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					                                                                            Snellville Middle School

                                                                            3155 Pate Road Snellville, GA 30078
   The weekly update for Snellville Middle School                           April 13—19, 2009
                                                                            Page One

     Spring Break—Student Holidays                          Monday
            April 6—10, 2009                                8:00 AM Intramurals
                                                            4:30 PM Step Team
You and your children have been hearing                     Tuesday
about it all year’s finally here.                 CRCT
                  CRCT                                      8:00 AM Intramurals
                                                            8:30 AM Jr. Beta Club
All students start CRCT testing on Tuesday,
April 14th.    Please make sure your child                  Wednesday
is prepared by making sure they:                            Help Day
• Are in school each day of testing.                        CRCT
• Get plenty of sleep during testing week.                  4:30 PM Step Team
• Eat a healthy breakfast each morning.                     Thursday
• Know how important it is to do their best.                CRCT
                                                            8:00 AM Drama Club
               Wanted: Lost Books
Please help your child look in their bookbags,
around the house, in the car, and in other hiding           CRCT
places to find any lost library books or textbooks.         8:00 AM Intramurals

                                         Counseling Perspectives

It is perfectly natural to feel some anxiety when preparing for and taking a test. In fact, a little anxiety can
jump start your studying and keep you motivated. However, too much anxiety may block your performance
during the test and you may have difficulty demonstrating what you know during the test.
Here are some things you can do before, during, and after a test to reduce your test anxiety.
1. Maintain a positive attitude as you study. Think about doing well, not failing. Think of the test as an oppor-
   tunity to show how much you have learned.
2. Go into the test well rested and well fed. Get enough sleep the night before the test. Eat a light and nutri-
   tious meal before the test. Stay away from junk foods.
3. Stay relaxed during the test. Taking slow, deep breaths can help. Focus on positive self-statements such as
   “I can do this.”
4. Follow a plan for taking the test such as the DETER strategy we described in last week’s Comet Connec-
   tion. Don’t panic, even if you find the test difficult. Stay with your plan!
5. Don’t worry about other students finishing the test before you do. Take the time that you need to do your
6. Once you finish the test and hand it in, forget about it temporarily. There is nothing more you can do until
   the graded test results are in. Turn your attention and effort to new assignments and tests.
You have to know the material to do well on a test, and controlling test anxiety will help to show what you

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2049 Scenic Hwy
                                                                          Snellville Middle School

                                                                          3155 Pate Road Snellville, GA 30078
  The weekly update for Snellville Middle School                          April 13—19, 2009
                                                                          Page Two
         Parents, How Can You Help?                                 Technology Summer Camp
                                                         NEW, educational, and fun Summer Camp for rising
Don't forget parents, our students will be taking the
                                                         7th, 8th and 9th graders interested in exploring careers.
CRCT from 9:30 - 12:00 Tuesday, April 14 - Mon-
                                                         Maxwell High School of Technology is introducing
day, April 20. It is important that they get plenty of
                                                         a week long session with hands-on learning activi-
rest, eat a good breakfast and be at school by 9:15
                                                         ties for your student in a variety of different pro-
prepared to do their best. There are links to some
                                                         grams such as Graphic Design, Automotive Ser-
great practice websites on the SMS home page.
                                                         vices, Cosmetology, Health Care and Medical Ser-
Please encourage your student to spend some time
                                                         vices, Early Childhood Education, Georgia Pre-K
reviewing over spring break. Also, please schedule
                                                         Camp Counselors, Public Safety, and Welding. All
any necessary appointments for the afternoon so that
                                                         camp programs are led by certified GCPS instructors
your student can be here to take that day's portion of
                                                         with enthusiastic high school student aides. Don’t
the test with their class. Your support and encour-
                                                         miss this unique opportunity for your student. Regis-
agement make more of an impact on their scores
                                                         tration fee is $35.00 due before April 15, and $40.00
than you may realize.
                                                         after April 15. For more information and to register
Check out the CRCT review games on the                   your child today, visit our website
SMS Media Center web page. There are 6          or call Nancy Zamprelli at
different ways to review the main skills ad-             (770) 338-4625.
dressed on the test.
    GCPS Announced as Finalist for the                                CRCT Practice Website
   2009 Broad Prize for Urban Education                  The Georgia OAS website is available for student
                                                         practice. The Georgia Online Assessment System
This morning, the Broad Foundation announced that
                                                         website offers students practice for the CRCT taken
Gwinnett County Public Schools is one of five final-
                                                         during the spring. For more information see the
ists for the 2009 Broad Prize for Urban Education,
                                                         Georgia OAS link under Student Resources at
the largest education award in the country. In mak-
                                                More tests will be
ing the announcement, Eli Broad, founder of the Eli
                                                         added on a regular basis so have your child check
and Edythe Broad Foundation, said, " These five dis-
                                                         back often.
tricts are among the most impressive in the country
because they have demonstrated an unwavering fo-                   Electronic Progress Reports
cus on student achievement above all else. They                         Are Coming Home
stand as a beacon for other urban districts facing
similar challenges and are exemplars of practices        Electronic progress reports will be emailed to par-
that can be replicated elsewhere across the country      ents according to the schedule below. If you have
to improve our public schools."                          an email account but do not receive progress reports
                                                         from any of your child’s teachers you should contact
               Checkout BrainPop                         the homeroom teacher and ask that they add your
Are you are looking for a way to help your child         email address to our system If you just miss one
with a topic they don’t quite understand or a way to     or two progress reports you should contact the teach-
give them a little extra help on the upcoming CRCT?      ers from whom you did not receive the reports.
Check out our trial of BrainPop, BrainPop Jr. or
BrainPop Espaňol. These links can be found under         6th grade progress reports emailed April 14th.
Student Resources at           7th grade progress reports emailed April 15th.
                                                         8th grade progress reports emailed April 16th.

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