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					April 2013
Vol. 19, Issue 4


From Our Pastors        2
DYM                   3,9
Dayspring Notes         4
Children’s Corner       5
Fellowship          6,7,8
Joys & Concerns       10
Calendars             11
                      FROM OUR PASTORS
                                          Methodist Church, putting our faith
                                          into action to end preventable deaths
                                          by malaria in Africa, especially the
                                          death of a child or a mother.

                                          Achieving this goal requires an inte-
                                          grated strategy against the disease.
                                          As a life-saving ministry, Imagine No
Wouldn’t it be wonderful, as you look     Malaria aims to empower the people
back on your life, if you could see that  of Africa to overcome malaria’s bur-
you had really made a significant con-    den. The denomination has pledged
tribution to the health of the world?     to raise 75 Million Dollars in the next
Many of us might say that the world’s     three years. Each Annual Conference
problems are too big for any one per-     has accepted a financial goal to help
son to make a difference—now there is     eradicate this disease. The Desert
a way each of us can help change the      Southwest Conference has pledged to
world. The United Methodist Church        save 200,000 lives—just Ten Dollars
has committed itself to eradicating ma-   will save one life. Bishop Hoshibata
laria in Africa. Already through the ef-  has asked each church to participate
forts of our denomination, in concert     in the challenge to eradicate this awful
with others, we have seen the number      disease.
of deaths from malaria decline dramat-
ically.                                  Nan Kelley Lawson has accepted the
                                         role as coordinator of Dayspring’s
Every 60 seconds malaria claims a life efforts to participate in this life-saving,
in Africa. Millions of lives, needlessly world-changing project. You will be
lost each year. A continent, entire      hearing much more over the next
nations…slipping away. Slipping          three years about how you can help.
through life’s precious net—unless you Together we can make a difference.
hear the buzzing inside you.
Imagine No Malaria is an extraordinary
effort of the people of the United       Jane Tews

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                     Dayspring Youth Ministries

Formation classes
Classes meet every Sunday morning from 10:30 to 11:30. This month, we begin
new studies. Junior High meets in room 110 and will focus on the topic “Bullies
and Mean Girls.” Senior High meets in room 111 and will learn about the King-
dom of God.

Welcome 6th-Graders!
All 6th graders are invited to join our Junior High Formation class on April 14 th.

Classes continue Sunday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in room 111. This
month, confirmands will examine Who is God/Talking to God; Sin, Jesus, Our
Relationship with God, and God’s Grace; the Creeds and our Christian Beliefs;
and Our Response as Christians – Confirmation Vows.

April Calendar
6th    Jr. High Sports Club (location TBD)                6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
20     Rent-A-Youth                                       8:00 am – 4:00 pm
21st UMYF for Jr. High “Minute to Win It”                 6:00 – 8:00 pm
28th Sr. High Fellowship @ Starbucks                      12:00 - 1:00

For more details, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, Dayspring Digs. Contact
Carrie Mook to get signed up: carrie@dayspring-umc.org.

Give a Hoot - Hire a Youth!
Teams of youths (with adult helpers) from Dayspring Youth Ministries will be
available to come work at your place on Saturday, April 20th. We will be work-
ing for donations to raise money for our Sierra Service Project in Los Angeles
this summer and for other youth mission projects next year.
          ~ Please see page 9 for Rent-a-Youth ~

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                        DAYSPRING NOTES

A Personal Message                          Explorer’s Class
from Pastor Jane                                 and
                                            Contemporary Issues Class
Dear Friends, if you were not in church
on the Sunday I made this announce-         The 9 a.m. Explorer's Class and the
ment, I wanted to be sure everyone          10:30 Contemporary Issues Class will
received the same information. Sever-       feature a study on "Cults" during the
al days ago I was diagnosed with a          month of April. Professor Scott Rus-
metastatic cancer. Unfortunately the        sell, a cultural anthropologist and
doctors have not yet been able to de-       teacher of comparative religions at
termine the primary cancer site; never-     Mesa Community College, will be
theless they decided to begin a rather      guest presenter. This 3-week series,
aggressive course of chemotherapy. I        which begins on Sunday, April 7, will
am told that in addition to hair loss       explore the characteristics of cults and
there will be a significant loss of ener-   their followers, "true believers," exem-
gy. The treatment consists of 6 doses       plified in sports teams, political parties
of chemo given once every three             and religions. New religious move-
weeks. My doctor suggested that I will      ments, "high demand religions" as they
probably need to cut back on the num-       are sometimes called, or "media cults"
ber of hours I will be able to work each    will also be discussed. Dr. Russell is
day—especially during the week im-          Co-Director of the Honors Program at
mediately following each treatment.         MCC and has conducted extensive re-
Our wonderful church staff will do eve-     search with Native Americans in the
rything necessary to keep things run-       Southwest. We are fortunate to have
ning smoothly and I hope to be at “full     him.
steam” every Sunday. Please keep            Both of these classes will be held in
me in your prayers as I will keep you in    the Adult Room. All are welcome.

