Online Content Marketing Secrets Revealed

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					Online Content Marketing Secrets Revealed

                                            People do not prefer to be sold, but they certainly like
to buy. And that is the money making magic behind the concept of online content marketing. By
leading with value first (versus a sales pitch) - you are giving people a chance to buy.

Let's start at the beginning. What is the internet, exactly? Take away all the fluff and bells and
whistles and we find the internet is just a depository of information. A huge library of info or a
huge phone book. To access the information people sit down and actually kind in a search phrase
or a query. In other words, the internet runs on search and produces a result when people are
actively looking. The objective of online content marketing is to get our content to rank on
search so it can be found.

While the rules are constantly altering, today all the major search engines tend to favor websites,
blogs and video websites that have a lot of people posting comments, sharing and "buzzing"
about the content. As more and more people engage in the content, the larger the content will
rank or be displayed in search.

Another factor in getting your on the web content marketing efforts notices is to get other
websites and blog to link back to your content. Backlinks are, in a sense, a vote of confidence
that your content is worth inviting people to take a look at. The best combination then is to focus
on getting a lot of backlinks and also a lot of social media engagement and participation. In the
both cases, great content is the key.

Stop pitching and start sharing. Lead with value first and ask for the sale later. Remember,
people do not be sold anything - but the certainly like to buy. Lead with value and people will
flock to your cash register.

On-line Content Marketing Utilizing Social Media

You have a product, service or business opportunity for sale. And we've to assume your offer
solves some type of problem people are having or in some way brings value to their lives. These
are the benefits of your offer. So find the pain people are in and use tools to discover how they
search for a "pain reliever" when in pain. Then simply concentrate your online content marketing
efforts to address the discomfort.

Consider your articles, blog posts and videos like offering a lot of product choice choices at the
shop. Not everyone likes the color blue - so you also want to offer a yellow, black and orange

Likewise, not every one looking for a business opportunity is focuses solely on making more
money. Some people are motivated by having more free time to spend with family and pals.
Others are looking for recognition or to become able to feel like they are contributing to society
in some way. So to get more attention - you need to present your offer to all of these people for
all of those various reasons.

Actively participating on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is a great
way to attract people who might be interested in your content because, by nature, we're most
comfy making decisions based on social proof. Meaning we actually do not want to make a
mistake and risk losing our money or risk looking foolish - so we will usually make our decision
right after seeing a number of other people have also first made the decision. So get people
talking about you and their experience working with you and you'll be amazed at the outcomes.

Another fantastic technique is to offer useful information, free of charge, on all the social media
websites. This allows people to share this info for the people on their lists which make them look
good. By giving them "ownership" of this fantastic content, you are helping them provide value
to their audience and it is truly a win-win scenario.

On the internet Content Marketing - High quality versus Quantity

Over the years there has been a trend to reward top quality web sites with larger ranking on the
search engines and really penalize or completely de-index what is commonly referred to as "thin"
websites with very little (if any) content apart from a sales pitch. That is why you don't find too
many one page websites ranking high on the SERPS. Due to the fact "thin" content simply is not
effective today. You must offer value that keeps people on the page and keeps guests engaged in
the content.

Fantastic Content Defined

Fantastic content is something that offers value to your website visitors. Tips, tricks, inside
secrets and even something of entertainment value. Something and everything that does not
crassly sell. Think problem, solution. How can you turn out to be a problem solver?

Here are a few methods to keep in mind when planning out your new online content marketing

Prevention is more difficult to sell than discomfort relief. People will do most something to
avoid or eradicate discomfort when they are in pain. The important is to use various only
research tools to find exactly and specifically what people are searching for when in the market
for your type of product, service or business opportunity. What challenge are they having and
how can you help solve that challenge for them?

Research what people want and provide exactly what they are looking for. This means you may
have to ppresent your content in a number of ways. For example, some people may want to earn
more money in order to buy more toys while others are driven more toward feeling of security by
saving money. Two distinct motivators, so you'd create two distinct on-line content marketing

Most significant, be relatable. Avoid industry jargon. Avoid trying to make you content too
polished and professional unless you know this is critical to your target market. It is often better
to write to one person than it is to write to a "target market" because when it comes right down to
it - people prefer to do business with people they have come to understand, like and trust.
Relationships are what fuel the most profitable business.

You should also embrace the idea of "the customer is always right" because bad news and bad
press travels really fast online. If someone asks for refund after the refund period has expired - it
is often best to issue a refund to avoid any unfavorable press. Keep your buyers happy and
satisfied and do whatever is possible to avoid conflict.

Think problem, solution. Lead with value. Stop selling and start sharing. These are all extremely
profitable on the web content marketing campaign that works.

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