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					                                    The Dos and Don’ts of Confidential Waste

                         Do                                                          Don’t
Use the confidential waste bins for ALL confidential        Print confidential records unless absolutely
waste*                                                      necessary
Report bins which are overfull, or are not being            Put non-confidential waste into confidential waste
emptied                                                     bins
Ensure the confidential bin is not in a public area         Overfill the bins (if papers won’t drop fully into the
(e.g. corridor)**                                           bin – don’t leave them sticking out)
Plan ahead and request additional sacks from
                                                            Move the bin without notifying Campus Services
Campus Services when you’re planning a clear out
                                                            Don’t leave sacks of waste in corridors or abandon
Ensure confidential waste is secure at all times            them in the Porters Lodge, arrange for them to be
For extra security shred records using departmental
shredders where they exist (but still dispose of in
confidential waste sacks)
Report bins which appear unsecure

* Confidential waste includes:

           Records containing personal information (e.g. student records, staff files, pensions records, research
            grant applications, medical information).

           Examinations/Coursework including draft exam papers before the exam has been sat and
            examination scripts, coursework, assignments and projects.

           Records of a commercially sensitive nature (e.g. contracts, tenders, legal documents).

           Records of a commercially sensitive nature (e.g. contracts, tenders, legal documents).

           Records concerning intellectual property rights (e.g. unpublished research data, draft papers and

When deciding whether something should go in the confidential waste bins consider the consequences of
unauthorised access to the information. The University is charged per sack, so although all confidential
waste must go into the specified bins non-confidential waste should be put into the standard recycling bins.

**Before moving confidential waste bins please contact Campus Services who empty the bins

June 2012

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