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    The Center for Creativity
    & Arts aims to make
    the encounter with art a
    cornerstone of the Emory
    experience and to shape
    a creative campus that
    ignites the imaginative
    spark within us all.

    Emory’s Poet Laureate            Our Year of Water
                                     Water has been portrayed in art for centuries—the long sea voyage in The Odyssey,
    A special congratulations        Handel’s “Water Music,” the Impressionist water paintings of Monet. This year, the
    to Natasha Trethewey,            Arts at Emory took on this powerful subject, examining water through a series of
    Candler Professor of English     creative projects.
    and Creative Writing at Emory,     The Center for Creativity & Arts (CCA) worked across campus with the
    on being named United States     arts departments, alumni, academic courses, health sciences, and the Center for
    poet laureate consultant in      Women to curate a cavalcade of events centering on water. Exploration of this
    poetry for 2012–2013.            theme will continue through fall semester 2012. (continued on page three)

                                                            Photos: (left) “Vessel,” and Lori Teague (right), both by Mark Teague
              Dear Arts Alumni,
              Greetings from the Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts (CCA). The
              arts at Emory are growing and evolving, creating transformational experiences
              for students, faculty, and the Atlanta community. As arts alumni, art makers,
              and advocates, you are an essential part of Emory’s creative process, and it is
              with great pleasure that we welcome you now (or welcome you back) to our
              ever-expanding network of artists, thinkers, and teachers.
                   At the CCA, we work to promote arts literacy, engagement, and scholarship
              among Emory students in all disciplines, while providing encouragement and
              support to those students who have made a commitment to the arts as a
              discipline of study.
                   In this inaugural issue of CreativeEncounters, read about our unique grant
              program which provides funding for students, faculty, and staff to pursue their
              artistic visions.
                   You also can learn about our Year of Water. During the 2011–2012
              academic year, the CCA curated a series of thematic arts programming around
              the idea of water. Events included a residency with Seattle-based visual
              artist John Grade, collaborations with Emory University’s Student Health and
              Counseling Service, as well as the Center for Women and the Center for Global
              Safe Water at the Rollins School of Public Health.
                   Finally, take a look at some of the awards and honors from the Emory
              College arts departments and get a sneak peak at some of the highlights from

              the 2012–2013 Arts at Emory Season.
                   As arts alumni, you know that creativity and art can inspire great careers
              and foster learning that pushes at the boundaries of the ordinary, opening
              unimagined doors into the innovative and the transformative life. Please enjoy
              reading CreativeEncounters from the Emory arts community and continue to
              support our programming with your advocacy, experience, and donations.

                             My best,

                             Leslie M. Taylor
                             Executive Director
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Our Year of Water                                         (continued from page 1)
                                                                                          Concentrating on Arts
Visual Arts and Water
Environmental artist John Grade worked with students, faculty, and staff to build         Beginning this fall, students will be
two installation sculptures—one on the quad and one anchored in Candler Lake              able to elect art management as an
in Lullwater Preserve. The sculptures of Piedmont Divide were made entirely
                                                                                          area of concentration for their BBA
from recycled water bottles collected on campus, highlighting the volume of
plastic bottles discarded every day.                                                      or BA in theater, dance, or music.
  The visual art exhibit Watching Hands: Artists Respond to Keeping Well                  The new program—a collaboration
showcased the work of six artists who interpreted the act of hand washing in              among the Emory College
innovative and unexpected ways. The exhibit was sponsored by Georgia Pacific              Departments of Theater, Dance,
and the CDC Foundation and curated by Louise E. Shaw of the CDC Museum.
                                                                                          and Music along with Goizueta
  Other public events included a film series, a play reading, and musical performanc-
es. In addition, the departments of music and theater studies offered water-themed        Business School—will provide
classes, while Student Health Services hosted a water-based short film contest.           knowledge, competencies, and
                                                                                          experiences for students interested
Dancing Like Water
                                                                                          in pursing administrative careers in
Lori Teague, director and associate professor of the Dance Program, used the CCA
theme of water and dove into her own exploration, creating several movement-              the performing arts. The program is
based works that were performed around campus throughout the year.                        designed to give BBA students
   Vessel—A Water Happening gathered members of the Atlanta community,                    a background in art history, politics,
Emory students and faculty, staff, and alumni to create a group movement experi-
                                                                                          and practice, while providing a strong
ence centered on the transportation of water.
   While doing research for the water theme, Teague noted several websites                business focus for arts students in
concerned with the state of the world’s fresh water supply. “The facts, footage,          their field.
and imagery of women and young girls gathering water was disturbing,” Teague
explains. “There were many children carrying buckets of water almost twice their
                                                                                          The new program complements
size. This is an injustice in the world that needs more attention.”
   So Teague created Vessel as a way of engaging the Emory community “and to mo-          the recently established film and
tivate myself,” she adds, “to behave differently.” Participants in the piece walked for   media management concentration
two and half hours, carrying water across campus, which represents only a fraction        offered to BBA students and film
of the eight kilometers or more some women walk every day for fresh water. “They          and media studies majors within the
move with an intention to survive,” says Teague. “In my own performance, I discov-
                                                                                          college. The concentration is geared
ered moments when the world looking in could not see this reality.”
   Teague also created Questions to Ask a River . . . or a Creek, a more tradi-           toward students wishing to pursue
tional dance piece performed by Emory student and alumni dancers. Dancers                 film or media as a postgraduate or
moved around and under the huge sculpture installed by John Grade on the quad             professional option. BBA students
earlier in the year.
                                                                                          who complete the concentration are
   Teague will continue her exploration of water this fall with Bend, an interdisci-
plinary dance, film, and visual arts performance to be shown on campus. “I chose          given a grounding in film and media
the title for several reasons: we don’t know what is in our future, around the            in its historical and contemporary
bend—so to speak—with water quality, water scarcity, anything.” From the im-              context, while film students learn
age of a “bend,” Teague conjures up “that place on a river where the water route
                                                                                          to understand the infrastructure
bends and adapts. It is an opportunity to wonder. Will the image that you see
around the bend be glorious, charged with movement, or peacefulness; or will the          and market mechanisms that
stillness be unsettling or the movement terrifying?”                                      support the creation and distribution
                                                                                          of media content.
For more information about upcoming water events at Emory, visit
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                                      Singing the Military Drill
                                      You have the idea to travel abroad and study the ancient genre of Korean
                                      narrative singing—an art form called pansori, which straddled the worlds of art
                                      and military practice.

