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                                        February 15-17, 2013
                                       PROGRAM SCHEDULE

              Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Khyber Medical University, Peshawar.

Day 1 (February 15, 2013)

         9am-1030am                 Registration

                                      OPENING CEREMONY

         10:30am                    Welcome address + Objectives of Conference
                                    (Director ORIC Prof. Dr Mukhtiar Zaman)
         10:45am                    Speech by Vice Chancellor KMU
                                    Prof. Dr Muhammad Hafeezullah
         11:05-11:30                State of the art Lecture
         11:30-12:00pm              Speech by the Chief Guest
         12:00-12:30                Certificate Distribution to CHR students at KMU

                               BREAK FOR LUNCH/TEA/PRAYERS

           2pm-4:30pm                               Post Graduate Courses (PG)

PG 1       Hall A           Proposal Writing                                     Dr Saadia Ashraf

PG 2       Hall B           Research Conduct                                     QEC KMU
PG 3       Hall C           End Note and Literature Search                       Mr. Sher Bahadur
PG 4       Hall D           Performance Based Evaluation                         Ambreen Asif Qureshi
                                                                                 (Intellact Consultants
PG 5       Hall E           Clinical Statistics                                  Dr Hamid Hussain
PG 6       Hall F           Clinical Epidemiology                                Dr Zahid Jadoon

Day 2 (February 16, 2013) Focus on Post Graduate Trainees, MOs, Masters and Ph.D Students

           08:45-09:30am                               Meet the Expert (ME)

ME 1       Hall A           Electron-Microscopy                        Director IPE, UoP.

ME 2       Hall B           HPLC- How to use it to its full capacity   Dr Niaz Ali

ME 3       Hall C           Malnutrition-Public Health Issue           Dr Abdul Jamil
ME 4       Hall D           Investigations in Cardiology               Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hafizullah
ME 5       Hall E           Quality Assurance in Research              Miss Asiyah Bukhari
ME 6      Hall F             How to make best use of library services   Miss. Riasat

PL        09:30-11:00am                                     Plenary Sessions (PL)

PL 1      Choosing a Career in Health:

PL 1.1    Where Do We Stand                                                   Dr Abid Jamil
PL 1.2    The Way Forward                                                     Prof. Dr Akhtar Ali
PL 1.3    Panel Discussion
Panel     Chair: Prof. Tariq Mufti
          Co Chair:

                      11:00 to 11:30am TEA BREAK plus POSTER VIEWING

          1130am-01:00pm                                     Parallel Sessions (PS)

PS 1                         Hall A (Clinical Sciences)

PS 1.1    Audit Report of Pulmonology Unit Khyber Teaching Hospital Prof. Dr Mukhtiar Zaman
PS 1.2    Update on Cardiology                                                Prof. Dr. Muhammad
12:00-                                                                        Hafizullah
PS 1.3    Update on Gastroenterology                                          Prof. Dr Javed Iqbal
12:30-                                                                        Farooqi
Panel     Chair: Prof. Dr Intikhab Alam
          Co Chair:
PS 2                           Hall B (Basic Sciences)

PS 2.1    Research Questions: Anatomy                                         Dr Najeeb ullah, Dr Adnan
11:30-                                                                        Masood
PS 2.2    Research Questions: Pathology                                       Prof. Dr Jawad Ahmad
PS 2.3    Research Questions: Biochemistry                                    Dr. Rubina Nazli
Panel     Chair:
          Co Chair:
PS 3                           Hall C (Public Health)

PS 3.1    Gap in Policy and Practices                                       Dr Zarin (PHSA)
11:30-                                                                      Dr Tahir Nadeem
12:00pm                                                                     Dr Saeed Anwar
PS 3.2    Health Care Financing                                             Dr Muhammad Javaid Khan
PS 3.3    Integration of Vertical Programs in PHC                           Dr. Shabeena Raza (HSRU)
12:30-                                                                      Dr. Shahid (HSRU)
01:00pm                                                                     Dr. Ayaz Ayub
Panel     Chair: Dr. Muhammad Sharif
          Co Chair: Dr.
          Rapporteur: Dr. Khalid Masud
PS 4               Hall D (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

PS 4.1    Vestibular Rehabilitation                                         Mr. Muhammad Bin Afsar
11:30-                                                                      Jan
12:15pm                                                                     (IPMR KMU)
PS 4.2    Disability and Rehabilitation                                     Mr. Yasin Wali (Special
12:15-                                                                      Education Complex
01:00pm                                                                     Peshawar)
Panel     Chair:
          Co Chair:
          11:00am-01:45pm               AREA A (Abstract Poster Viewing) CLINICAL

          11:00am-01:45pm               AREA B (Abstract Poster Viewing) BASIC SCIENCES

          11:00am-01:45pm               AREA C (Abstract Poster Viewing) PUBLIC HEALTH

                             01:00pm-1:45 LUNCH BREAK
          01:45-03:15pm                                              QUIZ

