Specialty Marketing 800-555-Numbers with Identical Domain Names Now Available for Acquisition by PR.com


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									Specialty Marketing 800-555-Numbers with Identical Domain Names Now
Available for Acquisition

Twenty 800-555-Numbers that spell memorable business-specialty "phonewords" are offered by
800555 biz with acquisition of their matching telephone/Internet domain names, aka, Teledotcoms.
The numbers have not been activated for service on any telecom network from their December 15,
1994, assignment.

Central Point, OR, March 29, 2013 --(PR.com)-- 800555 biz announces liquidation of twenty
specialty-branded 800-555-Numbers due to the owner's eighty-year age and incurable cancer. Each
toll-free number is acquired with its registered telephone/Internet Teledotcom domain; dialable by
traditional phone, smartphone, social media and on the web.

A super-successful 800-555-Number example is 800-555-TREE used in LendingTree ads. According to
LendingTree.com, "Since inception, LendingTree has facilitated more than 30 million loan requests and
$214 billion in closed loan transactions."

Among the instant-identity specialty 800-555-Numbers offered with identical .com Internet domains are:

800-555-A-LOAN (800-555-2562) with 800555aloan.com (for personal or home loan services)
800-555-FAXBACK (800-555-3292) with 800555faxback.com (for document request systems)
800-555-FAXIT (800-555-3294) with 800555faxit.com (for signature-copy required transactions)
800-555-FAXYES (800-555-3299) with 800555faxyes.com (for submitting acceptance of offers)
800-555-DEMO (800-555-3366) with 800555demo.com (for product or service demonstration)
800-555-DISK (800-555-3475) with 800555disk.com (for computer disk drive sales or services)
800-555-FLOWERS (800-555-3569) with 800555flowers.com (for flower order/delivery services)
800-555-4HOUSE (800-555-4468) with 8005554house.com (for house sales or rental services)
800-555-LINER (800-555-5463) with 800555liner.com (for pickup truck liner sales or services)
800-555-MATE (800-555-6273) with 800555mate.com (for mate-matching or dating services)
800-555-MOTOR (800-555-6686) with 800555motor.com (for motor repair, sales or services)
800-555-ONTV (800-555-6688) with 800555ontv.com (for TV advertised products or services)
800-555-PAWN (800-555-7296) with 800555pawn.com (for national or regional pawn shops)
800-555-TECH (800-555-8324) with 800555tech.com (for technical expertise, advice or services)

To bid on an 800-555-Number Internet domain, email: calanl (at) charter.net

About 800555 biz owner, C. Alan Lewis:
As co-author of June 4, 1996 U.S. Patent 5,524,142 on telephone circuits for activation of the
555-Number Group (seen in cartoons, movies and TV), 800555 biz owner, C. Alan Lewis, was available
to be the original assignee of several dozen 800-555-Numbers on their December 15, 1994, opening day.
Masked monopoly telecom blocking of 555-Number access to U.S. telecommunications networks over
the sixteen-year patent lifetime, Lewis is now liquidating his 800-555-Number/Words for traditional
phone, smartphone, social media and Internet use.

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C. Alan Lewis
DBA 800555 biz
555 Freeman Road #103
Central Point, OR 97502
calanl (at) charter.net

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