Arts at Emory                         You want to create an evening of               for Creativity & Arts Project Grant
Season Kick-Off                       dances based on identical choreography         program. The CCA Project Grant
                                      set to different music, experimenting          Program is unique in its mission to
                                      and discovering how music can affect           provide funding to students, faculty,
The CCA invites you to the Schwartz
                                      the tone and performance of movement.          and staff to generate new creative and
Center for our Arts at Emory Season                                                  artistic endeavors.
                                        You might even want to paint
launch party: the Fifth-Annual        portraits of college students, exploring         Imagine a genetics laboratory
Creativity & Arts Soiree—Friday,      the complex and frustrating world of           without the resources to experiment.
September 7, 2012, from 5:30 to       dating in an age of new technologies.          There isn’t much going on, is there?
                                      When a complete thought is 140                 Artists, too, need the time and
7:30 p.m.
                                      characters, how long is a relationship?        resources to experiment and create new
                                        These are just a few research projects       work, not only for personal artistic
Enjoy performances and activities     created by Emory College students              growth, but also for the enrichment of
presented by the arts departments,    that received funding from the Center          the arts community as a whole.
the Michael C. Carlos Museum,
and the Emory Libraries, and get
a sneak peek at the upcoming
season. The evening concludes with
the Creativity & Arts Awards
ceremony, honoring members of
the Emory and Atlanta communities
making significant contributions to
the arts.

To nominate Emory alumni or
Atlanta community members
for a Creativity & Arts Award,
nominations for nomination
information and forms.
                                      Students make their mark on the graffiti wall at the 2011 Creativity & Arts Soiree. Join
                                      students, alumni, and community members in the annual celebration of the Arts at Emory
                                      Friday, September 7. Photo by Daniel Weiss.
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  Nicholas Surbey, CCA                         Kang: Interestingly enough, this gathering,        events; however, field research is crucial in
communications coordinator, spoke              known as Dae Sa Seup, literally “Grand             studying ethnomusicology because there are
with a recent grant recipient about his        Private Practice,” has its origins in military     significant clues embedded in the musical
upcoming research and about the role           drilling sessions in which the central army        structures of how pansori is sung now. The
the CCA has played in his academic             practiced its military arts, drilled formations,   SIRE program has provided the resources for
and artistic development.                      and recited military knowledge from drilling       my travel to Korea, but it is funds from the
  Hyeok Hweon Kang is a rising                 manuals. Pansori singers shared the stage          CCA that allow me to pay for the pansori
senior in Emory College, double-               with archers, musketeers, and cavalrymen           lessons that are necessary to my research.
majoring in music and history.                 who each showcased their practiced
Interdisciplinary exploration is a key         military skills.                                     With the help of a CCA Project
component of the CCA’s mission, and                                                               Grant, Kang is one of eight students
projects such as Kang’s that reach             Surbey: How did you become aware of                and three faculty and staff members
across academic and artistic lines are         and interested in pansori and its history?         who will be able to leave his desk and
highly encouraged. With the help of                                                               begin to explore new artistic territory
the SIRE program, Kang will travel this        Kang: I have been studying                         in an interactive way. CCA Project
summer to South Korea to research              ethnomusicology under Tong Soon Lee,               Grants are the only source of funding
pansori, a Korean military art form            director of the World Music Program at             on campus for this type of artistic

