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									                             B yd Bugle
                                                                                                                     FALL 2012

                                       UNiformed GUards • CeNtral statioN alarms • CrimiNal iNvestiGatioNs • seCUrity Patrol

                      Message From Our C.E.O.
                      Medical Care and Hospital
                        “Security, report to the emergency room” blared
                        from the intercommunication system in a major
                        hospital. Two Boyd & Associates’ security officers
Raymond G. Boyd, C.E.O. responded. The problem appeared to be a very
   Boyd & Associates    disturbed person wielding a knife and babbling
                        in an incoherent manner. Following the protocol
established during their training, the officers summoned local police            Boyd & Associates
and then cleared the emergency room of patients with the intent of
confining the armed man in a small area. During their efforts, one of
                                                                                 Announces New
our officers was stabbed in the neck.                                            Air Conditioner
When the police arrived, the Boyd officers had the assailant alone and
locked in the emergency room. Everyone else had been successfully
                                                                                 Security Device
evacuated. Unfortunately, the knife wielder refused to obey commands
and actually attacked the police officers. He was fatally wounded. Our           Air conditioning units are being stolen by the
officer’s injury was treated and he recovered.                                   truckload in Southern California! The thieves
                                                                                 are generally striking at night or on weekends
An ageing population, an influx of new consumers, and an increasingly            whenever they feel the safest from detection.
“health conscious” citizenry all combine to place added complexity
on hospital security. The Affordable Care Act enacted during the last            Boyd & Associates can install a device on
session of congress promises to further complicate safety and security           a customer’s air conditioning unit that will
efforts throughout the medical field.                                            simultaneously sound an alarm and send a signal
                                                                                 to Boyd’s 24-hour central station monitoring
It is rare to find a pharmacy that hasn’t been burglarized numerous              facility. This device can very easily be integrated
times. Even day time armed robberies are not unknown. What is the                with a customer’s existing alarm system. Boyd
motivation behind these crimes? Drugs. And, specifically powerful pain           & Associates alarm decals indicating that the
killers such as oxycontin, dilaudid, and morphine. Some of Boyd’s most           system is monitored 24/7 serve as a further
imaginative and effective alarm installations including camera work are          protection against this type of theft.
found at our hospital and pharmacy accounts.
                                                                                 The increasingly valuable market for copper
Recently, a hospital called upon Boyd to conduct an investigation.               and the current economic crisis have insured
Demerol was missing on a regular basis from drug inventory. Following            that thefts of this type will increasingly plague
a thorough investigation, a contract nurse confessed. Before transporting        homeowners and small office buildings. With
a patient to surgery, the nurse would inject the patient with saline
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                           N o r t h h o l ly w o o d   •   oxNard   •   Palm desert   •   saNta aNa
Los Angeles Sheriffs
See the Arrest Numbers,
Embrace Video Alarms
The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department put a policy
into effect last summer that assigns priority to alarms
where video can confirm a crime in progress.
The number of calls represents the alarms L.A.S.D. responded to,
showing a significantly lower number where video could confirm a false
alarm – avoiding dispatch – or confirm a perpetrator in the premises –
causing L.A.S.D. to respond faster as their chances for completing arrest rose.

                                                        Number of                  Number of              Arrest Ratio to
               Alarm Category
                                                          Calls                     Arrests                    Calls
     Silent Robbery Alarm                                           3,484                          24                   0.69%
     Audible Burglary Alarm                                       91,904                           69                   0.08%
     Silent Burglary Alarm                                          1,198                            4                  0.33%
     Panic Alarm                                                    6,635                          28                   0.42%
     Video Verified Alarm*                                               21                          4                19.05%

     L.A.S.D. Total in 2011                                     103,242                          129                    0.12%

Boyd & Associates offers video verification of alarms through Interactive Video Monitoring (IVM). IVM is a service
whereby our dispatchers can view the CCTV cameras at your home or business from our Central Station in the event of an
alarm activation in order to verify that an actual event has occurred. Call us at 1-800-381-BOYD (2693) for more information.

*The number of calls and arrests for video verified alarms belong only to the second half of 2011. Other categories represent the entire
calendar year.
Source: Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department

  Get Up to Date Alarm Status Alerts Via Email
       Boyd & Associates offers its alarm monitoring customers the ability to receive email alerts
       regarding the status of their alarm. An email will be generated anytime the system is armed
       or disarmed, or in the event of an alarm activation. This service can be customized to your
       particular specifications.

       To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-381-BOYD (2693).
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         A Warning to Alarm Customers Before Changing Phone Service Providers!
                      If you’ve recently switched your phone service or are considering doing so, it is imperative that you contact
             Boyd & Associates to advise them of the change and request a service call. A technician will need to install a device
              on your alarm system and reprogram it to enable the system to send a signal over the specific type of phone service
             you choose. Another consideration would be to add cellular back-up to your alarm system. In the event of a phone
              service outage, cellular back-up enables your alarm system to signal the Central Station when an activation occurs.
            Boyd & Associates offers cellular back-up to their alarm customers and our technicians
                    are standing by ready to help! Call 1-800-381-BOYD to learn more!

Boyd Offers SecurePay Direct Debit
    Did you know that you can pay your alarm monitoring bill automatically?
   Save time and money with Boyd & Associates’ convenient electronic payment plan…
   SecurePay Direct Debit. When you sign up, you’ll receive one month of free alarm monitoring.

   For more information, call 1-800-381-BOYD (2693).

Medical Care and Hospital Security continued from page 1
solution and administer the Demerol to herself. When we                The Health Insurance
requested that she roll up her sleeve, it was noted that “track”       Portability and
marks indicative of repeated drug injections were up and down          Accountability Act
both her arms. I had to testify at a hearing called to revoke her      (HIPAA) is one more area
nursing license. So, outsiders are not always the problem.             of great concern in the
                                                                       medical field. This is the
Despite requests that patients not keep valuables in their             pamphlet you are handed
hospital room, many do. After several losses, we caught an             in your doctor’s office and
orderly who would regularly steal from patient areas when the          every time you have an interaction with a hospital or any other
patient was away from his/her assigned room for tests, etc.            medical provider. While too involved for discussion here, it can
Much of hospital security is mundane and common sense.                 be an important aspect in any review of health care security.
Anything that hasn’t been looked at for two years should               I have served for ten years as a board member for the
probably be closely scrutinized again. Are keys and locking            Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association. Perhaps
codes properly secured and disseminated? Special attention             because of this affiliation my gratitude and respect for those
should again be given to lights, locks and fences. Is the staff        individuals who have devoted their life to serving in the
properly trained in emergency response? Can complete                   healthcare field literally knows no bounds.
“lockdown” be accomplished within a ten minute time frame?             These folks are saints!
Drug accountability, personnel background screening, and
visitor/vendor control are all subjects for in-depth security revue.
New Air Conditioner Security Device                                                        continued from page 1

the arrival of summer weather, this type of theft can not only
                                                                           Call Boyd & Associates today at
be an expense for the property owner but very uncomfortable
as well.                                                                  1-800-381-BOYD (2693) to learn
                                                                          the details of this valuable and yet
Thieves have learned how to very quickly disengage wires,                 inexpensive solution to defend the
hoses, protective fences and cages. While the theft is for the
                                                                           property owner against a growing
purpose of stealing copper and aluminum, the victimized
owner is left with a shell worth only about $20.                                 criminal enterprise.

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