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   What is Transportation?
• The process by which passengers
  or goods are moved or delivered
  from on place to another.
  Transportation Systems
• Four basic types:
• Systems that move goods and
  people from one place to another
  on earth.
• The use of airplanes, helicopters,
  and dirigibles to lift passengers
  and/or cargo into the air in order to
  move from place to place.
• The use of water to support the
  vessel in the transport of people
  or goods.
• Systems that move people and
  goods outside the earth’s
6 Transportation Subsystems

•   Propulsion
•   Suspension
•   Control
•   Guidance
•   Structural
•   Support
 6 Transportation Subsystems
• Subsystem      • Examples
  – Propulsion     – Engine & Transmission
  – Suspension     – Springs, Wings, etc.
  – Control        – Steering, Brakes, etc.
  – Guidance       – Maps, GPS, Signs, etc.
  – Structural     – Chassis, Body, Fuselage
  – Support        – Garage, Gas Station, etc.
 6 Transportation Subsystems
• Propulsion:
  – Transportation systems must have a
    force to propel it from a starting point to
    its destination.
• Suspension:
  – Vehicular weight is supported by the
    suspension systems. It supports the
    weight of a vehicle as it moves down a
 6 Transportation Subsystems
• Control systems:
  – Control speed and direction of a
    vehicle’s path. The moving of people or
    cargo from one location to another
    requires control.
• Guidance systems:
  – Provide information concerning the
    control of the vehicle.
  – Guidance systems can be simple or
    quite complex.
 6 Transportation Subsystems
• Structural systems:
  – Structural systems accommodate a
    vehicle’s cargo and form the basic
    framework of the vehicle.
• Support systems:
  – Used to maintain vehicles and other
    transportation technologies.
What transportation sub-systems are present in this

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