from the Choson (1392–1897) period.            Emory. Since I hail from Korea originally,         exploration and research.
His project is titled Singing the              I have always known about pansori, but               Not all answers can be found in a
Military Drill: Performing Military            my interest in learning more about it was          book or even contained in one. The
Knowledge in Late Choson Korea.                sparked by one of Lee’s lectures on                arts demand a level of physical and
                                               Korean music.                                      emotional engagement both from
Kang: During every winter solstice, aspiring                                                      creators and audience. The best way
Korean singers of pansori gathered to          Surbey: During your visit to South Korea,          to teach art is to make it, and the
perform songs in the presence of royal         you will be learning to sing representative        CCA strives to support aspiring and
authority and a multitude of spectators.       pansori songs. How will learning the art           established artists at Emory, advancing
Originally, itinerant musicians from the       form yourself aid in the research you are          and growing our creative campus.
lowest social strata, winners of this          doing for your project? Why not just do
competition were appointed to military         research from your desk in Atlanta?                Do you want to support Emory’s
positions, which came with material                                                               creative campus? Consider donating
compensation and the rising of their status.   Kang: Learning to sing the repertoire              to the Center for Creativity & Arts to
                                               will illuminate further research directions.       help us continue to offer these unique
Surbey: Do you know how this tradition         I have searched historical databases for           grants for student, faculty, and staff
was started?                                   information about the history of these             artists.
6             encounters

    Don’t miss these
    spectacular shows and
    exhibitions at Emory.
    More information about
    these and other events
    can be found online at

                                              Season Highlights

(above) Emory Student Aneyn Mara O’Grady      2013 Richard Ellmann Lectures                Visual Arts
performs as part of the Emory Dance
Company. Photo by Lori Teague
                                              in Modern Literature
                                                                                           Symposium: Off Center: Art Writing
(right) Candler Concert Series presents the   Paul Simon, February 10–12, 2013             from the Regions, September 20–22,
Branford Marsalis Quartet, September 21.                                                   2012
Photo by Eric Ryan Anderson
                                              Singer and songwriter Paul Simon is
                                              the 2013 Richard Ellmann lecturer.           The International Association of
                                              The lectures will take place on              Art Critics and Emory University
                                              Emory’s campus. The public lectures          examine how writers and editors are
                                              are ticketed but free and open to the        working to highlight visual art created
                                              public. Tickets will be available near       outside of commercial art centers on
                                              the end of the university’s fall semester.   a local, national, and international
                                                                                           level. Lindsay Pollock, editor of Art
                                                                                           in America, will deliver the keynote
7           encounters

Flora Glenn Candler Concert                 craftsmen of special effects before         This exhibit highlight works from
Series                                      computer-generated imagery was              the Carlos Museum collections that
                                            possible, through the remarkable feats      embody the shamanistic visionary
Renowned saxophonist and Tony               of recent films. Tentative titles include   experience. From earliest times to
Award–nominated composer Branford           Sherlock Junior; Metropolis; King           today, indigenous peoples of the
Marsalis will present an evening of         Kong; Beauty and the Beast; 2001: A         Americas have valued shamanic
musicianship and spirit with his quartet    Space Odyssey; Brazil; and The Host.        visionary trance as one of their most
on September 21, 2012.                      Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m.               important cultural and religious
                                                                                        experiences. On view will be
Virtuoso Gil Shaham will explore            Music                                       extraordinary works of art showcasing
several of Bach’s sonatas and partitas                                                  the most important elements of trance
for solo violin, October 4, 2012.           Season highlights include Emory’s           consciousness, especially the visionary
                                            Annual Jazz Fest, the 20th anniversary      himself or herself transforming into an
Yefim Bronfman’s commanding piano           season for the Emory Chamber Music          animal such as a powerful black jaguar,
technique and lyrical gifts have won        Society of Atlanta, and the Emory           an enormous whale shark, a predatory
consistent critical acclaim; he performs    University Symphony Orchestra and           owl, or a venomous rattlesnake.
February 2, 2013, in a special              Emory University Chorus performing
Schwartz Center 10th Anniversary            Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Most            Emory University Libraries
concert.                                    concerts are free.
                                                                                        WRITERS, on view through
Dance                                       Theater                                     November 2
                                                                                        The exhibition features photographs
Opening the Space                           The Cherry Orchard by Anton                 of a variety of literary icons—poets,