PL 2      Competition among the Trainee Medical Officers (Teams) as Prof. Dr Muhammad Ayub
          nominated by respective institutions on Research related  Dr. Saadia Ashraf
          topics/issues                                             Dr. Hamid Hussain
Judges    Judge 1: Prof. Dr Shad Muhammad Khan (Director AA&QA) KMU
          Judge 2:
                                     TEA BREAK (3:15-3:30pm)

          3:30pm-4:30pm                                   Abstract Presentation (ORAL)

PS 5           Hall A                     Clinical Sciences
Panel     Chair:
          Co Chair:
PS 5.1    Dr. Samir Khan Kabir       Effectiveness of Autologous blood injection in patients with lateral
3:30pm-                              epicondylitis (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 5.2    Dr. Shahab ud Din          Treating open Fractures of Femur With SIGN-Nail (ORAL
3:40pm-                              PRESENTATION)
PS 5.3    Dr. Shahab ud Din          Treating Pediatric Diaphysial Femur Fractures With Fin And
3:50pm-                              Pediatric Nails (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 5.4    Dr. Tahir Saeed Siddique   Complications due to the delayed Diagnosis of Intracranial
4:00pm-                              Infections (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 5.5    M. Abdul Wahab             Frequency of Type I and Type II Diabetes and Its Common
4:10pm-                              Reported Co-Morbidity among Diabetic Patients Presented At
4:20pm                               Rehman Medical Institute, Peshawar (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 5.6    Tasleem Akhtar             Bacterial Isolates of Neonatal Septicemia and their Antibiotic
4:20pm-                              Susceptibility profile in Peshawar (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 6         Hall B                  Basic Sciences

Panel     Chair:
          Co Chair:
PS 6.1    Bushra Kamal (Skype)       Bio-mechanical Properties of Bone in a Mouse Model of Rett
3:30pm-                              Syndrome (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 6.2    Rubina Nazli               To determine level of C reactive protein as a marker in coronary
3:40pm-                              heart diseases in middle age individuals (ORAL
3:50pm                               PRESENTATION)
PS 6.3    Najma Baseer (Skype)       Projection neurons in Lamina III of the RAT Spinal Cord are
3:50pm-                              selectively innervated by local Dynorphin-containing excitatory
4:00pm                               neurons (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 6.4    Muhammad Jaffar Khan       Diet, Gut Microbiota, and Energy From Colonic Fermentation of
4:00pm-                              carbohydrates in Children With Simple and Pathological Obesity;
4:10pm                               Cause or Effect?
PS 6.5    Zille Huma (Skype)         Spinoreticular tract Neurons: the SRT as a component of an
4:10pm-                              Ascending-Descending control loop (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 6.6    Sadia Fatima (Skype)       Effects of Hi GH energy Nutritional supplement Dri NKS on
4:20pm-                              Appeti TE, Appeti TE Hormones, Gastric Emptyi NG and energy
4:30pm                               intake (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 7         Hall C                  Public Health

Panel     Chair:
          Co Chair:
PS 7.1      Faseeh Shahab                   Tetanus Toxoid vaccination coverage and risk factors for under-
3:30pm-                                     immunization among Pregnant Females presenting to Tertiary
3:40pm                                      Care Hospital (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 7.2      Muhammad Noman                  Causes of insomnia and its effects on day to day activities of
3:40pm-                                     students of Rehman Medical College Peshawar (ORAL
3:50pm                                      PRESENTATION)
PS 7.3      Muneebulllah Jan                Social marketing and awareness about routine immunization
3:50pm-                                     among the parents of children under 5 years coming to private
4:00pm                                      hospital in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 7.4      Saad Salman                     Association of ADHD with heroin addiction (ORAL
4:00pm-                                     PRESENTATION)
PS 7.5      Zia ul Haq                      Impact of metabolic comorbidity on the association between body
4:10pm-                                     mass index and health-related quality of life: a Scotland-wide
4:20pm                                      cross-sectional study of 5,608 participants ORAL
PS 7.6
PS 8             Hall D                     Dentistry

Panel       Chair:
            Co Chair:
PS 8.1      Dr. Asfand Ali Khan             The Role of Vertical Parameters in the Development of Lower
3:30-3:40                                   Incisor Crowding Amongst Patients Reporting To Khyber College
                                            Of Dentistry–Part I
PS 8.2     Dr. Basheer Rehman               Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – A Psychological aspect of
3:40-3:50                                   Maxillofacial Trauma
PS 8.3     Dr. Farhana                      Patterns of Third-Molar Agenesis In an Orthodontic Patient
3:50-4:00                                   Population With Different Skeletal Malocclusions
PS 8.4     Dr. Fazal Ghani                  Incisors position and irregularity index in subjects with different
4:00-4:10                                   depths of curve of SPEE
PS 8.5     Dr Huma Zahir                    Effect of flushing on reducing bacterial count for dental unit
4:10-4:20                                   water line
PS 8.6     Dr. Mumtaz ul Islam              Intention Implant: A Case Report
Day 3 (February 17, 2013) Focus on Medical Students, Nurses and Physiotherapy Students

