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					Mike Taylor 16 Lexington San Francisco, CA 94110 Ph: 415/621-6039 Fax: 415/276-1895 Email: ----- SOFTWARE ------- MULTI-PLATFORM SOFTWARE PACKAGES --- ATG Dynamo 4.5.1 (UNIX/NT) - Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (12yrs exp.) - Adobe Streamline 3.0 - Macromedia Flash 4.0 + 5.0 - Filemaker Pro 4.0 - Painter X3.0 - Internet related apps and applets --- MACINTOSH SPECIFIC SOFTWARE (OS 8 - 9) --- Metrowerks CodeWarrior/Java - BBEdit 5.0 - ProTools 5.0 - RealMedia Processing - Sun Microsystems’ Forte for Java (CE) - Adobe Illustrator 9.0 - Macromedia Freehand 8 - Microsoft Office 98/2000 - Quark X-Press 4.2 - De-babelizer - MP3 Encoding and Decoding

- Symantec THINK C/C++ Project Manager - Electric Image 2.0 - SoundEdit 16/Deck II - System Configuration (OS 7,8,9)

--- UNIX/LINUX SPECIFIC SOFTWARE --- UNIX/LINUX tsh/csh/ksh/bash programming, shell scripting & system file editing - Apache Web Server maintenance and administraton (version 1.3.14) - IRIX X11, C and C-Shell programming and scripting - HTTP/HTML/DHTML/CSS web site construction and maintenance - Sun Microsystems' "Java" Internet Programming Language - Perl/Oraperl/PHP, C/C++, Java/JavaScript CGI Development - ORACLE / SQL / mySQL database creation/maintenance - CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) - Python - Xaos Tools Pandemonium & N-Title - Certified Alias|Wavefront Animator (1991) --- DOS / WINDOWS SPECIFIC SOFTWARE --- Windows 95/98 and NT System Configuration - Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 - Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP w/ Vbscript) - Microsoft Site Server - Microsoft SQL Server - WinCVS (Concurrent Versioning System) ----- EXPERIENCE ----Senior Web Engineer 6/01 – Present ProMost, Inc. 1616 16th Street, Ste. 350 San Francisco, CA 94103 ● Manager of Web Development for ProMost, Inc., a supplier hub for promotional product procurement. Duties range from HTML layout, to high-level ATG Dynamo® Java programming, Oracle database integration and administration. Production/Staging/Development Apache Stronghold secure server environment with Java, XML, and Oracle. Custom Java object creation and formhandlers, as well as JHTML development utilizing Sun's Forte IDE, and CVS for source code repository. Clients include British American Tobacco, and Pernod Ricard.

Senior Web Engineer 1/01 – 6/01 DREAMTiME, Inc. (offline) 2727 Mariposa, Studio 100 San Francisco, CA 94110 Corporate Offices: Bldg 17, Mail Stop 17-2 NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035 ● Senior Web Engineer for DREAMTiME, Inc., the only Congressoionally-approved Company created to bring NASA image and video assets to the web. Duties range from HTML layout, to high-level PHP and JavaScript programming, mySQL database integration and administration, build script creation and modification written in Python, and CGI/PERL scripting. LINUX/Apache server environment with PERL, PHP, XML, and mySQL modules. Senior Web Engineer 7/99 – 11/00 Protozoa, Inc. / 2727 Mariposa, Studio 100 San Francisco, CA 94110 ● Senior Web Engineer for DotComix, an entertainment web site that features 3D streaming animations utilizing a third-party browser plug-in (Pulse), and includes daily features, and a television-like release schedule. Duties ranged from HTML layout from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files, to high-level JavaScripting, to mySQL database administration, to build script creation and modification written in Python, to CGI/PERL scripting. LINUX/Apache server environment with PERL, mySQL, DBI:DBD. ● Original programmer for Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau’s “Duke2000” web site before it was acquired by Warner Brothers’ Also participated in live 3D performances and creative video content production. Art Director, Contributing Writer 9/00 – Present Bay Arts And Music Magazine 1350 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94103 ● Art Director and Contributing Writer for a local San Francisco arts and music magazine. Layouts are done in QuarkXPress and photos are processed using Photoshop. Responsible for ad creation and implementation, and output collection. Senior Web Engineer 6/98 – 6/99 Digital Courier Technologies, Incorporated (offline) 187 Fremont San Francisco, CA 94105 ● Developed internet applications and business engines for a variety of internet content including weather, books and videos, and credit card transaction clearing, using Java, HTML, JHTML, and Perl CGI scripting. Applications Developer (Contract) 9/97 - 1/98 Hal Riney and Partners 735 Battery San Francisco, CA 94111 ● Developed Macintosh-based desktop applications and Intranet CGI forms for interaction with ORACLE database using Metrowerks CodeWarrior and Perl/Oraperl CGI scripting. Web Designer/ Instructor (Contract) 9/97 - 8/98 Webster Institute of Technical Skills 690 Market Street, Suite 407 San Francisco, CA 94104 ● Contract web re-design and CGI implementation for a leading Technical Writers School and Placement Agency. Provided Instruction in WWW understanding and HTML development to Technical Writing classes.