In celebration of the 10-year               Chekhov, directed by Tim                    authors, playwrights, journalists,
anniversary of the Donna and Marvin         McDonough, April 4–14, 2013                 and others—taken by acclaimed
Schwartz Center for Performing              Chekhov knew he was dying as he             photographer Nancy Crampton, and
Arts, Emory Dance opens its doors           wrote his last play, a moving comedy        juxtaposes them with related materials
on Tuesday evenings this fall at 7:30       about letting go of what we love. Every     from Emory’s Manuscript, Archives,
p.m. to continue an exchange with the       moment is ephemeral in this story of        & Rare Book Library. Curated by
Atlanta community.                          childish misfits who live in the past or    Elizabeth Chase and Julie Delliquanti,
                                            the future rather than the present. A       along with 18 guest curators.
Film                                        masterpiece that transitioned theater
                                            into a new age.
The Emory Cinematheque Series
this fall examines special effects: “From   Michael C. Carlos Museum
Georges Melies to Hugo: explore the
history of special effects in movies        ‘For I Am the Black Jaguar’:
from Georges Melies’s short trick films     Shamanic Visionary Experience
through Martin Scorsese’s 2011 film         in Ancient American Art
Hugo.” The series will showcase major       September 8, 2012–January 5, 2013
8            encounters

                                          Arts at Emory
                                          Get up close to art. With more than 300 campus arts programs and events, the
                                          CCA communicates the richness of the artistic and creative work on campus to
                                          our students, faculty, staff, and the larger Atlanta community through Arts at
    AND HONORS                            Emory []. Here are the 2011–2012 departmental awards
                                          and honors.


Friends of Art History

Faculty Honors
Sarah McPhee’s Bernini’s Beloved:
A Portrait of Costanza Piccolomini,
was published in January 2012.

Walter Melion published the edited
volume Meditation—Refashioning
the Self: Theory and Practice in
Late Medieval and Early Modern
Intellectual Culture, which contains
two major articles, “Types and
Functions of Meditation in the
Transition from Late Medieval to Early
Modern Intellectual Culture” and
“Exegetical Duality as a Meditative
Crux in Maarten van Heemskerck’s
Balaam and the Angel in a Panoramic
Landscape of 1554.” Melion also           Sant Jordi in March, in recognition      Samothrace. In the past year, she coedited
published “Allegory, Mode, and            of her scholarly dedication to Catalan   Samothracian Connections: Essays in
Authorship in the Study of Northern       culture and architecture.                Honor of James R. McCredie. Due out
Art,” Art History 33. His three-year                                               in January are The Temple of Athena at
term as chair of the Department of Art    Rebecca Stone published The Jaguar       Assos and Architecture of the Sacred:
History began in fall 2011.               Within: Shamanic Trance in Ancient       Space, Ritual, and Experience from
                                          Central and South American Art in        Classical Greece to Byzantium (coedited
Gay Robins delivered papers at the        2011. She is working on an exhibition    with Robert Ousterhout). Samothrace,
annual meetings of the American           to open September 8, 2012, at the        volume 9: Monuments of the Eastern Hill
Schools of Oriental Research, the         Michael C. Carlos Museum: ‘For I         will follow not far behind. To see some
Society of Biblical Literature, and the   Am the Black Jaguar’: The Visionary      of the team’s work on Samothrace, go to
American Research Center in Egypt.        Experience in Ancient American Art. or visit the
                                                                                   dig blog,
Judith Rohrer was elected to a            Bonna Wescoat recently was made
corresponding membership in the Reial     director of the excavation of the
Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de       Sanctuary of the Great Gods on
9            encounters