            08:45-09:30am                                           Meet the Expert

ME 7        Investigations in Pulmonology                                       Dr. Sadia Ashraf

ME 8        Malnutrition – A clinical issue                                     Prof. Dr Amin Jan Gandapur

ME 9        Disability and Rehabilitation                                       Mr. Muhammad Bin Afsar Jan

ME 10       How to Write an Article                                             Prof. Dr Muhammad Ayub
ME 11     Evidence Based Health Policy                                    Dr. Ayaz Ayub
                                                                          Dr. Iftikhar Qayyum
ME 12     Clinical Audit                                                  Prof. Dr Mukhtiar Zaman

          09:30-11:00am                                        Plenary Sessions

PL 3      Health Professional Education
PL 3.1    Are the Health Professionals Trained to deliver Medical         Dr. Usman Mehboob
9:30-     Education
PL 3.2    What steps needs to be taken to improve teaching environment    Prof. Dr Sahibzada Noor
PL 3.3    How to prepare 60 minutes interactive lecture                   Dr Brekhna Jamil
PL 3.4    Panel Discussion
Panel     Chair: Dr Abid Jamil
          Co Chair: Dr. Shahid Ayub

                        11:00 to 11:30am TEA BREAK plus POSTER VIEWING

          1130am-01:00pm                                       Parallel Sessions

PS 9                         Hall A (Clinical Sciences)

PS 9.1    Update on Endocrinology                                         Prof. Dr A.H Aamir
PS 9.2    Update on Urology                                               Prof. Dr Asif Malik
PS 9.3    Update on Obstetric Care                                        Prof. Dr Nasreen Ruby
Panel     Chair:
          Co Chair:
PS 10                         Hall B (Basic Sciences)

PS 10.1   Research Questions: Pharmacology                                Dr Niaz Ali
PS 10.2   Research Questions: Microbiology                                Prof. Dr Naeem Khan

PS 10.2.1   Ihsan Ullah (Skype)      The Role of Autophagy in Infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae
12:20-                               (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 10.2.2   Muhammad Shahzad         Structure-function relationship between antibacterial potential of
12:30-      (Skype)                  polyphenols against model periodontal pathogens (ORAL
12:40pm                              PRESENTATION)
Panel       Chair:
            Co Chair:
PS 10.3     Physiotherapy

PS 10.3.1   Aziz Ahmad               Challenges Faced by Prosthetist in the Management of Trans Tibial
12:40-                               Amputee, Prosthetist Perspective (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 10.3.2   Bakhtawar Wajeeha        Evaluation of Satisfaction Level of Students of Doctor of Physical
12:50--     Qureshi                  Therapy Regarding Their Field of Education. (ORAL
01:00pm                              PRESENTATION)
Panel       Chair:
            Co Chair:
PS 11                          Hall C (Public Health)

PS 11.1     Host energy metabolism and Gut microbiota                     Dr. Muhammad Jaffar Khan
PS 11.2     Trends in Body Mass Index and its health implications         Dr. Zia ul Haq
PS 11.3     Panel Discussion
Panel       Chair:
            Co Chair:
PS 12              Hall D (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

PS 12.1     Acute Physical Therapy Management in ICU                      Mr. Salman Ibrahim (IPMR
11:30-                                                                    KMU)
PS 12.2     Stroke Rehabilitation                                         Mr. Muhammad Bin Afsar Jan
12:00-                                                                    (IPMR KMU)
PS 12.3     Evidence Based Physical Therapy Practice                      Mr. Mujeeb ur Rehman
12:30-                                                                    (IPMR KMU)
Panel       Chair:
            Co Chair:

                             01:00-01:45pm LUNCH BREAK

          1100am-01:45pm        AREA A (Abstract Poster Viewing) CLINICAL

          1100am-01:45pm        AREA B (Abstract Poster Viewing) BASIC SCIENCES

          1100am-01:45pm        AREA C (Abstract Poster Viewing) MEDICAL STUDENTS

PL 4      01:45-03:15pm                                          QUIZ

          Competition among the Medical Students (Teams) as              Prof. Dr Muhammad Ayub
          nominated by respective medical institutions on Research       Dr Saadia Ashraf
          related topics/issues
Judges    Judge 1:
          Judge 2:
                                    TEA BEAK (3:15-3:30pm)

          3:30pm-4:30pm                                 Abstract Presentation (ORAL)

