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									USM Kitos E
USM Kitos E


              26”– 51”H

                          The USM Kitos E table combines sophisticated technology with
                          an elegant design: with the height-adjustment option, you can sit
                          or stand to work making the table the most ergonomic solution.
                          Even at its maximum extended height of 51”, it ensures complete
                          stability and meets the EU standards for vibration resistance.
                          The user is guaranteed the greatest possible amount of leg and
                          knee room. Barely visible, the cable tray hides under the tabletop
                          for cable organization.


              26”– 51”H
                          The Kitos E Advanced table can be disengaged simply by
                          pushing it forward and folding it down – providing easy access
                          to the large cable tray to organize all the cables, adapters and
                          power strips. The surface has two built-in adaptation points,
                          allowing up to four accessories to be easily inserted including:
                          a flat-screen support, privacy panel, lamp peg and USB adap-
                          tors, etc. An additional grommet hatch can also be built into
                          the table for the most frequently used connections.
USM Kitos E

1   Flat screen support                        3   Grommet hatch                                    8    CPU holder
    Screens are mounted onto the bracket           Flush with the table surface in three                 Mounts under the table frame. An
    (VESA standard), which are inserted            location options. Flips up to guide cables            adjustable strap ensures a secure fit
    directly into one of the adaptation            below the surface.                                    for most standard CPUs.
    points. Rotating and pivoting joint for
    the screen.                                4   USB Adapter                                      9    Modesty panel
                                                   Adapter can be integrated in either                   A black mesh fabric attaches to the
a   Mounting options at different heights          of the adaptation points.                             front under the table surface.
    for screens weighing up to 17 pounds.
                                               5   Lamp peg                                         10   Cable tray
b   Continuous height adjustment                   The peg can be installed in either                    Mounts to the underside of the work
    for screens weighing up to 26 pounds.          adaptation points to support a task lamp              surface to insert the cables.
                                                   with support bracket.
2   Flat screen support bar                                                                         11   Material tray
    The bracket is connected to the adap-      6   Privacy panel                                         Mounts and extracts out from
    tation points, and the screens are fixed       Attaches to the front of the table frame.             under the table surface.
    using an attachment panel (VESA
    standard). Screens can be                  7   Link chain                                       12   Height adjustment
    mounted at different heights and can           Holds and directs cables to the power                 Continuous height adjustment
    be adjusted with pivoting ball joints.         source. Flexible and adjustable to various            with electric motor.








USM Kitos E
Measurements and surfaces

Basic                               70”W/35”D/29”H

                                    Available with a continuous height adjustment 26”– 51”H
                                    Available in surfaces listed below

Advanced                            70”W/35”D/26”– 51”H
                                    69”W/30”D/26”– 51”H                                                     USM Kitos E
                                    63”W/32”D/26”– 51”H

                                    Available in surfaces listed below

1   Pearl gray laminate    2   Dark gray laminate     3   Beige linoleum         4   Red linoleum

5   Black linoleum         6   Natural beech veneer   7   Natural oak veneer     8   Black oak veneer

9   Natural birch veneer   10 Natural pear veneer     11 Natural cherry veneer   12 Natural walnut veneer

                                                                                                            USM U. Schaerer Sons Inc.
                                                                                                            New York Showroom
                                                                                                            28 – 30 Greene Street
                                                                                                            New York, NY 10013
                                                                                                            Phone +1 212 371 1230
                                                                                                            Fax +1 212 371 1251

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