Blessings, Jane Tews

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                           CHILDREN’S CORNER

                         Dayspring’s Children’s Council mission is to
                     support the children from birth to sixth grade in their
                                  spiritual growth with God.

The children will sing on the following dates in April:
        Cherub Choir- April 21st 10:30
        Sunshine Singers- April 14th 10:30
        Genesis Choir – April 14th 9:00

Our Sunday School children learned about and practiced the "Parable of the Talents." We had
over 20 children participate and they made $200 to be donated to UMOM New Day Center.
Thank you to all who participated!

We served lunch to the Habitat for Humanity crew on March 23 rd and we will serve dinner at
UMOM on April 14th. Our last meeting and year end party will be on Wednesday, April 24 th.

Pillow Talk was March 1st and 2nd and a great time was had by all. Thank you to Pastor George
for spending time with us on Friday evening, and to all parents who helped out. The next Pillow
Talk is scheduled for September 13th and 14th.

Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
Mark your calendars for the annual Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Breakfast which will
be held for all Sunday School teachers and their families, Sunday, April 28th between services
in the Fellowship Hall. Contact Becky if you would like to volunteer to help at becky@dayspring-

May 19th is our last regular Sunday School class, and Summer Sunday School begins June 2 nd
(no Sunday School May 26th). We are looking for teachers to help out this summer. If you are
available, please contact Becky Sindlinger at becky@dayspring-umc.org.

Vacation Bible School
Mark your calendars for Everywhere Fun Fair: Where God’s World Comes Together, June
10th – 14th, 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. Registration will begin in April. We need about 50 volunteers in all
capacities. Please contact Karen Hatton at khatton1@cox.net to volunteer.

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Singles, Etc.
Sunday Lunches: Each Sunday, after the            Our April UMM Meeting is Saturday, April 6,
second service, those who want to go out for      at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast and will be a taxing
lunch as a group meet at the restaurant listed    one. Our speakers will be Tom Lester and Rick
below. (If you attend the first service, please   Oliver talking (and answering questions) on
join us.) We gather under the name                taxes. Join us for food, fellowship, music, a
"Dayspring" around noon at the following          devotional and a great program.
                                                  Dinner and Song tickets for the April 27th
Apr 07—Olive Garden—NW corner of Elliot and       festivities ("At the Hop"--a celebration of '50s
Hardy                                             and '60s Music") will be on sale each Sunday
Apr 14—Crackers & Co.—1285 W Elliot Rd.,          through April 14 or until we sell out, so get
between Priest & Hardy, south side                your tickets early. They'll be available on the
Apr 21—Elephant Bar—3405 W Chandler, in           Church Patio or from any of the UMM
front of Chandler Fashion Mall                    guys. $20 adults/$10 kids for a great evening
Apr 28—Biscuits—4623 E Elliot, west of 48th       of food and song.
St., on the south side
                                                  Help Wanted: In these times when many
                                                  people have lost their jobs, this "Help Wanted"
Family Promise                                    ad would be very welcome. Dayspring has a
                                                  need for more men to help guide our young-
Dayspring will be hosting Family Promise, a
                                                  sters. Jesus said "whatever you did for the
temporary shelter for homeless families, the
                                                  least of these, you did for me" [Matthew
week of April 7. Volunteers are needed to do-
                                                  25:40.] If you have been thinking in this Len-
nate food items, help with set up and tear
                                                  ten season about what YOU are contributing,
down, spend the night, help with cooking
                                                  who you are helping, whether you are re-
meals, accompany the families on a Saturday
                                                  sponding for the blessings you receive…this
day trip, deliver the mattresses to the next
                                                  may be a chance for you to realize the good
church, wash laundry, and more. If you have
                                                  you can do with a minimum investment of your
coupons that you are not going to use, we are
                                                  time -- only an hour or two every other month!
collecting those, too. If you have any job
                                                  UMM is supporting Becky and her Sunday
leads, we would love to know what they are!
                                                  School teachers who will warmly welcome men
Volunteer sign-ups will be available after both
                                                  who will help. You will be surprised how much
services on March 24 and 31, and April 6. If
                                                  YOU can learn as you share your time and ex-
you have any questions or suggestions, please
                                                  periences with our wonderful children. Con-
feel free to contact Maria at 480-636-0963.
                                                  tact Rob Jones at prof248@yahoo.com

