Group assignment - Vicongdong by xiaopangnv


									  Understanding the sustainability and
              resilience of
      Huong Phong commune
A case study in Van Quat Dong village

        Le Thi Hong Phuong
General information
- Huong Phong commune is a horizontal coastal
  commune, with 12 km far from Hue city in the
- It is boundaried by Hai Duong commune in the
  north, Thuan An town in the East, Quang Thanh
  commune in the west, Huong Vinh commune in
  the south.
- The location of Huong Phong is especial. It has
  two sides border with Huong and Bo river and
  one side border with lagoon. Moreover, it is at
  the foot of these rivers
- Huong Phong has 6 villages of which we focus
  on the lagoon village _ Van Quat Dong has the
  population of 2350 with 261,4 ha water surface
    Environmental problem
  We examine the environmental problem at three
  different zones:
- Fishing zone
- Aquaculture zone
- Common pools
                    Fishing zone environmental pollution
   Describing based on                              Reasons
 local people perspective
Death of Fish in lagoon - The area of lagoon has been narrowed due to the
surface                       development of aquaculture
                          - Leftover from shrimp food
                          - Chemical substances from pond treatment and disease
                          - Waste water from shrimp pond, households and agriculture
The decline of fish catch - The time for reproduction coincide with the time for shrimp
because              fish     pond treatment (from lunar Feb to lunar Mar)
reproduction          has - The range of bottom nets at the bar mouth has collected the
decreased over time           fish from sea to lagoon for reproduction and prevented
                              the flow of water
                          - The loss of “he” seaweed patch for fish reproduction due to
                              aquacultural development
                          - The using small mesh net lead to prevent the water flow
Garbage     in    lagoon - Garbage from households
surface                  - Garbage drift the downstream to lagoon area
                         - The waste of agricultural production
                         - The waste from the sea
    Aquaculture zone environmental pollution

 Describing based on local                  Reasons
     people perspective

  The disease has over broken in - The leftover of shrimp food
  shrimp pond                      - Chemical substances from
                                     pond treatment and disease
                                   - Effected by poisoned water
The decline of shrimp productivity   from the source and the sea
                                     to the lagoon
                                   - Dirty water from garbage
      Common pools environmental pollution

Describing based on local            Reasons
    people perspective
Fishes died in the water - Nearby cultivated land and
  surface                   resident area
                          - Small floods bring garbage
Garbage drift in the water from land to this area
Garbage in common pools
Waste in pools
                             Waste from resident area

Garbage from resident area
In order to analyze the sustainable context
 of Van Quat Dong through the untilization
 and exploitation lagoon resource, we used
 three principle of sustainable development
    + Environmental development
    + Social development
    + Economic development
 Van Quat Dong village situation of sustainability

- Environmental dimension:
   + Lagoon environmental pollution
   + The fish catch decline increasingly
   + The size of fish, crab, shrimp is smaller and
   + The loss of biodiversity due to over
     exploitation; using small mesh net and electric
     gear and aquacultural development
   + Aquacultural productivity decline even failure
                         The change of fishing gear, fish catch and biodiversity

       Indicators                                                         Year
                             1975                  1988                   1999                2003                2008
Fishing gear           - Net                -    Fish     corral   -         Wireless   -          Manual   - New kind of
                       - Bottom net              occurs                 electricity          electricity       manual
                       - Sao tre            - Sao tre off               device               device            electricity
                       - Tre (prohibited)                                                                      occurs

Fish     catch /day/   - 15 kg “The chan    - 7 kg shrimp          - 6 kg shrimp        - 4 kg shrimp       - 2 kg shrimp
       household            trang”          - 20 kg crab           - 10 kg crab         - 1 kg crab         - 300 gr crab
                            shrimp          - 6 kg goby fish       - 5 kg goby fish     - 4 kg goby fish    - 3 kg goby fish
                       - 15 kg “Chi”
                       - 50 kg crab
                       -15 kg mullet fish
                       - 10 kg goby fish
                       - “Thieu” fish
                       - “Moi” fish

Biodiversity                                - Mullet fish, “The                         “The chan trang”
                                                 chan trang”                                shrimp
                                                 shrimp                                     disappear
                                            -“Thieu”        and
                                                 “Moi” fish
- Social development dimension
 + Over population
 + Low education
 + Migrating to city, industrial zone
 + Social evils: drunk, gambling, family violence,
 + Many household fall in poverty and debt
- Economic development

+ Income from fishing and aquacultural
  activities have gone down increasingly
Model of sustainability in 2008
Model of sustainability from 1988 to 2003
Model of sustainability from 1975 to 1988
The sustainability situation for the village in
     term of a resilience perspective
                     Type of disturbance at Van Quat Dong village

      Type             Time ( lunar
    disturbance           calendar)
“ Tieu man” flood April                   -Small flood, Garbage goes a drift to lagoon
Rain storm         From April to May      - Lagoon water is divided into three levels: hot -
                                              cool - hot that make shrimps and fishes die
                                              (especially small species)
                                          - Evaporation from land make stuffy in the air
Floods             From August         to The minimum: twice/ year; the maximum five
                      December               times/ year
Whirlwind          August                 From 2005 to now, the frequency of appearing
                                             is more than before, destroy crops and
Muddy tide         From Jan to Feb        Because of choppy sea, waste from sea bottom
                                             come to the surface and make the water
Lagoon           Becoming     critical - The failure of aquaculture
   environmental    from 2003           - The decline of fish catch
                           Resilience capacity over time at Van Quat Dong village

Periods of time          Event                                                  Resilience capacity
Before 1985       Nature was              - Local people did not have the awareness in coping with natural disaster
                       harmony, there     - The shelter was temporary and made of bamboo and rush
                       were some          - Communicated media was backward even not available because of low living standard
                       small floods
1985              The huge storm          - the shelters were destroyed, many people were killed
                                          - Became hunger
                                          - No capacity for coping with this storm event until one or two years later
                                          - Based on the government and NGOs supporting

1985 - before                             - Rebuilding the shelter but still in temporary condition
     1999                                 - Propping up houses before rainy season

1999              The big flood           - Houses, food storage, property were destroyed and sunk into the water
                                          - a lot of people were died because of their subjective ( did not move to higher places)
                                          - Becoming hunger and getting disease
                                          - No capacity for coping with this storm event until one or two years later
                                          - Based on the government and NGOs supporting

After 1999                                - Since 1999, they have started to equip communication means
                                          - Storaging food and firework in a high and dry place,
                                          - Some medium or better off house have built entresol in side the house,
                                          - Poor household equip purlin in side the house to storage food and shelter when the flood

2003              - The failure of        - There was no solution for this disturbance
                        aquaculture       - Falling into poverty and debt
                  - The decline of fish   - Preventing damage exploitation such as electric fishing, small mesh net using..
                        catch             - Diversifying their income generating

2005 until now    The failure of          - Mixed-raising model replaced monoculture model to reduce risk and disease.
                       became more
                            Storaging food and shelt in flooded season


Outside of the house                      inside of the house
Equiping small boat for flooded season
A poor household – no resilience capacity

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