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                                                         Hotel Guide
                                                    Traditional travel agencies accounted for one third
                                                    of the $284 billion U.S. travel market in 2011.
                                                    Their importance is growing as travelers seek the
                                                    personalized service and advice they can’t get from
                                                    online agencies and supplier websites.
                                                    delivering needed information
                                                    Travel agents rely on reference resources that help them make more
                                                    informed destination and hotel recommendations to their clients.
                                                       We analyzed 6 million annual page views from Travel Weekly’s Hotel
                                                    Search to identify the most frequently searched destinations and hotels.
                                                    The result is the Ultimate Hotel Guide, a first-step quick reference tool for
                                                    retail travel agents—and year-long advertising exposure for you.

integrated advertising exposure
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print                                         digital                                                   deadlinio
Multiple opportunities to promote to          You’ll also receive exposure on Travel                 sept. 12,
travel professionals who can influence        Weekly’s Hotel Search website. With a
their travel clients.                         1/2 million page views per month, this
w Hotels- advertising exposure with your
                                              24/7 searchable hotel database provides                 issue date
                                              comprehensive information to travel
  display ad plus an expanded directory
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  listing in the hotel reference section of                                                                           012
  the Guide                                   w Hotels- you’ll receive an expanded listing
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  destination write-up to help agents sell      the search results page with a link to your
  your destination                              website or booking page
                                              w Destinations receive a banner ad on the
                                                Travel Weekly’s Hotel Search website for
                                                one month

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                            Hotel Guide
 ad sizes and rates*                                                          PARIS LAS VEGAS
                                                                              3655 Las Vegas Blvd S 89109 Las Vegas p 702-967-4111
           65” - Tabloid Page                32.5” - Tabloid Half Page
           Non-bleed: 915/16” x 133/16”      Non-bleed: 9” x 61/2”
                                                                              Superior First Class
                                                                                                                             O UT
           Bleed: 1011/16” x 1315/16”        Bleed: 1011/16” x 7”         102 PLANET HOLLYWOOD RESORT & CASINO                    LI N
           Trim: 107/16” x 1311/16”          (no bleed off top)
                                                                              3677 Las Vegas Blvd S 89109 Las Vegas p 702-785-5555
           Live Area: 915/16” x 133/16”
           Rate: $11,900                     Rate: $7,140                     Moderate Deluxe
                                                                              RED ROCK CASINO RESORT & SPA
                                                                              11011 W Charleston Blvd 89132 Las Vegas p 702-797-7777
           26” - 26 Column Inches             20” - Junior Half
           Non-bleed: 31/2” x 127/16”         Horizontal Strip                Superior First Class
                                              Non-bleed: 9” x 4”              RENAISSANCE LAS VEGAS HOTEL
                                                                              3400 Paradise Rd 89169 Las Vegas p 702-733-6533
           Rate: $6,200                       Rate: $4,640                    Superior First Class
                                                                              SKYLOFTS AT MGM GRAND
                                                                              3799 Las Vegas Blvd S 89109 Las Vegas p 702-891-3832
            15” - 15 Column Inches            10” - Junior Quarter
            Square                            Page
            Non-bleed: 51/4” x 5”             Horizontal Strip                THE HOTEL AT MANDALAY BAY
                                              Non-bleed: 9” x 2”              3950 Las Vegas Blvd S 89119 Las Vegas p 702-632-7777
            Rate: $3,575                                                      Deluxe
                                              Rate: $2,950
                                                                                 THE MIRAGE HOTEL AND CASINO Moderate DeluxeD ED
                                                                                 3400 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, 89109
                                                                                 p 702-791-7111 Rates: $109-5000
                                                                                 Modern 30-story tri-tower hotel on 100 acres

 added value                                                                     of tropical lagoons, palm trees and waterfalls
                                                                                 —Heart of the Strip. Accommodations: 3,323
 All advertisers will receive a printed outlined listing with a                  rooms, 30 floors, built in 1989, last renovated 2002,
 bonus map icon, as well as a digital expanded listing and                       in-room broadband Internet access, mini-bar, smoke-free
                                                                                 rooms, telephone, TV—cable/satellite, VCR/DVD, whirlpool.
 weblink on Travel Weekly’s Hotel Search. The Ultimate                           Facilities/Services: business center, concierge/club floor,
 Hotel Guide is posted on for a year and                        meeting facilities, public areas accessible to wheelchairs.
 includes a weblink to your website.                                             Sports/Recreation: on-site casino, health club, hot tub, 2 pools.
                                                                                 GDS CODES: Amadeus: MV LASMIR, Galileo/Apollo: MV 63607,

 expanded listing-$1,980                                                         Sabre: MV 18203, Sita/Sahara: SCLAS03, WorldSpan: MV SLASM
 Includes a brief property description and image, with rates,
 accommodations, meeting facilities/services, technology,                      THE SIGNATURE AT MGM GRAND
 sports/recreation and GDS codes (sample at right).                            145 E Hamilton Ave 89109 Las Vegas p 702-797-6000
 premium positions available
 Ask your sales rep for special pricing on cover options, tab
 dividers and special placement offers.
                                                                         CLOSE DATE                                      ISSUE DATE
 *All rates listed are gross.                                            SEPT 12, 2012                                   DEC 10, 2012

Bonus 2013 distriBution at most major travel shows and conferences.

 For more information Contact Your Travel Weekly Sales Representative,
 or Joanne Nelson, Associate Publisher | 201.902.1931

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