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									In the next few minutes you will discover clean carpet

                Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
       Clean surroundings make sense

                     We believe your business should be a pleasantly

                     clean environment where you and your staff          Reasons for CLEAN:

                                                                          Clean floor coverings are
                     can enjoy working. Productivity goes up in a        more attractive.

                                                                          Clean floor coverings
                     clean work place and profitability increases too.   contribute to a healthy
                                                                         indoor environment.

                                                                          Clean floor coverings
                                                                         contribute to a positive
                                                                         experience for your clients
                                                                         and your employees.

                                                                          Clean floor coverings last
                                                                         longer, saving you money.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
       Clean carpet saves money

                           Properly maintained carpet lasts longer

                 Planned Versus Unplanned Maintenance
                               50                                             Maintained
                                                               Unacceptable   Neglected
              Appearance       20
                   Level       10
                                     6   12   18   24   30   36   42   48
                                              Time In Months

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Addressing all of your commercial carpet care issues

        Commercial carpets require special care.

        Bringing “residential” maintenance to the   Commercial Maintenance:

                                                     Commercial carpets are
        commercial environment often falls short.   often glued to the floor, so
                                                    airflow is restricted.

                                                     Restricted air flow can
                                                    present a number of
                                                    cleaning challenges.

                                                     Recurring spill stains are
                                                    a common nightmare for
                                                    commercial carpet.

                                                     The WholeClean cleaning
                                                    system addresses every
                                                    challenge that is common
                                                    to commercial carpet.

                                                     Multiple tools and multiple
                                                    cleaning techniques are
                                                    available to best suit your
                                                    carpet’s needs.

            Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Our “WholeClean” integrated maintenance program

We will analyze your carpet’s wear, traffic and soil conditions to
                                                                     An integrated approach:
establish the best care for your carpet. Then we will develop a
                                                                      There are many different
                                                                     methods of commercial
program to properly maintain your carpet in accordance with          carpet care.

                                                                      Low moisture methods,
established standards of the carpet care industry.                   encapsulation technology,
                                                                     hot water extraction, dry soil
                                                                     management – each method
                                                                     has its place in the
                                                                     commercial environment.

                                                                      Our staff will inspect your
                                                                     carpet and then tailor a
                                                                     program to keep it looking
                                                                     its best day-in, day-out.

                                                                      We will consult with you on
                                                                     all areas of your carpet’s
                                                                     daily maintenance, including
                                                                     your vacuuming, walk off
                                                                     mats, and spot treatment.

                         Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
“Perpetual Clean” total care program

The Perpetual Clean total care program is a simple way to provide
                                                                            Perpetual Care Explained:

constant care for larger facilities. We will set up a service routine for    Your carpet receives as
                                                                            much service as it needs in
                                                                            order to maintain a clean
your building that includes caring for every square inch of your            appearance.

                                                                             You will never have to see
carpet. The Perpetual Clean program provides you with impeccably            a shred of dirty carpet again.

                                                                             Your carpet will look great
clean carpet at a reasonable monthly rate.                                  every day as it receives a
                                                                            high degree of care.

                                                                             You are billed a standard
                                                                            monthly rate that is
                                                                            considerably lower than
                                                                            traditional “square foot

                                                                             This program can be
                                                                            tailored to your budget.

                                                                             This program is ideal for
                                                                            large facilities.

                           Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
It’s all about results

                                                    Extreme Cleaning!

                                                     Our WholeClean system
                                                    can restore even the worst
                                                    carpet to an acceptable
                                                    appearance level.

                                                     We have the tools to tackle
                                                    even the heaviest soil loads.

                                                     Our low moisture cleaning
                                                    methods can have you back
                                                    on your carpet in as little as
                                                    an hour.

                                                     The ProDry commercial
                                                    cleaning agents we use
                                                    contain a built in protector.
                                                    Your carpets will stay clean

                     Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Clean carpet is healthy

                                                       Clean for health:
                According to the EPA:
                                                        The EPA recommends
                                                       cleaning for health.
                “Every time carpets and fabrics are     Carpet can hold it’s face
                                                       weight in dry soil before it
                emptied of their pollution build-up    even begins to look dirty.

