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									University Recreation
“A Place for Life Long Learning and Lifetime Fitness”

NIRSA Benchmarking Survey Spring 2008 Results

“This project provides a benchmarking mechanism to capture ways in which campus recreation enhances the lives of students”.  Share info on how Stout students feel about campus recreation and how Urec compares to campuses across the nation.

About the Survey
Survey questions were designed to help answer  The impact of campus recreation programs and services on recruitment and retention  Student learning outcomes  Satisfaction with facilities, programs, and services  Needed changes and enhancements to existing programs and services  Information to justify new facilities, an expansion, or new programs  Interest in new programs and services  Support for fee increases

Some Background Info

• • •

The survey was written as a collaborative effort of National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) and StudentVoice, and administered electronically by StudentVoice. This was the second time NIRSA has attempted a nationwide benchmarking survey assessment. 26 other University Institutions participated UW-Stout Budget Planning and Analysis prepared a comprehensive report with the data gathered from the survey. (Thank You Susan Greene & Meridith Wentz)

Sample Population

Overall, the demographic composition of the survey participants was consistent with the undergraduate UW-Stout population (Survey data represents1,283 students)

Overall Opinions
Of Survey Participants

Overall opinions of survey participants
Do you utilize any of the University Recreation facilities, programs, or services?

No (N=326 26%) Yes (N=952) 74%

Overall opinions of survey participants
Barriers to Use
Top 5 reasons 1. No time 2. Price / Not affordable 3. Was not aware of offerings 4. I use facilities off-campus 5. Facilities are too crowded

Overall opinions of survey participants
Top 5 choices for 5 least chosen options for improvement/expansion to improvement/expansion the facilities were: to the facilities were:  Adding more cardio  Skate park equipment  Indoor ropes course  Adding a juice bar or food  Indoor track service area  Improving the multi-purpose  More racquetball courts room  More tennis courts  Having more open/green spaces  Adding an ice rink

Overall opinions of survey participants
Would you support an increase in student fees for additional recreational facility space, programs, and services? Response YES NO Frequency (%) 638 (50.0%) 637 (50.0%)

If yes, how much of an increase in student fees would you support for additional recreational facility space, programs and services?* Response $0 - $99 Frequency (%) 302 (47.5%)

$100 - $199
$200 - $299 Other

170 (26.7%)
107 (16.8%) 57 (9.0%)

* This question was only answered by those who responded YES to supporting a fee increase

Overall opinions of survey participants
Would Recommend University Recreation to Others
100% 80%

40% 20% 0% 0.3% Strongly disagree 1.7% Disagree 8.1% Neutral



Strongly agree

Overall opinions of survey participants
Facilities Ratings
Average Level of Satisfaction
Locker room clean Amount of Outdoor space 4.1 3.9

Amount of Indoor space Available for free play/open rec 1 2 3 1=Very dissatisfied 3.6 3.4


4 5 5=Very satisfied

Overall opinions of survey participants
Marketing & Promotions of Urec
How do you learn about Urec services and programs? Word-of-mouth Web page Posters/flyers Brochures Direct mailings Newspaper Number of times chosen

670 511 495 129 126 54

Overall opinions of survey participants
Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements I enjoy participating in University Recreation activities and/or utilizing facilities. University Recreation activities and programs contribute to the quality of life at this institution. University Recreation offers "something for everyone." Participating in University Recreation activities and programs has expanded my interest in staying fit and healthy. My recreational needs are met by University Recreation Average Rating 4.2 N


4.0 4.0 4.0

934 913 927

Participation in recreational activities has provided me with skills/abilities that I will use after college



Rating scale: 1= Strongly Disagree, 5= Strongly Agree

Would Choose UW-Stout Again
Choose UW-Stout Again?
Definitely would 41.9%

Probably would
Not sure Probably would not Definitley would not 0% 5.6% 2.2% 15.1%


10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

Overall opinions of survey participants
Two most frequent chosen responses to “Would you be interested in classes for credit in any of the following recreational areas?” were:
Wilderness First Aid  International Adventure Travel

Nationally Benchmarked Results
Compared to the national average


UW-Stout had 10% more participants involved in Intramural Sports UW-Stout had 10% fewer participants involved in weight training UW-Stout had a statistically higher average than the national benchmark for “Participation in recreational activities has provided me with skills & abilities that I will use after college.”