Undergraduate Honors                         SECOND PLACE ($100)                        Clare Fitzgerald received the
SENIOR HONORS                                Rebecca Levitan (junior, art history/      Sylvan C. Coleman and Pamela
Stephanie Gibson—High Honors:                visual arts joint major)                   Coleman Memorial Fund Fellowship,
“Moholy-Nagy: Painting and Bio-              “The Riddle of the Sphinx: Charting        Metropolitan Museum of Art, for
Politics” (Adviser: Todd Cronan)             the Greek Sphinx in Art and                2011–2012. She has given three talks
                                             Literature” (for the course Myths and      at the Metropolitan this year.
Anna Lopazan—Honors: “Creation               Monsters in Greek Art, spring 2011)
and Deception in the Evolution of Art                                                   Jennifer Lyons was awarded a Samuel
Forgery” (Adviser: Sarah McPhee)             JOHN HOWETT PRIZE IN ART                   H. Kress Institutional Fellowship in
                                             HISTORY ($2,500)                           European Art for 2011–2013. She
Melissa Mair (double major with              Sophia Dean (junior)                       is studying at the Institut National
Ancient Mediterranean studies                 The John Howett Prize will allow          d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris.
                                              Dean to complete a 12-day itinerary
                                              in Costa Rica. She is interested in       Ugochukwu Smooth Nzewi received
                                              shamanic ritual imagery, as portrayed     a Smithsonian Institution Predoctoral
                                              in precious metalwork. Dean has           Fellowship for 2012–2013.
                                              proposed to visit the collections of
                                              Ancient American art at museums           Amanda Rogers was a columnist
                                              in and around San José, to observe        for Aslan Media, providing special
                                              skilled artisans whose workmanship        coverage with regard to arts and
                                              derives from that of the ancients, and    culture in the Middle East and
                                              to examine firsthand the tropical flora   North Africa; a contributor to
                                              and fauna represented in the images.      openDemocracy regarding changes
                                                                                        in the Arab world; a columnist/
                                             PHI BETA KAPPA (2011–2012)                 contributor to UNESCO World Press
                                             Phi Beta Kappa members are                 Freedom Day; and a translator for Z4T
                                             recognized for their outstanding           & Dream City (a Tunisian arts journal)
                                             academic work and intellectual             for the issue “Postrevolutionary Art
                                             promise. Each person selected names a      in the Public Space.” Rogers had 12
                                             faculty member for excellent teaching.     publications and two presentations,
               The Enigma of a Day (1914)                                               one in Arabic at the University of Alger
                        Giorgio de Chirico    Rebecca Levitan (junior, art history/     II. She also received three grants.
                                              visual arts joint major) spring 2012—
                                             named faculty member Bonna Wescoat.        John Tyson was awarded a fellowship
Honors: “The Transformation of a
                                                                                        from the National Committee for the
Goddess: Depictions of Isis throughout       Graduate Honors                            History of Art supporting travel to the
the Ancient Mediterranean World”             Cecily Boles published the article         International Congress of the History of
(Adviser: Gay Robins)                        “The Folded Mozzetta: An Overlooked        Art in Nuremberg in July 2012. He gave
                                             Motif in the Portraits of Gian Lorenzo     papers at five conferences this past year.
Charlotte Watts (art history/visual          Bernini” in Sculpture Journal (2011)
arts joint major)—Highest Honors:            20:2.                                      Elliott Wise delivered the lecture
“We Are Francesca Woodman”
                                                                                        “Rogier van der Weyden and Jan van
(Adviser: Jason Francisco, visual arts)      Katherine Cupello has a Social             Ruusbroec: Reading, Rending, and
                                             Sciences and Humanities Research           Re-Fashioning the ‘Twice-Dyed’ Veil of
2012 ART HISTORY PAPER PRIZE                 Council of Canada Doctoral                 Blood in the Escorial Crucifixion” at
FIRST PLACE ($150)                           Fellowship for 2011–2014.                  the Fourth Lovis Corinth Colloquium
Erin Dunn (senior)
                                                                                        that took place at Emory February
“The Man behind Hell’s Mask: The
                                                                                        16–18, 2012.
Autobiographical Garden of Vicino
Orsini at Bomarzo” (for the course The
Italian Garden, fall 2011)
10           encounters

CREATIVE WRITING                          Aristine Mann Award in Drama          Sally Radell was recognized as the
                                          for Best Play Written by an           international expert on the impact of
Friends of Creative Writing               Emory Undergraduate:                  the mirror on the training of dancers
                                          Emily Kleypas                         and was asked to write a resource
Faculty Honors                            Honorable Mention: Martin Krafft      paper on the topic by the International
For his novel, A Curable Romantic,                                              Association of Dance Medicine and
Joseph Skibell won the 47th Georgia       Aristine Mann Award in                Science. She also earned certification
Author of the Year Award for Fiction      Creative Nonfiction for Best          in GYROKINESIS® as a movement
and was nominated for the Townsend        Nonfiction Written by an              trainer this year. This somatic practice
Prize, which is cosponsored by the        Emory Undergraduate:                  will be added to the dance curriculum
Georgia Center for the Book and the       Jamie Schlansky                       in fall 2012.
Southern Academy for Literary Awards.     Honorable Mention:
                                          Michelle Izmaylov
Natasha Trethewey was named poet
laureate of Mississippi, inducted into    Agnes Nixon and Kiki McCabe
the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame, and     Prize for Screenwriting for Best
                                          Screenplay Written by an Emory
named the United States poet laureate
consultant in poetry for 2012–2013.
                                          Young Eun (Grace) Kim
                                          Honorable Mention: Jonathan Durie
Kevin Young published a new book of
essays and cultural criticism, The Grey
                                          The Andrea de Man Award
Album: On the Blackness of Blackness.
                                          for Excellence in English:
                                          Raymond Colison
Student Honors
English Department’s Annual
                                          The Harry and Sue Rusche
Competition for Best Essay
                                          Scholarship: Steffi Delcourt
Emory Undergraduate:
James Zainaldin
                                          Grace Abernety Scholarship in
Emory Graduate: Amy Elkins
                                          Creative Writing: Emily Gutierrez
Academy of American Poets Prize
for Best Poetry Written by an             Creative Writing Stipe Scholar:
Emory Student:                            Jamie Schlansky
Rachel Cawkwell
Honorable Mention: L. Bellee Jones        •••••••••••••••••••