PS 13        Hall A                    Clinical Sciences

Panel     Chair:
          Co Chair:
PS 13.1   Muhammad Abdur Rauf          Frequency of acute right ventricular myocardial infarction in
3:30pm-                                patients with acute inferior myocardial infarction (ORAL
3:40pm                                 PRESENTATION)
PS 13.2   Sarbiland Khan               Frequency of risk factors and awareness regarding ischemic heart
3:40pm-                                diseases among medical students of Rehman Medical College
3:50pm                                 Peshawar (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 13.3   Muhammad Mussadiq            Major risk factors of hepatitis B and C in patients admitted in
3:50pm-                                Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar (ORAL
4:00pm                                 PRESENTATION)
PS 13.4   Muhammad Tariq               Frequency of Hepatitis B virus Genotypes in HBsAG positive
4:00pm-                                patients in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 13.5   Muhammad Tariq               Telbuvidine monotherapy in the treatment of HBeAg positive and
4:10pm-                                negative Chronic Hepatitis B Infection with normal baseline ALT
4:20pm                                 levels (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 13.6   Muhammad Usman,              Endoscopic third ventriculostomy: does it replace
4:20pm-                                ventriculoperitoneal shunt in obstructive hydrocephalus.
PS 14        Hall B                    Basic Sciences

Panel     Chair:
          Co Chair:
PS 14.1     Mehwish Durrani     Levels of CTX1 as a marker of bone degradation in radio
3:30pm-                         graphically assessed premenopausal women (ORAL
3:40pm                          PRESENTATION)
PS 14.2     Nabila Sher         Effect of Second generation Oral Contraceptives on Lipid
3:40pm-                         Metabolism Study Conducted in Family Planning Department of
3:50pm                          Tertiary Care hospital of Peshawar (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 14.3     Mashaal Arifullah   Patterns and Evaluation of Prescription Writing in Psychiatric
3:50pm-                         Clinics (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 14.4     Aftab Khan          Medicinal value and Bio-Efficacy of important traditional plants
4:00pm-                         of Garamchashma valley Chitral-Pakistan (ORAL
4:10pm                          PRESENTATION)
PS 14.5     Tayyab Rehman       Potential Drug Targets in Non-Structural Protein 4B (NS4B) from
4:20pm                          Dengue Virus

PS 14.6
PS 15          Hall C           Public Health

Panel       Chair:
            Co Chair:
PS 15.1     Tasleem Akhtar      Prevalence and trends in Shisha smoking among College,
3:30-3:40                       University and Madrasa students aged 20-25 years in Peshawar,
                                KPK, Pakistan (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 15.2     Aisha Ayub          Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude And Use of Contraceptive
3:40-3:50                       Methods in Women living in peri urban area of Peshawar (ORAL
PS 15.3     Zia ul Haq          Meta-analysis of the association between body mass index and
3:50-4:00                       health-related quality of life among children and adolescents,
                                assessed using the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Index
                                (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 15.4     Rubeena Gul         Assessment of malnutrition in children under 3 years of age
4:00-4:10                       (ORAL PRESENTATION)

PS 15.5     Zia ul Haq          Meta-analysis of the association between body mass index and
4:10-4:20                       health-related quality of life among adults, assessed by the SF-36
                                (ORAL PRESENTATION)
PS 15.6
PS 16          Hall D           Dentistry

Panel       Chair:
            Co Chair:
PS 16.1     Shafiullah Khan     Dental Practitioners’ knowledge, attitude and practices regarding
3:30-3:40                       some aspects of complete denture occlusion
PS 16.2      Sara Rehman                    Awareness of oral cancer in undergraduate medical and dental
3:40-3:50                                   students
PS 16.3      Shazia Makhdoom                Assessment of early childhood carries (ECC) in children and its
3:50-4:00                                   relationship with Feeding Practices at Khyber College of
                                            Dentistry Hospital Peshawar
PS 16.4      Sadiq Jamil Khan               Knowledge and awareness regarding Dental Implant-Supported
4:00-4:10                                   prostheses among PATIENTS attending a teaching Dental
                                            Hospital in Pakistan
PS 16.5    Zulfiqar Nazir                   Some curing variables influencing porosity in Acrylic Resin
4:10-4:20                                   Denture bases
PS 16.6    Rashid Tayyab                    Etiology of Gingival Recession
  4:30-                                    CLOSING CEREMONY
Welcome to the Audience and opening remarks                                       Dr Zeeshan Kibria (stage
Summary of the Event                                                              Prof. Dr Mukhtiar Zaman

Speech by Vice Chancellor KMU                                                     Prof. Dr Muhammad
Speech by the Chief Guest

Certificate Distribution to organizers, presenters, winners of the oral
presentation, posters, quiz.
Vote of Thanks and Closing                                                        Prof. Dr Mukhtiar Zaman

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