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Jan 2012 Board Minutes by lanyuehua


                                         GBACC Board Meeting
                                           January 29, 2012
                                          Green Country Inn

Present: Phil Graves, Debbie Robinette, Abbie Ricketts
Absent: Sheila Gray, Judy Derrow, Teri Pizzloli

The meeting convened at 7:30am.

Awards Dinner- Green Country Inn 6:30 networking/7pm dinner. Dignitaries will be invited. A speaker
will be selected. $15 cost. Committee will need to select businesses for awards. Is this OK with all
Board members?

Kick Off for Railroad Days- October 5 from 6-8pm- partner with Main Street

Plans need to be made for other events- four networking, mixers- volunteers needed to help with

Halloween Dance/Mixer Oct. 19 7-10PM- tentative- we will ask Rick Weldon to DJ and check on
availability of the American Legion. Debbie will speak with Bob Effler.

Below are notes I put together so we know what each other is working on:

Phil will be working on the website and helping to engage speakers for the Business Breakfasts and
GBACC business meetings. Abbie is now doing the newsletter and other secretary duties as well as
events and helping Debbie with ambassador program. Debbie is working on membership, events,
welcome baskets, and ambassador program. In addition to her treasurer’s duties, Teri is doing the
invoicing and she is putting together ideas for our business expo. Sheila will be helping with events.
Judy just joined our Board and may choose what she would like to do!

Shred Day is confirmed for April 21 from 10-1pm at the Brunswick Shopping Center. All Shred will do
the shredding. Sponsors will be needed. We will contact last year’s sponsors. Abbie will be making this
flyers this week to take to local accountants and tax preparers.

If there are any changes, please let me know.

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