                                          DANCE                                 Kendall Simpson, composer, was
Aristine Mann Award in Poetry for
Best Poetry Written by an Emory                                                 nominated for a Suzi Bass award for
Undergraduate:                            Friends of Dance                      sound/music for the Georgia Shakespeare
Julie Levine                                                                    production The Glass Menagerie.
                                          Faculty Honors
Honorable Mention:
                                          Klimchak, a dance accompanist and     George Staib’s Mob was selected to
Hannah Rose Blakely
                                          composer, received admission to       perform during the gala concert at the
Aristine Mann Award in Fiction for        the Creative Capital Core Weekend     Southeast Regional American College
Best Fiction Written by an Emory          Workshop in Atlanta curated by Flux   Dance Festival. Staib’s article “The
Undergraduate:                            Projects and was the 2012 ASCAP       View from Here” was published on the
Anthony Walner                            Special Awards Program cash prize     Dance in Israel website. The article was
Honorable Mention:                        winner for compositions written and   a reflection on Israeli modern dance
Omenka Ochendu                            performed in 2011.                    after a recent sabbatical trip.
11           encounters

Lori Teague was awarded a CCA             The Friends of Dance summer
and a University Research Committee       scholarship recipients were Emily
grant for choreographic research of       Hammond (American Dance Festival),
site-specific water projects presented    Julio Medina (Bates Dance Festival), and
in natural environments. In addition,     Kimberly Phillips (Staibdance Summer
her article “A Natural State of Being”    Dance Workshop in Sorrento, Italy).
was published in the spring issue of
Conscious Dancer in response to a         •••••••••••••••••••
recent trip to Costa Rica to explore                                                     AWARDS
ecosomatic practices.                     FILM AND MEDIA STUDIES

                                          Friends of Film

                                                                                     (left) Emory Dance Company explores Water.
Student Honors                                                                       Photo by Lori Teague
                                          Undergraduate and Graduate
Julio Medina received the Dance           Student Honors                             (middle) Students Matt Brown and Jeff
Stipe Scholarship and was chosen as       Sarah Richards (master’s candidate)        Docherty perform with the Emory Big Band.
                                                                                     Photo by Ann Borden
a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow        won a Bobby Jones Scholarship.
for 2012–2013.                            She will spend the 2012–2013 year          (right) Emory Cinematheque presents “Dark
                                          studying German culture at the             Streets and Dangerous Dames,” a film noir
                                                                                     series in 35mm.
Kala Seidenberg earned highest            University of St Andrews in Scotland.
honors in Dance for Leitmotif. She
presented an evening of original          Grace Kim won the Agnes Nixon and
choreographic work investigating          Kiki McCabe Prize in Screenwriting
how external elements, like musical       from the Creative Writing Program
choices and lights, affect context and    for her script In the Woods.
meaning while developing a point of
view. Seidenberg also received the 2012   Matt Gaynes received the 2012 Sudler
Pioneer Award in dance and was the        Prize in the Arts.
recipient of a CCA Project Grant.
12              encounters

                                                 CAMPUS MOVIEFEST                           Faculty Honors
                                                 Film and media studies majors swept        After a national search, Bradley
                                                 the three major categories at Emory’s      Howard has been appointed lecturer
                                                 Campus MovieFest, a festival of student-   and director of vocal studies in the
                                                 made short films, in February 2012.        Department of Music. He will assume
                                                                                            the position on September 1.
                                                 Best Comedy
                                                 Christopher Lamb and Lauren Ladov          Music Department Chair Kevin Karnes
                                                 (seniors) and team—Typeface Killer: A      has been awarded a Charles A. Ryskamp
                                                 Cautionary Tale                            Research fellowship from the American
                                                                                            Council of Learned Societies, funded by
                                                                                            the Andrew A. Mellon Foundation. He

(right) Student Jefferson Sporn and
professional actors Robin Bloodworth and
Agnes Harty perform in Theater Emory’s
production of The Night of the Iguana by
Tennessee Williams. Photo by Scott Wile

(far right) Art installation “Piedmont Divide”
on the Emory Quadrangle. Photo by John

