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									YouTube Restores Banned Health and Wellness Video Channel by Russ Curran

The popular health and wellness YouTube video channel of author and
blogger Russ Curran has been restored after it was shut down by YouTube.

Scottsdale, AZ, March 29, 2013 -- YouTube shut down Russ Curran's popular
health and wellness YouTube video channel without warning or explanation,
and just as suddenly the channel was restored when Curran sent out a
press release requesting help from supporters.

YouTube has not explained either action, but fans of Curran's popular
health and wellness videos are happy the videos are back. Curran says he
is thrilled by the restoration of his video channel, and he is busy
planning to add new videos, according to his blog at

Curran has a large, growing fan base with over 2 million views of his
popular health and wellness videos. The channel was deleted by YouTube
with no explanation other than this statement that appeared in its place:
"This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of
our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement."

"I still don't know why my YouTube channel was shut down, but I'm
certainly glad they responded to the many requests from my supporters who
contacted YouTube and asked them to turn it back on," said Curran.

Curran does not know why the channel was banned without notice. The more
than 70 videos cover health and wellness topics, including how to fight
cancer. Curran has produced the video presentations over more than 2
years with no complaints or problems.

Now that the channel is back up and running, Curran plans to continue to
develop additional health and wellness videos.

About Russ Curran:
Russ Curran is a health and wellness author and blogger. He provides free
information online at Curran is the
author of "The Path to True Health and Optimal Wellness."

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