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									Using a Scentsy to Brighten a Room

Scensty warmers have the ability to make a room brighter, in several different ways. These warms
combine form with function in order to make a space better and more pleasant to be in.

The first way that a Scentsy is able to brighten a room is through its aesthetic design. These units are
specifically designed so that they are able to look inviting and add to the décor of a room.

                                One of the biggest issues have with scent emitting products is that they
                                often look a bit tacky and stick out in otherwise tasteful spaces. The
                                Scentsy has been designed specifically to avoid such issues, so you don’t
                                have to worry about disguising it in any way.

                                These units feature a simple and elegant deign which serves to
                                compliment the way that a room is set up. Therefore, the visual
                                contributes and is important to the overall impact that the warmer has.

The next way that the Scentsy warmer is able to brighten things up is obviously going to be through the
aromas that it emits. Put simply- it smells great!

How Scentsy Works
Scentsy uses top tier ingredients in their products to ensure a deep and soothing aroma, rather than
having it be stifling and cheap smelling. Indeed, these units use high quality soft wax blended with
essential oils in order to create an experience which is incredibly soothing.

Essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy, and have the
power to physically calm and clear the mind and senses. As such,
their implementation into this product is one of the prime reasons
why it has such quality overall.

It is also important to note that a Scentsy heats up wax in its
warming tray and melts it into a pool of liquid, which makes it last
for a very long time. Indeed, it can be re used many times over
with the same great results.

There is no burning of wicks involved with this process, and the wax releases aromas in its pooled state,
rather than burning down the way a candle would. This makes this product inherently safer than candles

Scentsy VS Candles
In fact, candles cause a lot of accidents each year through all of the accidents associated with them.
With a Scentsy, there is no need to worry about catching anything on fire, and even knocking one over
simply releases a pool of warm wax rather than scaling or igniting anything.
Therefore, it is safe to say that Scentsy warmers represent an evolution of the arket, in that they look
and smell good and are much safer than other options. When it all comes down to it, these benefits
make this product an investment which will last for a long time and has a lot of quality to it.

Brightening up a room is easy- simply plug in a unit and turn it on to let it get to work for you! In a short
amount of time, that room will be one which is more soothing and bright, calming the sense and the
nerves alike.

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