                                                 Best Drama                                 will take a leave from Emory to write a
                                                 Nikoloz Kevkhishvil (junior) and Seth      book on Wagner and philosophy.
                                                 Becker (Emory TV president) and
                                                 team—The Cosmonaut                         Tong Soon Lee will take a leave
                                                                                            from Emory to write a book on the
                                                 Best Picture                               musical practices of Peranakan Chinese
                                                 Meredith Emerson (senior) and              communities in Singapore. He was
                                                 Matthew Schwartz (junior) and              awarded a Scholar Grant from the
                                                 team—Blackout                              Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for
                                                                                            International Scholarly Exchange.
                                                                                            John Anthony Lennon’s Zingari
                                                 MUSIC                                      for guitar and orchestra (1991) has
                                                                                            been recognized by Classical Guitar
                                                 Friends of Music                           Magazine as one of the 100 most-
                                                                                            recorded pieces for classical guitar.
13           encounters

Eric Nelson conducted the Atlanta                                                        Tim McDonough was promoted to
Sacred Chorale at the Southern Division   THEATER STUDIES                                professor. McDonough also has been
of the American Choral Directors’                                                        appointed the new chair of theater
Association in Winston-Salem.             Friends of Theater                             studies for a three-year term.

Scott Stewart was awarded a Winship       Faculty Honors                                 Donald McManus received an Emory
Fellowship for Senior Lecturers.          Janice Akers has been selected as the          University Research Committee
                                          new artistic director of Theater Emory.        Grant and was promoted to associate
Dwight Andrews received the 2012                                                         professor with tenure. McManus
Allen Award from the Atlanta Interfaith   John Ammerman finishes his term as             also published a chapter, “Cyrano’s
Broadcasting Network and the 2012         Theater Emory artistic director this spring.   Intercultural Voyages in India,” in
Community Leader of Faith Award from                                                     Playing with Theory and Practice.

                                                                                         Mary Lynn Owen won the 2011 Suzi
                                                                                         Bass Award for Featured Actress (play)
                                                                                         for her work in Theatre in the Square’s
                                                                                         The Little Foxes.

                                                                                         Leslie Taylor received a 2011 Suzi Bass
                                                                                         Award for Best Scenic Design (play)
                                                                                         for her design of the Alliance Theater’s
                                                                                         August: Osage County. She was also
                                                                                         nominated for best costume design
                                                                                         for Georgia Shakespeare’s production
                                                                                         of The Tempest. Taylor is also ending
                                                                                         her 10-year term as theater studies
                                                                                         department chair this spring.

Day One and the Alliance for Christian    Alice N. Benston—Theater studies
Ministry. In addition, he was featured    professor (criticism, history, literature,
on the main stage of the Atlanta Jazz     genre study, and dramaturgy) and
Festival during Memorial Day weekend.     resident dramaturg for Theater
                                          Emory—retired this year and was
Student Honors                            honored with a celebration on May 4
William Eye was awarded a Bobby           in the Schwartz Center. She received a
Jones Scholarship.                        PhD from Emory in 1961.

Eduardo Hazera received a Fulbright       Michael Evenden was awarded the
fellowship for ethnomusicological         Emory College Academic Advising
research in Malaysia.                     Award and received a promotion to
Derrick Montgomery was selected
by the Department of Music to receive     Brent Glenn has been appointed
a Stipe Society scholarship.              lecturer in lighting and sound design
                                          and resident artist beginning in fall 2012.
14           encounters

                                        EMORY ARTS AWARDS                         Julia Kjelgaard, chair, senior lecturer
                                                                                  (drawing and painting): Exhibition:
                                        Emory Women’s Club Arts Scholarship       “Living Color” at “{Poem 88}” gallery
                                        Emily Kleypas (playwriting)               in Atlanta. March 3–April 14, 2012;
                                                                                  2012–2013 Fulbright Peer Review
                                        Sudler Prize in the Arts                  Panel
                                        Wencong Chen
                                                                                  Laura Noel, adjunct faculty
     AWARDS                             Stipe Society for Creative Scholars       (photography): Exhibition, Subject
                                        Award                                     Matters, Spruill Gallery, September 15–
                                        Jake Krakovsky                            October 29, 2011