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             Dayspring United Methodist Men
                          PR E S E N T D I N N E R A ND S O N G

              “At the Hop”

              Gather on the Church Patio for Sunset, Fellowship and
             Music from the DAYSPRING DINER Jukebox!
  50’s and 60’s Optional Dress for a great Dinner, Music and have your Picture
                      taken in the Gym (Fellowship Hall)!
                          Saturday, April 27, 2013
              6:00 pm – on the Patio
              7:00 pm – Dinner & Music in Fellowship Hall
Fare Includes:
      “Harrison Hotdogs (with Chili),” “Smith Sliders,” " etter Better Burgers,”
                    Root Beer Floats, Chips, Potato Salad, Sodas

                        Music of the 50’s & 60’s
               Provided by FORTÉ and MEZZO BELTO
                           Child care for the Younger Kids
                          ON THE PATIO
                 Adults – $20.00      Kids (under 12) – $10.00


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                                              Justa Center, here’s your opportunity to
                                              tour this facility. Dayspring UMW will have
                                              at least one car going to the open house.

                                              Many thanks to all who donated and
                                              bought books and helped with the used
                                              book sale on March 9th! Details about
United Methodist Women will hold the          the successful result will be forthcoming.
annual Quiet Day of Service/Call to Prayer
and Self-Denial at our regular meeting        The Greeting Card Circle will meet
Thursday, April 18, 7 p.m., in the Adult      Thursday, April 4, at 9:30 a.m. in room
Room. Bev Haubrock will lead the pro-         112. Join us to make recycled greeting
gram. The 2013 theme is "Living Stew-         cards for raise mission funds.
ardship/Creating Financial Literacy."
Offerings received will provide women and     The Connie Reading Circle will meet
youth with knowledge and skills needed to     Thursday, April 11, at 9:30 a.m., at the
improve their financial well-being and        home of Sally Jarus, 480-792-1297.
make informed decisions for personal and      Bonny Sloane will review Make Poverty
household budgeting and financial man-        Personal, Taking the Poor as Seriously as
agement.                                      the Bible Does by Ash Barker, from the
                                           Social Action category of the UMW Read-
Ubuntu Day is coming! Mark your calen- ing Program.
dar for Saturday, April 27: a day of work,
learning, and fellowship at Wesley Com-    The Mary Martha Circle will meet
munity Center, our Desert SW Conference Thursday, April 11, at 7 p.m., at home of
national mission institution. Come to see Nancy Jamison-Dawe, 480-897-6601.
the facility, meet the people, and do some Marilyn Miller will give the program.
hands-on mission. Call Nancy Jamison-
Dawe, 480-897-6601, for details.

The Justa Center third annual Ice Cream
Social/Open House will be on Saturday,
April 20, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friends
of Justa will provide ice cream and cookies
for the event. If you have never been to

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                        Dayspring Youth Ministries
                           Saturday, April 20th
           Teams of youths (with adult helpers) from Dayspring Youth
              Ministries will be available to come work for you on
                               Saturday, April 20th*.

Rent-A-Youth Workers will be available for:

      Spring Cleaning
      Yard Work
      House Work
      Cleaning Garages
      Mowing Lawns
      Babysitting (* dates flexible depending on availability)

           All proceeds will be used to fund the Sierra Service Project
   and Dayspring Youth Ministries missions projects. Monetary contributions
        will be collected by the youth at the time services are provided.

For more information or to Rent-A-Youth, please visit us on the patio Sunday:
     March 17
     April 7
     April 14

      Thank You for Supporting Dayspring Youth Ministries!
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The Family & Friends of John McCrary, following the death of John on March 4 in Tempe.
Katie Sacha, recovering from surgery on March 12.
Karalyn Kroeger, healing at home following hospitalization.
Dennis Holcomb & Family, following the death of Dennis’ brother, Roger.
Marjorie Lightfoot, healing following hospitalization.
Tom McHugh, healing from a fractured hip.
Jim Darish, recently diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.
KC, struggling with life choices.
Jordan Ortiz, great-niece of Tammy White, for healing of emotional issues.
Phillip Nygaard, uncle of Dennis Holcomb, recovering from blood clots in his leg and lung
while undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

Ongoing Health Concerns: Nathan Davis, Karalyn Kroeger, Les Mesbergen, Polly
Smith, Teresa Webb, and Pam Narcy.