                                                        Indoor and outdoor
                                                       pollutants can become
                through professional cleaning          trapped in your carpet.

                                                        Reducing indoor
                methods, there is a health benefit.”   contaminants leads to a
                                                       healthier indoor

                   Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Environmentally responsible cleaning

      The products that our company uses make very little
      impact on the environment. Minimal water                   responsible cleaning:

      consumption and disposal, along with non hazardous          Low moisture cleaning
                                                                 uses considerably less
                                                                 water, one of earth’s most
      ingredients qualify ProDry as an environmentally           vital resources.

                                                                  Low moisture cleaning
      responsible cleaning system. These products are safe       minimizes the disposal of
                                                                 waste water into the
      for you, your carpet, and the environment.                 environment.

                                                                  Safe for you, your carpet,
                                                                 and the environment.

                                  Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Carpets stay clean longer

 ProDry cleaning products that we use are formulated with a

 special encapsulating agent. Soil that is binding to the carpet     Benefits:

                                                                      Carpet fibers are coated
 fiber is removed. The built-in protector, then, helps to keep the   with protector to aid in soil

 carpet clean longer. Carpets that are maintained with this system    There are no soil-attracting
                                                                     residues left in the carpet.

 will typically stay clean up to 50% longer.                          Carpets are never over-
                                                                     wetted and typically dry in
                                                                     as little as 2 hours or less.

                         Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
No more recurring spill stains

     Recurring spill stains are the number one cause of
                                                             Are you sick and tired of
                                                             recurring spill stains?
     frustration for owners of commercial carpet. Spills
                                                              How many times have you
                                                             had your commercial carpets
     soak all the way down the carpet fiber to the backing   cleaned and a few days later
                                                             the stains reappear?

     and commonly return to the surface after the carpet      Let us demonstrate to you
                                                             that this problem can be
                                                             resolved permanently.
     is cleaned. Our unique “spill stop” treatment will
                                                              See for yourself: We can
                                                             clean one side of your worst
     stop recurring spill stains dead in their tracks.       nightmare spill stain. After
                                                             a few days of walking on the
                                                             carpet the side we treated
                                                             will NOT reappear.

                                                              So before you rip up your
                                                             carpet because of recurring
                                                             spill stains, let us show you
                                                             how these spots can
                                                             disappear forever.

                        Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Surly Guy doesn’t work here

                                              Our staff will provide you
                                              with a professional
                                              service experience:

                                               Our entire staff will honor
                                              you with polite, professional

                                               We’re always happy to
                                              work with your schedule.

                                               Uniformed technicians will
                                              service your facility.

                                               We arrive when we say we
                                              will. We will attempt to
                                              provide you with a 30
                                              minute scheduling window.

                                               We are commercial carpet
                                              cleaning experts and our
                                              service charges are
                                              extremely reasonable.

                                               We will provide you with
                                              excellent service that is
                                              backed with a 100%
                                              satisfaction guarantee.

               Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Your satisfaction is double guaranteed

 You will never have to settle for anything less than an exceptional

 service experience. From the way we handle your phone calls,

 to the way we clean your carpets – you will be impressed!

 We always guarantee your complete satisfaction.

 (1) If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of the service

     experience, we will promptly return to your facility and take care of the problem.

 (2) If we are still unable to satisfy you, we will be happy to provide a refund.

                            Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

  • A clean appearance is vital for any
  successful business

  • Productivity and profitability are
  enhanced in a clean building

  • A clean building promotes better health

  • Environmentally responsible cleaning is
  better for our planet

  • Properly maintained carpet lasts longer

  • You can see, smell & feel the difference

                        Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
In conclusion

Here’s what you’ll receive…

    • Clean carpets day-in, day-out

    • Cleaning with an anti-resoiling agent

    • Recurring spill stains eliminated

    • An exceptional “service experience”

    • Professional polite technicians

    • Total satisfaction guaranteed

                      Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
We’re eager to help you keep your business clean

             Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

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