                                        Chelsea Kaplan was the recipient of a     Student Honors
Student Honors                          SIRE Program research grant and CCA       Heidi Ma, junior; Anna Nelson-
SENIOR HONORS                           Project Grant to fund her senior honors   Daniel, senior (second-prize winner);
                                        thesis, Circus of Myself.                 Charlotte Watts, senior, ARCHE
Chelsea Kaplan: The Circus of Myself                                              Colloquium and Collage Exhibition,
(thesis with performance)               •••••••••••••••••••                       Agnes Scott College. All three students
                                                                                  also were awarded CCA Project
Gillian Kramer: The Case of the         VISUAL ARTS                               Grants.
Alias: Applied Theater Techniques and
Middle School Students’ Self-Esteem     Friends of Visual Arts                    Taylor Trew, junior: Stipe Society of
and Mutual Trust                                                                  Creative Scholars
(thesis with laboratory)                Faculty Honors
                                        Linda Armstrong, senior lecturer
                                                                                  Charlotte Watts, senior: Highest
Rebecca Lipman: Stephen Sondheim        (sculpture): Exhibition, Fruits of
                                                                                  Honors, Photography
and Musical Characterization            Wandering, Berry College, March
(analytical thesis)                     12–April 6, 2012

•••••••••••••••••••                     Sarah Emerson, adjunct faculty
                                        (drawing and painting): Exhibition,
THEATER AT EMORY AWARDS                 Underland, Whitespace Gallery, April
                                        5–May 12, 2012; Exhibition, Elevate:
Brenda Bynum Theater                    Art above Underground, August 26–
at Emory Award                          October 30, 2012
Gillian Kramer
                                        Jason Francisco, associate professor
Fine Award                              (photography): Howard Fellowship
Madeline Teissler                       in Photography, Brown University;
                                        published The Steerage and Alfred
Friends of Theater at Emory Award       Stieglitz (Defining Moments in
Christina Barber                        American Photography series);
Rebecca Lipman                          Exhibition, World Documents, Mount
Jude Futral (professional)              Holyoke College Art Museum,
                                        September 2–December 18, 2011
Alice N. Benston Award
in Theater Studies                      Diane Kempler, senior lecturer
Rachel Shuey                            (ceramics): Fulbright Research Award
                                        in India
15            encounters

New Work
Across Disciplines
Cross-genre collaboration and interdisciplinary exploration produce a wellspring
of creativity and innovation in the arts. This year Emory has seen many exciting
instances of artists connecting with other artists— even reaching into the realms
of science and research to examine our world in a brand new light.

The Creation of the World                   That’s one reason that music is an
Music and science merged as the             ideal way to create metaphors for this
                                                                                       CCA Staff
Emory Chamber Music Society of              research.”
Atlanta presented The Creation of the
                                                                                       Leslie Taylor, Executive Director
World at Emory’s Schwartz Center            Robert Spano Residency
for Performing Arts in January 2012.        Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Music
                                                                                       Candy Tate, Assistant Director
The program—made possible in part           Director Robert Spano returned
by a grant from Emory’s Center for          in March as Emory University’s
                                                                                       Randy Fullerton, General Manager
Chemical Evolution (CCE)—examined                               Distinguished
the common elements of discovery                                Artist in Residence.
                                                                                       Jessica Cook, Marketing Manager
and creation in the arts and science.                           In the final year
The event featured a lively discussion                          of his three-year
                                                                                       Nicholas Surbey, Communications
between David Lynn of the CCE and                               residency, the
Dwight Andrews, professor of music                              conducter inspired
theory, as well as performances from                            wide-ranging
                                                                                       Emma Yarbrough, Arts Associate
the Vega String Quartet, Emory faculty,                         interdisciplinary
and guest artists. Combining the                                dialogues in and
                                                                                       Questions or comments? Contact
processes of scientific discovery with      out of the classroom. With The
                                                                                       us at 404.712.9894 or send us an
the evolution of music, “The Creation       Classics! An Evening in Ancient Greece
                                                                                       email at
of the World” collaboration served as       and Rome with Songs by Schubert,
a means of finding new and different        Brahms, and Wolf, Spano joined Emory
ways to understand and place in             faculty and students at the Carlos
context the scientific advances that are    Museum in a celebration of how
now shaping the future.                     great literature and art often serves as
                                            musical inspiration. In the workshop
First Life                                  “When Language Meets Music,” Spano
In another exploration of science and       and various distinguished minds—
music, Emory professor of music and         including composer Steve Everett,
composer Steve Everett created First        scholar Yayoi Everett, poet Richie
Life, a multimedia imagining of the         Hofmann, and novelist and associate
chemical origins of life. Everett brought   professor Joseph Skibell—examined the
together a “warm pond” of music,            question of whether words can express
chemistry, and audience reaction in his     the profound experience of music.
work, presented at the Schwartz Center      Many questions were explored in this
on March 4. The composition, also           exchange of ideas, including: Does a
supported by the CCE, asked the age-        songwriter combine notes with words?
old question “how did life begin?” As       Can one express in words the experience
Everett says, “Molecules aren’t static.     of making music? Can a line of music
They’re vibrating, just like sound.         convey a verbal thought?
16          encounters

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