All military personnel and their families, especially those who are actively serving our country
during this time of war.

*Remember all those, known and unknown to us, who are in special need of prayer.

Congratulations to Erma Dean Yeager and Larry Bolfik who were married on
March 9th at Dayspring.

Dayspring rejoices in the baptism of Benjamin David Neaderhiser (7-3-2012) on
February 24.

Dayspring celebrates the birth of Emily Lynn, born February 14th, daughter of
Jennifer & Wes Prochniewski.

Congratulations to Dan & Paulette Campbell in celebration of their 25th wedding
                                                        Visit the Dayspring UMC website
                                                        for the calendar, activities, meet-
                                                           ings, and Dayspring news.


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                            APRIL CALENDAR
                                              ...9am Thursday Morning Bible Study, Adult R
…9:00am Worship, Sanctuary
                                              ...6:30pm Stephen Ministry Training, 112
…Sunday School
...Explorer’s Class, Adult Room               MEETINGS & EVENTS
…10:15 Sr. High Formation, 111                Apr 1 7pm BSA Venture Crew, 201
…10:15 Jr. High Formation, 110                Apr 3 6:30pm Book Club, 110
…10:30am Worship, Sanctuary                   Apr 4 9:30 Greeting Card Circle, 112
…Sunday School                                Apr 5 7pm PFLAG, Adult Room, 110,112
...Contemporary Issues, Adult Room            Apr 6 8am United Methodist Men, Adult Room
...1:30pm Confirmation, 111                   ...4pm JH Game Night, 110,111,FH
...4pm Alcoholics Anonymous, Media Center,    Apr 9 7 pm Foundation, Adult Room
         116                                  Apr 10 9am UMOM Quilters, Adult Room
...4pm AA Teen Meeting, 110                   Apr 14 11:30am Youth Council Mtg., 111
...5:10pm Al-Anon, Media Center, 116          ...7pm Mass of the Children Concert,
...5:10pm AA Teen Meeting, 110                           Sanctuary
Mondays                                       Apr   15   6:30pm Cub Scout Pack, 203
...10am Monday Morning Moms & Dads, 111       Apr   16   7pm Church & Society, Adult Room
...7pm Boy Scout Troop 172, Fellowship Hall   Apr   18   7pm United Methodist Women, Adult
Tuesdays                                      Apr   21   6pm JHUMYF, Fellowship Hall,110,111
…8:45am Yoga Class, Media Center              Apr   22   6pm Central East Dist. Youth LM, 111
...12pm Brown Bag Lunch, 112                  Apr   24   11am Prayer Shawl Ministry, 112
...6pm Run for God, 112                       Apr   25   6:30pm VBS Training, Fellowship Hall
…6pm Yoga Class, Media Center                 Apr   27   6pm UMM Dinner & Song,
...6pm Dayspring Chimers, Choir Room                     Fellowship Hall
...7pm DayStar, Choir Room                    Apr 28 10am Teacher Appreciation,
Wednesdays                                           Fellowship Hall
...10am Disciple I Class, Adult Room
...11am Stephen Ministry, Library
...5:45pm Sprouts, 201
...5:45pm Esperanza, Choir Room                          Next Koinonikos Deadline:
...6pm Cherub Choir, Adult Room                                   April 15
...6pm Sunshine Singers, Media Center                    For the Month of May 2013
...6:30pm Celebration Singers, Choir Room            Place in box in lower right corner in the
...6:45pm Genesis Choir, Media Center                         church office or e-mail
...7:30pm Dayspring Chorale, Choir Room

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                                                                  NON-PROFIT ORG.
  Dayspring United Methodist Church                                U.S. POSTAGE
  A Stephen Ministry Congregation                                      PAID
  1365 East Elliot Road                                              TEMPE, AZ
                                                                    PERMIT NO. 22
  Tempe AZ 85284-1608

                       CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

April 2013
Volume 19, Issue 4
FREE * Published Monthly

        Dayspring United Methodist Church is a welcoming congregation.
   We welcome all people regardless of age, sex, race, color, ethnicity, sexual
   orientation, economic status or ability into the full life of this congregation.

                                  Dayspring Mission
          To create disciples of Jesus Christ who touch and inspire people
                     through an open and diverse community.

   A Stephen Ministry Congregation
   1365 East Elliot Road
   Tempe, AZ 85284-1608
   Church Office Telephone: 480-838-1446
   Email: churchoffice@dayspring-umc.org
   Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs. • 8:00am-4:00pm
           Fri. • 8:00 am-12pm
   Web Site:          http://www.dayspring-umc.org
   Preschool Telephone: 480-838-9097

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