dependent on total numbers)

 The “A” teams will be limited to 13 skaters and 1 or 2 goalies. Unless
  skaters 14 and 15 are true “A” players, this must be approved by the
  tryout committee.
 The plan at the “B” levels are to have leaner teams. Plan as of today is
  to have 2 “B” teams per level consisting of 11 skaters and a goalie for a
  total of 12 players. (everything is dependent on total numbers)
Hot Topics Cont.
Other items?

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