Web Designer 3/97 - 8/97 Ubi Soft Entertainment, Inc. 625 Third Street, Third Floor San Francisco, CA 94107 ● In-house Web Designer for a major international video game manufacturer. Developed on-line marketing and web page design for new products, on-line ordering, and interactive game service. Created and maintained CGI forms, SQL databases, and similar internet functions. Graphic Artist 12/95 - 1/97 CH2M Hill Engineering & Scientific (Contract) 1111 Broadway, Ste. 1200 Oakland, CA 94613 ● Graphic Artist in a deadline-oriented, engineering production environment. Dealing with multiple clients and tasks. Lead Graphic Artist managing a team of artists on a EPA Superfund project for a major Bay Area petroleum manufacturer from January '96 through July '96. System Administrator 8/95 - 12/95 George Coates Performance Works 110 McAllister, San Francisco, CA 94102 ● System Administration, Internet Website Maintenance, Java and C/C++/C-Shell Programming, using SGI, Sun, Mac, and Windows NT platforms for an on-line, live, multi-media performance theatre group. Also responsible for cabling, video deck maintenance, router maintenance, archiving, and system automation. Freelance Computer Consulting Mac People - 12/94 - 10/98 1771 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 Contact: Helmar Sowick ● Freelance Computer Graphics and Animation using Mac and SGI for Clients including Visa International, TetraTech Environmental, Wells Fargo Bank, The Gap, Ideo Design Group, and several Advertising and Marketing Firms in Downtown San Francisco. Lab Technician/Guest Instructor - 6/94-12/94 Academy of Art College, Computer Education Center 79 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94105 ● Responsible for the advanced Macintosh and Silicon Graphics lab, two of five computer labs in the Computer Education Center. Set up and maintained 150 Macs and 15 SGIs. I was also responsible for helping students with assignments, projects, and problem solving in all Macintosh and SGI hardware and software packages. I also guest-instructed classes in both Photoshop and Wavefront 3-D software. Computer Animator - 2/89-6/94 FTI Corporation, 55 Hawthorne, 10th Fl., San Francisco, CA 94105 Corporate Offices: 2021 Research Dr, Annapolis, MD 21401 ● I was hired as an Administrative Assistant from February 1989 to June of 1991 at FTI, then I was promoted and trained in 3-D Computer animation, rendering, compositing and recording for production of demonstrative evidence and corporate tutorials using Silicon Graphics Workstations and Wavefront Software. Several of my animations at FTI were featured at SIGGRAPH '94, and '95. ---- ASSOCIATIONS ---- HTML Writers Guild (HWG) - International Webmasters Association (IWA) - ACM/SIGGRAPH

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