Usage Impact

Nationally Benchmarked Results
Personal Skills
Increased or Improved Your...
Feeling of well-being Stress management Self confidence Ability to develop friendships Respect for others * * *

Sense of adventure Sense of belonging/association Multicultural awareness
UW-Stout National 1.0 1.5

* *
Average Rating – 3.0 Higher * statistically higher




Nationally Benchmarked Results
Academic Skills
Increased or Improved Your...
Time management skills
Concentration Ability to multi-task Group cooperation skills Communication skills Leadership skills Problem-solving skills 1.0 UW-Stout National 1.5 * 2.0 2.5 3.0 * * * * * *

Average Rating -3.0 Higher * statistically higher

Nationally Benchmarked Results
Physical Skills
Increased or Improved Your...
Fitness level Overall health Physical strength Athletic ability

Weight control Ability to get a good night's sleep 1.0 UW-Stout National


Average Rating – 3.0 Higher * statistically higher





Decision to continue at UW-Stout
How important was REC Facilities/Program when deciding to attend/continue at UW-Stout
Programs-continue Facilities-continue Programs-attend Facilities-attend 1 2 2.4* 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.3* 2.1 2.3 2.2 3 4
Average Rating – 3.0 Higher * statistically higher



University Recreation’s Interpretation of Survey Results
 

 


74% of the surveyed Stout students use Urec facilities Participants are satisfied with the variety and scope of recreational programming provided through Urec Participants are requesting more open recreation space and time 74% of the surveyed Students who answered Yes to a fee increase would support up to $199 for additional facilities & programs Participants would like bathrooms, lounge areas, and wireless technology throughout SFC The HFC is competing with and losing members to local fitness centers that offer 24/7 access and more cardio machines Urec programs and facilities provide students with Personal, Academic, and Physical skills that are higher than the national average

National Benchmark Institutions
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

24. 25. 26.

Purdue University Calumet Saint Joseph's University Saint Louis University Seattle University Stephen F. Austin State University Temple University Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi Texas A&M University - Commerce University of Akron University of California - Davis University of Colorado at Boulder University of Florida University of Illinois at Chicago University of Kansas University of Kentucky University of New Hampshire University of North Carolina at Charlotte University of North Carolina at Wilmington University of Oklahoma University of Richmond University of Scranton University of Tennessee - Knoxville University of Wisconsin - Stout University of Wyoming Western Kentucky University Wright State University

Additional Information
information •Individual department results •Response to open ended questions

Demographic Group
Gender Female

Percentage of Total N

Student Status Full-time Part-time Transfer Yes No Where Live On campus Off campus Class Standing Freshmen Sophomore Junior

95.3% 4.6% 25.3% 74.7% 44.2% 55.1% 22.2% 21.5% 25.3%

Average Age 21.5

St. Dev 4.1

Individual Department Results
Aquatics Health & Fitness Center Intramurals Sport Clubs Stout Adventures

Average Level of Satisfaction: Aquatics
Knowledge of staff 4.0

Staff overall
Clean - pool Adequate facilities Available - pool Classes Hours - pool 1 2 3 3.0 3.4 3.4 3.7


4 5=Very satisfied


1=Very dissatisfied

Health & Fitness Center
Average Level of Satisfaction: Fitness Center
Overall rating Knowledge of staff # free weights # weight machines Hours during week Hours on weekend Personal training # cardio machines Adequate stretching… 1 2 3 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 3.9 3.7 3.6 3.2 3.0 4 5=Very satisfied 5 1=Very dissatisfied

HFC - Group Fitness Classes
Average Level of Satisfaction: Group Fitness Classes
Knowledge of staff 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.0 4.0 3.5 1 2 3 4 5=Very satisfied 5

Variety Adequate facilities Number Days and times

1=Very dissatisfied

HFC – Membership Rates
Local Health Club Monthly Dues
$100+/month $75-$99/month $50-$74/month $25-$49/month $1-$24/month Zero

0.6% 1.8% 15.0% 9.4% 10.4% 62.5% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%


Percent of Total N (N=1259)

Intramural Sports
Average Level of Satisfaction: Intramurals
Variety - team
Variety - individual Equipment well maintained Hours rental center 4.2 4.1 4.0 3.9

Adequate facilities
Knowledge of staff 1 2 3 1=Very dissatisfied

3.9 4 5=Very satisfied 5

Sport Clubs
Average Level of Satisfaction: Sport Clubs
Number offered 4.1

Variety offered


Adequate facilities 1 2 3 1=Very dissatisfied

3.6 4 5=Very satisfied 5

Stout Adventures
Average Level of Satisfaction: Stout Adventures
Knowledge staff Variety equipment Hours rental center Variety trips Ropes course Adequate facilities Hours climbing wall 1 2 3 1=Very dissatisfied 4.1 4.0 4.0 3.9 3.9 3.8 3.8 4 5=Very satisfied 5

