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					Word Splash
After Reading Strategy

How it is Used:
A word splash is a graphic organizer that requires students to highlight the main concepts
of a reading. After reading the passage or text, students will fill in the organizer to create
a summary of the main ideas.

   1. Create the following chart:

              A                  B                  C                D                E

               F                 G                  H                I                J

              K                  L                 M                 N                O

               P                 Q                  R                S                T

              U                  V                 W               X/Y                Z

   2. Instruct students to identify the main concepts by placing them in the appropriate
      alphabetical box. If the topic of the passage was the United States Congress, a
      student may create a word splash that would like this

               A                 B                   C              D                 E
                                bill            constituents     Democrats
                             bipartisan         Constitution
                F                G                   H                   I             J
           filibuster                          House of Reps.

               K                  L                 M                 N               O
                                laws           majority party
                                               minority party
               P                  Q                  R                S                T
           President      qualifications for    Republicans        Senate            taxes
            pro-tem             office                          Speaker of the
               U                 V                  W                X/Y              Z

Why it Works:
This strategy helps students to focus on the main ideas and provides an organized
structure that provides for an easy way to review the concepts. Teachers and students can
refer back to the word splash throughout the course of a unit and add to it as necessary,
keeping all the main ideas in one document.

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