Central Oregon Chapter Meeting Wednesday_ May 9 - American

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					                                              Central Oregon Chapter Meeting
                                                                 Wednesday, May 9
                                                             Registration deadline: May 7

Chapter Meeting Location:                                                                                       OAMP Updates
Bend Golf and Country Club                                                                                     Sales and Marketing
61045 Country Club Dr.
Bend, OR 97702
                                                                                                               Conference Coming!
                                                                                                               May 16-18 in Eugene, OR
Education:                                                                                    CREDIT COURSES TO CHOOSE FROM
  $35 (Members)                            $65 (Nonmembers)                                   Land Use Primer—1 hour, Non-Prime Lending 101—
(includes $15 student book)                                                                   1 hour, Non-Prime Lending 102—1 hour, Understanding the
                                                                                              Option ARM—1 hour, ID Theft Awareness and Education—
“Determining Property Value”* - 1.5 hour credit
                                                                                              2 hrs, Homeowners Insurance—2 hrs, The Nation’s Fair
Featuring Lanny Rhoton, Residential Real Estate Appraiser, American                           Lending Laws (NAMB) - 4 hrs, Small Commercial Lending for
Reporting Company                                                                             Residential Brokers (NAMB) 4 hrs, Mortgage Broker Business
3:15 pm – Course sign-in                                                                      Ethics (NAMB) - 3 hrs, Basics of Preliminary Title Reports—1
3:30 – 5:00 pm – One-hour course                                                              hour, Appraisal 202: Reviewing Residential Appraisals from an
                                                                                              Underwriter’s Perspective—2 hrs, Shedding Light on Credit
Dinner & Chapter Meeting                                                                      Scoring (NAMB) - 4 hrs, Reverse Mortgages (NAMB) - 4 hrs
  $20 (Members)        $30 (Nonmembers)                                                       BREAKOUT SESSIONS
“Secured Debt (Foreclosures)” Featuring Alan Brickley, First American Title                   Creating the Ideal Customer, Nail Down Faster Closings,
Alan Brickley will discuss foreclosures on mortgages, trust deeds, contracts of               Developing a Dynamic Sales Plan, How to Advertise and Market
                                                                                              Your Business, Opening Doors With Realtors, Foundations of
sale; the foreclosure process; and the foreclosure market.
                                                                                              Success: Effective Strategic Plans, Brick by Brick: Earning Your
5:00— 6:00 pm – No Host Social Time                                                           Professional Designation, Unique Architecture: Business Models
6:00—7:30 pm – Chapter Meeting and Dinner                                                     of Some of OAMP’s Exceptional Brokers, Foundations of
                                                                                              Success: Effective Strategic Plans
Bring your business card to participate in our prize drawing!
                                                                                                Platinum Sponsor
    Please complete a separate form for each registrant:

                                                                                                Education Sponsor


     Address                                                                                  *This course is approved for 1.5 housr of continuing education
                                                                                              credit by the Mortgage Lending Education Board. However, this
     City                                                                                     approval does not constitute an endorsement of the views or
                                                                                              opinions expressed by the course sponsor, instructor, authors or
                                                                                              lecturers. All students must be present for the entire session to
      State                                        Zip                                        receive credit. Please arrive early to sign in. You will NOT
                                                                                              receive credit if you are more than 5 minutes late or leave early.
                                                                                              Course # C-120706-193.
     Phone                                         Fax                                           _________________________________________
                                                                                              Thanks to our Central Oregon Chapter Board!
     Email                                                                                    President: Angela Boothroyd, Old Mill Mortgage
                                                                                              President Elect: Michael Hinton, HSI Mortgage
                                                                                              Director: Mark Worthington, Pacific Residential Mortgage
     Method of Payment:                                                                       Director: Judy Harris, Western Title & Escrow
                                                                                              Director: Shelly Ann Turner, Old Mill Mortgage
             Check                  Visa      MasterCard            American Express          Director: Amber Wilson, Decision One Mortgage
                                                                                              Immediate Past President: Rockland Dunn, Summit Mortgage
     If paying by credit card is this a                                                         _________________________________________
                                                              Company Code
     corporate card?:                             Yes                                  No
                                                                                              Chapter Meeting Registration Information
                                                                                              Please fax this form to 503.253.9172
      Credit Card #                                        Amount Authorized     Exp. date
                                                                                              Registration deadline is May 7. Unfortunately, “walk-in” registrants
                                                                                              may not receive a meal. Reservations are strongly suggested to
      Name on Card                                                                            help us adequately plan. Cancellations and refunds must be
                                                                                              received 24 hours before the event. No shows will be billed.
                                                                                              147 SE 102nd Ave.
      Credit Card Billing Address
                                                                                              Portland, OR 97216
                                                                                              Phone: 503.670.8586 / 800.650.9076
      City                                                        State                 Zip
                                                                                              Fax: 503.253.9172

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