Open Ended Question Responses

Open ended question comments
Overwhelming response for more space / cardio equipment / hours
 



  






I have recently stopped using the facility because I am tired of having to fight to use a machine. If any improvements are to be made, get more equipment and make the equipment available 24/7 There should be more equipment. It is hard for me to get a machine when I want it, especially around 3 or 4pm. It would be great to have more machines and space to work out. Because it is so hard to get a machine, I am thinking about going to work-out off campus next year Too packed to even get in! The cost is too high for the amount of time we are able to use the equipment. Football players use all the free weights and push people around. They have their own facility, keep them out of the downstairs gym. It is just easier and cheaper to go to SNAP fitness. Also there are no steroid raging psychos there and they are open later Not enough machines especially elliptical. I come from a fitness club at home and it's worth my money to be there, and here I'm not signing up again because there isn't enough machines when I go to work out. We're paying to use the machines and when we're not able to use them, its a waste of money Wish the gym would open up earlier in the morning during the weekend There needs to be more elliptical machines. Many times they are all filled up There definitely needs to be more treadmills! Also, more enforcement of the sign-up scheduling, people show up 15 minutes late and still expect their machine! Also, people should not be able to just block off like 2 hours at a time so they can come at their leisure. It might be nice to have an electronic sign up on the net so that you could just sign up from home and come in during your time There are never enough treadmills or elliptical available. Really like the stepper machine. Would be nice to put up some kind of schedule to say when the place is the busiest, when practices are in there, that kind of thing The only problem with the facility is that there are not enough weight benches (only 3) and during peak times it is difficult to get on one, because if you are waiting for one to open up another person usually gets a bench. I usually hang around a bench so I can grab one, but I know for some people they get frustrated when they cannot get a bench The sign up sheet for treadmills and work out machines is just ridiculous. When people sign up for a machine hours in advance while their not here and someone can use it is just wrong. Their needs to be a room with just running machines The hours are usually good, except sometimes it would be nice if it were open later during the week for students who are crazy busy all day. I would like it if the HFC opened earlier an hour or two earlier on Sundays. I think the University should consider expanding the HFC as well, to make room to add additional cardio machines and a larger stretching area I wish that the gym was open till midnight. It is very busy during the day and afternoon which makes it difficult to get in my work outs. It would also be nice if there were more exercise machines but I think they would need a bigger space to put more in

For students that did not use University Recreation: "What recreational offerings would you like to see added that are currently not available on campus?"
                      

 

    

Women's fitness club Women's Baseball We need a bigger rock climbing wall Water exercise classes Water aerobics/aquacize Ultimate Frisbee TV on treadmills, fee included in tuition so everybody has access Swimming spa something that appealed to the people who aren't usually into the gym culture. For example, one of the reasons I don't use the facilities is because I don't know how Sky diving, bungee jumping-otherwise they have everything i need or want Skate park skate park skate park rope course and skate park Pilates, kick boxing, belly dancing pilates machines Personal Training, BIGGER weight room!!! PERSONAL TRAINING Paintball course paintball course Outdoor soccer intramurals, track cycling outdoor pool open ice skating, accessible soccer field to. More organized outdoor activities More offerings of aerobics more cardio equipment in residence halls More Basketball Courts Indoor turf field. Ice skating Ice Rink I would like to see an updated pool and more hours offered at it I would like to see a bike trail or walking trail I would like improved exercise facilities in all dorms. This includes free weights A park with benches, trees, and an open area for activities would be nice I walk all over campus all day and sometimes when I want to work out it is dark outside and walking that long of a distance makes me nervous (I am a woman.) The long walk deters me from using the facility General well-beings and beginner classes that incorporate more than one area like yoga, relaxation, pilates, biking, tennis, swimming, etc, Free health and fitness center- many universities offer free facilities- if Stout is so focused on it's students needs it would realize that students can't afford to pay work out- yet working out is such an important part of being a good student Dancing room, with mirrors dance studio dance club...exercise area! Bike trail Bike rental Bike club, hiking club better/more indoor facility use A weight gym that is free to students. We already pay enough in tuition, why should we have to pay even more to keep in shape. A trapshooting field 24hr weight room

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